Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 722

Chapter 722: Li Yaos Methods
Chapter 722: Li Yao's Methods
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Three days later, in a secondary mining hole hundreds of meters in diameter on the east side of Silver Wing City

After hundreds of years of construction, this place had been built into a minor maintenance dock for starships.

The vertical wells led to the ground and up into the bright purple sky. The small assault starships no longer than a hundred meters could be maintained and launched into space by the helical ejection rune arrays deployed on the wall of the mining hole. It was safer and more confidential than to have the starship maintained in the orbit of the planet, and such a way often consumed less fuel.

Right now, an assault starship was being maintained inside the dock.

Countless mechanics were crawling up and down under the command of refiners. Sparks were bursting out everywhere. It was quite a lively scene.


Dozens of ceramic balls that contained flashing rune arrays were tossed into the place from the tunnels in various directions. They exploded in midair consecutively and constituted a dazzling array of brightness, dying the dock pure white.

Everybody could see nothing except whiteness. They could only hear furious roars,

"The Split Sun Pirate Gang is doing our job here. Lie low if you don't want to get killed!"

Hundreds of ferocious space pirates lunged out of the shadows of the mining pits.

They had put on their crystal suits a long time ago, and their crystal cameras were installed with a special protection membrane. Therefore, they were not affected by the flash bangs while they charged at the important locations.

A brutal combat instantly began!

Over the past three days, a lot of space pirates of the Split Sun Pirate Gun had returned from Heavenly Saints City to Spider Den and regrouped. The leader of the gang, with the support of Fengyu Zhong, also summoned a lot of resources and recruited new subordinates on Spider Den. Countless brutal bandits had joined his cause. Therefore, his attack right now was much fiercer than the one three days ago!

In the blink of an eye, the front side of the dock was wreathed in flames.

Outside the main battlefield, where it seemed quiet, Li Yao started his attack, too.

He was wearing a grey, light crystal suit that had ancillary wings made of the skins of demon beasts behind the arms and the legs. When they were opened together, the crystal suit would look like a giant bat.

The mining holes, which could easily be thousands of meters deep, often had chaotic vertical air currents. With such ancillary wings, the air currents could be made best use of to make the crystal suit even more mysterious and unpredictable.

The crystal suit was named 'Drunk Bat'. It was a special crystal suit built for the unique environment of Spider Den. The difficulty in operating it was quite high, too.


After putting on the Drunk Bat Battlesuit, Li Yao seemed to have really turned into a bat that had drunk too much wine. While everybody's attention was focused on the main battlefield, he slipped into the dock without alarming anyone.

Beep! Beep!

Right then, the crystal processor of the Drunk Bat Battlesuit displayed that it had detected a hostile expert named Gui Feng, the deputy captain of the assault team of the Wild Tide Pirate Gang!

The crystal processor immediately displayed all the information regarding Gui Feng in the database, including several of his battle videos.

It was said that the man was in the middle level of the Building Foundation Stage and adept in wind-class spiritual energy. He also had a piece of air-controlling magical equipment in his possession that could compress the air into invisible 'air blades' and kill people in a breath!

While the files were blinking on Li Yao's light beam, some other bloodstained information popped up in Li Yao's brain, too.

Space pirate Gui Feng was wanted by more than five hundred space towns. His bounty on the wanted list of space pirates published by Heavenly Saints City ranked in the top thousand, too. More than twenty bloody cases in space were associated with him based on solid evidence.

Li Yao sneered. The information streams of the bloody cases seemed to have turned into magma and flooded into his legs. His speed was further accelerated. With the help of the chaotic air currents, he blinked and split off into seven clones, which all lunged at Gui Feng simultaneously!

As a seasoned space pirate, Gui Feng had keen senses. When the dock was breached from the front, he had immediately focused his attention on the rear part.

Hardly had Li Yao's seven clones appeared when he triggered almost twenty air blades quietly and slashed them over. In the meantime, he raised four spiritual shields in front of him!

However, although his spiritual shields could resist Li Yao's physical attack, they could not block Li Yao's telepathic thoughts!

One of Li Yao's telepathic thoughts was condensed to the size of a mustard seed and pierced through Gui Feng's spiritual shields, through his crystal suit, and into his brain without any trouble.

Then, it exploded brutally!

It was a method of mental attack that Li Yao had invented himself. He called it a terror bomb.

Li Yao's expertise in mental attacks was based on Hellsword's 'Hellsword Arts'.

However, the structure of his mental power was totally different from Hellsword's.

His soul was much more solid, but it was not as mysterious and erratic as Hellsword's.

Li Yao had tried learning all of the methods of mental attack from Hellsword, but the outcome of the training had not been satisfactory.

He had thought hard for a long time. Then one day, it suddenly occurred to him that he could simulate the mechanism of crystal bombs.

At first, he would compress a telepathic thought that stored immense mental power into a tiny bomb with his ultra-solid soul. Then, he blew the telepathic thought into the enemy's brain at a high speed and detonated it brutally there!

