Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 775

Chapter 775 Reappearance

Chapter 775: Reappearance!

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If it were not for his helmet, Rong Jun’s jaw would have hit the ground.

When a crystal warship was sailing in the universe, sometimes it would have to pass through meteoroid showers. Therefore, the head of the crystal warships was always specially strengthened. Even if it were hit by the main cannon of the enemy, it might not necessarily take any damage.

However, the streak of redness was like a burnt iron chopstick piercing through tofu. It was not in the least hindered and penetrated into the crystal warship easily.

The only thing left was a pure round and red hole around which the steel was bulging and melting into an orange ring.

The communication channel was immediately thrown into chaos. Somebody was calling for reinforcements, somebody was contacting the Cultivators in the crystal warship, and somebody was shouting to determine the stranger’s identity by comparing his features with the profiles in the database.

However, after less than twenty seconds, the streak of redness penetrated through the other end of the crystal warship!

Never in the Cultivators wildest dreams had they foreseen that an expert on the enemy’s side could pass through a crystal warship in less than twenty seconds.

There were no Cultivators behind the crystal warship!

Then, Rong Jun saw a devastating scene.

In the blink of an eye, the streak of redness reached the front of a star beacon.

Due to the long distance and the crimson aura around the enemy, Rong Jun could not tell what the enemy’s crystal suit looked like exactly. He only saw that six limbs around five meters long extended out of the redness, as if a weird, giant spider had stretched out. Then, the six limbs pierced into the star beacon brutally!

Every star beacon was almost a hundred meters long, protected by powerful defense rune arrays.

However, no matter how brilliantly the stripes on the defense rune arrays were shining and how forceful the electric arcs they released were, they could not stop the intruder from blowing six holes in the hundred-meter-long star beacon with the six limbs!

On the back of the star beacon, six volcanoes seemed to erupt at the same time. Countless components and scraps spurted out together with the flames and poured into the depths of the sea of stars.

Then, the man held the star beacon with his six limbs and started spinning it. In just one second, he had spun the star beacon almost a thousand times!

Is he a human being?

Rong June felt that his head was dizzy, and his heart was freezing. The endless data jumping out of the light beam made him wonder whether or not he was in the middle of a dream!

In the end, the man threw the star beacon away brutally. The star beacon immediately turning into a roaring shooting star and crashed at the star beacons further ahead.


There was no sound in the vacuum, but the spiritual waves raised by the huge collision of the two star beacons were like a tsunami. Rong Jun could not help but move backward, as if he had heard an earsplitting explosion.

The star beacons that were used to navigate the long-distance space jumps were very precise magical equipment. When the two star beacons crashed heavily, the violent shaking triggered a certain chain reaction in the components inside them. After a few weird flashes, the two star beacons collapsed toward the center and exploded within a breath. The fireballs expanded stubbornly in the vacuum like a deformed tumor. Dazzling, eccentric colors were beaming out!

Although Rong Jun was not a refiner, he could tell that the two star beacons had been destroyed!

The crimson shadow slowly rose up from the red lotuses of destruction and stared at the battlefield like an invincible God of War.

Although Rong Jun was behind the enemy, he still shivered and had a feeling that a ferocious animal had got its eyes on him and would bite off his head as soon as he moved slightly!

What was odd was that the mysterious intruder suddenly went rigid, and even bent his body, for a moment in the battlefield full of unexpected factors.

Rong Jun did not know what it meant. Ever since the crimson shadow showed up, his movements had been clean and precise without the slightest hesitation. But right now, he seemed to be… catching his breath?

The chaos and noise in the communication channel gradually cleared up and calmed down.

Countless Cultivators and Grand Illusionary Soldiers were marching toward the mysterious expert.

But the mysterious expert did not dawdle for too long. Before he was surrounded, he dashed out of the circle at an amazingly high speed.

When Long Feihu came back to himself, he changed to a speed-type crystal suit and chased after the enemy. But after half a minute of rushing, the distance between them only continued to increase. He could only shake his head and abandon the pursuit.

The enemy reached the most chaotic area of the battlefield and split off into dozens of blurred shadows that ran in different directions.

The serial explosions of the two crystal warships were like a hurricane that blew away all the blurred shadows.

The Cultivators and the Immortal Cultivators alike lost track of the expert.

He had gone.

Rong Jun looked at where the enemy had disappeared, dumbfounded, unable to calm himself down for a long time.

When he looked back, he found that the two star beacons had been completely melted into wasted iron and copper. They were now beyond repair.

Rong Jun sighed. Those star beacons were mostly magical equipment left by the Star Ocean Imperium that were now put into use again after maintenance.

With the technology of the Flying Star Sector, it was possible to produce more of them, but it would require a huge amount of manpower and resources, and it would take at least a month to ship the new star beacons to the frontline after they were manufactured.

The space gate was a precise system. Without the broken and damaged star beacons, it would not be able to guide the space jumps of the large-scale fleets. Should there be an error, the whole fleet might end up in a foreign, desolate space zone outside of the Flying Star Sector, or even directly twisted in the four-dimensional universe.

