Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 730

Chapter 730: Broken Hand

Chapter 730: Broken Hand


In that moment, dozens of people roared from various directions around the entire Red Steel Crystal Suit Center. The Core Formation Stage experts of the Temple of Immortals and Black Spider Tower all lunged up!

The Ghost Knights, who were fighting bloody battles against their ‘enemy’, also shifted their target and bombarded Bai Xinghe together with the crystal cannons that had been deployed to the critical firing points!

The ‘corpses’ lying awry on the ground jerked up instantly, some interfering with Bai Xinghe’s senses, some dragging him down, and some standing in the paths of his escape!

A hundred experts were trying to hunt the Pirate Potentate together!

Capital Nest was in an utter mess. Most of Bai Xinghe’s people had been stalled in the main district. Also, since the Ghost Knights, his strongest assault team, had been stationed in this place, Bai Xinghe had come with only a few trusted subordinates.

Confident in his personal strength and much faster than his subordinates, Bai Xinghe had been all by himself when he marched into the crystal suit center.

When the ambushes were launched, the dozens of subordinates that Bai Xinghe brought with him had only just arrived. They were immediately attacked by the Immortal Army and Spider’ Thorn at the same time.

“Ahhh!” Bai Xinghe roared.

As if a thunderclap had just broken out, the entire crystal suit center was uttering clattering noises. The ultra-large furnaces weighing thousands of tons seemed to be ringing, with humming sounds echoing nonstop.

Li Yao felt that his ears were numb, and his heart was heavier and heavier.

Bai Xinghe had lost his cool.

Li Yao sighed. He had hoped that Bai Xinghe would still have some last resorts. For example, Bai Wulei was actually his spy in the Temple of Immortals and would cooperate with him at the crucial moment to slay Fengyu Zhong and the Black King.

Right now, the idea ridiculous; Bai Wulei had truly betrayed Bai Xinghe.

What do I do?

I thought that the two large pirate gangs would have a prolonged battle and that I could take the advantage and investigate Heavenly Saints City and the Immortal Cultivators in secret and even earn some person benefits in the meantime!

I didn’t expect that Bai Xinghe would fail so fast!

As soon as he is killed, those fickle pirates will certainly join the Temple of Immortals’ side without even batting an eye.

Moreover, Bai Wulei has the strongest soldiers of the Abyss Pirate Gang under his control. Chances are that everything will be settled by tomorrow morning!

If so, the Immortal Cultivators will gain full control over Spider Den. With Bai Xinghe’s map and key, they can also excavate the secret treasures of the Star Ocean Imperium that are buried deep below the ground!

No. I cannot let things go their way!

Li Yao secretly gritted his teeth.

He did not know whether or not the Grand Illusionary Soldier Project proposed by Xiao Xuance was associated with the Temple of Immortals and Immortal Cultivators.

But one thing was absolutely certain.

Once the Temple of Immortals controlled the underground fortress of Spider Den, their strength would definitely increase significantly, and more space zones would be savaged by them miserably.

More innocent ordinary people would be involved in the fire of war, just like the citizens on the tenth space ring of Heavenly Saints City!

I must stop them!

Bai Xinghe can’t die, at least for now!

If Bai Xinghe is alive, the flip-floppers will still be awed by his prestige and won’t obey the Temple of Immortals completely without second thoughts.

More importantly, I cannot allow the Temple of Immortals to take over the underground fortress of Spider Den!

Right then, another earthshaking explosion took place inside the crystal suit center, as if a weird swirl appeared out of nowhere and minced everything that it absorbed into smithereens!

Fengyu Zhong was startled and angry shouts came over in the communication channel. “Stop him!”

Opportunity only knocks once. It’s show time!

The killing intent inside Li Yao’s eyes blinked like a sharp blade. He jumped up and accelerated beyond the speed of sound instantly as he dashed to the sky of the battlefield.

He saw that almost twenty streams of colorful brilliance that were rushing and hovering. They were tangled together, and then they were colliding into each other heavily. Several of the streams suddenly exploded!

In midair, the remains of gear seemed to be frozen. They were floating around the streams of brilliance, scattered. Dragged by the chaotic spiritual energy, they turned into the most fatal weapons, tearing everything in the way apart!

Li Yao was greatly shocked. He could tell after a quick look that these scraps did not belong to crystal suits but Ares Extensions.

Judging from the number and category of the debris, there were multiple Ares Extensions!

How scary!

It’s been less than half a minute since Bai Xinghe stepped into the trap, and these people have already blown up almost five Ares Extensions with their brute force?

Li Yao finally understood why the solid crystal suit center a moment ago turned into a ragged building that seemed to be just hit by a meteor shower.


The streams of brilliance clashed brutally. Every collision seemed to be ripping space apart. Even though Li Yao was more than a hundred meters away, he was already shaking because of the blast.


Half a second later, the bluish brilliance suddenly screamed. The glove of a crystal suit together with half a bloody palm flew into the sky!

It was Bai Xinghe!

Half of his left hand had been chopped off!

Bai Wulei was overjoyed. He knew that Bai Xinghe’s most treasured Cosmos Ring was on the fourth finger of his left hand, which had soared into the sky together with the broken hand!

