Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 756

Chapter 756 To Kill To Save

Chapter 756: To Kill, to Save!


Right now, the lethal flood was gradually invading the middle level and the bottom level of the underground fortress from the top level of it.

Many space pirates and Immortal Cultivators had noticed the incoming flood and sealed the entrances and exits of the rooms by force, but the blockage was not waterproof. It was not long before they were crushed by the pressure of the flood.

However, the underground fortress was enormous in scale and complicated in terrain. It was not entirely drowned by the flood so quickly.

Bai Kaixin had grown up in the underground fortress. Naturally, he knew that countless brutal beasts lived within the Nether River. Therefore, Lei Dalu and him did not head upwards against the flood but downwards to avoid the flood and search for a possible shelter.

The main force of the Immortal Cultivators led by the Black King, on the other hand, was marching upward, trying to flee as quickly as possible!

“Not good!”

At a turn of a pathway, Lei Dalu suddenly stopped and released his telepathic thoughts. He sensed for a moment and said coarsely, “I’ve sensed that quite a few experts are releasing their aura blatantly and unstoppably as they are making their way upwards. There are at least two experts in the Nascent Soul Stage, two at the peak of the Core Formation Stage, and another ten or so in the lower levels of the Core Formation Stage!”

Bai Kaixin pondered for a moment and replied, “They must be the main force of the Immortal Cultivators. Fengyu Zhong, Bai Wulei, the Black King, and their lot!”

They looked at each other in bewilderment. Although they had disguised themselves and snuck into the pirate gangs amid the chaos, they were not real space pirates after all. It was quite possible that the experts in the Nascent Soul Stage would see through them quickly.

Besides, with the chaos below the ground, it would not be unusual if those selfish Immortal Cultivators captured them to use as cannon fodder.

“Let’s go back and find another way!”

The two of them made up their mind quickly and turned around, having no desire to meddle with the Immortal Cultivators at all.

Not far away from them, inside the main corridor of the underground fortress, the Black King suddenly stopped and said coldly, “Wait. Something is not right!

“I just sensed that somebody scanned me with their telepathic thoughts not far away.

“It was not odd that somebody scanned me. It is odd, however, that the man turned and ran away in a different direction after he saw me. Judging from the speed of his escape, the man is probably in the Core Formation Stage!

“We are all allies here. Why is he running away from us? There must be something wrong with them!”

Fengyu Zhong frowned and said, “Black King, I think it’s more important that we get out of here as quickly as possible, isn’t it?”

The Black King sniffed and glared at him. “Why do you think a flood is savaging the underground fortress and there are explosions everywhere? Chase and catch those people!”

Fengyu Zhong was dazed for a moment and immediately realized what was going on. Endless brutality beamed out of his eyes as he went after where Lei Dalu and Bai Kaixin had disappeared together with Master Hidden Fog, Bai Wulei, and the elites of the Immortal Cultivators that were with him.

“They have encountered the Immortal Cultivators!”

Eight floors above them, Bai Xinghe cursed and stopped converging his spiritual energy. Together with Li Yao, he activated the power rune arrays to the maximum, as he accelerated his speed to the highest. The two of them darted to the lower floors along with the flood like two undercurrents.


Countless eccentric beasts were ignorant enough to attack them while they were on their away, only to be blown into clusters of blood by Bai Xinghe’s spiritual energy.

After descending four floors, they were even met with almost twenty dizzy space pirates. Having no time to disguise their identities, they simply put on the most brutal appearance and slashed their way forward!


Li Yao’s Feathered Dragon Saber turned into hundreds of inconspicuous fish in the dirty, black water. They were ten times more dangerous than they were in the air. They snuck into the gaps of the crystal suits of almost ten space pirates, cut opened their main artery, reached their heart and blew it up. They then broke out of the space pirates’ bodies again and returned to Li Yao.

The Feathered Dragon Saber turned from black to crimson immediately.

Bai Xinghe was even more insane. Eager to rescue his son, he fully exerted the unbelievable capability of a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator. Dragon balls of tremendous size were appearing and disappearing on the seven dragon heads of the Dragon King Battlesuit. The space pirates who were caught by them were not left with an intact body.

Explosions were echoing two floors below, but the shaking was not violent. It did not seem to be the result of the Thunder Stones and the Sunlight Stones exploding but a fight.

Lei Dalu and Bai Kaixin must have engaged with the Immortal Cultivators!

The color of Bai Xinghe’s face changed, and he was about to dash downward, only to be stopped by Li Yao.

“Boss Bai!”

Li Yao pointed at the space pirates killed by him.

The crystal suits of those space pirates were basically intact, except for the tiny holes on the wrists, thighs, or the necks. Nobody would notice anything wrong when the crystal suits were disguised without looking at them carefully.

Bai Xinghe immediately realized what he meant. He selected two corpses approximately their size together with Li Yao and replaced the Dragon King Battlesuit and the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit with the dead bodies’ crystal suits, before the two of them continued rushing downwards.

The two floors were a fairly large warehouse area. They had not been drowned by the flood yet, and the water only reached everyone’s waist.

When Li Yao and Bai Xinghe arrived, they discovered that almost twenty Immortal Cultivators were attacking Lei Dalu and Bai Kaixin together.

Among the Immortal Cultivators, Fengyu Zhong and Bai Wulei, as well as a few experts of the Eight Blades of Black Spider, were present.

With Lei Dalu’s and Bai Kaixin’s capability, they could not resist the enemy at all.

The Immortal Cultivators meant to capture them alive and feared that they might detonate themselves. That was why they had managed to hold out for a few minutes.