The day of the final battle has to be put off for at least a month.

Rong Jun felt that his head was aching.

Right then, he heard Long Feihu’s solemn voice in the communication channel. “The stranger is in the Nascent Soul Stage and has never appeared before!”

The appearance of a new expert in the Nascent Soul Stage was not just a headache for the Cultivators on the battlefield.

Since the arrival of the extraterrestrial devils five years ago, the Cultivators had decided to implement the ‘Grand Illusionary Soldier Project’ and set up a command center in Heavenly Saints City that was responsible for the organization of the war against the Temple of Immortals.

At this moment, it had been three hours since the two star beacons were destroyed.

The command center was still in a mess because of the aftershock of the incident.

The damage of a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was equal to that of a crystal warship. But their stealth ability and their agility were hundreds of times higher than those of a crystal warship. They were essentially strategic weapons that could move, attack, or hide themselves!

If a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator had made up their mind, it would not be a problem if they intended to destroy a city or suppress an asteroid!

Therefore, for the two parties engaged in any war, they had to closely monitor the first-rate and the super experts in the peak of the Core Formation Stage and in the Nascent Soul Stage on the enemy’s side. They would create secret files and collect all the data so that they would know exactly where those experts were at any given moment!

On the other hand, the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were not carrots in a farmland. They could not just appear out of nowhere.

It would consume astronomical resources to raise a Cultivator into the Nascent Soul Stage. Advanced facilities and wholehearted mentors were mandatory, too. The whole process might easily take a hundred years.

No Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators would show up without a reason!

After five years of warfare, the few Nascent Soul Stage experts on the Temple of Immortals’ side were all under the Cultivators’ watch. But the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator who emerged beyond all expectations did not look like any of the Immortal Cultivators that had appeared before.

Was he the last trump card of the Immortal Cultivators?

Unlikely. If he was the last trump card, why did he join such a daily battle that mattered little to the war as a whole? Why did he have no backup and seem to be entirely fighting on his own?

Because the hall of the Meeting of the Next Millennium in Heavenly Saints City was spacious enough to land large crystal warships and the conference rooms were advanced enough to accommodate tens of thousands of Cultivators simultaneously, it had been serving as the command center for the war against the Immortal Cultivators since the Edge Sharpeners’ Meeting ended five years ago.

Inside the command center, the thousands of light beams were displaying the battle pictures captured three hours ago repetitively.

Most of the videos had been captured by the Exos, the Grand Illusionary Soldiers, and the crystal warships. Since the enemy had been too fast and the battlefield too complex, almost all the pictures were fuzzy and barely distinguishable.

Countless experts of crystal processors were trying everything they could to retrieve the key information from the fuzzy videos and compare it with the files in the database.

Xiao Xuance, as well as the leadership of the six sects of Heavenly Saints City, the Star Fighters’ Alliance, and the Glorious Sunlight Group, had arrived in the place. They were all frowning, deep in thought.

A new expert in the Nascent Soul Stage had appeared. It was too important an issue to be handled by Xiao Xuance alone.

Besides, the Cultivators from various sects had seen the enemy in person on the battlefield. It was impossible for Xiao Xuance, who also had no reason, to cover the incident up now.

“When a worm is killed, its body might still be cramping. Since the army of the Grand Illusionary Soldiers was established, the war has been going very well, or too well, some might say.

“Right now, the Temple of Immortals has finally revealed their last strength. It appears that the final battle will not be as smooth as the previous ones!”

It was Si Koulie, leader of the Star Fighters’ Alliance, who was speaking coldly while crossing his arms next to Xiao Xuance.

The Star Fighters’ Alliance was made of twenty-eight important sects in the other space zones. It was safe to say that the organization was an alliance of the middle and small sects of the Flying Star Sector.

Five years ago, he had been selfless enough to withdraw from the competition and support Xiao Xuance. It was why the Grand Illusionary Soldier Project had been carried out without much trouble.

Because of his high prestige in the six sects of Heavenly Saints City and the various smaller sects in the other space zones, Si Koulie naturally became the second in command, only below Xiao Xuance.

With a gloomy face, Xiao Xuance stared at the ever-changing picture, the senile plaques on his face getting even darker. He did not say anything for a long time, but his eyebrows became continually more furrowed.

Soon, more than ten light beams were enlarged, and the image was enhanced. More and more details were revealed.

“The results are in!”

One of the Cultivators in charge of the crystal processors stood up and said, “We have analyzed the pictures taken by hundreds of crystal cameras and overlapped them dynamically. Then we optimized the details with data association. A clear static image has been generated. We are still working on the dynamic image.

“Please take a look everybody, this is the enemy’s crystal suit.”

A fuzzy figure was displayed on the light beams from different angles.

Although most parts of the figure were covered in red mist, six intimidating limbs were protruding out.

What Rong Jun mistook for the limbs of a spider turned out to be six magnificent dragons, whose six bloody mouths were biting glittering balls respectively. / NovelFull.Com

All the Cultivators gasped.

“The Dragon King Battlesuit!”

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