Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 758

Chapter 758 Bandit And Dog

The ears of all the Immortal Cultivators were humming, as if two sharp blades had pierced into their brains through their ears. Their heads were dizzy, and they were seeing all kinds of illusions. All of a sudden, Bai Xinghe seemed to have thousands of clones that were charging right to their face and even into their crystal suits.


Many Immortal Cultivator who were weaker screamed in abject fear, even though they were not wounded, and launched their strongest attacks toward the illusions.

Thousands of streams of golden brilliance burst out of the void, as if a hundred small suns had risen up slowly. Even if they shut their eyes tightly, they could not stop Bai Xinghe’s sharp sword aura from breaching their defenses and sweeping into their brains!

Fengyu Zhong shrieked. Every bronze ghost face on the Hundred Faces Battlesuit opened its eyes, which were shedding blood, and screamed miserably.

The screams spread out in midair like ripples, outlining a fuzzy shadow of blood.

“There he is. Stop him!”

The Black King’s black crystal suit turned into a cluster of black fog, which turned into hundreds of weird bats.

The black bats crowded toward where Bai Xinghe was at.


The hundred black bats were engaged with Bai Xinghe’s bloody shadow.

The head-on clash between two experts in the Nascent Soul Stage made the entire warehouse shake violently. Countless cracks were growing on the walls and the dome. Flooding water spurted in along the cracks, stabbing and stirring everything like billions of swords of water!

The hundred black bats suddenly dispersed. Fengyu Zhong took the opportunity to activate Devil’s Cry, his long spear. Hundreds of ghost faces interweaved into a sharp aura and pierced forward. Bai Xinghe grunted, and the bloody shadow twisted and disappeared all of a sudden!

Before the Black King and Fengyu Zhong had the chance to catch their breath, Bai Wulei suddenly cried miserably behind dozens of Immortal Cultivators who were protecting him!

Everybody was greatly shocked. Their attention had been focused on the battle between the three Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators.

They had never thought that Bai Xinghe would attack Bai Wulei while he was fighting hard against two experts in the Nascent Soul Stage.

“It’s a decoy. A bloody incarnation!”

The Black King was gloomy. He did not find out until this moment that the ‘Bai Xinghe’ who exchanged three moves with him just now was merely a puppet condensed by blood. In the face of his full-strength strike, the puppet had been scattered into broken pearls of blood.

The real Bai Xinghe, on the other hand, had snuck behind the Immortal Cultivators and grabbed Bai Wulei’s head!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The helmet made of super alloys was as vulnerable as rotten wood in Bai Xinghe’s hands. After a slight press, it was already shrinking in size.

Bai Wulei felt that a surging river was flooding into his body from the top of his head. He had no strength to counterattack at all.

His two eyeballs were about to be squeezed out of their sockets. His screams were even more miserable than those of the hundreds of ghost faces on Fengyu Zhong’s crystal suit combined!

Bai Xinghe grinned hideously. “Even your betrayal is a fiasco. Why bother living?”

While talking, he exerted his strength. Dozens of thunderbolts seemed to be echoing inside his palms. After a ‘pa’ sound, Bai Wulei’s head together with his helmet was crushed into the size of an apple. Bone and metal was mixed together, and blood was spluttering everywhere. The scene could not have looked gorier!

The headless corpse twitched briefly in midair for a moment, before it fell into the flood helplessly. The water current was quite rapid. There was no telling where the dead body had ended up to after a short moment.

Within a breath, Bai Xinghe had killed a Cultivator in the peak of the Core Formation Stage with such cruel methods right in front of two experts in the Nascent Soul Stage!

Everybody was so shocked at Bai Xinghe’s approach that they did not know what to say.

Deep laughter that resembled that of a wounded lion echoed inside the Blood River Battlesuit.

Crimson balls of blood were leaking out of Bai Xinghe’s crystal suit as if it were his skin. Heated by his spiritual energy, the bloody was vaporized into a mist, and the mist dissolved into red aura that extended to every corner of the warehouse!


Hundreds of bloody auras were fluctuating in the air along with the rhythm of Bai Xinghe’s heartbeat.

Everybody’s soul was shivering together with Bai Xinghe’s heart.

Very soon, the bloody auras formed various bloody flying swords, which span around Bai Xinghe slowly.

“He is burning his life and soul without caring about anything!”

The Black King and Fengyu Zhong both felt their heads going dizzy. It did not feel like a Cultivator no taller than two meters was appearing above their head, but an overwhelming giant of blood hundreds of meters tall!

Both the Black King and Fengyu Zhong regretted believing in Bai Wulei easily and being fooled underground.

Unless there were absolutely no choices, they would definitely rather not have a head-on battle with a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator who had gone mad in such a narrow space!

“Stall him!” the Black King said coldly to Fengyu Zhong in the communication channel. In the meantime, his telepathic thoughts surged out as he gave commands to his subordinates around to form a battle array.

“Boss Bai!”

Fengyu Zhong immediately understood what he was being asked to do. He shouted, not very confident of his declaration, “What are you struggling for with everything coming this far? Just give up already!

“We are all lawless bandits here. Are you pretending that you are a hero now that you are going to be killed?

“You and I are the same. We don’t have any choice other than joining the Temple of Immortals!

“Faced with the great Dao of immortality, I guarantee that the grudge between us will be cleaned once and for all!”

Bai Xinghe smiled. He extended his right hand and opened it.

The bloody stripes on the Blood River Battlesuit seemed to be a living thing. They flowed along his arm and gathered in his hand, forming a bloody saber.

