Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 728

Chapter 728: Hunt Bai Xinghe!


“Now, do you know why I said we would be sure winners of the battle?”

A familiar voice came from behind Li Yao, making the pores all over his body constrict suddenly, as if a cold viper had just tied up his spine.

There was no need to turn back. The crystal camera in the rear of the helmet had detected that an extremely hideous crystal suit was gradually emerging from the darkness.

The crystal suit seemed to be made of hundreds of twisted bronze faces that were all writhing, struggling, and moaning in creepy sounds.

When he first saw it, the crystal suit had left a deep impression on Li Yao.

He had once fought against the owner of the crystal suit in the Iron Plateau Space Zone and had almost been killed by the wrath of the crystal suit.

Right now, the crystal suit had been fully upgraded. The bronze faces attached to the crystal suit were larger in number and had more miserable expressions. The scent of desperation mixed with the stink of the deepest level of hell was even more terrifying than before!

It was ‘Hundred Faces’, Fengyu Zhong’s special crystal suit that boasted powerful mental attack abilities.

Wasn’t Fengyu Zhong going to attack the ‘Meeting of Heroes in Space’? How did he end up here?

Li Yao pondered for a moment. His pupils were immediately enlarged. He vaguely guessed Fengyu Zhong’s schemes and immediately felt that his temples were drumming.

In the Hundred Faces Battlesuit, Fengyu Zhong passed through the crowd of space pirates, before he smiled casually. “Allow me to introduce you to the Black King, one of the four kings of the Temple of Immortals. He is also known as Master Hidden Fog, the previous leader of Black Spider Tower.”

Li Yao was so shocked that he almost let out a cry, because he did not realize that somebody was standing next to Fengyu Zhong until this moment!

The stranger was also wearing a crystal suit, but he had covered his body with a deep black linen cloak, and his body parts exposed to the air were all enshrouded in gray fog. He looked like a man made of smoke. Li Yao could not sense anything even when he tried with his spiritual threads.

Such a living man was standing right next to Fengyu Zhong, and yet Li Yao did not notice him at all until Fengyu Zhong introduced him!

It was far beyond the level of a stealth ability and had to be a very professional mental technique that could bypass the eyeballs and interfere with the optic nerves. Therefore, even when other people saw him, the image would not be sent into their brain through the nerves!

As it turns out, the previous leader of the Black Spider Tower is the real Black King! Hellsword is absolutely no match for him!

Li Yao felt that his head was dizzy, and he swallowed subconsciously.

Hellsword was in the beginning level of the Nascent Soul Stage, but the real Black King was at least in the middle level of the Nascent Soul Stage!

Li Yao vaguely felt that the situation was gliding toward the loss of control faster and faster and was about to enter an unpredictable abyss.

In the delicate White Jade Battlesuit, Bai Wulei landed on the ground slowly and stood in line with Fengyu Zhong and Master Hidden Fog.

Many quick-witted space pirates finally understood what was going on. But some other space pirates were still confused, not having the slightest clue about the current situation.

Fengyu Zhong explained unhurriedly, “There’s no need to be surprised, everybody. This is indeed Fellow Cultivator Bai, the No.2 person of the Abyss Pirate Gang as well as the leader of the Ghost Knights.

“However, Fellow Cultivator came to understand the true path of Cultivation a long time ago and joined the Temple of Immortals. He is now an honorable Immortal Cultivator!

“Just now, the explosions and fierce fights inside the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center were because Fellow Cultivator Bai was clearing out the obstinate diehards who were still loyal to Bai Xinghe!

“Right now, everybody in the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center is one of Fellow Cultivator Bai’s trusted subordinates. They are only loyal to Fellow Cultivator Bai!

“Other than the ‘Ghost Nights’ of Fellow Cultivator Bai, a lot of elites of the Immortal Army and the assassins from Black Spider Tower including ‘Eight Blades of Black Spider’, as well as experts of the Storm Prison Pirate Gang, have gathered here!

“I’m sorry that I’ve kept the real target of the operation a secret until this moment. But since it is too important, I believe you will understand me!

“In short, we have here two experts in the Nascent Soul Stage, almost twenty in the Core Formation Stage, and hundreds of seasoned space pirates above the Building Foundation Stage!

“Our target is not Bai Wulei, not the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center, but Bai Xinghe himself!”

Fengyu Zhong was already simmering with killing intent when he announced his nemesis’s name.

All the space pirates shuddered.

Fengyu Zhong’s voice suddenly turned extremely cold. “What? Is there anybody who would rather quit right now because it is too dangerous?”

The space pirates looked at each other in bewilderment. They were all unparalleled, brutal bandits who would not even blink when killing the innocent. Naturally, they knew the consequences if they ‘quit’ in such circumstances. None of them would be foolish enough to be the first to refuse the command in public.

“There’s nothing to worry about, everybody. Every detail is within our control!”

Bai Wulei strode forward and smiled casually.

He and Bai Xinghe did not have a blood relationship, but Bai Xinghe’s warm and comforting voice had been passed onto him. He gave people the feeling that he could be trusted when there was no good reason for that.

