Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 774

Chapter 774 Li Yao's Scheme Begin

Chapter 774: Li Yao’s Scheme, Begin!

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Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

Li Yao’s two eyes seemed to have become two black holes. Endless stars in the universe, together with the two parties that were involved in the fierce battles, especially the experts, were devoured. Their coordinates, their movement patterns, and the trajectories of their attacks were all transformed into a series of complicated data. A bright golden storm of data was congregating inside Li Yao’s brain as he calculated and sorted through every detail in the battlefield.

For a moment, Li Yao considered whether or not he should reveal his identity immediately and announce Xiao Xuance’s scheme to public.

But he abandoned the idea very quickly.

When an arrow was put on the bow, it had to be shot out. For a war that everybody in the Flying Star Sector was involved in, the daily consumption of resources was already astronomical. For the war to be halted or stopped because of several words from somebody was impossible.

With Xiao Xuance’s position, power, and prestige, he was not likely to be crushed by groundless rumors, either.

If Li Yao launched his attack prematurely, he could only raise Xiao Xuance’s wariness, defense, and readiness. Xiao Xuance would cover any flaws in his facade, and he would also launch the fiercest counterattack in order to destroy Li Yao and even the Glorious Sunlight Group, the Great Horn Exo Society, and Iron Plateau behind him!

However, the space gate is about to be completed, and the final battle could happen at any moment. I don’t have any time to collect evidence!

Besides, Xiao Xuance is a prudent, meticulous man. In order to achieve his purpose, he sacrificed his own son. For such a brutal man, how much evidence will he have left for me to find?

The time is too urgent. I have to gamble. If Xiao Xuance doesn’t bite my bait, I can always reveal my identity and speak the truth to everybody!

In that moment, Li Yao planned a trap for Xiao Xuance!

First, he was going to attack the defense lines of the space gate together with the space pirates!


The flowers of death were blossoming among the space pirates and the Immortal Army. Countless Immortal Cultivators were blown up by the immense blast.

Without the protection of spiritual energy, their broken bodies were soon frozen into icy blocks by the cold universe, drifting randomly in the battlefield.

Li Yao narrowed his eyes and calculated the trajectories of the bombardment quickly. It took him five seconds to find a satisfactory coordinate and angle.

Without any hesitation, he charged at where the Cultivators’ defense was weakest, with an orange exhaust flame spurting out of his back.

Half a minute later, Li Yao was hit precisely by a powerful crystal cannon in the front!

The bombardment came from the main cannon of a crystal warship. The tremendous spiritual energy stored in the attack blew him away instantly!

When the light of the crystal cannon died down, although Li Yao’s body was still intact, his crystal suit had been battered, and blood was flowing out all over his body.

The blood was soon frozen and turned into crimson frost.

Li Yao drifted slowly toward a corner of the space gate as if he were a dead body.

There were many dead bodies similar to him on the battlefield. Nobody paid him much attention.

Sneaking into the defense line under the disguise of a corpse was a common strategy. However, the soldiers who carried out such a strategy had to wear a crystal suit when they pretended to be dead bodies, too.

In the airless, frigid space, without the protection of a crystal suit, even Cultivators would not able to hold on for long.

At the very least, their heads had to be protected by helmets, which would provide necessary oxygen and energy.

On the other hand, Li Yao was only covered by twisted scraps of his crystal suit, which had been melted onto his body as if it were slag.

His head was exposed to the vacuum. His eyes were wide open and dim. His facial expression was frozen in the bewilderment at the last moment of his life. Over all, he looked like a vivid rock statue.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Mystic rays beamed out of the Cultivators’ crystal warships and scanned the battlefield carefully, especially the ‘dead bodies’ whose limbs were intact and whose crystal suit was undamaged.

If so much as the tiniest spiritual wave was perceived, the crystal warships would bombard the targets mercilessly until the dead bodies were blown into ashes together with their crystal suits.

Corpses like Li Yao that did not have crystal suits and had twisted limbs were determined to be ‘lifeless’ and simply ignored by the crystal warships.

Li Yao gradually approached the space gate.

The powerful crystal cannon gave him a high initial velocity. In the vacuum where there was barely any friction, he was like a shooting star.


There were too many variants in a battlefield, and he could not take all the accidents into consideration.

A crystal warship suddenly exploded near him, and its debris smashed at him like a hurricane.

With Li Yao’s Cultivation right now, he could resist all the incoming scraps as long as he placed the weakest spiritual shield around him.

But as a ‘dead body’, he could not do that.

The distance is close enough, Li Yao thought as he calculated quickly. At this moment, there were the last fifteen kilometers between him and a star beacon that had been repaired.

Then—it’s time to take action!

In a moment, Li Yao’s eyes turned from a dull gray to shining gems. Endless lightning was dancing around his pupils. The crimson frost on his skin was boiled into a bloody aura that surrounded him!


