Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 760

Chapter 760 Out Of Expectation

Li Yao’s interest was aroused. Yan Xinjian had built the secret training room in order to avoid the strike of the apocalypses. Therefore, a lot of Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures had been employed. The shell of the training room was made of super alloys and hundreds of layers of defense rune arrays. It was basically indestructible.

Such a shell was designed to resist the apocalypses. The Lustful Rock Spiders could dig through the rocks, but there was no way that they could crawl through the shell of the secret training room.

Should I take the risk?

In the information that Bai Xinghe had transmitted to Li Yao, the method to open the secret training room was included.

However, the methods had been left by Yan Xinjian, so there could be hidden traps in the method.

Li Yao had experienced quite a few similar traps. His first encounter with Ou Yezi, his adventure on Boneyard, which almost destroyed the Heaven’s Origin Sector and forced Li Yao to roam in the sea of stars and end up in the Flying Star Sector, and so on.


Another violent earthquake took place. The two Lustful Rock Spiders seemed to have gone crazy because they had been chasing their prey for too long. They raised a storm in the rock stratum above Li Yao’s head.

There’s no time to consider any of that now.

As the Lustful Rock Spiders caused havoc, the pathways and warehouses marked on the map were all demolished. The map would soon be useless in guiding him.

The performance of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit continued dropping because of the petrifying mystic rays. Li Yao was not sure whether the weakening was permanent or not. But apparently, the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit could not be recovered for now.

In another five minutes, when all the pathways collapsed, he would not be able to run to Yan Xinjian’s secret training room even if he wanted to!

Yan Xinjian was a human being, not an ancient demon. Even though he was in the Nascent Soul Stage, it’s been five hundred years, and he is probably as dead as anyone can ever be right now.

Even if his remaining soul still lingers, should I really worry about that? There is nothing in my brain but soul remnants!

Li Yao thought quickly and made up his mind. He sprinted toward a pathway on the left leading downwards.

Two small Lustful Rock Spiders popped up on his way, only to be chopped in half by him. The bodily fluids they spurted out corrupted yet another three rune arrays on the surface of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit.

As he moved violently, cracking noises were echoing on the surface of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, and the crisp camouflage dropped off one piece after another.

Li Yao had no time to check his crystal suit. Guided by the map, he dashed to a secondary warehouse at the bottom level of the underground fortress quickly.

He then crawled into a secret maintenance room through the ventilation tube in the northwest corner of the warehouse.

After passing through the maintenance room, Li Yao reached a dormitory for soldiers that was only half completed. The other half of the dormitory was a dark cave.

Upon first inspection, this place was the end of the underground fortress whose construction was concluded in too much of a hurry.

Li Yao glanced around. Almost a hundred stalactites were dangling down from the top of the cave, emitting colorful brilliance.

On the corresponding locations on the ground were thick stalagmites.

Li Yao found one of the stalagmites and rotated it 180 degrees quietly.

The stalactites above his head suddenly shone brightly. Almost a hundred mystic rays popped up an formed a thousand unpredictable patterns that were a password rune array.


Li Yao felt as if he were standing in the stomach of an enormous beast. The cave was shaking crazily.

The two giant Lustful Rock Spiders must have sensed Li Yao’s spiritual waves and were marching toward him rapidly.

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

Li Yao felt that his heart was being burnt. Before the light beam was fully unfolded, his right hand had already input a series of passwords.

He only hoped that the password was true now. He was ready to take any of Yan Xinjian’s ill intentions as long as he was permitted into the room right now!

Beep! Beep! Beep!

As the password was typed in, the light beam turned from scarlet into emerald.


On the ground, all the stalagmites kept swirling nonstop. Hundreds of giant screws seemed to be rising slowly from the floor.

Li Yao had not been excited for half a second yet, when two extremely thick insect limbs darted out of the rocks and pierced into the floor, brushing past the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, leaving two deep scratches on the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit and nearly piercing Li Yao.

Dozens of small Lustful Rock Spiders crawled out of the rocks along the two limbs and lunged at Li Yao crazily!

Li Yao had no more options. At the risk of the shell of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit being seriously corroded, he waved his blade into a tornado and slayed more than ten Lustful Rock Spiders within a breath.

Before the shell of the crystal suit was fully petrified, he crashed toward the inner inside of the cave.


A gap was opened slowly in the darkness in the depths of the cave. Inside the gap was a mix of greenish, bluish, and reddish colors.

A weird wind blew through the cave. It was not very chilly, but Li Yao shuddered.

By this point, there was no way to retreat now. Li Yao summoned his courage and dashed into the gap. He rolled on the ground and split off into seven clones that charged toward the deeper part of the training room from various directions, while his real body stopped right near the door.

As his clones lunged in, squeaking noises echoed inside the secret training room. There were also weird cries of children and sounds of cans and bottles being knocked over.