Bai Wulei spoke slowly. “Right now, ‘Ghost Knights’, the strongest assault team in the Abyss Pirate Gang, are fully under my control. Meanwhile, Bai Xinghe has no idea that I have abandoned the dark for the light now.

“Soon, I will try to fool Bai Xinghe into coming here. With Master Hidden Fog and Captain Fengyu, two Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, on our side, our capability will be higher than his. He will not see it coming when I launch a fatal attack from behind when the battle reaches the fiercest moment!

“By then, the Ghost Knights will shift their direction of attack and fight together with the Immortal Army and the assassins from Spider’s Thorn. With the help of all the heroes here, Bai Xinghe won’t be able to run away however capable he is!”

Bai Wulei’s voice was more alluring than ever. “Everybody!

“Fortune comes with risks. Bai Xinghe has been the dominator of Spider Den for decades. Of course, it will be extremely dangerous to take him down. But if we succeed, our gains will be unimaginable, too!

“In the past ten years, I have managed most of the affairs of the Abyss Pirate Gang. I have even entered the underground fortress of Spider Den, led by Bai Xinghe, multiple times and excavated tremendous techniques and magical equipment there!

“I’m aware of most of the areas in the underground fortress. But the crucial areas, as well as the ‘Spider Key’ to the control center of the fortress, are in Bai Xinghe’s sole possession!

“Of course, the Spider Key is not the pendant that he wears on his neck. It is concealed in the Cosmos Ring on the fourth finger of his left hand!

“As long as we slay Bai Xinghe and get the Spider Key inside the Cosmos Ring, I will immediately be able to lead you to the underground fortress to excavate the techniques and the secret treasures!

“Right now, my identity has not been exposed yet. This is a rare opportunity. If we miss out tonight, who is confident that we can ever kill Bai Xinghe in the future?”

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

Around them, countless soldiers in ivory crystal suits that belonged to the Immortal Army and those in black crystal suits that belonged to Black Spider Tower appeared like ghosts, imposing heavy pressure upon the space pirates.

The space pirates looked at each other in bewilderment. None of them dared say ‘no’.

Fengyu Zhong laughed. “Great! You are indeed audacious heroes of the present day. I assume that none of you have second thoughts? Alright. In a moment, I will assign your tasks in the coming battle. The battle is of paramount importance for every one of us. Therefore, you must listen to your command and hold your position. If anybody is absent without leave or even deserts, don’t blame me for my mercilessness, because you will get not only yourself killed but your family too!

“However, like Fellow Cultivator Bai stated just now, tonight is our best shot to slay Bai Xinghe. I, Fengyu Zhong, hereby make a Blood Oath that, if we work hard together and slay Bai Xinghe at the risk of death, I will immediately lead everyone into Spider Den’s underground and excavate the secret treasures together with Fellow Cultivator Bai!”

Coerced by Fengyu Zhong and tempted by Bai Wulei, all the space pirates were browbeaten into the mission of attacking Bai Xinghe!

The Ghost Nights commanded by Bai Wulei pretended to fight the soldiers of the Storm Prison Pirate Gang. Smoke was everywhere in the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center. Fireballs were soaring into the sky and almost pumping away all the air.

Disguised in the smoke and debris, the powerful crystal cannons were altering their angles in secret. The trajectories of their attack outlined the areas of doom.

The corpses on the ground whose crystal suit were battered were mostly faked by the assassins from Black Spider Tower.

The twenty experts in the Core Formation Stage were arranged to the crucial locations that had been carefully calculated multiple times.

The capability Li Yao demonstrated was below the Core Formation Stage, and he had only joined Fengyu Zhong’s side recently. Therefore, he was arranged to be stationed at the periphery of the battle instead of joining the first wave of collective attack toward Bai Xinghe. He was asked to establish a defense line with his expertise in explosions in order to slow down Bai Xinghe if the man tried to break out of the siege.

The Pirate Potentate is screwed!

Li Yao cried in his heart.

That day, when he heard the conversation between Bai Xinghe and Luo Jinhu in the carrier, he had thought that Bai Xinghe was a great man and expected a fierce competition between him and Fengyu Zhong.

But Li Yao did not know that, before the competition began, his first true disciple, leading the strongest team under his banner, had rebelled and joined his enemy’s side!

How was the guy going to fight the battle now?

Li Yao felt a headache coming on. He had thought that the battle between the two parties would last for ten to fifteen days and that there would be enough time for him to find a loophole so that he could influence the situation in secret and balance the strength of the two sides.

But as it turned out, Fengyu Zhong had mobilized all his strength at the very beginning. He seemed to be ready to finish the battle once and for all!

Two Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators may not be enough to stop Bai Xinghe. But it will be hard to say if his first true disciple, whom he views almost as his foster son, betrays him!

Li Yao was anxious, but there was nothing he could do. He could only do some tricks to the crystal bombs he planted, but he was not confident in their effects at all.

Bai Xinghe, you are the Pirate Potentate. Last time I saw you, you were as awesome as any man could ever be! Don’t tell me that you will be fooled so easily!