Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 751

Chapter 751 Never To Regret

“His mother’s death was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He went mad and planned to kill his father no matter what!

“Obviously, his assassination failed. Also, his father was inhuman enough as to beat him to ‘death’ brutally and even threw his body into the random stinky gutters of Capital Nest!

“However, it was not Bai Wuxin’s doom yet. Three days later, he woke up in the gutter and survived stubbornly!

“In the years that followed, Bai Wuxin lived in the darkness of the bottom level of Capital Nest and was constantly polished by the cruel rules of Spider Den. While his capability soared, his talents were awakened, and his brain developed an extremely high computational ability, and he could keep clam at any time.

“By accident, he joined a pirate gang.

“Bai Wuxin did not mean to become a space pirate. Never for one moment had he forgotten his mother’s teachings. Also, he hated all the space pirates and was desperate to seek revenge from his father!

“He was merely taking the opportunity to leave Spider Den.

“He made it.

“The pirate gang he joined was engaged with an enemy in space and battered before they started their hunting job.

“Bai Wuxin found a chance to steal an escape capsule and left the pirate gang. He was saved by a fleet of carriers in the end.

“From then on, Bai Wuxin used a different name and buried his past deeply. He travelled in the universe and worked in multiple organizations and Exo Societies, until he met the Great Horn Exo Society and a wounded, sloppy man one day.

“The two of them both loathed the space pirates. So, they became best friends and teamed up to slay the space pirates.”

Bai Kaixin was silent for a long time when he got to this part. In the end, he took a long breath and bit his pale lips hard, before he gnashed his teeth, his voice shivering. “However, no matter how many space pirates he killed, Bai Wuxin never had enough capability to challenge his father, because his father was Bai Xinghe, the Pirate Potentate!”

Bai Kaixin finished his story and looked at Lei Dalu, his eyes red.

Lei Dalu scratched his hair hard, his dandruff flying crazily like snowflakes.

Pondering for a long time, Lei Dalu rubbed his cheek as if he had a toothache, before he said, “Old Bai, think on the bright side. Nobody gets to choose their parents. Besides, it might not be as bad as you think”

“Not as bad as I think?” Bai Kaixin finally burst into fury. Tears all over his face, he roared, “Bai Xinghe is my father. Tell me, how can it be any worse?”

Lei Dalu blinked slowly and then replied delightedly, “For example, Bai Xinghe being your father is better than Fengyu Zhong being your father, isn’t it?”

Bai Kaixin was dumbfounded.

His facial expression suggested that he was going to either spit right in his best friend’s face or lunge forward and bite him hard.

Lei Dalu chuckled and said, “If so, why did you sneak into Spider Den? Right now, Bai Xinghe is at total war with the Temple of Immortals. He is definitely no match for the Immortal Cultivators. Since you hate his guts, isn’t his death what you desire most?”

Bai Kaixin’s countenance suddenly changed. Intense confusion appeared on his face, as he mumbled, “Because when Bai Wuxin grew older and even cracked one of the jade chips left by his mother, he found that there were a lot of suspicious points about the whole event. Everything he believed in was probably false!”

Lei Dalu frowned. “A jade chip?”

“It was a jade chip in the shape of a pendant, the only belonging that his mother left him,” Bai Kaixin said. “Before, Bai Wuxin always regarded it as a normal charm. But when he grew up and advanced into the Building Foundation Stage, he sensed the telepathic thought stored deep inside the jade chip. It was not until ten years later that he cracked the barrier on the pendant and found out the information inside the jade chip.

“Inside the jade chip was his mother’s diary, from the day when she was captured by the space pirates to a few days before her death.

“The diary smashed the ‘facts’ that Bai Wuxin had firmly believed in into smithereens!

“In the diary, Bai Xinghe only forced his mother to crack and repair the ancient crystal processors in the underground chamber and did not rape her.

“Everything that happened later, including the birth of Bai Wuxin, was at his mother’s own will!

“In the beginning of the diary, his mother mentioned that she felt that Bai Xinghe was different from other space pirates and a great secret that kept him living in suffering seemed to be concealed in the bottom of his heart. Maybe, there was still conscience in him, and he was not as cruel and merciless as he appeared to be.

“Her purpose in the beginning was simple, too. She knew that there was no way that she could get out of the place. If by any chance she could approach Bai Xinghe, get to know him, influence him, and even change his mindset, maybe the man would commit fewer murders in the future.

“If Bai Xinghe killed one less person because of her, that would be her last contribution to the Cultivators.

“However, when the two of them really started communicating with each other, nobody could say for sure where their feelings and emotions were heading. It is safe to say that even they had forgotten what was on their mind in the beginning and what their purposes were.


