Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 741

Chapter 741 Hopes To Go Home

Chapter 741: Hopes to Go HomeTranslator: flycrane01 Editor: Millman97

Li Yao was greatly touched. A great man whose name had been passed on for ten thousand years indeed deserved his fame!

But he was still baffled by something. "Why was an observatory that was meant to study the universe built more than ten thousand meters below the ground? Wouldn't it save a lot of money and effort if the site were built on the surface?"

Bai Xinghe smiled and said, "It's simple. This is not a simple observatory that studies the three-dimensional universe, but one that can study the four-dimensional universe directly!"

Li Yao's widened in astonishment. "What!"

"The universe is too vast," Bai Xinghe explained. "For normal observatories, however advanced their technology is, it is unlikely that their observation can surpass the speed of light. The celestial phenomena they observed might actually have taken place billions of years ago.

"However, our universe resulted from a big bang of spiritual energy. Every object in the universe is naturally endowed with spiritual energy and is constantly radiating it. The only difference is that some objects emit more spiritual energy while some emit less.

"When the cosmic radiation pierces through the thick shell of the planet deep into the core, most of the impurities are blocked. The only thing left are the most crucial particles, radiation, and waves, or in other words, the essence of the universe!

"This center to study apocalypses was built ten thousand meters below the ground because it tried to eliminate all the impurities with the lithosphere as a 'filter' so that the essence of the universe could be studied.

"After multiple screenings, only the most crucial particles, radiation, and waves is left. When they are calculated by the most advanced super crystal processors of the Star Ocean Imperium, a 'real-time' universe, one in the four-dimensional form that is not restricted by the speed of light, will be simulated in exactly this place ten thousand meters below the ground!"

Li Yao was stunned and found it impossible to calm himself down.

Bai Xinghe's wounds had basically recovered. He suddenly jumped up and strode out. "Seeing is believing. Let's just go and check."

Li Yao followed him, hooked.

Bai Xinghe went to the center of the three hundred super crystal processors. His spiritual energy stretched out and turned on the dozens of crystal processors in the central part of the array. Various mottled shadows was displayed, as if they were brain cells that had been woke up.

"You've seen the raging Nether River just now," Bai Xinghe said. "Endless spiritual energy is stored inside the water of the river.

"The center of apocalypse studies uses the water of the Nether River as the power source. Together with the self-repairing magical equipment in this place, as long as the water of the river does not run dry, the palace of stars will continue functioning in a half-perpetual state.

"Although a super earthquake took place long ago, some basic functions of the center still remain.

"However, the super crystal processors of the Star Ocean Imperium are too complicated. I spent my whole life studying them, and yet I only got a grip of it.


Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

As Bai Xinghe operated, colorful pillars of light soared up from the super crystal processors and darted at the transparent diamonds on the dome.

For a moment, the entire dome of diamonds seemed to be revived. All the 'stars' were a hundred times more dazzling than a moment ago and illuminated the palace as if it were daylight!

Billions of stars were burning splendidly and glamorously right above Li Yao's head!

Li Yao was overwhelmed by the beauty of the brilliant sea of stars that was about to pour onto his head, unable to say anything.

Bai Xinghe narrowed his eyes and smiled. "I was exactly like you when I saw the vast sea of stars for the first time. I was dazed for more than an hour.

"Look at them carefully. This is the exact universe we are in. It is identical to the universe above our heads. If you boast enough computational ability, you can find any Sector or any star in the universe on the dome."

"A real-time, simulated universe…"

Li Yao suddenly shivered and almost jumped up to grab Bai Xinghe's neck. He was so excited that smoke was nearly popping up from his head as he shrieked, "You said that any Sector can be found in the dome of diamonds? Then, is it possible to get its coordinates?"

Coordinates! The coordinates of a Sector!

The biggest problem that the Cultivators from the Heaven's Origin Sector, including Li Yao, were faced with was that they did not have the coordinates of their home!

In the beginning, they jumped to the Flying Star Sector randomly. They did not know the relative location between the Heaven's Origin Sector and the Flying Star Sector or the specific coordinates of the Heaven's Origin Sector!

The coordinates of a Sector were its address in the universe. How could one go home if one did not know the address of one's home?

But the ancient observatory from ten thousand years ago could very likely provide the coordinates of the Heaven's Origin Sector!

How could Li Yao not be thrilled and lose his calmness?

Bai Xinghe was quite shocked at Li Yao's excitement. Glancing at him suspiciously, he still explained, "Theoretically speaking, yes.

"However, there are too many Sectors in the universe. The known world for mankind is just a tiny corner of the universe. Unless the Sector boasts distinctive features, you will not be able to recognize it when you see it.

