Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 783

Chapter 783 Crucify Xiao Xuance

Chapter 783: Crucify Xiao Xuance!
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Immediately, more than ten data analysists started searching for the packages that Si Koulie’s great granddaughter had received during the last half month on the Spiritual Nexus.

However, the result was not important now.

What was important was that a Great Pagoda VII communicator had breached the Immortal Cultivators’ surveillance and ended up in Si Koulie’s hands without anybody knowing.

The dangerous person suspected to be Bai Xinghe had started a conversation with Si Koulie. Their dialogue might sabotage all the endeavors that the Immortal Cultivators had worked hard on for decades.

Jamming the Great Pagoda VII communicator and cutting off the communication was doable.

But that would be admitting that they were guilty and also strongly raise Si Koulie’s suspicion.

Therefore, Xiao Xuance could only ask the operation squad to reach the tenth space ring as quickly as possible and let the assassination group that targeted Si Koulie be prepared. Then, he simply waited and watched.

Two and a half minutes later, the Immortal Cultivators cut into the conversation between the target and Si Koulie.

The two parties were both using faked voices, but it was not hard to distinguish them from their tones and the content.

All the Immortal Cultivators held their breath as they listened to the conversation between the dangerous person who was suspected to be Bai Xinghe and Si Koulie.

When they hacked in, the conversation had already been on for more than half a minute. Neither party was interested in small talk, and they went directly to the topic.

Although his faked voice was rigid and unemotional, it could not hide Si Koulie’s intense scorn. “You went through all this trouble and even used my great granddaughter to pass on the Great Pagoda VII communicator to me, just because you wanted to convince me that you could help me push down Xiao Xuance?”

The man suspected to be Bai Xinghe had an equally cold and rigid voice. Every word seemed to be coming from a running gear. He said, “Don’t tell me that you don’t want to push down Xiao Xuance.

“In the Flying Star Sector, the Star Fighters’ Alliance is the strongest, other than the six sects of Heavenly Saints City.

“In the past, you have been suppressed by the six sects of Heavenly Saints City, and you do not stand any chance.

“But over the past years, the Glorious Sunlight Group has risen, which is supported by a behemoth named Iron Plateau.

“If the Star Fighters’ Alliance and the Glorious Sunlight Group join hands, the capability combined is no lower than that of the six sects of Heavenly Saints City. By then, if a great scandal about Xiao Xuance, the crownless king of the Flying Star Sector, is suddenly out, Si Koulie, you will be the well-deserved top figure of the Flying Star Sector!”

Si Koulie burst into laughter. “You think I’m a three-year-old who can be so easily misguided? Are you going to insinuate that Xiao Xuance is the Lotus King or the Sea King of the Temple of Immortals?

“Save yourself the trouble!

“Xiao Xuance was indeed suspected of being an Immortal Cultivator before, but I was suspected of being the Lotus King or the Sea King, too! Is there any famous person in the world of Cultivators who has not been suspected before? Your tricks won’t work here!”

The man he was talking to was silent for a moment, before he replied, “If you have absolute faith in Xiao Xuance, why did you choose to waste your time talking to me? Did the proof that I sent with the communicator interest you?”

There was a minor riot in the command center of the Immortal Cultivators when they heard ‘proof’. Many Immortal Cultivators were frowning.

Emotionlessly, Xiao Xuance pressed his hands and gestured for everyone to calm down and not to be troubled by such ruses.

“We have calculated every detail carefully. No proof has ever been left. Don’t be fooled, everybody!” Xiao Xuance assured them and kept listening.

“Your so-called ‘proof’ is purely groundless and not of any worth,” Si Koulie said. “I agreed to talk to you only because I had guessed who you were!

“You are… Bai Xinghe!”

The man suspected to be Bai Xinghe replied with silence. There was nothing except the blank noise in the communication channel.

“As expected of the Pirate Potentate,” Si Koulie said. “You were bold enough to barge into Heavenly Saints City all by yourself.

“I was very curious about your real purpose. That was why I decided to talk to you. But no worries. The conversation is just between us, because I know very clearly that you are monitoring it in a certain way and will run away quickly at the earliest ominous sign.

“Bai Xinghe, although you’ve been a major headache for the Cultivators, it is also a fact that you waged a war against the Temple of Immortals five years ago. So, I’m willing to give you a chance and hear what you have to say.

“However, if what you are going to say is crap like that, then you might as well save your time. I will abort the communication immediately and order your capture.

“Right. I can offer you a piece of information for free.

“According to the deductions and calculations we made in the last five years, of the four kings of the Temple of Immortals, at least one is fake. Either the Lotus King or the Sea King does not exist at all!”

The man suspected to be Bai Xinghe seemed to be surprised. He exclaimed, “What?”

“Don’t you see?” Si Koulie sneered. “The so-called four kings were the Temple of Immortals’ own claim. It is just their own words. Not just four kings. If they want, they can declare that they have a hundred and eight kings!