“In the diary ten years later, Bai Wuxin’s mother left a conclusion for her son. She told her son that, when her son grew up, learned the whole thing, and viewed the relationship between his parents in retrospect, he might find it unacceptable, appalling, or even ugly and disgusting. But no matter what he thought

“She did not regret it.

“For all those years, she had never regretted staying with Bai Xinghe!”

Bai Kaixin had tears all over his face again. He sobbed for a long time before he continued his story. “His mother’s diary raised a tsunami in Bai Wuxin’s head.

“His mother was an expert in crystal processors, possessing immense computational ability. Although women tend to be silly when they are in love, Bai Wuxin did not believe that his mother hadn’t calmed herself down after so many years.

“Since his mother stated that she never regretted it, there must have been true love between Bai Xinghe and her.

“Then, regarding his mother’s abrupt death

“At this moment, Bai Wuxin, as a grown-up now, reviewed everything that happened years ago and found a lot of uncanny points.

“Firstly, Bai Wuxin was only a teenager when his mother was killed. With Bai Xinghe’s cunningness, if he were the real murderer, how could he have left so much evidence that even his son could discover?

“Secondly, with Bai Xinghe’s Cultivation, it was impossible that he beat his son to death ‘accidentally’. If he wanted his son dead, how could he have let him survive in the end?

“Thirdly, Bai Wuxin had been living in an underground greenhouse before the accident and barely experienced any difficulties in daily life. He was not a battle-type Cultivator, either. Yet, he lived safe and sound for years in Capital Nest, where the death rate was astonishingly high. Whatever dangers he was in, he could always resolve them in ways that he could not even tell himself. In the end, not only was he alive, he also learned a lot of new stuff, and his capability soared. He even possessed basic combat skills!

“Fourthly, it was quite uncanny that the pirate gang was defeated by its enemy when he left Spider Den and he managed to steal an escape capsule in the chaos to run away.

“If all these things were lucky coincidences, then Bai Wuxin must have saved the world in his previous life!”

Lei Dalu listened attentively and suddenly commented, “Therefore, you suspected that there was the other side of the story.

“For example, Bai Xinghe captured an expert in crystal processors during a hunting job. He happened to have a batch of ancient crystal processors that he was desperate to decrypt. Therefore, he spared the expert’s life.

“Maybe in the beginning, he was merely exploiting the expert’s value. But a secret chamber, a lonely man, a lonely woman Who can say for sure what chemical reactions happened between them?

“In the end, the two of them formed a small family deep underground. It was perhaps the only safe house for a great bandit such as Bai Xinghe who lived in storms of blood all the time.

“More than ten years later, their child gradually grew up. But his ‘wife’, the expert in crystal processors, was killed!

“Bai Xinghe rose to the top abruptly in only a hundred years. Naturally, he had a lot of enemies. And in places such as Spider Den, his enemies wouldn’t care about morality at all!

“In the end, his wife was killed by one of his enemies.

“Besides his grief, Bai Xinghe was shocked to another terrifying reality. His son would never be safe if his son was kept on Spider Den!

“Since his enemies could kill his wife, they could of course kill his son.

“Therefore, he had to find a way to send his son away from Spider Den!”

In a trance, Bai Kaixin mumbled, “There are many space pirates on Spider Den who send their family to the outside world. Why did he resort to such an extreme approach?”

Lei Dalu’s lightheartedness was entirely gone. His eyes were as cold and clean as the water in a brook while he said, “There’s no reason you could not think of something that even I could think of. It’s just that you don’t want to admit it.

“Bai Xinghe was the Pirate Potentate, the man in the spotlight all the time. Even if he sent his son to the outside world, it was likely that his enemies could find his son again. Therefore, he simply took the opportunity and made a scheme. He pretended that he had lost his mind and beat his son to death!

“It was even possible that the ‘evidence’ that associated him with his wife’s death was likely to be handed over to his son in a certain way by him intentionally for the purpose of infuriating his son. In such a way, his son would definitely cross the line without caring about anything else. He would have a perfect reason to eliminate his son.

“After that, all the space pirates would know that he killed his own son. His enemies naturally wouldn’t consider his son a target any longer.

“However, it was only the secondary purpose.

“More importantly, he hoped that the relationships between his son and Spider Den, the space pirates, and himself, the most infamous bandit alive, could be severed once and for all. All the connections should be wiped out!

“Maybe, his wife’s death taught him a good lesson. He did not wish for his son to embark on the road of space pirates like him. He hoped that his son could be a man who walked in daylight, a good man who had nothing to do with space pirates and even loathed them, and a Cultivator a real Cultivator from his wife’s stories!”

Bai Kaixin finally collapsed. He covered his face and shook his head hard, before he murmured, “I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know”

Lei Dalu sighed and said, “You’ve come to Spider Den for an answer, haven’t you?”