Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 763

Chapter 763 Dead End

The hundreds of mice creaked while they crawled on Li Yao’s body along his legs. They were like the soldiers of Lilliput climbing on a giant that looked like a mountain.

Li Yao frowned. His spiritual energy surged out and blew the mice off his body. Countless mice fell to the ground in an utter mess. The red mice were jumping angrily, the green mice were screaming, and the blue mice were laughing creepily. The room was like a boiling teapot, and Li Yao felt that his head was dizzy because of all the noise.

Li Yao glared and bellowed, “Stop yelling!”

His spiritual energy spread out like tide, mixed with sharp killing intent.

The mice shivered and looked at each other in bewilderment. Most of the mice did not dare to move anymore, but the red mice were still shaking their heads and wagging their tails, bluffing.

Right then, the training room shook violently again. An earsplitting explosion took place outside.

Li Yao stuck his ear to the door and listened carefully. Dull noises were echoing outside, as if countless rocks were collapsing. Half a minute later, there was nothing but dead silence. He could not even hear the two Lustful Rock Spiders now.

The two Lustful Rock Spiders burst into fury because they could not crash into the training room. Therefore, they simply collapsed the cave above the training room and tried to bury me alive.

Li Yao inferred such from the sounds.

It was within Li Yao’s expectations, so he was not very worried.

Such forced collapses were not solid and gapless. With the drill of mystic rays, he could always dig through the obstacles slowly if he had one month.

I’ve been here for more than three hours, and I don’t feel short of air at all. It seems that the air recycling rune arrays are still functioning normally.

Also, since so many mice are living in this place, there must be abundant air, water, and food.

It was rather chaotic outside. Li Yao wondered whether or not Lei Dalu and Bai Kaixin had successfully made it to the Star Prier’s House when the two Lustful Rock Spiders were attracted to him.

Even if they had fled, there were still thousands of space pirates and Immortal Cultivators on the ground who would not leave in another month or two.

Therefore, it might not be a bad idea to lie low there for a while.

But there was one question

How can I open the door of the secret training room?

Li Yao frowned. The door he had entered through had blended into the wall after flashes of rune arrays. There was not the tiniest gap right now.

The wall seemed to be made of a certain super alloy. Li Yao took off his gloves and groped with his fingers for a long time. He did not find any gaps or holes at all.

He scratched the wall hard with the Feathered Dragon Saber and only managed to scrape off some powder after working hard for a long time.

Li Yao picked up the powder and put it below his nose, before he sniffed and examined it. However, he could not discern the elements of the super alloy at all.

Pondering for a moment, Li Yao stored the powder carefully and planned to investigate further with magical equipment later. Then, he took a few steps back and punched the wall hard with all his spiritual energy.


As he expected, the surging spiritual energy was like a bull made of mud that was pushed into an ocean. It did not raise the slightest ripple and was devoured by the wall without leaving any traces.

This is getting tricky.

In order to avoid the apocalypses, Yan Xinjian must have built the training room with the hardest super alloy with countless defense rune arrays embedded in between.

How can I break the shell of the training room with my brute force when even an apocalypse might not be able to?

In the notes that Yan Xinjian left, there were only methods to enter the training room. He did not mention how to exit it. It seems that special passwords, gestures, or even Cultivation arts are required if one wants to open the door from the inside!

Li Yao quickly thought of what the blue mice had said.

“We can’t get out. We can never get out!”

Li Yao raised his hands. His spiritual energy swept across the mice.

The mice quickly dispersed, but a red mouse, a green mouse, and a blue mouse were snatched by him.

Li Yao opened his hands and exerted his strength slightly. The three mice immediately started squeaking.

“How should the door be opened?” Li Yao asked coldly.

The red mouse was so outraged that the messy hair on the top of its head stood on end. It was trying to stab Li Yao’s fingers with the ‘needles’.

However, it was held one foot away from Li Yao, and due to the shortness of its limbs, it was not able to touch Li Yao’s fingers. It was so angry, and its whiskers were shaking violently, while it declared, “I am the best expert of the Flying Star Sector. How dare you insult me like that? Put me down now, or I will chop off your head with just one move!”

The green mouse struggled hard, with the most cunning expression on its face. It shrieked, “Put me down! The door can only be opened with the ‘Dream Breaking Arts’. You can’t get out of the place without my help! Put me down. I’ll teach you the Dream Breaking Arts, but you need to bring me out together, and you must help me to eliminate all the fakes!”

The blue mouse, on the other hand, only laughed miserably. “Don’t believe me. Don’t believe me! I’ve forgotten. I’ve forgotten the Dream Breaking Arts. We can’t get out! We can’t!”

Li Yao pulled the green mouse closer and asked, “What are the Dream Breaking Arts? A secret technique of Yan Xinjian’s? Tell me everything that you know!”

The green mouse rolled its eyeballs crazily and scratched his cheeks, stammering, but it failed to come up with anything.