As more and more blood flowed out of his veins, the saber became ever longer, and the ripples on the surface of the saber were echoing with his heartbeat.

Gazing at the tip of his saber, Bai Xinghe said casually, “You and I are different.”

Fengyu Zhong burst into laughter. “What’s the difference? Did you kill fewer people than I did? Cut the crap! You are destined to be a hateful space pirate, and you think you can correct your wrongdoings before your own death?”

The tip of the bloody saber drew a curve on the battle array of the Immortal Cultivator that was about to take shape. Bai Xinghe glanced at Fengyu Zhong and curled his lips up. He said, “I am a ruthless, unforgivable bandit. And you

“You are just a dog.”

The pathway was almost dug through.

Li Yao’s spiritual energy was running out. The size of the drill was a third smaller than in the beginning. He felt that his ribs were aching. While catching his breath, he suddenly sensed the intense spiritual waves below him that felt like a volcano eruption.

It was the most brilliant moment that a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator could present when they burnt their life and soul and released everything they had!

“Boss Bai”

Li Yao did not know how he should comment on the Pirate Potentate at all. Of course, he was an unpardonable bad man, but the guy had also offered the Dragon King Battlesuit to him. Moreover

Suddenly, Li Yao’s body was stiffened. He cursed silently.

I was fooled again.

Bai Xinghe gave the Dragon King Battlesuit as well as the map of the underground fortress to me, including the location of Yan Xinjian’s training room, and volunteered to cover our retreat. He also told me the past of Xian Xuance and him

Everything he did was meant to persuade me to fight against Xiao Xuance and avenge him!

Bai Xinghe knew that, as the Pirate Potentate, even if his plan worked out and he successfully escaped from the underground fortress, he would not be able to compete with Xiao Xuance even if he had all the resources and manpower of Spider Den under his control. If anything, he would only be seen as a greater villain and end up being another medal on Xiao Xuance’s chest!

Therefore, he handed over the ‘mission’ to me!

He knew that ‘Sand Scorpion’, the owner of the Glorious Sunlight Group, is my other identity, and I have a lot to do with Iron Plateau, which means that I can summon tremendous resources and manpower!

He also inferred from the style of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit that another mysterious organization is backing me!

Therefore, it is possible that I can achieve the purpose that he could not!

The cunning bandit was afraid that I would not take the bait. He lured me with the Dragon King Battlesuit and Yan Xinjian’s training room first and made me feel that I owe him. Then he told me the story between Xiao Xuance and him and revealed Xiao Xuance’s real face to trigger my sense of justice.

Then he sacrificed himself to buy us more time, which is another favor that I owe him!

Damn. Everything he did was in order to make to go against Xiao Xuance!

So soon as I had the idea of ‘telling Xiao Xuance’s secret to public’ and Xiao Xuance discovered even a hint of the plot, he would certainly try to kill me to shut my mouth. By then, I and the forces behind me would have to start a total war against Xiao Xuance!

Li Yao was amused. Boss Bai was indeed Boss Bai. At the last moment of his life, he established his final scheme!

However, Li Yao decided to take the bait willingly.

Xiao Xuance, you might have had no choice in the desperate situation after the cosmic storm a hundred years ago.

But right now, the great explosion in the Skyhill Sword Seminar, the countless victims on Iron Plateau, the arrival of extraterrestrial devils in Heavenly Saints City Everything you did has crossed the line!

If you were really behind everything, I will most certainly unveil your real face. Even though you are in the high level of the Nascent Soul Stage, I will execute you whatever the cost!


The pressure was suddenly gone. The drill of mystic rays dug through the last bit of the debris. An empty hallway appeared again!

“Captain, hurry and stabilize the last section. Let’s not get sloppy at the crucial moment!”

While Lei Dalu was strengthening the last section of the pathway, Li Yao turned back and picked up Bai Kaixin, who was still unconscious.

At that moment, Li Yao finally figured out why Bai Xinghe had given the precious crystal suit and the map to him instead of his own son.

He loved his son and did not wish his son to be involved in the dangerous swirl related to Xiao Xuance.

Huala! Huala!

The flood was still striking. The pathway that had just been stabilized was showing signs of collapse again. Rocks and rebars began falling again.

Li Yao tried to cover Bai Kaixin with his body, but rocks weighing hundreds of tons buried his feet when he was about to crawl out of the pathway.

“Captain, get him!”

Li Yao threw Bai Kaixin to Lei Dalu. Then he unsheathed the Feathered Dragon Saber and removed the rocks on his legs bit by bit.

He did not dare to detonate the rocks with his spiritual energy, because he was worried that the gap resulting from the explosion might make even more rocks fall from the ceiling.

Right then


An ominous crack echoed above Li Yao’s head. The flood suddenly turned dirty.

“Not good!”

Li Yao’s pupils shrank violently. Before he had the chance to shout a warning, he sensed that an immense strength had pressed down.

A great mountain seemed to have collapsed and smashed at his head!

Li Yao had no choice but to bellow. His spiritual energy burst out in the mud and flood like a bomb.

It was like quenching one’s thirst with poison. Although some of the space was cleared, more rocks and debris were falling off above his head!

Li Yao could not tell which direction he was heading in. He could only follow the glimmering light in front of him subconsciously. The pathways behind him collapsed one section after another, until it was entirely twisted and broken.

When everything was stabilized again, Li Yao turned around and found that the channel he had gone through all the trouble to dig out had vanished. What he was faced with was scattered rocks.