Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 773

Chapter 773 Space Gate

Chapter 773: Space Gate

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The space pirates and the Immortal Cultivators were very clear that they would be doomed when the space gate was successfully repaired.

Therefore, since the day they found the fleet of the Cultivators at the periphery of the Spider Den Space Zone, brutal battles had never ceased, not for a single day.

The space pirates and the Immortal Cultivators were sabotaging the repair work of the space gate so that they could postpone the date of their death day by day.

As for the Cultivators, not only did they establish defense lines near the space gate, they had also launched a lot of Grand Illusionary Soldiers to Spider Den on a regular basis.

It was partly to stall the space pirates and the Immortal Cultivators and partly reconnaissance by firepower. Through the data collected in the battles, the final battle could be won easier.

As more and more crystal warships fully loaded with Grand Illusionary Soldiers marched into the Spider Den Space Zone, the space pirates and the Immortal Cultivators began showing the signs of losing. Their multiple assaults had met failures. It was very likely that the space gate would finish construction within one month.

That was all the information that the space pirate knew.

Of course, Li Yao did not show any mercy to the member of the Storm Prison Pirate Gang. After hearing everything, he snapped a light ball with his right hand, which pierced through the captive’s breastplate and into his chest. The spiritual energy immediately melted his heart like magma.

The space pirate’s bulged. They were still filled with confusion and consternation, but they gradually lost their color.

Li Yao fell into deep thought. If everything was part of Xiao Xuance’s plan, what was he up to exactly? Was he really going to destroy Spider Den?

A moment later, Li Yao waved his fist and almost shouted out aloud.

He understood it now! He understood everything!

Five years ago. He had been discussing the Grand Illusionary Soldier Project with Professor Mo Xuan. At that time, they had agreed that, even if Xiao Xuance set up backdoors in the Grand Illusionary Soldiers, it was impossible for him to take control over all the Grand Illusionary Soldiers in the dozens of space zones simultaneously.

Due to the long distance between space zones, the transmission of telepathic thoughts had latency even if they were transmitted at the speed of light.

The Cultivators in a different space zone had many ways to cut off connection from the Spiritual Nexus with other space zones and turn the Spiritual Nexus of their space zone into a local area network. Any commands from the outside world would be blocked!

However, in the final battle, the problem would be no more!

This was the final war. In order to completely destroy Spider Den, the Cultivators would definitely concentrate most of the available soldiers and crystal warships to this place. The Grand Illusionary Soldiers would also be shipped here through space jumps. The greatest hazard of the Flying Star Sector would be dealt with once and for all!

Since all the Grand Illusionary Soldiers were focused in the same space zone, the latency of the Spiritual Nexus did not exist!

Besides, in a battlefield, there could only be one commander and one voice. It was impossible for all the units to fight on their own. Therefore, after they gathered in the Spider Den Space Zone, all the Grand Illusionary Soldiers and Cultivators would definitely be commanded as a whole. Who else could the supreme commander be except for Xiao Xuance, the crownless king of the Flying Star Sector?

It would be even easier for Xiao Xuance to do his tricks!

“Spider Den is Xiao Xuance’s bait. The Temple of Immortals and the Immortal Cultivators are merely Xiao Xuance’s stepping stones. Everything he has been doing is to focus most of the strength of the Flying Star Sector and the Grand Illusionary Soldiers in the Spider Den Space Zone!

“Xiao Xuance is taking the Blood God’s example!” Li Yao mumbled and shuddered violently.

Ten thousand years ago, during the prime years of the Star Ocean Imperium, an expedition army was formed by all the elites of the nation and marched toward the last nest of the demon race.

They had thought that they would be sure winners and that the demon race would be wiped out without much trouble.

However, the Blood God, the supreme commander of the expedition army, was transformed into the Mad Armageddon and rebelled. He then made an alliance with the demon race, manipulated by the extraterrestrial devils.

Struck by the rebellions and the demon race together, the expedition army, which represented the top combat ability of mankind, was obliterated!

If there are really backdoors in the Grand Illusionary Soldiers, after all the people are gathered in the Spider Den Space Zone, Xiao Xuance will activate his plan, and the Grand Illusionary Soldiers will attack the Cultivators under his command together with the space pirates and the Immortal Cultivators!

Caught off guard, the Cultivators will definitely suffer heavy losses, if not leaving no survivors at all!

This is going to be the last war. When the elites in the world of Cultivators perish, the space zones without guardians will be like fat lambs that can only wait to be butchered!

Yes. Yes. This is the only possible plan and the only hope for the Immortal Cultivators to win the war when they are terribly outnumbered!

Li Yao had been suspicious for a long time. Compared to the Cultivators, the Immortal Cultivators were too weak. Their schemes in the Skyhill Domain, Iron Plateau, Heavenly Saints City, and Spider Den, although neat and seamless, were all restricted to the tactical level. Even if all their schemes worked out, they were not likely to really shake the foundation of the Cultivators’ reign in the Flying Star Sector. If anything, they would only expose themselves more and more during the operations.

The Immortal Cultivators were never going to win a war of attrition!

If Li Yao could think of that, the schemers among the Immortal Cultivators must have been able to think of that, too. But they had jumped out unhesitatingly anyway and implemented their cruel, sordid plans one after another.