"Besides, my own strength is not enough to activate all the super crystal processors. The observatory must be repaired first with all the manpower and resources of the Flying Star Sector. Otherwise, everything will be impractical."

Li Yao took a deep breath and tried to calm his burning brain down.

Features of the Heaven's Origin Sector?

So obvious!

The Heaven's Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector were rarely-seen 'Twin Sectors' in the universe. Besides, the two Sectors were attracted to each other in the four-dimensional level and would crash and meld very soon!

There would not be too many Sectors with such characteristics in the entire universe, and even fewer around the Flying Star Sector. Or rather, it was possible that there would only be one!

As for the recovery of the underground observatory with all the resources of the Flying Star Sector…

Li Yao secretly swore that he would have it done no matter the cost!

After drifting in the Flying Star Sector for such a long time, he finally saw the hope to go home now!

For a moment, Li Yao felt like raising his head and roaring. He was never more confident in his future road!

No obstacles were going to stop him!

Observing him with great interest, Bai Xinghe suddenly asked, "You seem very excited, and you are desperate to find the specific coordinates of a certain Sector. Why?"

Li Yao was greatly alarmed.

He had exposed too many personal feelings in front of the old fox.

Taking a deep breath, Li Yao forced himself to calm down and focus on the endless sea of stars on the dome of diamonds.

He tried locating the Heaven's Origin Sector with his bare eyes.

But he soon discovered that it was like looking for a special grit in a desert. The task was totally impossible.

Under Bai Xinghe's guidance, Li Yao soon learned how to observe and locate the glittering Sectors in various forms, as well as the ferocious-looking mist of light that separated the Sectors.

Those mists of light were the cosmic storms in the four-dimensional time and space.

When one was involved in such a cosmic storm during their space jump, their body and soul would both be destroyed with nothing left.

Except for the Sectors and the cosmic storms, Li Yao occasionally found many blinking light spots.

In the four-dimensional universe, the light spots were moving very fast. They were not like normal Sectors, but it was equally impossible for them to be shooting stars, which would not have been so large in size.

No. Not occasionally.

When Li Yao stepped back and looked at the general picture, he found, to his surprise, that such light spots were everywhere in the sea of stars.

Some of them were marching forward unstoppably and sweeping everything in their way.

Some of them were zigzagging, leaving an irregular, unpredictable trace.

Li Yao noticed that when the light spots touched the areas that represented the Sectors, both the light spot and the Sector would vanish after letting out dazzling halos. They would never show up again, leaving a black, ugly speckle on the dome.

Li Yao pointed at the light spots and asked, "What are they?"

Bai Xinghe smiled, in an extremely weird and creepy way. He replied, "Those light spots are the apocalypses."

Li Yao chewed on Bai Xinghe's every word over ten seconds.

After ten seconds, his body stiffened.

If those light spots were the apocalypses, didn't it mean that billions of apocalypses were wandering in the universe right now and might fall upon their heads at any moment?

Moreover, in that brief period, Li Yao already witnessed two Sectors perishing after colliding with the apocalypses.

Did it mean that the apocalypses had destroyed two Sectors in the second just now?

Were they the secrets of the stars? Horrifying! It was truly horrifying!

Bai Xinghe observed his facial expression and suddenly smiled. "Don't be worried. They are not as horrifying as you saw. In order to give you a better understanding, I've adjusted the flow of time to the highest speed. What you saw just now was the universe that the center of apocalypse studies has observed over ten thousand years, but I compressed it into several seconds."

Li Yao was dazed for a moment and could not help but curse silently.

Bai Xinghe seemed to have let go of his hostility, but he was still attacking his mental defenses in such a way, forcing him to reveal something he should not have in his utmost shock!

"Don't be nervous. Aren't the apocalypses less terrifying now? Come on!"

Bai Xinghe sat cross-legged and gestured for Li Yao to sit down, too. He said, "Let's meditate on the mysteries of the apocalypses, the stars, and the universe below the glamorous dome of diamonds like the great scholar Liu the Prier did ten thousand years ago.

"Let me tell you what the apocalypses and the dark forest are!"

Li Yao pondered for a moment and sat down face to face with Bai Xinghe.


The dome of diamonds above their heads suddenly turned into a cubic light beam. All the stars poured down around them, bathing the two of them in the splendid sea of stars.

Li Yao calmed himself down and asked coldly, "Is the dark forest related to the Immortal Cultivators?"

"It is," Bai Xinghe replied. "The dark forest is very related to the Immortal Cultivators, the Cultivators, and every other human being."

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