Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 738

Chapter 738: Show You Some Respect

Chapter 738: Show You Some Respect

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Li Yao raised a series of questions not because he intended to know their answers but because he wanted to ease Bai Xinghe’s vigilance.

As mysteries were solved one after another, Bai Xinghe’s capability was gradually recovering, and his wariness was somewhat weakened while he was rambling on.

At this moment, Li Yao could not wait any long. If the conversation continued, Bai Xinghe might realize what was going on at any second.

Therefore, before Li Yao finished his last question, Li Yao attacked suddenly like a dazzling blast of lightning!

In that instant, the crystal bombs previously floating in front of him darted at Bai Xinghe, only to explode on their way!

Li Yao’s purpose was not to attack, but to conceal his body with the burning fireballs as camouflage.

Covered by the serial fireballs, Li Yao performed the fastest ‘air change’ in his life.

The Dark Crow Battlesuit that had been modified specially suddenly collapsed and exploded. Dragged by his spiritual energy, the components condensed into an intact crystal suit in front of him again.

Moreover, Li Yao transmitted a cluster of human-shaped spiritual energy into the crystal suit before making it lunge at Bai Xinghe!

If Bai Xinghe perceived the situation with his spiritual threads, he might mistake the empty crystal suit for Li Yao, while in fact, the real Li Yao had put on the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit in that moment and hid behind the pretense quietly.


Bai Xinghe was indeed tricked. A thunderous roar echoed behind the serial fireballs. A spiritual storm at least in the peak of the Core Formation Stage broke through the wall of fire and blew the Dark Crow Battlesuit into pieces!

Li Yao took the opportunity to stomp on the ground, and he accelerated to his top speed through the Dark Crow Battlesuit’s pieces. Then he threw out all the ‘terror bombs’ he had formerly condensed inside his brain and performed the ‘Hellsword Arts’ to the best of his ability with his left leg, which kicked forward like wind and whip!

The daggers originally installed below the feet of Hellsword’s personal ‘Black Horn Battlesuit’ had been dismantled and transplanted to the feet of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit.

With a telepathic thought, the daggers stuck out silently, drawing a black abyss in midair!

After he performed the attack, however, Li Yao suddenly felt greatly alarmed.

Something was not right!

Bai Xinghe bursting into fury?

It was impossible. Bai Xinghe would be dead before he burst into fury!

Not good. The man was not tricked. He had seen through that nobody was inside the Dark Crow Battlesuit and was merely pretending that he hadn’t!

Li Yao shrieked loudly. His left leg, which had been fully extended, was folded by force and changed from whipping into crashing with his knee.

Then, all the power rune arrays on the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit gave out dazzling brilliance all of a suddenly. Black Wing, which was now the spine of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, triggered six wings of spiritual energy, too.

At the risk of the bones all over his body being fractured, Li Yao finally managed to twist his direction and moved leftwards five meters!


The moment he left his original route, Li Yao sensed that a ‘shooting star’ just brushed past him.

Although he was wearing one of the strongest crystal suits in the Flying Star Sector, the rampant, scorching spiritual energy still invaded his crystal suit and set the right side of his body on fire!

Bai Xinghe lied to him after all.

He had been answering all the questions in a seemingly honest way. Maybe his every sentence was true, except for the one where he stated that he was merely in the Core Formation Stage because of Dark Empyrean’s attack.

He was lying. The attack that Bai Xinghe performed just now definitely belonged to the Nascent Soul Stage!

If Li Yao hadn’t had a eureka moment, chances were that the strike would’ve killed him instantly!

Although he had nearly been killed a moment ago, Li Yao had no intention to retreat at all. His fighting will soared, and he charged forward instead of running away. The Feathered Dragon Saber, his ultimate weapon right now, rushed out, with the feathers on the edge crumbling and condensing into a tornado of sharp aura that swept toward Bai Xinghe!

Bai Xinghe was heavily wounded. He must’ve paid a certain price by launching the previous attack. Now, this is perhaps my only chance!

Bai Xinghe did not seem to be expecting that Li Yao could avoid his disguised fatal attack, or maybe it was because his wounds were not fully recovered yet and the previous attack affected them. Either way, he suddenly stopped where he was for a moment.

In the next second, Bai Xinghe’s left hand, which had been half chopped off, let out astounding gold brilliance!


A golden dragon suddenly exploded from his left hand!

The golden dragon dashed into the center of the tornado of sharp aura and triggered an earthshaking explosion. For a moment, everything was trembling violently. Even the three hundred super crystal processors from ancient times that were placed neatly in the center of the palace were disordered because of the blast.

Li Yao and Bai Xinghe encountered and passed each other. They exchanged locations, with fifty meters between each other.

Li Yao was one of his knees. He raised his right arm high. The black feathers all returned to his right hand and formed a glamorous black saber again.

Bai Xinghe floated in midair about half a meter from the ground. His left arm that was now more than three meters long gradually retreated; it turned out to be an artificial limb that could be extended and shortened freely at will in the shape of a golden dragon.

It was the ninth dragon head of his crystal suit!

Li Yao had always considered Bai Xinghe to be his most formidable enemy. After he arrived on Spider Den, he had put a lot of time into studying him, especially his special crystal suit ‘Dragon King’. He was confident that he knew every detail of the crystal suit.

