Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 729

Chapter 729: Ambushes on All Sides


Since the first explosion, Capital Nest had been caught in an ocean of flames. Mining holes were crumbling and collapsing everywhere. Buildings weighing thousands of tons turned into debris. Countless space pirates on the way were crushed into mud by the collision before they had the chance to scream.

The hundred docks, crystal suit centers, mineral purification factories, and magical equipment warehouses under Bai Xinghe’s control were attacked furiously at the same time!

In the hall of the ‘Meeting of Heroes in Space’, intense explosions had taken place, too. Amid the dense smoke, many space pirates who were loyal to Fengyu Zhong and the Temple of Immortals ripped off their disguises and started attacking in the chaos.

Those space pirates thought that Fengyu Zhong and the elites of the Temple of Immortals were lurking nearby and were about to launch a fatal attack against Bai Xinghe soon.

They did not know that they were merely chess pieces for the Temple of Immortals and cannon fodder than were destined to be sacrificed.

Havoc. There was nothing but havoc in the heart of Spider Den.

Explosions were everywhere, flames were everywhere, and poisonous gas was everywhere. Countless space pirates were fighting each other in the maze-like tunnels. At first, they managed to tell friend from foe by the battle emblem on their chests. But later, as their crystal suits broke and their battle emblem were hidden by blood, the rampant space pirates could only shout when they met a stranger, “Bai Xinghe or Fengyu Zhong?”

If the stranger hesitated for a moment, they would be killed instantly!


A warehouse of crystals buried deep down the ground was detonated, triggering a minor earthquake; nobody knew whether it was caused by Bai Xinghe or Fengyu Zhong. The blast raged below the ground and collapsed almost a hundred tunnels, crushing all the space pirates inside together with their crystal suits.

The earth was ripped apart. Scorching steam jetted out. The magma at the bottom of the planet was stirring!

Like a bat whose wings were folded, Li Yao lurked in the darkness, absolutely still.

But deep inside his heart, a series of explosions were taking place, causing a mess in his mind.

Would Bai Xinghe come?

Li Yao predicted that he would.

In the scheme, the attack in the Meeting of Heroes in Space seemed to be faked by the Temple of Immortals, whose real purpose was to force Bai Xinghe to focus all of his available strength on the meeting hall. Then, it seemed that the soldiers of the Temple of Immortals, Black Spider Tower, and the Storm Prison Pirate Gang would blow up the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center and execute Bai Wulei!

The Red Steel Crystal Suit Center was the foundation of Bai Xinghe’s success, and Bai Wulei was essentially his heir and the No.2 person in his gang!

Nothing could happen to them.

If Bai Xinghe really made such a judgement, he would definitely suppress the chaos in the Meeting of Heroes in Space as quickly as possible and rush to Bai Wulei’s rescue without thinking about anything else.

Li Yao could already infer what would be on Bai Xinghe’s mind in such a short time. Since the Temple of Immortals had planned for a long time, and Bai Wulei, as Bai Xinghe’s first true disciple, must have a deep understanding about his master’s personality, the traps they set up must be immaculate, and Bai Xinghe would most certainly walk right into them!

Since the moment of Bai Wulei’s betrayal, Bai Xinghe had already lost the fight before it began!

While Li Yao was pondering, an ominous buzz echoed inside his crystal processor.

He’s really here!

Li Yao’s pupils constricted to two needle tips. On the map displayed on his crystal processor, a cluster of immense spiritual energy was lunging at the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center at a speed several times higher than the speed of sound!

Li Yao considered sending out telepathic thoughts in order to probe more precisely. However, Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were very sensitive to the spying of other people. In order not to alarm the prey, Fengyu Zhong strictly forbade everybody from detecting the situation actively and only allowed them to receive the spiritual energy radiation that Bai Xinghe released.

Li Yao was of a mind to warn Bai Xinghe of the traps there by peeping at him with telepathic thoughts.

However, Bai Xinghe was definitely not a man of integrity; he was a ferocious bandit. If Li Yao reminded him, he would absolutely flee as quickly as possible, leaving Li Yao alone to face the suspicions of Fengyu Zhong, the Black King, Bai Wulei, and the rest of them.

Although Li Yao did not wish for Bai Xinghe to be killed too quickly, he did not intend to get himself killed, either.

Besides, Bai Xinghe was extremely fast. While Li Yao was hesitating, he had already marched into the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center, which was now a furiously burning building.


“He’s here!”

“Boss Bai. It’s Boss Bai!”

Li Yao felt that some twenty monkeys were tickling him. He could only search for Bai Xinghe’s traces through the picture captured by other people’s crystal cameras.

Everybody was moving at a supersonic speed. The pictures they captured were all swirling. Li Yao was about to throw up just watching all of them.

Right at this moment, everything froze!

The daunting aura that Bai Xinghe released suppressed everybody where they stood!

Li Yao finally saw clearly Bai Xinghe’s appearance through the picture captured by dozens of Exos from various angles.

