Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 726

Chapter 726: Bai Wulei

Chapter 726: Bai Wulei

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Fengyu Zhong waved his hands and raised his voice. It is well known that Spider Den was one of the last strongholds of the Flying Star Sector in the civil war of the Star Ocean Imperium. A lot of underground fortresses, magical equipment warehouses, and secret training facilities are buried deep below our feet!

The secret to Bai Xinghes rise was that he got the map of the underground fortress of Spider Den as well as the key to get into the control center!

After we finish off Bai Xinghe and take the map and the key, we will enter the underground together. Everything we see will be distributed according to our contributions!

Some of you might doubt that we will not keep our word after the job is done. But if you think about it carefully, you will see that everybody present is an influential person on Spider Den and in the circle of space pirates.

Our greatest enemy is not Bai Xinghe but the entire world of Cultivators. If we do not fulfil our promise and lose your support, how are going to deal with the full-scale attack of the Cultivators in the future even if we take down Bai Xinghe?

Everybody, we are now wagering on our last chance now! The Cultivators will never let us go after the battle of Heavenly Saints City. They will destroy Spider Den at whatever the cost and slay every one of us all!

Our only solution is to kill Bai Xinghe, enter the underground fortress, find the secret treasures of the Star Ocean Imperium, and fight on against the Cultivators until the end!

Therefore, theres no way that we will go back on our word. Wouldnt we be committing suicide if we betrayed you?

Isnt it so, everybody?

The brutal bandits were all quick-minded enough to soon realize that Fengyu Zhong was not lying.

As the saying went, When the prey is captured, the hound will be useless. Even if Fengyu Zhong really considered them to be hounds, the biggest prey at present was the world of Cultivators instead of Bai Xinghe.

It was impossible for the Immortal Cultivators to kick them away before they seized control of the Flying Star Sector completely.

To resist the furious attack of the Cultivators, they had to rely on the strength of the space pirates.

When the space pirates thought that the secret treasures buried below the ground of Spider Den for ten thousand years would be fully open to them, everybody began breathing heavily.

Bloody Axe, champion of the underground arenas, was even yelling in excitement. He bashed his chest hard while he shouted, Captain Fengyu, we have all slain quite a number of important people on Bai Xinghes side over the past few months. He must regard us as sworn enemies now, and theres no way to resolve the hatred.

Right now, the only solution for us to fight Bai Xinghe until the end and take him down!

Just speak, Captain Fengyu. What do you want us to do? Damn it. The secret treasures of the Star Ocean Imperium alone are tempting enough for me to kill Bai Xinghe!

Fengyu Zhong glanced over everybody on the spot.

All the space pirates nodded their heads in agreement.

Li Yao pretended to think carefully and also nodded his head.

Fengyu Zhong was very satisfied. He smiled and said, Rest assured, everybody. I wouldnt be so hard on you as to ask you to confront Bai Xinghe. In the battle tomorrow, Bai Xinghe will be dealt with by the Storm Prison Pirate Gang, Spiders Thorn, and the Immortal Army. Your job will be to take care of somebody else.

Fengyu Zhong clapped his hands lightly. A frozen phantom appeared right next to him. It was a middle-aged man who looked energetic and had a pair of sharp eyes and grey-haired temples.

Fengyu Zhong coughed lightly and introduced, This is Bai Wulei, the first true disciple of Bai Xinghe and a Cultivator in the peak of the Core Formation Stage only half a step away from the Nascent Soul Stage. Over the past decade, he has been the commander of the Ghost Knights, the strongest assault team of the Abyss Pirate Gang. He is the No.2 person in Bai Xinghes enterprise.

Bai Xinghe has no sons. It is said that he once had one but killed him personally in the end.

Bai Wulei is not only his first true disciple but also sort of his foster son. He is Bai Xinghes right hand and probably his heir.

Over the past month, Bai Xinghe has had an unprecedentedly intense relationship with us. The two parties have both been alert. Bai Wulei and his Ghost Knights were summoned to guard the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center.

The Red Steel Crystal Suit Center is the most advanced crystal suit factory of Spider Den. It is based on an ancient refining center of the Star Ocean Imperium and allegedly applies lots of technology and secret arts of that era. It is the only place on the entire Spider Den where Super Gale, a special crystal reactor for crystal suits, can be manufactured.

The crystal reactor is the heart of a crystal suit. Super Gale has a performance far better than most of the common crystal reactors. The elites under Bai Xinghes command have mostly been equipped with the Super Gale crystal reactors, which greatly enhance their combat ability!

It was based on the team of Exos who were equipped with the Super Gale crystal reactors that Bai Xinghe secured continuous victories and dominated Spider Den in the old days!

Therefore, the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center is the foundation of Bai Xinghes success!

Tomorrow night, most of the people on Bai Xinghes side will be attending the Meeting of Heroes in Space. The meeting will be attacked by the Storm Prison Pirate Gang, Spiders Thorn, and the Immortal Army personally.

The Red Steel Crystal Suit Center will be the least guarded. Bai Wulei and the few of his subordinates will be the only watchmen.

