Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Time and Tide Wait for No Man

Professor Xie, many thanks for your concern. I just finished a full-body inspection. The doctor said my body is a bit weak is all. I will start rehabilitation training immediately. I will attend the entrance exams in a month for sure, during which my number one ambition remains to be Deep Sea University.

Li Yao had spoken filled with confidence.

Xie Tingxians smile stiffened. He said rather awkwardly, Student Li Yao, Ive recently discussed your condition with your assigned doctor. Weve also discussed to a point of understanding about your situation In my opinion, theres no need for you to be hasty. The most important thing for you to do is to first properly take care of your body! Only a month remains until the entrance exams. No matter how much you try your best to cultivate, you wont be able to produce a good score on the exam and theres even the chance that you might completely break your body. Would that be worth it? It would be better to spend a year to recover and wait till next year. This would be good for everyone, right?

Li Yao was stunned. His mind coursed with electricity and quickly understood. Professor Xie, your school wont give me a preferential score?

Xie Tingxians old face went red. He hesitated for a long time before he nodded as he spoke, Student Li Yao, you need to understand. To make the decision to give a preferential score treatment is an extremely serious matter in regards to time-established advanced education establishments such as Deep Sea University who possess deep inner resources. Every student given a preferential score need to go through a strict inspection. And the quota creates an utterly fierce competition. No one ever thought you would awaken in such a short time of a month according to your previous circumstance. So someone else has seized your spot.

After a pause, Xie Tingxian appeared to make a firm decision and continued, And to tell the truth. Even though youre awake now, only 7% of your Actualization Quotient is left. The chances of you testing into Deep Sea University this year are far too uncertain. Even if your required score decreases by twenty points or even thirty points, would that be of any use? Listen to me. Spend a year at home to properly recover and take a test for your Actualization Quotient next year. If your Actualization Quotient is restored to 70% or above, I will fight for you to receive a preferential score treatment or even special enrollment. I vow this to you, Student Li Yao!

A person called from behind Xie Tingxian right at this moment. Xie Tingxian wiped off some sweat and said, Im terribly sorry, Student Li Yao. Im in the middle of directing an extremely complicated project. Were assisting the military with crafting the newest model of individual assault artifacts. I wasnt able to make time to get in touch with you over the past few days You are welcome to come contact me more in the future when theres time. If you have any questions regarding cultivating, you can discuss them with me. I will help you with all my strength!

... I understand. Many thanks for your kindness, Professor Xie.

Li Yao closed his e-crane application somewhat disappointedly. He blinked his eyes. He felt a sadness and frustration indescribable.

It was inevitable and expected that Deep Sea University canceled his qualifications to receive a preferential score treatment. According to the rules, he was slain by the large-eyed ape and totally lost all his points, even though his points beforehand was higher than the collective total of the next 9-10 students.

Whats even more was that all that remains of his Actualization Quotient was 7%. Anyone would take him to already have become a pile of trash through and through upon seeing this number.

Not a single school would give preferential treatment for this kind of trash.

But Li Yao still had a trace of disappointment born from the bottom of his heart.

I know you dont believe in me right now, Professor Xie. There isnt anyone who would believe in me now. But that doesnt matter. Ill use my entrance exam score to speak for me a month from now!

I dont need special enrollment, and I dont need preferential score treatment. I will enter Deep Sea University properly and frankly using my own strength!

But if you were able to believe in me in this moment for just a little bit. How great would that be

After thinking and pondering, Li Yao decided to first go to school and check out whats going on.

He remembered that Headmaster Zhao Shude treated him with complete importance while he was back on Devil Dragon Island. The Headmaster was even willing to represent the Crimson Nimbus Guild in signing an Entrusted Education contract with him.

He had turned into trash in the eyes of others; this contract certainly is null and void. But he could ask the teacher of the Important Class to create a thirty day final sprint training program for him and also divert some school resources to nurture him. To let him strive with all his might in the entrance exams This single request wouldnt be excessive right?

Upon leaving the hospital, Li Yao chose to ride the underground crystal rail in order to save on time.

He was just about to take out his gold transfer card and swipe at the underground ticket window when a crystal processor monitor within the window suddenly shot out with faint green ray. The ray scanned Li Yaos face and went beep beep, turning gold.

An utterly stiff voice sounded out on the spot, This passenger should be a Class 1 Serviceman of the Federation according to facial recognition. This passenger may ride all public transport within the Federation free of charge.

The missus behind the ticket window went ah! and her face was full of admiration. As she passed over the ticket covered with glyph script, she looked through the window with curiosity to size up Li Yao.

Her beautiful eyes immediately sparkled and shined as soon as she found out how unexpectedly young Li Yao was. She shouted with amazement: Oh my! Youre so young and yet youre already a Class 1 Disabled Serviceman of the Federation? How amazing! My name is Li Sisi. Can we get to know each other?

With that hungry appearance of hers, she would probably have directly leapt out if it were not for the counter blocking her way.

Li Yao didnt expect to enjoy the status of being a Class 1 Disabled Serviceman of the Federation so soon. His cheeks burned red from the hungry fixed eyes of the ticket seller missus.

Crazy! So the status of a Class 1 Disabled Serviceman of the infantry actually has this kind of power? No wonder so many hot-blooded youths strive over each other to enter the Federal army, to be willing to struggle and be bathed in blood to purge evil!

It was already four in the afternoon by the time he arrived at Crimson Nimbus Second.

At this time, the first and second year students were starting to be dismissed one after another. Quite a few flying shuttles were descending and rising at the parking lot to the side of the school.

The third year students also finished up their heavy morning classes. They were right in the middle of walking beneath the shade of the trees on campus or on the sports field to get fresh air; they were preparing to continue with an all night cramming session after dinner.

As Li Yao walked through the school gate, he raised his head to take a look. The entrance exam countdown sign was still there. Upon it were the words: Time until the entrance exams: 31 Days 7 Hours 44 Minutes and 32 Seconds remain!

Time and tide wait for no man!

Li Yao clenched his fist tight and he felt his hot blood start to boil in every vein of his body. He itched to start cultivating like crazy right now.

He walked with large strides towards the classroom.

At first, nobody recognized him due to his quite petite figure; he simply was just skin and bones. But soon, a student pointed at him and shouted, Isnt that Li Yao?

What? Li Yao? That fleeting and passing Fiend Star? Wasnt he in an accident on Devil Flood Dragon Island and is still sleeping in a coma?

It really is Li Yao! He actually woke up! But hes gotten so skinny. Its like hes shed his form!

Ah! He was quite buff in the video of him in Devil Flood Dragon Island. I never expected he would turn into this purely miserable and ghastly appearance!

Ive heard that his brain took a mental attack and his spirit root to be torn to shreds. Only 7% of his Actualization Quotient is left. Hes simply a cripple What has he come to school for?

The numerous students whispered secretly in each others ears.

The students who were just about to leave also halted in their place. Some students even faced towards their parents to explain the situation. They dragged their parents to come look at the lively scene.

After all, Li Yao was still the man of the hour at Crimson Nimbus Second, even though its more of the negative type of famous.

Li Yaos five senses were quite keener than they were in the past. He heard the whispers of the numerous students clearly; however, he did not stop moving to explain himself.

Many things dont need to be explained. Just wait until the entrance exams scores are announced, then everyone will naturally know that this Fiend Star absolutely isnt fleeting and passing by!

Only, a tall figure appeared right in front of him before he could enter the school building.

This guy brought a smile on his face. Faint sneering and ridicule were contained deeply in his irises. It was Helian Lie.