Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 725

Chapter 725: Fengyu Zhong's Promises

Chapter 725: Fengyu Zhongs Promises

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As their right hands touched each other lightly, explosions resembling the sound of an air tank being broken apart immediately echoed in the hall.

The space pirates whose eyes were not keen enough could only see that dazzling brilliance was breaking out of Li Yao and Wang Hahas hands.

Those who had sharper eyes, on the other hand, saw their ten fingers were enlengthened abruptly at the same time, as if they had grown another ten joints and as if all the bones on the fingers were gone. Their hands whipped and entangled each other like two infuriated octopuses. Every finger was like a serpent that tried to crush the opponents fingers!

When the bystanders blinked and tried to see more clearly, after another Bo sound, Li Yaos and Wang Hahas right hands were both thrown away, as if an invisible bomb had exploded between them.

Wang Haha carried out agility disproportional to his fatness and flew almost ten meters back like a balloon before he landed on the ground without causing a sound. He blew at his right hand that was slightly red and smiled. Your right hand is indeed quite fast. Haha. Hahahaha!

His right hand was slightly swollen, with steam popping up. But like a magic trick, his left hand waved and three eye-catching balls appeared in the gaps between his fingers.

Li Yao touched his pocket, and his face lost its color.

Wang Haha was still laughing. His left hand did not seem to be moving at all, but the three crystal balls, which were almost transparent, were dissected into tiny components that were swirling above his palm slowly. Three small crystals were glittering and emitting dangerous brilliance.

The space pirates gasped and realized that, while Wang Haha was competing with Li Yao with his right hand, his left hand had stolen three crystal bombs from Li Yaos pocket without any of the audience noticing. Moreover, he had dismantled the crystal bombs into the most fundamental components and completely disarmed them!

He truly deserved to be called an all-stealing thief!

For a moment, many space pirates were sneering.

They were all the time-tested bandits on Spider Den. Although they had their own conflicts, none of them liked the newcomer who had skyrocketed to fame in the past month.

Now that Wang Haha had taught Li Yao a lesson, the bandits were all gloating in great satisfaction.

Li Yao frowned. His eyes were cold, but he did not burst into fury.

After another two notorious bandits arrived at the hall, the illumination rune arrays on the ceiling gradually dimmed. A beam of light fell down and formed a vivid phantom.

It was exactly Fengyu Zhong, who had just entered the Nascent Soul Stage and was aiming to become the new dominator of Spider Den!

This was the first time that Li Yao had met the old, cunning bandit face to face. He could not help but feel a bit nervous.

In a black cloak, Fengyu Zhong hid most of his face in the shadow below his hat, making him even more mysterious.

He coughed and said unhurriedly, Everybody here is a well-known hero of Spider Den. You are either long-known or only rose to fame recently—

When he mentioned rose to fame recently, many space pirates looked at Li Yao.

Wang Haha even chuckled without trying to hide it.

Before his laughter stopped, a shriek suddenly burst out behind his neck!

The shriek was both like the cry of a ghost and the howl of a wolf. It sounded like a cat that fell from a room at midnight. He felt that a devil was lurking right behind his neck!

Every space pirate felt their head spin. They looked at Wang Haha in great surprise.

Wang Haha jumped up instantly, his face so twisted that even he would not have recognized himself. As if he had installed springs on his arms and legs and removed their joints, their lengths were suddenly doubled while he groped on his back. He jumped up and down and searched for a long time before he took a round ball off his back!

Everybody could tell that the round ball looked exactly the same as the crystal bombs that Wang Haha had just stolen from Li Yaos pocket.

When did Bloody Vulture plant the bomb on Wang Hahas back?

Thankfully, it was just a shriek. If it had detonated instantly…

Wang Hahas face was even redder than a pigs liver, while he glared at Li Yao in both fear and shock, with cold sweat all over his face.

Li Yao smiled. Dont be scared. Its a false one. The real bomb is in somewhere else.

Wang Haha was relieved when he heard the first half of the sentence, but the latter half made him jump up again and fumble hard all over his body with a pale face.

Five seconds remaining.

Li Yao announced the countdown calmly. Five… Four… Three…

All the space pirates were dumbfounded. They could not believe that Li Yao had planted two micro crystal bombs on Wang Haha during the short competition, nor could they believe that he would be so insane as to detonate the bomb right in front of Fengyu Zhong!

But judging from his confident and casual appearance, the guy did not seem to be bluffing.

Wang Haha was waving his hands and legs crazily, his tears almost flowing out. His coolness a moment ago was entire gone.

Like a monkey that was trying to scratch the lice on its body, Wang Hahas hands and feet turned into a gray blur. He almost wished that he had a tail to help with the search now. He was about to take off his shirts and pants, but he failed to locate the crystal bomb!

