Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Explosive Kill with One Shell

Student Li Yao, theres no need to worry. All medical expenses incurred when you were in a coma and all future rehabilitation costs are completely covered by our nation!

And 30,000 credits will be wired into your bank account each month starting this month. This is the Class 1: Disabled Servicemen Pension!

If you wish to find work, our Disabled Servicemen Association will give you aid!

If you want to go to college, we can also set up arrangements so that you wont need to take the entrance exams. You can directly go to school at the Federations First Military College in the Disabled Servicemen Special Class!

In addition, come find us without hesitation if you encounter any sort of troubles in society The Federations Disabled Servicemen Association is one of the most powerful organizations in the whole Heavens Origin Sector. As soon as theres a problem, you will have the backing of the total 63,000,000 disabled servicemen of the Federation!

The black uniformed disabled serviceman spoke these words with complete domination.

Things have turned big now. Li Yao felt a bit guilty.

The image of a disabled serviceman of the Federation in his head was one with a head full of white hair, a face full of wrinkles, and a body of essence prosthetics an old veteran that staggers along as he walks.

Crimson Nimbus Second will always have some retired servicemen of the Federation as guest speakers to give speeches of their heroic deeds of glory on the battlefield.

In circumstances without ammunition and supplies, in circumstances when their spiritual energy was completely depleted, they hefted their inoperable chainswords with their three-to-five squad mates and rushed towards the sky-blotting tide of Demon Beasts!

Li Yaos heart would become all fired up every time he heard these inspiring and tragic heroic tales; his battlelust would gale forth!

The title Disabled Serviceman of the Federation was an extremely high honor and was sacred in his mind. To be awarded this title was truly being subjected to shame.

And so with this train of thought, Li Yao decided to speak the truth, To tell the truth, my injury really isnt as serious as you believe. Ill recover as long as I take a good few days to rest. Im not disabled.

The disabled serviceman revealed an expression of unconcealed admiration from his eyes. His prosthetic arm patted down heavily onto Li Yaos shoulder, causing Li Yao to grimace in pain.

Great kid! I like you! Us men must have an indomitable will just like you. It doesnt matter what our bodies are, we must be filled with fighting spirit and hope! Thats right! Youre not crippled! The 63,000,000 disabled servicemen of the Federation arent crippled! It doesnt matter how crippled our bodies are, our fighting spirit and battle lust will never be crippled! Whenever our nation demands it, we will suit up and go into battle to explosively kill a Demon Beast with each fist!

This is

Li Yao had somewhat of a toothache. He figured out that his circumstances would be very hard to explain clearly with just a few sentences.

The middle-aged disabled serviceman spoke, Student Li Yao, Doctor Gu and I have talked. I understand your circumstances clearly. I know you cant possibly accept your circumstances in such a short time, but

The nation has national laws. The military has military rules. Rewards and penalties are defined clearly. Only in this way could we have strict compliance!

Before you entered the Limit Challenge Competition, you should have signed a document letting you know that all competitors are considered to be ad hoc enlisted military during the competition, possessing the status of a serviceman and having to comply with the orders of the military. Of course, you get to enjoy benefits provided by the military!

You faced a mutated large-eyed ape in the competition. You fully demonstrated the bloody battle spirit of the Federal Army by fighting face to face on a treacherous road and braving out victory by slaying the Demon Beast in the end!

If you had not struggled in a blood-soaked battle undaunted by danger, there would have likely been much more competitors meeting their bitter ends!

You received injuries for the sake of protecting your comrades in the midst of battle while under the status of a serviceman. You are obviously 100% a Disabled Serviceman of the Federation and are qualified to enjoy receiving the treatment of a war hero!

Remember this: The Federation never forgets each warrior who struggles for the nation. This compensation belongs to you, not a single cent can be missing!

If the nation was unconcerned with their heroes, if the nation remains indifferent when their heroes sink into bad circumstances Who would defend this kind of nation? Who would fight their battles to the bloody end?