Li Yao did not crash at the space gate. Instead, he darted toward a crystal warship that was closest to him!

Rong Jun was extremely excited in the simmering battlefield.

Rong Jun was a Cultivator in the high level of the Building Foundation Stage and also an experienced Exo. It had been more than half a month since he came to the front line, and he had participated in more than ten bloody battles where he had slain dozens space pirates and Immortal Cultivators. Naturally, his excitement was not because of a regular battle.

He was so thrilled that he was barely able to control himself because another batch of Cultivators had arrived in the Spider Den Space Zone.

Long Feihu, his idol and the undefeated champion of the Heavenly Sword Arena, was among the newcomers!

Long Feihu was a top expert who had been famous for almost fifty years. He was in the high level of the Building Foundation Stage, and his skills in operating a crystal suit were fantastic. In the Heavenly Sword Arena, one of the top five arenas of Heavenly Saints City, he had once secured a miraculous hundred-win streak!

Many young men of the Flying Star Sector actually embarked on the path of an Exo after watching Long Feihu’s combat videos!

Rong Jun was no exception. When he was little, Long Feihu had already distinguished himself. He kept Long Feihu’s personal autograph to this day, which was the most valuable treasure for him.

He did not expect that he would be fighting side by side with his greatest idol. Besides, the two of them were so close to each other. How could Rong Jun not be excited?

Long Feihu! The expert who secured a hundred victories in a row! The legendary expert of the Heavenly Sword Arena!

Strong. He is so strong. Just one slash, and a ‘Greedy Wolf Battlesuit’ has been chopped in half!

The helmet and the breastplate of such a crystal suit adopted the Great Bright Alloy, which is extremely hard. They are designed to resist the bombardment of a crystal cannon multiple times. But Long Feihu broke them apart with a casual attack!

In the chaos of the battle, neither of the two parties were able to keep their battle formation. It had become an open hunting ground.

Rong Jun simply chose to stay closely behind Long Feihu. He accepted his idol’s temporary command and teamed up with him, while he observed his idol’s battle skills.

Rong Jun had thought that Long Feihu’s fighting style was the glamor and sophistication he demonstrated in the Heavenly Sword Arena.

But now that he was on the battlefield, he realized that Long Feihu had not been giving his best performance in the arena at all. His real fighting style was simple, straightforward, and cruel. The piercing and the slashing were clean and quick. Barely any space pirates or Immortal Cultivators could let him attack twice. In several minutes, countless dead bodies were already floating around Long Feihu. He was likely the most precise slaughtering machine in the world!

Rong Jun was completely fascinated. He was about to cheer for his idol loudly in the communication channel!


Earsplitting alarms echoed inside Rong Jun’s crystal processor. An immense spiritual wave was darting at an unimaginable speed from behind him!

Before he realized what was going on, Long Feihu had rushed upward!

Then, Rong Jun felt as if a crystal warship was rushing at full speed crashed into him!

I’m screwed!

Rong Jun was blown away before he had the chance to scream.

With his abundant experience in fighting, he knew clearly that it was probably the last second of his life.

However, in the next second, as he gradually freed himself from the tremendous blast stabilized himself, Rong Jun discovered, to his surprise, that he was not dead. In fact, there were not the slightest injuries on his body. Even his crystal suit was undamaged!

How is this possible?

Rong Jun was immediately soaked in cold sweat. At first, he thought that he had been hit by a mental attack. But when he looked at his surroundings, he found out that he had truly been blown several kilometers away!

This… this is impossible!

A stream of spiritual energy blew me several kilometers away without hurting me at all? Who—who did it? His control over spiritual energy must be incredibly precise!

Before Rong Jun recovered from his daze, he saw an even more dumbfounding scene!

His crystal camera found that Long Feihu, his idol, was floating a kilometer away like a puppet that had lost all its strings. Flames were bursting out from all the key parts of his crystal suit, as if somebody had chopped off all the transmission tubes of his crystal suit!

“Senior Long!”

Countless exclamations echoed inside the communication channel.

Clearly, Rong Jun was not the only person who had seen the shocking view.

“Cough cough. Cough cough cough cough!”

After three seconds of silence, Long Feihu’s coughs came over in the communication channel.

Along with the coughs was a furious roar. “Got away. He got away!”

“Long—Long Feihu was totally crushed in just one second!”   ( Updated by BOX NOVEL.COM)

Something deep down in Rong Jun’s heart seemed to be collapsing. He held back his astonishment and looked at Long Feihu’s back.

He saw a streak of redness hundreds of meters long that looked like a shooting star with a long exhaust flame. It was zigzagging agilely in the impregnable web of fire. The crystal cannons hit him multiple times, but in the end, it was the blurred shadow of him that was shattered.

Within a breath, after altering his direction hundreds of times, the red shooting star with an extremely long exhaust flame crashed into the front of a crystal warship heavily!

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