Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 76

Chapter 76: A Hammer Decides

Li Yao wandered, feeling pleased on the path under the shady trees on the campus with two hands in his pockets.

He really had not even a bit of reluctance leaving Crimson Nimbus Second. This was a private high school. They thought in terms of money. The high amount of money he paid for tuition was only able to get him into the worst class, the common class. Other than the last month when he was under Teacher Sun Biaos care, no other teachers had taken him seriously. And he was actually ruthlessly kicked to the side when he came back from the only time he represented the school in entering a competition.

Even though there was the certain element of Helian Lie playing games on the inside, the school didnt have the intentions of persisting in fighting for Li Yao.

What sort of loss would there be in leaving this kind of school?

Right now, Im going to enjoy the status of being a Class 1 Disabled Serviceman of the Federation. Ill be able to receive preferential treatment from quite a few cultivation gyms. In the worst case, Ill find a high-quality cultivation gym in the last month and cultivate on my own. Then Ill sign up individually to enter the entrance exams. I just dont believe that I wont be able to test into Deep Sea University!

Li Yao resolved himself firmly. He spat out a long breath and spread out his arms. He felt only that the sky was high and the clouds were faint. An unfathomable grand feeling surged from his chest.

Fuck you! Crimson Nimbus Second!

A shadow obstructed the top of his head right at this moment. Helian Lie had appeared once more in front of him.

Li Yao was stunned at first, but quickly he let out a laughter from his heart.

His laughter was utterly vicious. He was like a stomach rumbling prehistoric t-rex discovering a hungry wolf. Although it was as thin as a match, it was perfect to grind his teeth with!

This is precisely whats called refusing to walk an available road of heaven and instead bursting into the doorless hells. Helian Lie, youre seeking your own death. Dont blame me! Li Yao laughed coldly in his heart.

Ive heard you went into a fury in the administration office and directly quit school~ Fellow Student Li Yao! Helian Lie spoke with a smile. He purposely spoke loudly to let all the surrounding students hear.

What? Li Yao quit school?

Thats quite normal. Hes just trash with only 7% of his Actualization Quotient left. What can he do if he doesnt quit school? Its not like that he can test into the Nine Elites right?

What a real pity. I remember that he was quite fierce last month on Devil Flood Dragon Island in the Limit Challenge Competition!

It doesnt matter how fierce you are. If you offend Helian Lie in Crimson Nimbus Second, you wont have a good outcome to enjoy!

Quite a few students discovered the confrontation between Helian Lie and Li Yao. The surrounding students withdrew one after another to the not far distance in order to spectate cautiously. Everybodys tongue was waggling. No one thought optimistically for Li Yao.

Helian Lie, it was you proposed the idea for me to take a break from school for a year, right? Li Yao laughed indifferently.

If the fierce people back in the Artifact Graveyard, like Fatty Leung or Wild Wolf, were to see Li Yao revealing this kind of smile, they would run for sure to the furthest distance they can run.

No one was willing to be the target of this smiling Vulture.

However, it seemed that no one knew the significance of this smile on campus.

Helian Lie maliciously laughed. His pair of eyes seemed to be bulging out as he spoke through gritted teeth, You got it. It was me who used my familys influence to force you to take a break from school. And what can you do about it? To tell you the truth, even if you hadnt voluntarily quit school, I would have thought of a way for you to never be able to enter the gate of Crimson Nimbus Second ever again. I just want to exterminate you, and what can you do about that?

And my father has already bribed practically all the famous and excellent high schools in Floating Spear City. Not a single quality school will accept you, you piece of trash!

As for that damned old Sun who supported you... Im terribly sorry. When he heard the news of your spirit root being torn, his old internal wounds left from several dozen years ago flared up again, leading to his heart rupturing. He was in the hospital for two weeks. Now, hes already quit all jobs at school to enjoy a life at home in retirement!

The more Helian spoke, the louder his voice got. He towered arrogantly above Li Yao and extended a finger, jabbing with force at Li Yaos chest. He howled with incomparable pleasure.

Whats wrong? Werent you quite ferocious back on Devil Flood Dragon Island? Didnt you rely solely on your own strength to blow up several dozen people into the skies? Just how domineering, just how mighty, just how arrogant you were at that time! But look! Look at you now! Only 7% remains of your Actualization Quotient. Youve shrunk to just skin and bones. I can cause you to fall by stabbing with a single finger!

