Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 720

Chapter 720: Progressive Concession
Chapter 720: Progressive Concession
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The man who was wearing a silver mask of a fox face chuckled and said unhurriedly, "With your expertise, it is quite possible that you can kill whoever you want. But you have to pay a price when you kill some of them.

"Let me tell you the truth. The guy you killed just now is the eldest son of the captain of the Wild Tide Pirate Gang!

"You don't need me to explain the position and power of the Wild Tide Pirate Gang in Silver Wing City, do you?"

Li Yao suddenly shivered, his face twisting. He cursed, "No wonder so many scumbags were chasing after me. How f*cking unlucky I was. I just killed a random guy, and I hit the jackpot!"

While he was talking, strong killing intent flowed out of Li Yao's body. His eyes started at the strangers like flying swords, as he asked solemnly, "So, you are trying to capture me to claim the rewards from the Wild Tide Pirate Gang?

"If so, just bring it on!"

The masked man hurriedly stepped back and raised his hands, indicating that he was not malicious. He said, "Make no mistake, sir. We're not here to capture you. On the contrary, we might be the only people in Silver Wing City who can help you!"

"Cut the nonsense!" Li Yao spat and grinned. "I've seen too many such tricks. Everybody knows that the Wild Tide Pirate Group is now the dominator of Silver Wing City after defeating the Split Sun Pirate Gang. All the space pirates are now trying to please the Wild Tide Pirate Gang. You sons of b*tches are merely trying to win my trust before you find an opportunity to tie me up and send me to the Wild Tide Pirate Gang!

"Help me? Why would you be so kind to help me?

"Stop wasting my time. If you want a fight, so be it. I cannot guarantee that you will all stay here forever, but I'm 90% sure that you will be buried together with me!"

The masked man took another step back and asked his subordinates to keep distance from Li Yao. He bowed and said, "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Yin She, the advisor of the Split Sun Pirate Gang."

Li Yao was dazed for a moment. He grunted and went back to the gutter.

It was beyond Yin She's expectation. He was somewhat anxious. "What's the meaning of this, mister?"

Li Yao grinned. "If you are indeed from the Split Sun Pirate Gang, I do believe that you mean no harm for me.

"However, I also believe that you are about to try to recruit me. I'm sorry, but I'm not interested at all. With that in mind, we might as well go our separate ways here and now!"

Yin She was dumbfounded. "Are you not even willing to hear what I have to offer?"

"No," Li Yao replied without even turning back. "Everybody in Silver Wing City knows that the Split Sun Pirate Gang has been beaten to the ground. Whatever's left of your members are merely stray dogs now. Whatever great offers you give me, I can only enjoy them if I'm alive. I do not intend to play hide-and-seek in the depths together with you!"

Yin She's voice was now mixed with anger. "You are now being hunted by more than half of the people of Silver Wing City. Everyone in the Wild Tide Pirate Gang is determined to skin you and eat you alive. You are now no better than a stray dog! How are you expecting to run away if you don't cooperate with the Split Sun Pirate Gang?"

Li Yao sneered. "I have my own approaches, and I don't need to explain them to you and ask for your approval."

"I know what your approaches are even if you tell me nothing," Yin She said disdainfully. "Three hundred meters above the gutter is the biggest magical equipment store for wilderness survival in Silver Wing City. All kinds of magical equipment that can help you live in the fatal environment on the surface of Spider Den can be purchased there.

"You are planning to sneak into the store and get loads of magical equipment to help you survive in the wilderness. Then, you will find a way out of Silver Wing City, travel through the wilderness, and enter into another city, right?

"However, I suggest you think before you leap.

"Since I know what is on your mind, people of the Wild Tide Pirate Gang must know what is on your mind, too. I estimate that a lot of space pirates of the Wild Tide Pirate Gang are planning on ambushing you in the store. As long as you show up there, you will be dead for sure!"

Li Yao suddenly froze.

Yin She smiled. "I know that you must be used to doing your job alone and never trusting anybody. However, in the current situation, you killed the son of the captain of Wild Tide Pirate Gang, which is something you can never make up for, and the Split Sun Pirate Gang has been a mortal enemy for the Wild Tide Pirate Gang all the time because we are on different sides.

"Cooperating with us may be your best option right now, sir."

Li Yao turned around. Pondering for a moment, he said coldly, "I'm told that the bureaus and bases that the Split Sun Pirate Gang established in Silver Wing City have all been destroyed by the Wild Tide Pirate Gang. The attack you recently planned was crushed, too!

"Moreover, I'm told that, after Boss Bai demonstrated his strength again, many space pirates rejoined his side, too. He now has an overwhelming advantage in numbers and is unstoppable!

"Meanwhile, the Split Sun Pirate Gang is on Fengyu Zhong's side. Although Fengyu Zhong has advanced into the Nascent Soul Stage, he is still the newcomer in the competition. I fear that he is no match for Boss Bai!"

