Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Abandoning All Civility

Fellow Student Li Yao, I never thought you would wake up so quickly. Your vitality is quite astonishing, just like an unkillable cockroach. Really, congratulations!

Helian Lie towered above him arrogantly. He stooped down next to Li Yaos ear and spoke softly.

The surrounding students were unable to hear his words. They could only see the overflowing cordial smile on his face. They even believed that these two people had already resolved their conflicts and that Helian Lie was welcoming Li Yao back to school!

Li Yao raised his eyebrows. After swallowing a great amount of Ou Yezis memory shards, his true strength had increased astonishingly. This fellow Helian Lie was completely reduced to the same level of existence as cannon fodder. He really wasnt worth getting angry over.

Once again, Li Yao thought of Zheng Dongming.

Only those monsters like Zheng Dongming who can cultivate in both spiritual energy and tenebrum were qualified to become his enemy or prey, to force him to bring out his full spirit in the hunt.

Helian Lie was indistinguishable from the food between his teeth!

Fellow Student Helian Lie, please pardon me. Li Yaos face was expressionless. He had spoken completely undisturbed.

Helian Lies eyebrows shot up. It seemed that he didnt anticipate that Li Yao would still dare to be undisturbed in front of him, even to the point of unconcern.

A fierce expression flitted past Helian Lies face. He spoke through gritted teeth, Li Yao, do you still believe youre the tyrannical cultivator genius on Devil Flood Dragon Island? Bah! Right now youre a cripple with an actualization quotient of 7%. A piece of trash! You still dare to be arrogant in front of me? I have a hundred different ways to toy you to death!


Li Yao squinted his eyes. His gaze turned sharp like two ice picks fiercely stabbing into Helian Lies eyes.

Helian Lie felt only a sinister chill in his neural field. It was as if his pair of eyes had been ferociously stabbed, causing them to flow with tears. He subconsciously retreated two steps.

By the time he came to, Li Yao had already moved around his body.


Helian Lie looked at his surroundings. Everyone was looking at him dumbstruck. They didnt understand why he had suddenly froze; it was like he was terrified.

Helian Lies fury suddenly raged. But right before he was about to move to intercept Li Yao, he suddenly saw a dark-skinned middle-aged man walking towards Li Yao.

Helian Lie relaxed and spoke with a devilish laughter, Fellow student Li Yao, looks likes the head instructor has some business with you. You should prepare yourself mentally. Dont be too excited... Ill wait for you to come out of his office, then lets chat some more!

Li Yao sized up the dark-skinned face with some suspicion.

The name of this head instructor was Hei Yiming, but all the students called him the Black Faced God. This guys methods were strict in the school and he was known to be ruthless. He liked to appear in the back of the classroom in complete secret to grab students who broke the rules. He was abhorred by all the students and was infamous for being stealthy and fierce.

Student Li Yao, our school has just received news of your awakening. We were just about ready to send people to the hospital to find you. We didnt expect you would come by yourself to school! Excellent, lets go to the Instructor Office. I shall represent the school in communicating the issue about you attending school from this moment on! the Black Faced God spoke coldly.

Li Yao frowned from the Black Faced Gods unkind tone. Usually, this guy had a face of a dead person, but today his expression has become especially strange. His expression seemed to actually reveal a trace of pity?

Anyway, Li Yao didnt say much else. With eyes staring at the back of the Black Faced God, he arrived at the Instructor's Office.

In the Instructor's Office, several teachers were in the middle of conversations in low voices, but they were distracted when they saw Li Yao enter the room. They exchanged glances containing profound meaning and left the room one by one.

The last one to go even closed the door lightly.

The Black Faced God coughed dryly. A bit of awkwardness appeared on his ice-cold face. As he sat on a chair, his fingertip subconsciously rapped against the table. Finally, he spoke aloud the schools decision.

Li Yao was silent for a long time after the Black Faced God was done speaking. The trace of an electric aura congealed gradually deep in his serene eyes. At last, his rage reached to the peak where he found it almost funny and ridiculous. He said indifferently, You want me to take a break from school?

Student Li Yao, I know how you feel right now and Im extremely sympathetic towards your misfortune, but I still ask you to keep your cool when you hear me out Our Crimson Nimbus Second is a famous and excellent high school in Floating Spear City. We ask strictly of our students. Not to mention the Important and Ascending Classes, even for the Common Class students we require an Actualization Quotient of at least 25% or above!

At first, the Black Faced God was even a bit ashamed, but his expression soon turned calm. It seemed that he even convinced himself.