Li Yao and Bai Xinghe looked at each other before approaching the enemy quietly, one from the left and the other from the right.

They were both wearing the crystal suits of space pirates, with the battle emblem of the pirate gang they were in on their chest. Right now, the Immortal Cultivators were in a hurry to capture the Bai Kaixin and Lei Dalu alive and did not pay much attention to them. They thought that Bai Xinghe and Li Yao were merely other space pirates who considered the place a shelter.

“Bai Wulei?” Li Yao suggested the target of their attack inside the communication channel.

“Fengyu Zhong!”

Bai Xinghe was truly the Pirate Potentate. He planned to take down an expert in the Nascent Soul Stage at first try!

“Okay!” Li Yao replied without any hesitation.

Bai Xinghe’s strength was slightly higher than Fengyu Zhong’s, and when he was in an outburst, he could boast the combat ability of the Nascent Soul Stage briefly. If the two of them joined their hands and ambushed the enemy without alarming him, it was very likely that Fengyu Zhong would be heavily wounded!

Fifty meters Forty meters Thirty meters

The two of them pretended that they were here to help and drew closer and closer to Fengyu Zhong.

Right then, Bai Kaixin suddenly screamed.

One of the Eight Blades of Black Spider had stabbed a flying sword that was almost transparent deeply into the left side of his chest!

The flying sword seemed to be a piece of extremely vicious magical equipment. When the edge of the sword entered Bai Kaixin’s body, it started pumping his blood and spurting it out from the hollow grip of the sword!

Seeing that his only son was heavily wounded, Bai Xinghe shivered and gasped uncontrollably. The aura beyond the Core Formation Stage spread out of his body all of a sudden!

Fengyu Zhong was also a cunning and vigilant man. He sensed that anomaly immediately and was greatly alarmed. Leaving the two prey that were about to fall into his hands aside, he retreated a hundred meters and hid behind the countless Immortal Cultivators. He shrieked, “There’s something wrong with the two newcomers!”

Li Yao cursed within his heart. At this point, there were no other options. He threw dozens of crystal bombs out. With the brilliant fireworks for cover, he and Bai Xinghe completed air changes instantly!

“Kill them!”

Li Yao lunged at the Immortal Cultivators like a tiger attacking lambs. After a few zigzags, a few Immortal Cultivators who were relatively weaker were chopped in half instantly!

“It is you!”

Fengyu Zhong was both shocked and scared. Although the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit looked completely different from when it had been at the periphery of the Iron Plateau Space Zone after multiple upgrades, Fengyu Zhong still grasped the unique aura of the crystal suit keenly!

“It is more important to save them. Don’t fight for too long. Their reinforcements will arrive at any moment!” Bai Xinghe shouted in a hurry inside the communication channel.

His capability was slightly higher than Fengyu Zhong’s, and Li Yao’s capability was slightly higher than Bai Wulei’s.

However, other than Fengyu Zhong and Bai Wulei, their enemies also included Master Hidden Fog, the previous leader of the Black Spider Tower, and the multiple experts of the Eight Blades of Black Spider, who were adept at stealth and assassinations and boasted a higher combat ability than that of normal Cultivators in the same level. It would not be easy to kill them all.

Besides, Bai Xinghe had vaguely sensed that Dark Empyrean, the real Black King, was running close at a high speed.

When the Black King arrived and they were surrounded by a large batch of Immortal Cultivators, there was no way that they could survive.

When the attempted ambush failed, it was smart to run away quickly. Before Lei Dalu realized what was going on, Bai Xinghe had already placed Bai Kaixin on his shoulder and shouted at him, “Follow me!”

Lei Dalu was dazed. Naturally, he had recognized the famous ‘Dragon King Battlesuit’. The fact that the Pirate Potentate was standing right before him made the captain who earned his living by hunting down space pirates quite uncomfortable.

Li Yao slashed another Immortal Cultivator in half and detonated almost a hundred crystal bombs in a row, turning more than half of the warehouse into a forest of flames, before he went back to Lei Dalu like a rabbit and patted his shoulder firmly. “Captain, I’ll explain to you later. Just run quickly!”

Lei Dalu gasped when he realized who was talking and said, “Li Yao?”

Discovering that this little brother of his seemed to appear in the most unbelievable places under the most unbelievable identities every time, Lei Dalu was dumbfounded.

Last time, it was Sand Scorpion, the best warrior of Iron Plateau. This time, he got even crazier and became a lackey of the Pirate Potentate?

Li Yao said in a hurry, “Advisor Bai was hit by ‘Back Teeth Heart Tangling Sword’. If it is removed by force, the entire heart will be dragged out. We have to find a safe place and destroy the traps inside the sword first!”


Lei Dalu thought quickly and realized that, no matter why Li Yao had shown up in this place, Bai Xinghe would not mean any harm to Bai Kaixin.

Before the flames of the explosions died down, the three of them, carrying Bai Kaixin, escaped the way where they had come and ran out of the siege of the Immortal Cultivators!

Half a minute after they fled, the Black King charged into the warehouse with a large batch of Immortal Cultivators!

Seeing the mess and the wounded who were screaming in the water, the Black King was gloomy.

After hearing Fengyu Zhong’s report, the Black King’s face remained unchanged as he said seriously, “It was indeed Bai Xinghe’s scheme. But I wonder why he showed up without any reason!

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“They can’t run far away carrying a heavily wounded ally. Run after them. Stop Bai Xinghe whatever the cost!

“Right now, the upper level of the fortress is completely blocked. There is no way that anybody can get out within the next ten days. We have to capture Bai Xinghe and elicit everything from him!

“My methods are not easy to shake off. He cannot be in his peak state right now. Go after him!”

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