So no matter what you say, our nation will at least provide you with all basic necessities for this next half of your life since we cant help you recover your ability to cultivate. And we will let you receive respect from the masses of society This is what a nation ought to do. Its what a nation absolutely must to do!

The eyes of this disabled veteran was like two scorching warblades deeply stabbing into Li Yaos neural field.

Without waiting for Li Yaos explanation, the disabled serviceman saluted, turned his body, and walked out of the room with large strides.

Despite half of his body being completely made of metal, when he walked, he still maintained a tall and straight posture like a pine tree. The distance between each step was completely identical, as if accurately measured by a ruler.

After the disabled serviceman left, Li Yao sat stunned on the edge of the medical treatment pod for a long time.

Forget it. Theres no need to think about other matters. My priority is to restore my actual strength completely. This fact should naturally explain everything clearly.

Even though this man had promised that he wouldnt need to take the entrance exams and could directly enter the Federations First Military Colleges and go to school as part of the Disabled Serviceman Special Class.

Li Yao immediately rejected this thought still.

One of the only reasons was that he was unwilling to take up the convenience of the Federations Disabled Servicemen.

A more important reason was that Li Yao still had not given up the idea of entering Deep Sea University.

Only 7% remains of my Actualization Quotient, but this is just a temporary state. As long as I have enough energy and I go through appropriate cultivation training, I will soon be able to recover to my peak state!

Theres still a months time until the entrance exams. I can still give it my all!

Upon discovering that he had actually consumed the memory shards of the Hundred Smelting Guilds leader, Ou Yezi, larger ambitions were expanding at flying speeds in Li Yaos heart,

Ou Yezi represented the highest level of crafting techniques in the ancient era of cultivation an unsurpassable pinnacle.

And similarly, Deep Sea University possesses the strongest crafting techniques in the modern cultivation world.

If he could combine these two together

Godsword Lithe, Warblade Carnage Dragon, Spear Soul Devourer These masterwork weapons crafted by Ou Yezi are powerful enough to slay old Spirit Transformation Stage monsters!

Although the treasures of heaven and earth needed to craft these masterwork weapons are hard to come by and there are many critical steps in crafting that are hard to reproduce in modern techniques, the theory of the essence operation is still the same!

If I could one day engulf these memory shards of Ou Yezi crafting these masterwork weapons, mastering the techniques behind these ancient weapons, figuring out the principles of the essence operations driving them, Ill take these techniques and implement them into modern artifacts.

For example, if I can analyze and figure out the essence operation model of the three masterwork weapons Godsword Lithe, Warblade Carnage Dragon, and Spear Soul Devourer and apply it to the main cannon of crystal battleships, Ill be able to craft three joint main cannons for battleships possessing the characteristics of these three masterwork weapons!

A single shell would be able to explosively kill an old Spirit Transformation Stage monster!

I can eliminate a mountain full of old Nascent Soul Stage monsters with a single volley from these three joint cannons!

How unreasonably powerful would that be? What tyranny! What a crisp and ecstatic matter!

Li Yaos heart stirred as he thought to this point. He took out his microprocessor from his bedside drawer and opened his e-crane application.

There were several hundred unanswered messages in his e-crane. Li Yao skimmed over at lightning speeds; the majority of the messages were from friends.

Among them were several dozens of messages sent by his bro for life Meng Jiang. They were all inquiries about his condition.

He looked at the times and found out they were all from within the last four weeks.

Li Yao typed out the three words I have awakened at lightning speeds and sent out the message. The other side did not respond; thinking about it, Meng Jiang should still be in class.

Then Li Yao entered Xie Tingxians e-crane number, searched him up, and sent him the following message: This is Li Yao. Ive awakened.

Doctor Gu had just given this number to him.

Soon, Xie Tingxians wrinkle covered face flashed out with a paper crane from the hologram. He spoke with surprise and delight, Student Li Yao, I just received the news from Doctor Gu. I was just about to get in touch with you. I didnt expect you would wake up so soon. This is really something to celebrate!