Two… One…

Li Yao dragged his tone.

The space pirates were secretly alarmed. Is—is he lying to Wang Haha? How could he have planted a second crystal bomb on Wang Haha without Wang Haha noticing?

Wang Hahas face lost its color. He screamed and crossed his hands. Then, he tore off a piece of man-made skin the size of a fingernail from the back of his right hand!

Below the man-made skin was a black millet seed. There was no telling when it had been stuck to the back of his hand. He was in so much of a hurry to search for all his body parts that he did not realize it was right on his hand!

Wang Haha hurried to toss the fake skin to the ground.


The floor that was made of solid granite was left with a hole more than half a meter deep.

Cold sweat was popping up on every space pirates forehead.

Half a second later, and Wang Hahas right hand wouldve been wasted, if he was not killed on the spot!

This Bloody Vultures capability is more terrifying than in the rumors. He planted two crystal bombs on Wang Haha in the blink of an eye in such a sordid way!

But how did he do it?

Wang Haha is an almighty thief. His hands must be more sensitive than his mouth. How did he not feel anything wrong when his hands were stuck with fake skin?

Looking at the smoke rising up from the ground, Wang Haha collapsed into his seat, all his strength gone. He licked the back of his hand and mumbled, Snake Hemp Flower?

The space pirates immediately realized what had happened. Snake Hemp Flower was an anesthetic material. The liquids purified from the Snake Hemp Flower could serve as ingredients for thousands of different anesthetics.

It was obvious that Bloody Vulture had smeared the anesthetic refined from Snake Hemp Flower on the fake skin and stuck it to the back of Wang Hahas hand while the thief was too busy stealing his crystal bombs.

Wang Hahas right hand was red and swollen after the fierce competition just now. Because of the burning heat, his sensitivity had been significantly reduced. Together with the numbing of the Snake Hemp Flower, Wang Haha did not realize that a foreign object was on the back of his hand.

All the space pirates swallowed hard.

Even the all-stealing thief who counted on sensitivity and alertness such as Wang Haha was ambushed by Bloody Vulture without him knowing. If it were them…

No other space pirates dared eye Li Yao in a scornful way anymore. Few of them had the courage to look back when he looked at them.

The weird brilliance in Fairy Corals eyes, on the other hand, became even brighter. She looked at him and did not hide her interest in him at all.

Wang Haha breathed hard and glared at Li Yao in fury, but he lowered his head helplessly, knowing that he had been crushed in the competition today!

Fengyu Zhongs phantom observed the situation without saying anything, and he did not intend to stop them at all. It was not until this moment that he smiled. It is beyond my expectation that so many great heroes answered my call to gather in this place. Whatever grudges you had in the past, you are at least comrades on the same boat at this moment. We should work together against the common enemy!

Time is precious. I will explain the situation as quickly as possible.

Over the past two months, Bai Xinghe betrayed us and launched his counterattack. He has been killing and robbing on Spider Den to expand his forces. Many flip-floppers chose to join his side again, too.

Tomorrow night, he will be organizing what he calls a Meeting of Heroes in Space. Every well-known space pirate has been invited to attend. He claims that he will bring out all the Cultivation arts and secret treasures he excavated from the underground fortress of Spider Den as rewards in the battle!

It is not hard to guess that, after the meeting, all the space pirates on Bai Xinghes side will attack with all their might and fight the final battle with us!

However, rest assured, everybody. I can tell you three facts.

Firstly, the lousy performance on our side over the past few months is partly because we were caught unprepared and partly because we were concealing our capability so that Bai Xinghe wouldnt be prudent!

Secondly, although Bai Xinghe is meeting the great heroes, he doesnt know that many of our people have pretended to join his side. Tomorrow will be the date of death for Bai Xinghe!

Thirdly, Bai Xinghe is too mean and insincere. He is about to die, and he is still only bringing out the secondary treasures from the underground fortress.

But I am different. The Black King of the Temple of Immortals and I have both agreed that, after we kill Bai Xinghe and get the map of the underground fortress and the key to the control center, we will invite all the contributors to enter the underground fortress and share the treasures of ten thousand years ago together!


Many space pirates gasped and stood up in excitement.

The first two points that Fengyu Zhong made did not surprise them. Even a pig on Spider Den knew that the final battle between Fengyu Zhong and Bai Xinghe was drawing near.

Also, since Bai Xinghe was desperate to expand his forces and did not vet the space pirates who joined him, it was not unusual that Fengyu Zhongs spies had infiltrated his ranks.

But the third point Fengyu Zhong made let everybodys heart beat fast and their faces red.

The underground fortress of Spider Den, in which the secret treasures of the Star Ocean Imperium were buried!