Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 791

Chapter 791 The Flying Star Sector Is Peaceful Tonight

Xiao Xuance clenched his fists and smashed the table. The uniform of the captain was torn into pieces by his surging spiritual energy.

With the help of Xiao Yushan, he put on a pure white, neat uniform with a beautiful emblem that was a furiously burning planet on the chest.

The burning planet was the battle emblem of the Imperium of the True Human Beings. The incessant flames were a symbol that the Immortal Cultivators would burn everything as the fuel to push the civilization of mankind forward!

Xiao Xuance and Xiao Yushan looked at each other and nodded solemnly. Then, together with another dozen Immortal Cultivators, they took out a blood red ribbon and tied it on their left arms.

On the ribbon, six big words were neatly painted: Overturn the world with my blood!

The uniform was white, and the ribbon was blood red, fluttering even though there was no wind.

Protected by the dozens of Immortal Cultivators, Xiao Xuance walked to the front of the star brain.

More than ten crystal cameras aimed at him from different angles. With the blinking, unpredictable star brain as the background, he started his speech toward all the Immortal Cultivators in the Flying Star Sector.

“Fellow Cultivators, establishers of the Imperium of True Human Beings, and warriors who fight for our civilization.

“It’s been five thousand years since the apocalypse!

“Over the five thousand years, the Flying Star Sector has been governed by the Cultivators and turned into a tray of loose sand. It is weak, feeble, and breathing its last breath in the darkness of the universe, struggling against the various natural disasters!

“The shortsighted Cultivators placed the interests of their sects above the interests of the civilization of mankind. It is impossible for them, nor did they want to, rescue our civilization. They have never even thought to regain the glory of the Star Ocean Imperium and recover the magnificence of a great civilization and a great species!

“Unify the human beings, establish the new imperium, and embrace the renaissance of a great civilization. This sacred and splendid mission can only be accomplished by the Immortal Cultivators!

“The civilization of mankind should not sink in the weakness, selfishness, and hypocrisy of the Cultivators any longer. It is the Immortal Cultivators’ turn to guard the civilization, to shape the civilization, and the rebuild the civilization!

“Now, the most crucial moment has come!

“The shameless Cultivators have grown suspicious of us. We cannot wait until all of them are gathered in the Spider Den and must activate the ‘New Era Plan’ according to our backup plan!

“I hereby decree that all Immortal Cultivators in Heavenly Saints City, the Spider Den Space Zone, and the other space zones of the Flying Star Sector shall activate the New Era Plan according to the secondary plan when you hear the secret code!

“Here are our targets. Firstly, occupy the central area of Heavenly Saints City, break into the hall of the Meeting of the Next Millennium, control the leadership of the top five hundred sects of the Flying Star Sector, and kill them if necessary so that all the sects of the Flying Star Sector lose their commanders!

“Secondly, occupy the No.9 military space port of the first space ring!

“The No.9 military space port boasts the greatest arsenal for the battle to come. Countless powerful magical equipment and crystals are stored inside. It is even more valuable than the headquarters of the six sects of Heavenly Saints City!

“If we occupy the No.9 military space port and take over the magical equipment and crystals, the Cultivators in Heavenly Saints City will lose the ability to fight a protracted battle!

“Thirdly, the Immortal Cultivators on Spider Den should charge at the fleet of the Cultivators near the space gate immediately, leading all the space pirates, the Immortal Army, and the assassins of Spider’s Thorn!

“This time, the Grand Illusionary Soldiers will be on your side. It is hoped that your collective attack will eliminate all the Cultivators at the periphery of the Spider Den Space Zone with no survivors remaining!

“There’s no need to worry about the casualties of the space pirates. Use excessive nebulized exhilarants if necessary to trigger their slaughtering will. Do not let them stop fighting until they are dead!

“Fourthly, all the Immortal Cultivators of the other space zones should act with the local Grand Illusionary Soldiers to interfere with the guardians of your respective space zones and delay them from reinforcing Heavenly Saints City!

