Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 789

Chapter 789 Super Decapitation Operation

Chapter 789: Super Decapitation Operation


When one was relentless, a thousand enemies might not stop him. Although they were absolutely no match for the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, the insane Immortal Cultivators burst out auras that even eclipsed their enemies and rushed toward their doom at a speed beyond their limits like shooting stars and moths that were darting into fire!

The four experts were all sweating in shock. But Li Yao roared inside the communication channel and woke them up. “Don’t kill them. Keep them alive for interrogation!”

The next moment, tremendous pressure was released from the five of them and covered the Immortal Cultivators’ heads like giant, invisible hands.

The Immortal Cultivators, however, were determined to die. Although they were suppressed by the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, they burnt their life and soul even harder and struggled to move their hands and feet.

Crack! Crack!

Because of the pressure from the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, their joints and bones fractured one after another, and even their crystal suits were twisted into wasted iron and copper.

But none of the Immortal Cultivators gave up. Just like that, they dragged their broken bodies toward the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators one millimeter after another!

“Long live the civilization of mankind!”

When they discovered that, blocked by the tide-like spiritual energy, it was impossible for them to reach the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators. The few Immortal Cultivators in the lead suddenly roared. The pressure inside their body suddenly soared, and light and heat was released from their crystal reactors before they turned into a series of enormous fireballs!


The Immortal Cultivators detonated their cores and died for their belief!

The self-detonation of those in the Core Formation Stage was never to be underestimated. Even the five Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators had to defend themselves from the savaging blast. Their overwhelming spiritual energy somewhat retreated.

The other Immortal Cultivators finally got rid of the shackles of the spiritual energy. They sprinted forward like more than ten bloodstained leopards charging at five rhinos!

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Like the mantises holding their forelegs in front of cars, they were all asking for their own death. Within a breath, the Immortal Cultivators were either dissected or turned into a messy mix of steel and flesh together with their crystal suits.

But they successfully left unignorable traces on the crystal suits of the five Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, too!

Half a minute later, only the last Immortal Cultivator was floating in midair.

His crystal suit had been entirely shattered. His right thigh had been cut off from his waist, and the wound had been sealed with bright green foam. His left arm was bent backwards unnaturally. His helmet was gone, revealing a face that was quite attractive but twisted because of excitement.

“Ah Song!” Liao Huagu, who was from the Furious Bears Union, exclaimed in shock.

He recognized that Immortal Cultivator as Cheng Xuesong. The man was a member of the Furious Bears Union, and his master was Liao Huagu’s junior brother.

More importantly, Cheng Xuesong’s father was the deputy president of the Furious Bears Union!

Even the son of the deputy president of the Furious Bears Union had become an Immortal Cultivator.

Liao Huagu was more than pitiful. He yelled, “Ah Song, surrender now! Stop being pigheaded. The six sects of Heavenly Saints City will give you a fair trial!”

Cheng Xuesong was both fanatic and indifferent. He glanced over the enemies around him and stared at the dead bodies of his companions in the smoke. In the end, he looked in the direction of the central area of Heavenly Saints City in his imagination.

His final look was full of hope and vision.

Cheng Xuesong smiled. He looked at his senior in the Furious Bears Union as if the man were a moron.

“I am an Immortal Cultivator. I am a great warrior who fights for the civilization of mankind. Why do you think the six sects of Heavenly Saints City are qualified to try me?

“Stop wasting your time. Let history judge unbiasedly who is right and who is wrong!

“Long live the Imperium of True Human Beings!”

The last heavily wounded Immortal Cultivator charged at five Cultivators, who were hundreds of times stronger than him, unstoppably.

Maybe he had recognized that the enemies’ strength far exceeded his own. To avoid being captured alive, Cheng Xuesong poured his spiritual energy into his core and activated the self-detonation rune array of his crystal suit the moment he charged out.

The next second, both he and his crystal suit turned into flying red butterflies!

For a moment, the eyes of the six Cultivators were all dyed red by the blood of the Immortal Cultivator.

When their vision returned, they could only see the scraps of the melted crystal suit blowing their spiritual shield like meteorites, raising flowers of flames that were blossoming in the garden of destruction.

The last Immortal Cultivator had gone, but the aftereffects of his final moment did not disperse for a long time, like a black flag that was riddled with holes.

The six Cultivators looked at each other in bewilderment and did not know what to say for a long time.


The barriers that covered the Complex Star Plaza were finally broken.

Hundreds of Cultivators lunged at the debris.

Although they were hundreds of meters away, Li Yao could already feel their intimidating aura.

Li Yao felt that he was sitting on a giant icy block with coldness spreading from his anus to his heart. He gasped and asked, “How many people did you send to the tenth space ring?”

“Not very many, for the sake of confidentiality. Four hundred people at most. Besides, most of them do not know the real mission.” Si Koulie sounded somewhat lost. “However, in order to make sure that Xiao Xuance is captured and that he does not go on a rampage, the reinforcements are all super experts. Quite a few of them are battle-type Cultivators in the Nascent Soul Stage. As for those in the Core Formation Stage, there are too many to count!”

Li Yao gnashed his teeth. “So, the central area of Heavenly Saints City is really empty right now?”

