Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 77

Chapter 77: The Scarlet Flame Queen

A silence. A deathly silence was all around!

There were several hundred students congregated around these two. Each one of them looked as if they had sunk into an incomparably absurd nightmare. They completely werent capable of understanding everything that had happened.

Everyone from the first years to the third years, from the students to the parents, looked at each other in confusion. The countless bewildered expressions all turned incomparably crazed, condensing into a single question:

Did you see that? How about you, did you see that? Everyone saw that, right? Im not the only one whose eyes are playing tricks on me, making me see this hallucination, right?

Such a large campus gave birth to a strange silence. The sound of Helian Lie vomiting stood out alone. He vomited until he was dizzy and dim, practically vomiting out all his intestines.

He. he. he

Only after a long time passed did some people pinch their thighs to come back to their senses. They said He for quite a while; they were actually unable to speak half a sentence.

This cripple Li Yao actually sent Helian Lie flying with a single kick. Then he caused him to vomit by punching with a single fist? Finally, there were some people who were able to stammeringly squeeze out a sentence.

It was as if a floodgate was opened by this sentence. The just-deathly silent campus turned incomparably noisy in a flash. Everyone tore their throats in producing gasps of shock and disbelief.

Did we get this wrong? Didnt Li Yao receive a critical injury and become a cripple? Isnt there only 7% of his Actualization Quotient remaining? How could he be this powerful? So powerful that Helian Lie is completely no match for him?

Quitting school? This kind of expert is actually quitting school? What the heck is the school doing!

Ive seen his battle videos on Devil Flood Dragon Island. He didnt look to be as ferocious during that time. What the hell is going on? Hes simply much more powerful than he was a month ago!

He clearly looks as thin as a match! But when he punched out with that fist just then, his entire body seemed to be pumped with air, expanding by a factor in a flash! Were my eyes blurry? Was I mistaken?

Your eyes werent blurred. I also saw it. That one fist was super ferocious; it had the faint hint of ancient martial techniques. But its much more exquisite than the ancient martial techniques taught by our school. Look, you guys! Even the back of that large tree exploded from the strike!

Wow! Its true! How crazy! Is this still a high school student?

Li Yao spat out a breath slowly. All he felt was that his mind was clear and the air was crisp. The resentment that had filled his body had been swept clean, giving him an indescribable happiness. He did not feel like getting involved with his fellow students. So he strode open his legs, stepped over Helian Lies body like stepping over a dead dog, and headed walking towards the school gate.

A few dumbstruck teachers were standing to the side. Their bodies were completely frozen. They didnt know if they should go up and stop Li Yao.

Right at this moment, an ear-piercing rumble permeated over Li Yaos head, sounding like an arriving giant beast.

Li Yao squinted his eyes and raised his head to look. He saw a flame shoot from the southeast over here at lightning speeds. It cut the skies in two, looking like a sharp flaming warblade. It reached the skies over the school in a flash and orbited around the school in a circle, creating a flaming tornado.

It was an incomparably domineering flying shuttle!

Its rumbling sound was like a great, wild giant beast howling, drawing the attention of the other students. Quite a few people raised their heads to take a look and found that they were unable to take their eyes off it. The knowledgeable students cried in astonishment:

Its the Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle! Its just as famous as the Mystic Bird Battle Shuttle, the Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle!

Wow! It really is the Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle! You can tell from its sound! Its the highest quality model! Its Propulsion Glyph Array went through special customization to allow its speed to burst out to two times the speed of sound! Its a super amazing top-grade flying shuttle!

Its too beautiful! Its simply just like how they show it in the ads, a mass of concentrated flame! Its design is totally different from the Mystic Bird Batte Shuttle, but it has the same kind of complete boldness to it! Its incomparably tyrannical!

Wow! You cant find this shuttle for cheaper than 30 million right?

30 million? Thats just the base model! This top-grade version with its specifically customized Propulsion Glyph Array can cost at least 80 million!

Who else can drive such an unrestrained flying shuttle besides Demon Blade Peng Hai? To come to our school?

The Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle made one more circular loop in the air under the surrounding incomparably envious gazes of everyone. Finally, the shuttle found its target. It made an utterly strange, sharp angled turn in the air and stabbed down, aiming at Li Yao.


Li Yao closed his eyes subconsciously. All he felt was a shooting star pierce through the sky heading straight in front of him!

The Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle came to a stop at low altitude at a distance of 3-4 meters away from Li Yao. It was like a mass of raging flames hovering in the void.

This was a flying shuttle with a completely different style of design than that of the Mystic Bird Battle Shuttle. The Mystic Bird Battle Shuttle was stealthy, minimalist, and profoundly concealed. In contrast, this Flame Battle Shuttle was totally a byword for aggressiveness, domination, and unrestrained. It was as if this shuttle was made by directly taking lava and congealing it with the skeletal remains of a phoenix. It could burn a path to your heart with just a glance of an eye. It made people be fired up with hot blood, igniting their souls!


The cockpit door to the Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle opened. Wearing a red tank top and shorts that were as revealing as you could imagine, with skin as exquisite as honey, with a series of eight bells tied to her ankle, a long legged woman leapt out of the shuttle.


Everyone took in a breath of cold air.