Yin She burst into laughter. "Of course, Bai Xinghe is an extraordinary man. But Fengyu Zhong is backed by Black Spider Tower and the Temple of Immortals! Recently, our strength has been mostly concentrated in Heavenly Saints City. Bai Kaixin only managed to take advantage of us while we were weak. Right now, our people are returning to Spider Den, and our strength is growing day after day!

"Tell you what, the battle today was merely a minor test. The big picture was not affected whether it succeeded or not! The real thunderous attack has yet to break out!"

"Oh?" Li Yao looked down, deep in thought.

Yin Shen took the chance to persuade him. "You have nowhere to run in Silver Wing City. Even if you flee to the wilderness, you will be faced with the hunting of the Wild Tide Pirate Gang forever! Besides, the Wild Tide Pirate Gang is a loyal subject of Bai Xinghe, and you must know a thing or two about Bai Xinghe's intimidating strength on Spider Den!

"Even if you successfully run to a second city, you might not necessarily be safe!

"You might get a moment to catch your breath only if you flee into space.

"However, since you have come to Spider Den, you must have committed felonies in space. How can you go back and ask to be captured?

"Therefore, there is absolutely nowhere to run to for you now!

"Your only choice is to cooperate with us. We will work together and eliminate the Wild Tide Pirate Gang and even Bai Xinghe himself. After that, not only will your head be safe and secure again, your position will also rise higher!

"It's indeed a bit hasty to ask you to join the Split Sun Pirate Gang so suddenly, but we can cooperate on equal terms. The operations we've been planning recently could really use experts like you!"

Li Yao observed Yin She for a long time with a pair of eyes that resembled hooks. He smiled. "You want to hire me? My salary is very high!"

Yin She smiled, too. "Backed by the Temple of Immortals and Black Spider Tower, we are lacking anything but resources. Whatever you demand, just say it out!"

"My requirements are not outrageous."

Li Yao extended three fingers and said, "If you want to hire me, you will give me a basic salary every day and a 'movement fee' after every battle I take part in. You will also give me a 'headcount fee' for every person I kill on the battlefield according to their Cultivation, as well as a 'maintenance fee' according to the damages to my magical equipment on the battle. Is there a problem?"

Yin She was dazed for a long time. He pondered for a moment and said, "As long as you prove yourself to be worthy, naturally, we won't hesitate to offer you money and resources. But I'm curious about one thing.

"Nie Feijun was merely between the low level and the middle level of the Building Foundation Stage. It is not unusual that you could slay him instantly when you were wearing a crystal suit.

"However, according to the combat videos of yours that I just watched, I assume that you are no higher than the high level of the Building Foundation Stage.

"How did you escape from the serial hunting of so many space pirates?

"Honestly speaking, if you were merely a combat-type Cultivator in the high level of the Building Foundation Stage, I wouldn't have risked showing up and recruiting you.

"It was your 'ability' that attracted my attention. I wonder, can you explain it to me?"

Li Yao licked his lips and replied casually, "Other than knowing some shallow fighting techniques, I'm also an explosions expert."

"Explosions expert?" Yin She's interest was greatly aroused. He nodded and said, "Very good. We are in dire need of such an expert right now. Then, how should we address you?"

Li Yao squinted. There was wariness in his eyes again.

"We are not interested in your past, and we know that you are not likely to tell us your real name," Yin She explained. "What we need is just a code name for the sake of easier communication."

Li Yao replied coldly, "Call me 'Bloody Vulture'."

"Bloody Vulture, a combat-type Cultivator between the middle level and the high level of the Building Foundation Stage, is good at movement techniques and kicking techniques, the production and deployment of crystal bombs, and various tactics to cooperate with his crystal bombs.

"He is both bold and brutal and killed somebody without thinking about the consequences when he was angry. Judging from his tone, he must have committed major crimes in space.

"In our database, no names or nicknames similar to 'Bloody Vulture' were found. There were no search results on his face and appearance, either. It is estimated that he has disguised himself, but that is quite normal on Spider Den. Nothing to be surprised at.

"After analyzing the combat videos in which he escaped from the hunting of the Wild Tide Pirate Gang, I have ascertained that he is truly a very skilled explosion expert. He will be of high value for our operations in the future.

"Also, after multiple checks, Nie Feijun has indeed been slain by this guy. It is impossible that the death was faked. Therefore, it is impossible that he is an undercover member of the Wild Tide Pirate Gang. There's no doubt about that."

In the deepest part of Silver Wing City, more than six thousand meters below the around, inside a secret chamber established in the zigzagging tunnels, You Dongsheng, the leader of the Split Sun Pirate Gang, narrowed his eyes and studied a case file carefully.

"In such a case, this Bloody Vulture can't be an undercover member of the Wild Tide Pirate Gang, can he?"

The boss of the Split Sun Pirate Gang tapped his crystal processor slowly and told Yin Shen, his advisor who was standing solemnly aside, "However, there is still something suspicious about the guy."