Bai Wulei immediately summoned his spiritual energy to snatch the broken hand. A tiny loophole appeared in the previously flawless siege!

Fengyu Zhong shrieked, “He did it on purpose. Leave the broken hand alone!”

There was no time!

Before Fengyu Zhong uttered the first syllable, Bai Xinghe had already roared. The bluish brilliance grew into a raging dragon and dashed out of the siege!

It was exactly the moment that Li Yao had been waiting for. He was the first to lunge forward!


Li Yao seemed to have turned into a great crystal bomb himself. Almost twenty fireballs suddenly exploded around him. The colorful smoke devoured Bai Xinghe like a grimacing giant beast!

However, half a second later, a miserable scream echoed inside the stomach of the giant beast, before Li Yao hit the ground with smoke all over his body like a falling star!

Bai Xinghe’s speed was not affected at all. The dragon-shaped brilliance darted toward the depths of the crystal suit centers. He swept across everything like a tornado and raised a series of collapses and explosions.

Smoke, dust, and fire completely concealed his path of escape.

When Fengyu Zhong, Bai Wulei, and the Black King reached the back of the crystal suit centers, they could only see a world of scrap and debris. There was no hint of Bai Xinghe whatsoever.

“Cough cough. Cough cough cough cough!”

Li Yao tried to hold back his heartbeat that had reached more than three hundred beats per second and managed to sit up straight.

He lowered his head and discovered that the breastplate of the Drunk Bat Battlesuit had been battered and that there was a bruise larger than his fist on his chest. When he observed more carefully, he even found tiny strokes on the bruise.

The bruise rendered Li Yao speechless.

It was because the bruise had not been caused by Bai Xinghe’s fist but by the index finger of his right hand!

All the tiny strokes were actually Bai Xinghe’s ‘fingerprint’ that had been left on Li Yao’s chest through his crystal suit when Bai Xinghe’s spiritual energy burst out!

The Pirate Potentate is indeed terrifying!

After being stabbed in the back by an expert in the peak of the Core Formation Stage who he trusted most and fighting against two Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators for a long time under the collective attack of hundreds of brutal bandits, he abandoned the most precious part of his hand like a gecko and created a chance of survival for himself!

Also, during his escape, he blew up my breastplate with nothing but a finger!

Although Li Yao was not wearing his most advanced Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit and he had suppressed his capability to the high level of the Building Foundation Stage on purpose, the terrifying capability that Bai Xinghe demonstrated still surprised him.

Fengyu Zhong, Bai Wulei, and the Black King landed on the ground heavily. Although their faces were unclear, Li Yao could sense the gloom over their heads.

Fengyu Zhong’s eyebrow was furrowed.

The crystal bombs that Li Yao detonated a moment ago without caring about anything somehow jammed their vision and telepathic thoughts. They did not really help block Bai Xinghe at all.

However, it was Fengyu Zhong himself who issued the command ‘stop him’. Li Yao was the first the answer the call and got beaten up miserably by Bai Xinghe. He should be credited even though he did not contribute at all.

It was a time when every soldier mattered, so Fengyu Zhong found it inappropriate to blame him. He helped Li Yao to his feet and said solemnly, “Fellow Cultivator Bloody Vulture, are you alright?”

“II’m fine!’

Li Yao took off his facial cover and vomited a mouthful of blood. Faking a pale face, he replied miserably, “Bai Xinghe is reallyreally strong!”

Fengyu Zhong narrowed his eyes and looked around. He said seriously in the communication channel, “Fellow Cultivator Bloody Vulture is tough and brave and has made great contributions! As everybody can see, Bai Xinghe’s Cosmos Ring is now in our hands. With Bai Wulei leading the way, we are now able to enter the underground fortress at any time to excavate the secret treasures of the Star Ocean Imperium in the depths of Spider Den!

“By then, Fellow Cultivator Bloody Vulture will be the first to select the techniques and the magical equipment that he likes!”

Greedy breaths could be heard in the communication channel.

“Fellow Cultivators, Bai Xinghe is nearing his last breath! Just now, he suffered a critical blow by Bai Wulei and fought a long time with me and Master Hidden Fog. Of his internal organs, his liver, kidney, and spleen have been broken apart. The fractured bones on his body are too many to count!

“Even though he is in the Nascent Soul Stage, it is impossible for him to repair all his broken internal organs within several hours!

“Right now, his capability is in the Building Foundation Stage at best!

“The fight between him and Fellow Cultivator Bloody Vulture further proof!

“Fellow Cultivator Bloody Vulture is in the high level of the Building Foundation Stage, but Bai Xinghe’s full-strength attack only battered his crystal suit without killing him instantly!

“We should also bear in mind that it was when his wounds were suppressed by his spiritual energy.

“The longer he delays, the heavier his wounds will be, and the less likely that he will be able to get them under control with his spiritual energy!

“Search immediately! He can’t run far away! We must find Bai Xinghe even if we have to turn the city upside down! Whoever discovers Bai Xinghe first will be qualified to be the first to enter the underground fortress!”