Si Koulie was silent for a moment. His body slightly shivered as he said softly, “Yes.”

Li Yao felt a headache coming. He suddenly realized three facts.

Firstly, the Grand Illusionary Group controlled the most and the best Grand Illusionary Soldiers of the Flying Star Sector. Even though there were no backdoors in the ‘Grand Illusionary Soldier Project’, those Grand Illusionary Soldiers were still under the direct command of Xiao Xuance.

Secondly, the super experts and the best warriors of the Cultivators had all been diverted to the tenth space ring, which was the furthest from the central area of Heavenly Saints City, because of Xiao Xuance’s trick.

It was a long journey between the central area and the tenth space ring. Getting out was quite easy, but it would be quite a different matter if they wanted to return.


Of the top 500 sects of the Flying Star Sector, the leaders, elders, and important figures of more than four hundred sects were now gathered in the hall of the Meeting of Next Millennium, attending strategical meetings and discussing the military arrangements for the battle of Spider Den.

Leaders needed to manage all the complicated affairs of a sect. Naturally, most of them were admin-type Cultivators; few of them were battle-type.

If Xiao Xuance wiped out the leaders and elders of more than four hundred sects


Li Yao squinted and cursed in a low voice.

It was 20:40:33.

Thirty minutes earlier, at 21:10:33, a minor accident took place in the No.4 military space port between the central area of Heavenly Saints City and the first space ring.

In order to spare vehicles to transport the reinforcements of Iron Plateau, which was not part of the original plan, dozens of crystal warships had temporarily changed their locations.

A crystal warship of the Furious Bears Union, however, flew to the wrong sailing route and crashed into a carrier of the Star Fighters’ Alliance.

The crash led to a chain reaction. More than ten crystal warships scratched each other.

In the end, one of the crystal warships of the Silver Moon Clan, during the emergency, hit Heavenly Phantom, the flagship of the Grand Illusionary Group.

Heavenly Saints City was one the biggest rally points for the final battle. Crystal warships several times more than its capacity had gathered in this place.

The leadership of more than four hundred sects had come to Heavenly Saints City for the meeting. Although they did not bring all of their sect’s crystal warships, every sect had brought a few with them.

Therefore, every military space port of Heavenly Saints City had been particularly busy over the past month. Such accidents of had happened almost on a daily basis. It was not strange.

However, half a minute after the accident, a maintenance starship of the Star Fighters’ Alliance drew close to Heavenly Phantom and docked to it.

A batch of ‘refiners’ of the Star Fighters’ Alliance and several high officials of the six sects of Heavenly Saints City boarded Heavenly Phantom. They claimed that the previous collision might have damaged Heavenly Phantom’s space jump system, and a full examination was necessary.

The Grand Illusionary Group was not an independent sect but an enterprise co-established by the six sects of Heavenly Saints City. The original capital, workers, and managers all came from the six sects of Heavenly Saints City. Many high officials of the Grand Illusionary Group were from the six sects of Heavenly Saints City, too. Naturally, they had to receive the command of the six sects of Heavenly Saints City.

Since the visitors were high officials of the six sects of Heavenly Saints City, and they carried the orders of the command center, there was no reason to stop them.

The maintenance group entered Heavenly Phantom without any trouble, but they did not go to the central part of the starship where the space jump system was. Instead, they went directly to the bridge. It was said that they had to discuss the damage of the starship with the captain first.

Emotionlessly, Ning Wushuang walked into the bridge of Heavenly Phantom together with the maintenance group.

His heart was beating the fastest that he could remember since he had entered the Nascent Soul Stage.

Is Xiao Xuance really an Immortal Cultivator? Is the Grand Illusionary Soldier Project really a trap?

Ning Wushuang was a pure battle-type Cultivator in the Nascent Soul Stage, but his highly developed brain cells still granted him a thinking and analyzing ability much higher than normal people.

However, he had considered the two questions with his billions of brain cells for a long time and come up with no answers.

Ning Wushuang was one of the few people who knew the truth in the ‘maintenance group’.

The rest of the members were mostly gathered in a hurry three hours ago and informed that they were going to participate in an operation that was of paramount importance.

Some of them did not even know that it was an operation at all; they thought that it was really a maintenance task.

However, whether they knew the truth or not, every member had been vetted profoundly. They were absolutely loyal and reliable and did not have anything to do with the Grand Illusionary Group, the Feathered Snakes Brotherhood, Xiao Xuance, or the Xiao family.

Since Heavenly Phantom was docked at the port, it was running in the semi-automatic mode. The ‘star brain’, which boasted enormous computational ability, took care of most of the affairs. There were few people on the bridge.

The captain of Heavenly Phantom was standing in the middle of the bridge with his hands behind his back, waiting for them patiently.

Ning Wushuang felt somewhat relieved. It seemed that the enemy had not grown suspicious.

The captain of Heavenly Phantom was an admin-type Cultivator at the peak of the Core Formation Stage. He was definitely no match for Ning Wushuang and could be taken down easily.

When the captain was down, Heavenly Phantom was occupied, and the star brain was taken over, Xiao Xuance would not be able to cause any trouble even if he was an Immortal Cultivator.

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