Before, Li Yao had been baffled.

But now, he had fully understood.

It did not matter how many times the Immortal Cultivators failed. Even if they had failed in the Skyhill Domain, on Iron Plateau, in Heavenly Saints City, and on Spider Den alike, it was not important.

As long as they acted like they were a threat and everyone supported the Grand Illusionary Soldier Project, driven by their sense of crisis, it would be good enough!

The space pirates, the Immortal Cultivators, the Black Spider Tower, the Temple of Immortals… All of them were mere insignificant chess pieces.

Xiao Xuance and his Grand Illusionary Soldiers were the real players here!

Right now, the players had made their final move. The trap was already taking shape!

No. I cannot allow the space gate to be repaired.

Right now, the leaders of every space zone and the officials of the important sects are all on their way to Heavenly Saints City for the morale-building rally.

When the morale-building rally is over, the Grand Illusionary Soldiers and the crystal warships in various space zones will perform space jumps and reach this place together!

After they all arrive, Xiao Xuance will be able to initiate his final scheme!

If I destroy the space gate, I can at least buy myself enough time to leave for Heavenly Saints City and unveil Xiao Xuance’s true face in front of everyone!

Li Yao did not have any evidence right now. Everything was just his speculation. However, he was ninety percent confident about his deduction.

It was, naturally, very tricky to accuse the crownless king of the Flying Star Sector without proof.

However, the validness of an accusation had a lot to do with the person who made it.

If Bai Xinghe went to accuse Xiao Xuance, nobody would believe him even if he was speaking the truth.

But Li Yao was different. He was a big hero of the Flying Star Sector, the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau, and the real controller of the Glorious Sunlight Group!

Li Yao was not worried that the Glorious Sunlight Group would betray him, because the foundation of the Glorious Sunlight Group was its research center. Even if everybody else in the world betrayed him, the research center, supervised by Professor Mo Xuan, would stand by him.

With my words, I can influence the decisions of the Glorious Sunlight Group, Iron Plateau, and the Great Horn Exo Society. When they take action together, a chain reaction in the world of Cultivators will be triggered. I don’t believe that Xiao Xuance will stand by and watch.

When he takes measures, his flaws will be revealed, and I will finish him quickly with a headshot!

Li Yao thought of something and realized that such a plan was a bit too passive. He might not be able to reveal Xiao Xuance’s plot completely.

Maybe, I should dig a pit for Xiao Xuance with something that only I know about…

But right now, let me check the space gate first!

Only a minority of the Grand Illusionary Soldiers were sent to Spider Den after all. They were gradually extinguished by the space pirates and the Immortal Cultivators.

The secret docks below Spider Den launched countless crystal warships, which marched into space with long exhaust flames behind.

With Li Yao’s Cultivation right now, he easily snuck into a crystal warship and got a ride into space.

After more than half a day’s flight, they were already in the vast universe. The continuous flames of war dyed the darkness crimson.


Before they entered the battlefield, the surging spiritual waves were already crashing into the shell of the crystal warship like tireless tides.

Then, earsplitting alarms echoed. The crystal warship shook suddenly and lost all its momentum. It circled and crumbled slowly.

They had been hit by a dense bombardment and ripped apart.


Wearing the standard crystal suit of the Immortal Army, which he had taken from an unlucky man, Li Yao dived into space like a normal soldier.

The spectacular view he saw, however, made him stop breathing briefly.

More than a hundred large star beacons, each of which was almost a hundred meters long, formed what seemed to be a cube. Every ridge of the cube was dozens of kilometers long.

Spiritual energy reverberated between the star beacons. Brilliant lines connected them, making them clear and eye-catching in the dark universe.

They seemed to be a cube made of a deity that had been left in space.

It was the space gate.

Right now, countless refiners and mechanics were clinging to the star beacons like ants on a pebble. They were seizing every second to repair the devices.   ( Updated by BOX NOVEL.COM)

The eight angles of the space gate each had an enormous star fortress. They looked like eight giant honeycombs.

Every honeycomb was almost a hundred kilometers in diameter. Countless crystal suits, armed shuttles, and even crystal warships were entering and exiting the ‘honeycombs’.

It was really incredible that eight star fortresses of such enormous scale had been moved to the frontline.

Centered around the eight star fortresses, dozens of defense lines spread out and covered the space gate tightly.

The space pirates, the Cultivators, the Immortal Cultivators, and the Grand Illusionary Soldiers were involved in fierce combat in the cold universe. The scorching flowers of death were blossoming on the dead bodies and the remains of the starships. Tides of spiritual energy pushed away the corpses and the debris in various directions like dandelions in a blowing wind.

The space gate is about to be recovered. Only one corner is still lackluster.

Other than the Grand Illusionary Soldiers, the elites of the Cultivators are stationed here, too!

Li Yao frowned. He saw that the battle emblems of the six sects of Heavenly Saints City were carved on many crystal warships.

In the fierce battles, many Exos showed excellent combat ability, too.

Xiao Xuance’s scheme was top secret. Perhaps few Immortal Cultivators in the Temple of Immortals knew it. Naturally, the Cultivators in this place were not likely to be his accomplices. They were probably cannon fodder that had been fooled to go there.

Therefore, Li Yao could not simply kill them.

Pondering for a moment, Li Yao thought of an approach.

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