Bai Xinghe was wearing a bright blue middle-sized crystal suit. Gold stripes were interweaving on the surface of the crystal suit, making the shell of the crystal suit look like dragon scales. Every ‘dragon scale’ was vibrating at a high frequency and emitting bluish colors, adding to the mysteriousness of the crystal suit.

The two shoulders looked like two dragon heads which had opened their bloody mouths. Six artificial arms extended from his back, the front ends of which were all grimacing dragon heads!

Together with the two on the shoulders, the eight dragon heads were each holding a ball in their mouths.

Some of the balls contained thousands of spluttering electric arcs. Some of the balls seemed to be filled with endless flames, with magma blossoming out. Some of the balls were bright blue and seemed nothing unusual, but the mouths that stored them were wreathed in thick frost!

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

The eight dragon heads craned and spat the balls in their mouths out toward the crystal suits nearby at an unbelievable speed.

The crystal suits that were hit by the lightning balls were pierced, locked, and torn apart by hundreds of deep blue electric arcs immediately.

Those hit by the flame balls were melted together with the Exos inside into a pool of steel.

Those hit by the frost balls lost all their color and turned into gray statues. So much as somebody toughed them slightly, they would crumble into countless ice shards the size of fingernails and collapse!

It was Bai Xinghe’s personal crystal suit, Dragon King, which was said to have been made based on multiple secret arts of the Star Ocean Imperium and was the strongest crystal suit on Spider Den!

Li Yao was deeply fascinated, not by the invincibility of Bai Xinghe, but by his Dragon King Battlesuit.

The Dragon King Battlesuit did not look like a dead object at all. It looked as if eight real dragons were hovering around him and protecting him when he was wearing the crystal suit!


Suddenly, there was nothing but blankness in Li Yao’s eyes. All the light beams were occupied by snowflakes.

In the meantime, an intense blast swept across the entire crystal suit center like a tsunami that had hit the seashore.

Li Yao was alarmed, knowing that Fengyu Zhong and Master Hidden Fog must have revealed themselves. The brutal clash of three Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators jammed the transmission of telepathic thoughts and tore apart the network.

In a trance, Li Yao received two information streams simultaneously.

The first information stream was a raging, unpredictable galaxy. Countless stars were falling upon the world like a waterfall, drowning everybody in the boundless ocean. He had the feeling that he was too insignificant to resist anything and could only kneel down and pray.

The second information stream, on the other hand, consisted of thousands of bronze faces that were floating in midair. They constituted a maze of faces, each of which were screaming miserably and shedding tears of blood. It was equally soul-stirring and made Li Yao want to shrink back and shudder.

The two information streams were like two different worlds that were colliding heavily without conceding at all.

Li Yao knew that the telepathic thoughts, the spirits, and the will of the two experts in the Nascent Soul Stage were fighting hard.

A battle in the Nascent Soul Stage could never be underestimated. Many less capable Cultivators were not able to withstand the pressure when the telepathic thoughts of the two of them were at war. They all fell to the back one after another, holding their heads.

Even the iron tubes of the crystal suit centers were at the mercy of the daunting aura. Amid screeching noises, one rivet after another darted out!

Li Yao could see nothing but snowflakes on the light beams, and his brain was occupied by the absolutely dominating aura of the two Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators. He could not spare any of his attention to sense the real situation of the battle at all.

Besides, the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were all amazingly fast. They could launch dozens of fatal attacks within a second. Victory or failure could be determined within a breath. There was no way that they would fight for three hundred rounds like low-level Cultivators did!

While Li Yao was awed, another entity that was sharp and looked like black smoke intervened in the competition between two Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators!

The Black King of the Temple of Immortals, as well as the previous leader of Black Spider Tower, finally took action!

Almost at the same time, in the depths of the Red Steel Crystal Suit Center, thunderous noises were breaking out. Then, an earsplitting shout was heard.

“Bai Wulei, you, too?”

Li Yao’s heart shook violently. He could picture what had happened just now.

As a well-known expert, Bai Xinghe was above the middle level of the Nascent Soul Stage at the very least, while Fengyu Zhong was in the beginning level of the Nascent Soul Stage at best.

Of course, Fengyu Zhong was no match for him during their competition.

However, Master Hidden Fog, who was the Black King of the Temple of Immortals, seized the moment to launch his attack.

With Bai Xinghe’s wisdom, he must have foreseen that somebody from the Temple of Immortals would join the battle on Fengyu Zhong’s side in person. Therefore, the appearance of the Black King was within his expectations.

But he did not know that both Fengyu Zhong and the Black King were merely disguises to distract his attention. His enemy’s real deadly move was made by Bai Wulei, his first true disciple who came to help him a hurry just now!

Two Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators caught him in a fierce battle so that Bai Wulei, an expert in the peak of the Core Formation Stage and half a step away from breaking into the Nascent Soul Stage, could launch the fatal attack behind his back!

Li Yao had every reason to believe that Bai Wulei must have carried some powerful magical equipment that the Temple of Immortals offered him and he had heavily wounded Bai Xinghe instantly!