Such an approach to mental attacks was much less mysterious and unpredictable, but it was rough and straightforward!

For a moment, the thousands of information streams stored inside the telepathic thought exploded inside Gui Feng's brain like a real bomb!

Gui Feng's eyes blinked. He fell into a world of illusions knitted by Li Yao carefully. He felt that he was placed in the middle of a furnace whose walls were as smooth as a mirror. Endless fire was crowding in and setting him in an eternal furnace of doom!

" Ah! "

Such illusions were even more terrifying than the thousands of ghosts that Hellsword created. Gui Feng was soaked in sweat, even though he was a brutal bandit who had committed countless murders.

Not good. He's an expert in mental attacks!

Stimulated by his cold sweat, Gui Feng came back to himself instantly. The world of illusions collapsed like a sand tower in a blowing wind, but in the world of reality

His heart had been stabbed through by Li Yao's saber!

Li Yao's spiritual energy surged out. Real flames burst out and burnt Gui Feng's heart into ashes with a breath!

"The attack is not going well."

In the shadow of the mining hole, the leader of the Split Sun Pirate Gang and Yin She, his advisor, were monitoring the entire battlefield.

His newly-recruited subordinates were mostly mobs that had been summoned hastily not long ago. They had only trained with each other several times in the virtual world.

The dock used to belong to the Split Sun Pirate Gang, but after the Wild Tide Pirate Gang took it over, a series of modification had been carried out, and countless hidden forts and firing points had been added. Now that their attack was organized according to the old map, naturally, they suffered heavy casualties.

On the Wild Tide Pirate Gang's side, they were well-prepared and had been on a winning streak recently. Therefore, they had high morale. The longer they fought, the braver they became.

Due to the length of the battle and the unexpected casualties, the temporarily recruited mobs were all hesitating to charge forward and were planning to retreat.

Yin She sighed. "It's a pity that two starships of our elites were chased after by Cultivators in the Silver Brilliance Space Zone. They are still playing hide-and-seek in the stone belts there and haven't returned to Spider Den yet. We can only count on those scumbags that we hired recently. I estimate that our attack will prove to be futile."

"It doesn't matter. Few of them are our own. What we lose is just a bit of money," the leader said slowly. "The most important thing is to show our attitude to Fengyu Zhong and the Temple of Immortals. As long as our stance is confirmed, no matter how heavy our losses are, Fengyu Zhong and the Temple of Immortals will cover them."

While the two of them were talking about the battle, a gray shadow blinked close to the wall like a chameleon. Before they knew it, it had reached their side.

The leader and the advisor immediately furrowed their brows with a gloomy face.

Recently, the Split Sun Pirate Gang had hired a lot of soldiers in Silver Wing City and the few cities nearby. Of all the mercenaries, the guy 'Bloody Vulture' was paid the most. His ability to escape from the Wild Tide Pirate Gang nine times that day was highly valued.

Today was his first battle. They had thought that he would demonstrate an amazing performance and did not expect that he would retreat so quickly.


Before Yin She had the time to finish his sentence, the newcomer threw a helmet to his feet.

Yin She's pupils constricted violently as he exclaimed, "Gui Feng's helmet?"

Li Yao gave no reply and simply crouched behind a bunker.

While the leader and the advisor were in a daze, an earthshaking explosion suddenly broke out above their heads. When they looked up, they discovered that a great fireball almost a hundred meters in diameter was rising up from the engine compartment of the starship that was being maintained in the dock. The fireball almost blocked the entire mining hole now.

The scorching air currents swept over more than half of the dock instantly. After a period of screeching noises, the starship broke apart and was stuck in the mining hole!

As the air currents swept over, intense explosions continued breaking out in every corner of the dock. Fireballs were growing out of thin air like orange mushrooms.

The space pirates of the Split Sun Pirate Gang and those of the Wild Tide were caught unprepared alike. They were all screaming in the ocean of flames!

The blast came over like an overwhelming tsunami. Yin She, as an advisor, was not a combat-type Cultivator. The blast knocked him over directly.

Even the leader of the Split Sun Pirate Gang was slightly shaking in the blast.

Lightheaded, two ferocious bandits looked at Li Yao in bewilderment.

Li Yao brushed off the dust on his shoulder, and a calm voice came from beneath his cold mask. "The obstacles have all been cleared. Your main troops may attack now."


Yin She was of a mind to jump and shout. They were planning to take back the maintenance dock instead of destroying it completely. Such insane explosions had essentially blown the entire dock up. Even though it was taken back, it would not function normally without a year and a half's reconstruction!

Besides, there were so many their people inside the dock!


Yin She was about to burst into fury, but for some reason, when he looked at the facial cover on the newcomer's helmet, even though he could not see them, he felt as if two cold eyes had brushed past by his heart.

Yin She secretly shuddered and looked at the leader.

The leader of the Split Sun Pirate Gang was dazed for a long time, too. In the end, he waved his hands helplessly and gnashed his teeth. "Attack!"