“A nonexistent Lotus King or Sea King has forced us to waste a huge amount of manpower and resources on investigations over the past years, to the point that every Cultivator lived in fear. Many Cultivators were suspected or accused and had to suspend their work. As a result, our counterattack plan was postponed for years, and intense mistrust among the six sects of Heavenly Saints City, the Star Fighters’ Alliance, and Iron Plateau was brewing!

“From that perspective, a nonexistent Lotus King or Sea King is as damaging as the Mountain King or the Black King, isn’t he?

“Even if we destroy the Temple of Immortals someday, we cannot eliminate a nonexistent person. The so-called Lotus King or Sea King will haunt us and live on as a symbol and an idol when the Immortal Cultivators rise again.

“Now, are you still insisting that Xiao Xuance is the Lotus King or the Sea King?”

The man suspected to be Bai Xinghe replied coldly, “Interesting news. However, I do not intend to accuse Xiao Xuance of being the Lotus King or the Sea King. Not at all.”

“Is that so?” There was surprise in Si Koulie’s voice. He said, “Then, what kind of indictments are you going to make that can push Xiao Xuance down right before the final battle?”

The man he spoke to said, “How about intentional homicide?”

“Who is the victim?” Si Koulie asked.

“Tomorrow,” the man said, “the morale-boosting rally for the battle of Spider Den will be held. The leadership of more than four hundred and seventy of the top 500 sects will attend. It is definitely the greatest event in the world of Cultivators in the past five thousand years!

“If you present unquestionable evidence to the tens of thousands of Cultivators at the rally, proving that Xiao Xuance butchered a whole starship of Cultivators and ordinary people a hundred and twenty years ago just in order to steal their food, fuel, and supplies, do you think your arraignment can push down Xiao Xuance, the leader of all Cultivators and the crownless king?”

His words struck Xiao Xuance like a lightning.

Xiao Xuance’s mask-like cold and determined face cracked and collapsed.

“A hundred and twenty years ago…”

Xiao Xuance’s eyelids were twitching violently beyond his control.

The Immortal Cultivators were all discussing heatedly, too.

They had thought that the dangerous person would provide certain evidence suggesting that Xiao Xuance was the Lotus King of the Temple of Immortals and a hardcore Immortal Cultivator.

They were all prepared for such a prosecution and had hundreds of countermeasures.

But the man had tossed out such an unexpected bomb!

Even Si Koulie seemed to be caught unprepared. He asked, “A hundred and twenty years ago, he butchered a whole starship of Cultivators and ordinary people?”

The man who was suspected to be Bai Xinghe replied, “You heard me. The Star Fighters’ Alliance must have investigated Xiao Xuance’s background, too. You should know that he was involved in a cosmic storm a hundred and twenty years ago and luckily escaped after going missing for a long time.”

“Yes,” Si Koulie mumbled, “it is true that he was unfortunately consumed by a cosmic storm during an operation to hunt space pirates. He did not appear with the seriously damaged crystal warship again until after almost half a year.

“Are you suggesting that, for his own survival, he looted other starships and killed innocent people during the half year?

“If such an accusation is true, Xiao Xuance will definitely be crucified. But tell me one thing first. How do you know about it?”

The man suspected to be Bai Xinghe laughed in grief and misery. “It’s simple. I was an eyewitness of the event!

“I saw with my own eyes that Xiao Xuance killed my parents as well as everyone else on board!”

Si Koulie gasped, utterly shocked by the breaking news.

Xiao Xuance’s body shook slightly. He gritted his teeth and said, “Hurry up and get all of Bai Xinghe’s photos and videos in our database. Scan and rebuild Bai Xinghe’s appearance. Try to show his face between the age of seven to ten. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!”

The conversation went on in the communication channel. Si Koulie calmed himself down and said, “If everything you said is part of the Temple of Immortals’ scheme, then I have to admit that this is much more refreshing than the previous accusations I have heard.”

The man suspected to be Bai Xinghe said calmly, “Although I’ve told countless lies in my life, I am speaking the truth this time.

“In the cosmic storm, my parents’ crystal warship was taking shelter in the same place as Xiao Xuance’s did. In the end, we all ran out of food and supplies and could not persist any longer.

“For survival, Xiao Xuance butchered everyone on our starship. I luckily escaped because of my parents’ protection, only to end up on Spider Den and become a space pirate later.

“From then on, to destroy Xiao Xuance and avenge my parents has been the sole purpose in my life!

“After I became the Pirate Potentate, I began gathering proof about the crime years ago in secret, but it was a long time ago and Xiao Xuance had covered up most of the evidence.

“I spent my whole life collecting enough evidence to prove that Xiao Xuance was guilty, but I never had the opportunity to send it out before I was involved in the final battle against the Temple of Immortals.

“Thankfully, the heavens watched over me. I was not killed below the ground. It’s been five years, and I’ve finally crawled back out!”

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