Li Yao was angry. His telepathic thoughts struck the green mouse’s brain like a lightning, which was so painful that the green mouse’s limbs were all cramping. Its tail rigid, the green mouse held its head and screamed, “I forgot. I’ve forgotten. I’ve forgotten the Dream Breaking Arts. Ahhh!”

“Hehehehe!” The red mice laughed.

“Hahahaha!” The blue mice chuckled.

“Huhuhuhu!” The black mice giggled.

“Xiao Yu, where are you? Don’t leave me. Xiao Yu” The mice that were emitting white colors were still crouching in the corner lethargically, as if they saw none of what was happening in front of them, while they called a woman’s name nonstop.

Li Yao spat in his heart and threw the green mouse away. He captured several more mice, but the results were the same.

The red mice were arrogant and bad-tempered. They considered themselves to be the best expert of the Flying Star Sector and would rather die before they surrendered. They would resist without caring about anything, even when they were completely suppressed by him, and were not willing to cooperate with him at all.

The blue mice and the black mice acted like there was nothing in the world that they cherished. They kept reciting ‘we can’t get out’. When Li Yao pushed further, they simply craned their necks and stared at Li Yao indifferently.

The green mice were very willing to cooperate, but they seemed to have really forgotten the Dream Breaking Arts and could not provide anything of value at all, even though they were quite enthusiastic in negotiating with Li Yao.

Li Yao was as busy as a bee for half an hour. The hair of those mice was all over his body, but he did not collect any useful information at all.

In the beginning, Li Yao had thought that the mice had wisdom and could be spoken to sensibly. But after further communication, Li Yao discovered, to his disappointment, that their brain capacity was limited after all and that they could only repeat the several sentences. When the topic was outside that range, their nature would be immediately revealed, and they did not understand what he was talking at all.

Realizing that he would not get anything from the mice, Li Yao could only turn back and continue his searching.

Soon, he found the air-cleaning rune arrays and water-cleaning rune arrays.

Other than the primary ones, there were also two sets of supply rune arrays and countless components for repairs. Their structure was very simple. Even outsiders could repair or replace them very easily.

Yan Xinjian planned to lurk below the ground for decades. If anything happened to him, he might even have needed to live on in the form of a spectral Cultivator for hundreds of years. Therefore, he had everything set.

Even a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator could not hold their breath for decades. They would be zombies if so!

It was good news for Li Yao.

He examined the two rune arrays carefully. Judging from the level of damage, they could function normally for at least another several decades and provide sufficient water and air.

Then, Li Yao found the food storage room on the right side of the warehouse of materials.

A huge number of high-nutrition drugs, edible and dehydrated Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures, the meat of eccentric beasts, and a lot of fresh food preserved by the refreshing rune arrays were placed in this room.

Most of the food was sealed in cans, especially the high-nutrition drugs and the dehydrated ingredients. They could be stored for hundreds of years without decaying.

The fresh meat, on the other hand, had holes all over them. It seemed that the mice had been living on the meat over the past hundred years.

Yan Xinjian was in the Nascent Soul Stage. His appetite must be a lot higher than mine.

He stored enough food for a hundred years. Then, it was unfortunate of him to have perished and turned into a spectral Cultivator. Spectral Cultivators do not need food or water and can be sustained with crystals only. Therefore, a huge amount of food has been left in this place.

Air, water, and food were all sufficient. Li Yao was greatly relieved. He began to search for a second exit.

Yan Xinjian prepared to live here for decades. The garbage and the defecations had to be dumped in a certain way. So, there must be a certain exit in this place!

Li Yao examined the training room carefully and finally found the channel for garbage and defecations an hour later.

However, the channel gave him a headache.

It did not lead to the outside world but an incinerator nearby.

The garbage and defecations would be burnt into ash in the incinerator, and the ash would be blown away by the rune arrays of the wind class later.

There were nine tubes to discharge the ash, all of which were the size of fingers. There was no way that a human being could crawl out through them.

This is a dead end. I have to leave through the front door.

There are only two ways to leave through the front door. Firstly, I can blow up the door with strength that is even higher than that of a minor apocalypse.

Or secondly, I have to find out what exactly the Dream Breaking Arts is.

Li Yao found almost twenty crystal processors in the training room.

However, except for the mainframe crystal processors controlling the various rune arrays inside the training room, which boasted tight defense rune arrays that blocked them from the mice, the other crystal processors had been mostly deformed by the mice.

But it was not a problem for Li Yao. He unplugged the storage chips of the broken crystal processors and studied the structure of rune arrays for half a day to determine the storage mechanism.

Then, he assembled a small convertor and connected the storage chips to the crystal processor of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit.

Let me see what Yan Xinjian has left in his crystal processors!

Li Yao rubbed his hands. His telepathic thoughts rushed into Yan Xinjian’s storage chips along the crystal processor.