This woman was not beautiful in the traditional sense, but she was the type that was best at attracting peoples eyes. She was like a forever radiating tiny sun. An unmatched beauty, no matter how devastatingly beautiful, would be incapable of seizing away people's gazes as long as she was present.

What a young woman! Im guessing she must be at most in her twenties and she actually drives a luxury flying shuttle worth nearly a 100 million!

Her aura is so powerful! I cant even breath from the pressure! She has to be a cultivator right?

Shes certainly a cultivator and a very ferocious one at that. Even if she hasnt reached the same level as Fiend Blade Peng Hai, shes at least around the same level as Headmaster Zhao. Her aura is way too powerful.

Her eyes are super sharp; theyre simply like two blades. Two scorching blades. Scary! Shes way too scary!

The surrounding observers were chatting animatedly. Not one of them dared to look face to face against this tiny sun. They held their heads low and whispered amongst themselves.

In an instant, everyone had taken the matter between Li Yao and Helian Lie and threw it to the back of their minds.

Everyone discussed in low voices. They could tell that this woman had a large background with a single glance. Who did she come looking for here at Crimson Nimbus Second?

Even Li Yao was stupefied in place. It took a long time before he spoke, Ding Ding

Sister Ling, or Ding-ling-dang-lang. Its up to you! With a large wave of her hand, Ding Lingdang slapped Li Yao on the shoulder. She spoke with complete domination, Come then. Sister is treating you for a meal!

You came here for me?

Li Yao blinked his eyes, unable to get over his shock. Shouldnt this woman long have returned to the Grand Desolate?

Nonsense! I was in Floating Spear City for a whole month, precisely waiting for you to wake up! I got some information five days ago about an extremely rare Winged Indigo Shark roaming about the Far East Ocean. Its swim bladder is a priceless treasure. After going through decoction, the swim bladder has an extremely good recovery effect for patients in comas. I just paid a visit to the Far East Ocean. It took me three days to finally hunt down a Winged Indigo Shark. I didnt expect that you would wake up already and had even sneaked out of the hospital. I had to ask around for quite some time before I found out that you went to school Looks like your recovery is going quite well to be able to hit someone into pissing their pants!

Ding Lingdang had casually glanced a look at Helian Lie and spoke, beaming with smiles.

Its going so-so. The main thing is that I havent eaten yet. If I ate until Im full, my kick just then would have destroyed his bladder. He wouldnt be able to piss at all.

Li Yao returned to being calm and spoke while shrugging his shoulders.

Ding Lingdang laughed with a Pfff. She pinched Li Yaos shoulders forcefully a few times while speaking, Youve really lost weight! Youre just skin and bones! Come on, lets go eat. I spent quite some time looking for you. Im hungry even if youre not!

She dragged Li Yao into the flying shuttle without giving him a chance to speak.

The Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle was a racing-type shuttle, so it used saddle-like seats. At most, it could seat two people front and back. Li Yao sat behind Ding Lingdang. He hesitated for a moment, hardened his courage, and hugged tight her strong, supple, and powerful waist.

Hold on tight! Were leaving!

With a whistle from Ding Lingdang, the cockpit door closed. The interior of the shuttle was flowing with brilliant colorful lights. It was like there was a myriad of flaming serpents dancing on the walls. Soon, a gigantic kickback force arose, forcing Li Yao to stick to Ding Lingdangs body.

Her short hair was very hard like steel needles. They pricked against Li Yaos face, creating a very strange numbing sensation.


The Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle was perpendicular to the ground, rushing perfectly straight into the air. It merged with the scarlet red sunset in a flash!

All the people throughout campus had their mouths as wide open as possible. Their necks stretched as high as they could. And their line of sight was locked dead-on the Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle. They maintained this posture frozen until the Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle faded through the highest clouds. It took a long time before they were able to lower their heads.

It was shocking! There was a heaven falling and earth splitting shock in everyones hearts!

It was outside everyones realm of thought! This female cultivator, who drove a near 100 million credit flying shuttle, actually came here to find this piece of trash Li Yao. The two were even good old acquaintances!

Wasnt Li Yao a poor destitute kid from the slums? Didnt he receive a critical injury? Wasnt his spirit root destroyed, reducing him to a cripple? How can he be this powerful? This irrepressible? This fortunate!

Li Yao Was he really a piece of trash?

The surrounding observers looked at each other in confusion. Occasionally, some people would notice Helian Lie still laying on the ground and vomiting.

The look of pity thrown at Li Yao just now was increased by ten-fold at this time and was tossed towards Helian Lie.

And, Crimson Nimbus Seconds Headmaster Zhao Shude and the Black Faced God were together in the Headmasters Office facing the window. They watched the Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle speechless. They were incapable of retracting their expressions of stupefaction for a long time.

It took a full thirty seconds or so for Zhao Shude to have a cold sweat trickle from his forehead. His two legs also began to tremble lightly.

Helian Ba. Helian Lie. You two father and son have brought me disaster and calamity this time!

Zhao Shude talked to himself at the volume of a mosquito and his facial color gradually turned ashened. He spoke through gritted teeth, Investigate. Investigate ASAP! Which cultivator does this Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle belong to? How could Li Yao, this destitute kid, have a relationship with a cultivator? What sort of hidden powers are backing this kid? Investigate now! NOW!

Yes! Headmaster! I-I-I will go right away! The Black Faced Gods speech was also messy. He staggered and stumbled out of the Headmasters Office.