Your mission is to attack the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center and execute Bai Wulei. Is there a problem?

The space pirates looked at each other in bewilderment and gave no reply.

Bai Wulei was the first true disciple of the Pirate Potentate, the No.2 of Bai Xinghes group, and a great expert in the peak of the Core Formation Stage. Naturally, he was a brutal bandit that everybody on Spider Den knew.

Over the past twenty years, using the excuse of his old age, Bai Xinghe often secluded himself for training. His daily affairs were mostly handled by Bai Wulei. The operations of the Abyss Pirate Gang were run by Bai Wulei, too.

Therefore, many space pirates had not seen Bai Xinghe in person, but all of them had witnessed Bai Wuleis cruelty.

Now that they learned that their target was such a great expert in the peak of the Core Formation Stage, many space pirates were having second thoughts.

Fengyu Zhong observed everybodys expression and smiled casually. Rest assured, everybody. The battle tomorrow concerns the future of the entire Spider Den. We are not asking you to get yourselves killed in vain. Let me tell you the truth. In the battle tomorrow, a batch of assassins from Spiders Thorn and the Immortal Army will help you in secret. More importantly, some of Bai Wuleis most trusted people are Immortal Cultivators!

As long as you all work hard and fight with your best, we will be sure winners of the battle!

After the job is done, your contributions will be calculated according to the battle videos captured by your crystal cameras. The more contributions you make, the closer you will be to the lead when we get into the underground fortress!


The space pirates also realized that, since it would be the final battle between Fengyu Zhong and Bai Xinghe tomorrow, there was no reason Fengyu Zhong would risk jeopardizing his cause by setting traps for them. Besides, Fengyu Zhong was going to deal with Bai Xinghe, the Pirate Potentate, in person, so they had no options except to bite into Bai Wulei no matter how tough the man was.

Bai Wulei was in the peak of the Core Formation Stage, but there were more than ten space pirates here who were in the Core Formation Stage, too. If they failed to take down Bai Wulei, how could they claim their reward and share the secret treasures under the ground together with Fengyu Zhong?

Therefore, whether they meant it or were pretending, all the space pirates shouted and accepted the job. The hall was seething with excitement.

Li Yao observed everything in silence and thought about it carefully.

It seemed that the Temple of Immortals, Black Spider Tower, and Fengyu Zhong had made thorough plans and sent a lot of spies into Bai Xinghes gang. They were all set for the thunderous attack tomorrow night.

The question remained, how was Bai Xinghe, the well-known Pirate Potentate, going to deal with the schemes?

For the sake of confidentiality, after hearing Fengyu Zhongs plans, Li Yao and the rest of the space pirates were not allowed to leave Black Spider Towers training camp anymore.

Fengyu Zhong also knew that the battle to come was of paramount importance. In order to boost morale, besides making enticing yet empty promises, he also provided a lot of authentic Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures for the space pirates.

Naturally, Li Yao took all of them gladly without being courteous.

Inside the training camp of Black Spider Tower, all the network was cut off. It was impossible to know what was happening outside. Li Yao could only maximize his hearing and gathered all the sounds in the outside world carefully.

As time went by slowly but surely, Capital Nest seemed to have turned into a smothering grave. Before, there were still occasional noises. But after one night, they were all replaced by dead silence.

Li Yao felt ill at ease.

He was not worried about the battle that was about to break out; he was concerned that Bai Xinghes gang might collapse too fast and would not diminish the Immortal Cultivators strength enough.

If Bai Xinghe failed to react properly and was crushed by Fengyu Zhong, the Temple of Immortals might gain access to the underground fortress of Spider Den and even receive the control clearances. The capability of the Immortal Cultivators would be further increased if so.

It was definitely not going to be good for the world of Cultivators.

Li Yaos only hope was that Bai Xinghe would show his wisdom as the Pirate Potentate!

The next day, although it was dusk, the sky thousands of meters above everybodys head was riddled with holes as usual. There was nothing but darkness.

Dim orange lights were glowing from the walls of the mining holes, which originated from the residual crystals and mother lodes.

Wreathed in the feeble lights, Capital Nest at dusk was like a frozen ocean of magma. Below the seemingly solid shell on the surface were raging undercurrents and rampant flames!

In the district under the Temple of Immortals control, teams of the Immortal Army in ivory, translucent crystal suits were gathered and allocated marvelous magical equipment from the secret arsenals.

The soldiers of Black Spider Tower in black crystal suits also formed squads and marched toward their respective targets.

Before they went out, the killers of Black Spider Tower who were adept at stealth and assassination had snuck into Bai Xinghes territory from various directions and lurked around their targets.

In the district under Bai Xinghes control, countless docks and shuttle stations were opened. Crystal warship carrying space pirates that had joined his cause were arriving from every city of mining pit on Spider Den at his call.

The Abyss Pirate Gang, the largest group of space pirates on Spider Den, was prepared for battle, too. All the squads had brought their vigilance to the maximum.

The battle that would decide the king of Spider Den would break out in a few hours!