The Dragon King Battlesuit excelled on Spider Den with the eight artificial limbs that looked like dragons.

But nobody knew that there was a ninth dragon head!

The golden dragon head was even thicker and more domineering than the other eight dragon heads. The crystals and rune arrays carved on it were twice as numerous, too. As the mouth of the head opened and closed, it could be seen that three dragon balls of spiritual energy were hovering inside!

No wonder Bai Xinghe abandoned half of his hand without any hesitation.

The ninth dragon head, and the strongest one, could be attached to his left arm and manipulated by his spiritual energy. His hand was redundant in the first place!

Huala! Huala! Huala!

More than ten deep, interconnecting dents suddenly appeared on the Dragon King Battlesuit.


Three clear fist indentations appeared on the breastplate of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, too. They overlapped on the left side of the breastplate and almost penetrated through it.

Li Yao saw various colors in front of him, and he felt as if his heart was about to explode.


Li Yao vomited a mouthful of blood. However, his aura did not diminish but increase. The maximum combat ability that equaled to a Core Formation Stage Cultivator fully burst out, while his spiritual energy as vast as an ocean expanded to a hundred meters away!

The hundred square meters were his domain!

Gripping the Feathered Dragon Saber in his hands, Li Yao raised it high above his head. The invisible aura of his blade pierced out and slashed a narrow, long crack on the ground between the two of them, extending toward Bai Xinghe!


Li Yao stepped forward heavily. Centered at his foot, the ground within one square meter collapsed.

One step, one step, yet another one step.

As if he were possessed by a devil, Li Yao raised his saber high, and his killing intent soared as he drew closer to Bai Xinghe!

“Boss Bai!” Li Yao shouted gravely. “Right now, you haven’t recovered from your heavy wounds yet. Even though I cannot kill you, I can at least make you pay a good price before my death!

“Maybe I can even wound you heavily again and make you fall into the Building Foundation Stage for real!

“I don’t want to die. I believe you don’t want to fight Bai Wulei, Fengyu Zhong, and the Black King when you are merely in the Building Foundation Stage, do you?

“But right now, the mutual deterrence between us has been broken. We have no other options except to fight until the end!


“Unless we find a new way to establish mutual deterrence where we are held back by each other simultaneously!

“Boss Bai, I’ll give you ten seconds. Take off your Dragon King Battlesuit, here and now!

“You are a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator. With the enhancement of your crystal suit, I’m definitely no match for you. I can continue cooperating with you without fear only if you take off your crystal suit!

“If you would rather not, then let’s fight!”





After each countdown, Li Yao would step closer to Bai Xinghe, and the aura circling around the Feathered Dragon Saber would further increase.

He was not bluffing at all; he was really ready for the last battle with Bai Xinghe!




Li Yao was only ten meters away from Bai Xinghe.

For two top experts, such a distance was too short even for a melee combat; they had practically stabbed a knife into each other’s stomach!

Li Yao’s aura had been improved to the maximum. There was nothing but determination in his eyes!

Before Li Yao’s final step, Bai Xinghe suddenly took half a step back. His Dragon King Battlesuit dissected and went back into his Cosmos Ring.

Right now, Bai Xinghe was only wearing a mustard-seed suit. He stared at Li Yao with appreciation and mixed thoughts.

Li Yao was greatly relieved and found it barely possible to keep standing. It was indeed the most dangerous ten seconds of his life.

Without the enhancement of his crystal suit, Bai Xinghe’s combat ability was basically on par with his.

Even for an unparalleled bandit like Bai Xinghe, it would still take him tenths of a second to put on the whole crystal suit.

Tenths of a second were more than enough for him to do many things and slash many times.

Li Yao retrieved a rope from his Cosmos Ring and threw it to Bai Xinghe. He kept the Feathered Dragon Saber raised in midair and demanded, “Boss Bai, you have two options right now.

“You can either stay in your current level and stop further healing your wounds.

“Or, if you want to recover your Cultivation faster with magical equipment, you bind your hands up with the rope refined out of the veins of the ‘Rhino-Hide Green Fire Beast’.

“I believe you must know how tough the veins of the ‘Rhino-Hide Green Fire Beast are.

“With the Cultivation of a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, the veins cannot stop you. The best it can do is waste half a second.

“Therefore, although your Cultivation is higher than mine, I will have one more second to react. We will be on par with each other and reach a new ‘mutual deterrence’.”

Bai Xinghe picked up the rope and smiled at Li Yao casually.

For some reason, Li Yao suddenly felt that Bai Xinghe’s attitude had changed. There was no hostility in him anymore. He was really eyeing Li Yao in the way a senior looked at his junior.

Bai Xinghe answered calmly, “Alright. I can tie up my hands.

“But I’d better make something clear for you.

“I took off my crystal suit and will tie up my hands voluntarily not because I was scared to fight against you.

“Your crystal suit is indeed impressive. But even with your crystal suit and your capability in the superlative height of the Building Foundation Stage, you cannot beat me into the Building Foundation Stage.

“I am doing this only because I want to show some respect for Sand Scorpion, the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau, as well as Li Yao, the big hero who was the first to discover the plot of the Temple of Immortals.”