The door was not completely closed yet. More than ten Lustful Rock Spiders took the opportunity to march in. What was more horrible that the two giant Lustful Rock Spiders had caught up, too!

“Hiss! Hiss!”

The two giant beasts were too large to crawl into the secret training room, but they bashed against the training room hard like two crystal trains while they shrieked in such a high voice that Li Yao’s eardrums felt as if they were being torn apart. They also extended two thick limbs into the door, stopping it from being closed.

I have to shut the door!

Li Yao gritted his teeth and tried to slash the obstacles, only to be harassed by the ten or so small Lustful Rock Spiders that had already gotten into the room.

He meant to take down the small Lustful Rock Spiders first, but the two insect limbs were like two sharp sickles that were clattering loudly ready to reap his life anytime.

Moreover, the two giant Lustful Rock Spiders were crouching right outside the door of the training room. Their complex eyes were projecting mystic rays into the room from various angles.

If the mystic rays covered the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, its defense ability would be greatly diminished!

While Li Yao was in a flurry, hundreds of light spots suddenly darted from the depths of the training room toward the outside as fast as lightning!

Li Yao was dazed, suspecting that his eyes were deceiving him. It was not Yan Xinjian’s remaining soul that appeared in front of his eyes but hundreds of mice!

Fluffy, white mice with a golden stripe from head to tail on their back!

Such mice were formally known as ‘Golden Stripe Mice’. It was a commonly seen animal for experimental purposes because of their keen sense of spiritual energy.

Many Cultivators would try a lot of extreme methods when they were trying to break into a higher level. They often ran experiments on the mice first.

Therefore, it was not unusual for there to be so many mice in Yan Xinjian’s secret training room.

They must have been brought into the training room by him five hundred years ago. Even if he had only brought ten of them in the beginning, five hundred years was more than enough for them to reproduce into a clan of thousands of members.

What dumbfounded Li Yao was that the mice were not naked but covered in tiny ‘robes’. They looked hilarious.

Many mice were also wearing delicate ‘armor’ over their robes. They were also holding ‘flying swords’ that looked like needles in their paws and tails.

Not just that. The mice were classified into six teams according to the colors on their robes. Although they were apparently not well trained, they moved and attacked in an organized fashion. They looked like six funny troops.

The mice that were wearing ‘robes’ and holding ‘flying swords’ were squeaking. Their noises were even mixed with the sound of the human language.

Li Yao listened carefully. He heard that they were all shouting, “Let’s get out! Let’s get out! It’s been five hundred years. The door is finally opened!”

Every mouse was smaller than Li Yao’s fist, but they were releasing rather impressive spiritual energy. The ‘captain’ of every mice team even had the spiritual energy equal to that of a Cultivator in the Refinement Stage.

They caught the Lustful Rock Spiders’ attention the moment they showed up.

Compared to the tricky Li Yao, those mice were apparently much more delicious and suitable food.

Most of the Lustful Rock Spiders abandoned Li Yao and turned to attack the mice.

The Lustful Rock Spiders and the mice had a fierce confrontation.

The limbs of the Lustful Rock Spiders were sharp. They could kill a mouse after stabbing their body. Very soon, they kept almost ten mice on their sharp limbs.

The mice, on the other hand, were quick and agile. The few mice in the lead were even able to perform certain techniques. While the Lustful Rock Spiders were attacking their companions, they crawled to top of the Lustful Rock Spiders’ bodies.

They stabbed their needle-like flying swords deep down their feeble complex eyes. Then, they waved their paws crazily, made the gestures, and cast the spells. Their ‘flying swords’ immediately rushed inside the Lustful Rock Spiders’ bodies.

Soon, a few Lustful Rock Spiders collapsed and stopped moving.

While the Lustful Rock Spiders were being harassed by the mice, Li Yao, having no time to feel surprised, quickly dashed to the door. He raised the Feathered Dragon Saber high above his head and chopped the giant limbs that blocked the door brutally!

All his strength had been condensed in the attack. After the flash of the saber, the limbs were broken, and bodily fluid was jetting everywhere!

The two giant Lustful Rock Spiders stepped back amid screams. The door was finally closed.

The rune arrays carved behind the door emitting dazzling brilliance. They revolved for a moment, and the door closed up without leaving the slightest gap.


The two Lustful Rock Spiders burst into fury outside the room. They were bashing and gnawing at the wall hard.

However, when the door was closed, the quakes were much less violent. Only when Li Yao stuck his hands to the wall could he vaguely sense the feeble shaking.

Li Yao finally had the chance to catch his breath. He turned around and discovered that the hundreds of mice, as owners of the place, had slayed all the remaining Lustful Rock Spiders after sacrificing dozens of their companions.

The hundreds of mice were all glimmering in different colors according to the ‘robes’ on their bodies. The colors that Li Yao saw through the gap in the beginning were in fact from them.

The mice formed a battle formation and surrounded Li Yao. They drew close to him while they creaked crazily!