He rapped against the table calmly yet not slowly and said, Your bodys current condition clearly isnt suitable for learning and cultivating at the rigorous level of the third grade. You would barely persevere. Not only wont you be able to test into a university, you will completely break your body. Wouldnt it be better to take a step back and first go through a year break from school? You can slowly nurse yourself back to health for a year, or even two or three years. It doesnt matter. When your body recovers, when your Actualization Quotient increases, you can still come back and continue with learning!

Li Yao only gave a sneer. He did not answer these words. The fury in his heart expanded, filling his chest to the point of bursting. It seemed he was about to explode out with lava.

He very much expected to have his special enrollment and preferential score treatment qualifications canceled by Deep Sea University. Before coming to school, he also thought that Crimson Nimbus Guild would never proceed with the recommendation to enter Star Nebula University for education. An even more of an impossibility was Crimson Nimbus Guild signing a job contract with him.

These were all reasonable matters in this business. He did not complain, and he was not disappointed.

The thing was He never thought that Crimson Nimbus Second would force him to take a break from school for a year in this key moment. And they wanted to see the state of his body recovery next year to see if he could continue with school!

In the end, Li Yao represented Crimson Nimbus Second in entering the competition at Devil Flood Dragon Island. If he had really gotten the number one ranking in points at that time, besides himself reaping great benefits, Crimson Nimbus Second would also be radiating with pride. They would have become the most famous school known by everyone in the South East Region.

But right now, he has been injured and has become a cripple. The school discarded him like a piece of trash, and now theyre kicking him aside?

Li Yaos thoughts coursed at lightning speed. His eyes squinted into two blade-like slits.

He had just woken up. The school absolutely wouldnt have made the decision for him to take a break from school so quickly under normal procedures.

The school would have first gone to the hospital to comfort him if they truly were sincere in making their decision for his sake. They would simultaneously ask for his own opinion, give him a few days of time to decide, and give him all sorts of compensation at the same time.

After all, this was a major matter where a students future was determined. How could they be this careless?

There has to be people playing games in the background!

I understand. Its Helian Lie right? Li Yao spoke in a thick voice.

A trace of panic flashed on the Black Faced Gods face, but he quickly recovered to normal. He dragged out his voice as he spoke, Student Li Yao, this is the best decision made by the school in regards to your individual circumstances. This is most appropriate for the school and you. This has nothing to do with other students. Dont make things too complicated! Really, go home and slowly self-cultivate for a few years. You might even be able to recover your Actualization Quotient. The school will still welcome you back unconditionally when that happens

Haha. Hahahaha! Li Yao couldnt hold back at last. He laughed absolutely unrestrained.

W-w-whats the meaning of this? A layer of cold sweat trickled out from Black Faced Gods forehead. No matter how much he wiped, he couldnt wipe his forehead clean.

He felt an incomparably brutal aura suddenly surge from this cripple in front of him. It was even more fearsome than Zhao Shude, who was a Foundation Building Stage cultivatorthe Zhao Shude as a Foundation Stage Cultivator.

I appreciate the good intentions offered by your school; however, theres no need for me to take a break from school. From this moment on, I will straightforwardly quit school. I will no longer be a student of Crimson Nimbus Second!

Li Yao had suddenly put away his smile. His expression had changed to become incomparably intense. He had spoken pausing after each word.

After he was done, he strode outside with large steps without looking back.

Ridiculous. It was really too ridiculous. Helian Lie really believes that hes turned into a cripple. He believes that he can pat himself on the back by toying with Li Yao using these methods. Little did he know that the Li Yao at this time was stronger by three-to-five times than the Li Yao back on Devil Flood Dragon Island. And, his potential for growth increased by several hundred fold.

The great big world had vast seas and wide skies outside. Where cant he cultivate? Since Crimson Nimbus Second was this blind, everyone might as well sever ties and see who will regret it in the end!

Student Li Yao, you dont need to do this. The school never intended for you to quit school. STUDENT LI YAO! the Black Faced God was sweating as he shouted dryly.

Li Yao suddenly stopped when walked to the door, turning his head slowly. He gave an expressionless glance at the Black Faced God.

Just this single glance caused the Black Faced God to feel his heart be grasped firmly by an invisible claw. The claw pulled fiercely, causing him to shout out Ahh! in pain. Tears even flowed uncontrollably from his eye sockets.

Whats going on?

This cripple was clearly as thin as a rake. He looked like he would topple merely by a gust of wind. How could his gaze be so intense? It was simply like a sword that stabbed directly in his heart!

The Black Faced God held his sternum as he gasped for a long time. By the time he raised his head, all he saw was the large open door. Li Yao had long since disappeared.

The Black Faced God felt an unfathomable fear for the first time from the bottom of his heart.

He felt the school had made an irreparable mistake. A gargantuan mistake that they would soon regret.