What does this show? This shows that trash will forever be trash. Even if a gust of wind would occasionally blow you to the skies, soon you will drop to the ground. Striking you back to your true place. Becoming a pile of trash once more!

Li Yao picked his ears as he spoke dully with an expressionless face. I loathe three hundred twenty four things the most in my life. The 138th thing I loathe is when people call me trash. The 275th thing I loathe is when people use the finger to jab me Can you stop it?

I just want to jab you, and what can you do about it?

Helian Lies excitement warped his entire face. The least bit of the elegant handsome and bright look couldnt be seen. Ive cultivated like crazy this month. My Actualization Quotient has reached 78%!

Its a given Ill test into the Nine Elites. I might even seize the Top Scorer title in Floating Spear Citys entrance exams, treading onto the world of cultivators from that time on. Ill become an unsurpassable cultivator! And you will forever be a piece of trash! Trash! TRASH! You refuse to accept this? Well, youre welcome to find me for revenge. Ill wait for you patiently for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years! Trash!

No need. Im not the type to hold a grudge. Li Yao spoke without thinking, Im the type who takes his revenge on the spot when theres animosity.

His hand suddenly shot out like lightning before the final word left his mouth. He gripped fixed Helian Lies finger that was jabbing his sternum.

Before Helian Lie could even react in the least, he felt as if his finger had stabbed into a blob of magma. It was burning to an astonishing degree, causing him to start to subconsciously withdraw back, but unexpectedly, he didnt withdraw.

Li Yao squeezed with force, causing a few cracking sounds to burst out. Helian Lies finger bones were squeezed into shattered bones. A few short finger bones were squeezed into 70~80 fragments. His finger was turned into a soft worm!

Helian Lies originally flush red faced changed deathly pale in a flash. A terrified and shocked expression flashed across his face. Before his expression could settle down, his expression was replaced by an even more twisted painful expression. Li Yao had actually kicked Helian Lie in the lower stomach.

All Helian Lie felt was a high-speed crystal rail train directly colliding and entering below his belly button. He was hit rigidly into letting out a few drops of urine. His entire body suddenly flew several dozen meters and crashed ferociously into a big tree. The tree shook, causing its branches to shake crazily and its leaves to fly randomly like drops of rain.

Before he could scream a first blood-curdling screech, he was overtaken by a second blood-curdling screech. The two screeches superimposed to become a strange shriek like that of a neutered chicken.


The 47th hand of the Chaos-Gale Hammer Technique, Heart-Piercer Hammer!

Li Yaos legs spread out like a bow drawn to its limits. He crossed five meters with a single step. And he crossed to be in front of Helian Lie with two steps. His 10 toes were like 10 iron hooks, tearing through his hard cultivation shoes and stabbing deeply into the earth. The back of his foot had veins throbbing like crazy and every strand of muscle fiber pulsed chaotically. His body extended forward at an incomparably fast speed. From his foot to his calf. From his calf to his thigh. Then to his abs, his pecs A ripple of muscles surged like the tide. In the end, they converged to the end of his right arm. A fist punched out, bringing with it seven explosions of Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang. Layers and layers, folds and folds of skull-cleaving air ripples smashed against Helian Lies body.


The bark suddenly exploded on the back of giant tree behind Helian Lie, causing a clear and distinct imprint of a fist to appear!

The screech came to an end. It was as if Helian Lie was hammered fixed into the tree. His expression was lifeless for a long time before he suddenly went Puu, wilding spouting out a bloody mist.

He could not hold on any longer. He hugged his stomach with his hands and slowly kneeled in front of Li Yao. Then his two hands landed on the ground to support him and started to vomit in large mouthfuls.

The skin of Li Yaos entire arm had exploded and ruptured. Fresh blood dripped and dropped.

If a medical expert cultivator were to come and examine his bones, the cultivator would certainly discover microfractures covering all over the bones in his arm.

After all, he had just awakened. His body was far too overtaxed and was incapable of bearing such an intense Heart-Piercer Hammer. This fist caused his body the same enormous harm. The pain spread like wildfire along the tips of every nerve fiber.

What was different about him from Helian Lie was that He could take it.

Li Yao grabbed Helian Lies ear and pulled it with all his strength. Half of Helian Lies ear was torn off. The pain was so much that Helian Lie couldnt even cry out at all. His pair of legs thrashed randomly. The urine soaked spot in the crotch of his pants grew larger and larger.

Going close to Helian Lies ear, Li Yao spoke articulately by pausing after each word, Cant even take a single blow. You are garbage!