“Once we control the heads of the five hundred sects, take over the most important arsenal, and seize Heavenly Saints City, victory will be ours!

“Without the leadership and commanders, the dozens of space zones will be in disorder. Under the collective attack of Heavenly Saints City and Spider Den, they will be taken down one after another. If they do not surrender, their only destiny will be death!

“My Immortal Cultivators and my comrades!

“The future of the civilization of mankind depends on the battle! Let’s pave a way of survival in the dark forest for the civilization of mankind with blood, fire, iron, and strong will!

“Right now, as the commander-in-chief of the Imperium of True Human Beings, I now announce the secret code of our operationthe Flying Star Sector is peaceful tonight!”

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Invisible spiritual waves spread out from Heavenly Phantom unstoppably and disseminated to other space zones through the secret spiritual towers that the Grand Illusionary Group had built throughout space in secret.

Some of the space zones were not able to hear Xiao Xuance’s full speech because of the instable signals or for the sake of confidentiality, but they all received the short secret code for the operation.

“The Flying Star Sector is peaceful tonight!”

Or rather, the secret code appeared in the contact points of major sects of dozens of space zones blatantly in plain text. It was scanned and received by every crystal warship.

While Xiao Xuance was making his blood-boiling speech, the star brain, the translucent super crystal processor almost a hundred meters in diameter, went through drastic changes, too.

Every ‘brain cell’ was shivering, swirling, and crashing crazily, leading to brilliant sparks. The enormous data contained in every spark was enough to burst any Cultivator’s head!

The star brain was sending commands to the millions of Grand Illusionary Soldiers scattered in dozens of space zones.

When the commands reached their destination, the Grand Illusionary Soldiers would run under brand new permissions. Only the Immortal Cultivators registered in the database would be able to control them.

It would take a certain amount of time for the signals of the Spiritual Nexus to jump to every space zone. For the space zones far away from Heavenly Saints City, it was possible for the Cultivators there to cut off the signals of the Spiritual Nexus before all the Grand Illusionary Soldiers went out of control.

However, over the past five years, the entire world of Cultivators had dedicated a lot of resources to the Grand Illusionary Soldier Project. The Grand Illusionary Soldiers were the largest in number and the strongest magical equipment for many sects.

Without the Grand Illusionary Soldiers, the combat ability of the sects would be lower than ever.

Besides, once the space zones decided to cut off the signals of the Spiritual Nexus with Heavenly Saints City, they would completely lose contact with Heavenly Saints City.

By the time they established new channels of communication with the spiritual towers that did not belong to the Grand Illusionary Soldiers, it was very possible that Heavenly Saints City would have fallen into the Immortal Cultivators’ hands, and the heads of the five hundred sects would be dead people.

“The Flying Star Sector is peaceful tonight.”

The somewhat ironic secret code contaminated every corner of every space zone of the Flying Star Sector at the speed of light like virus.

At that moment, Heavenly Saints City was mired in chaos.

Accusing the crownless king of the Flying Star Sector of being an Immortal Cultivator had dire consequences after all. If it was not handled carefully, a civil war between the six sects of Heavenly Saints City, the Star Fighters’ Alliance, and the Glorious Sunlight Group might break out instantly.

With the final battle drawing near, naturally, such a thing could not be allowed to happen.

Therefore, although Mo Xuan expressed strong non-confidence in Xiao Xuance to the six sects of Heavenly Saints City and the Star Fighters’ Alliance on behalf of the Glorious Sunlight Group and Iron Plateau, not many people knew of the matter. Only dozens of the most crucial people knew the details of the issue, and hundreds more knew only a thing or two about the accusation.

The moment before the shocking explosion took place in the headquarters of the Grand Illusionary Group, most of the Cultivators still did not have any idea what was going on and were still under the impression that an easy victory was on the way.

When the Grand Illusionary Plaza along with the hundreds of Cultivators inside soared into the sky because of the explosion, the headquarters of the Grand Illusionary Group was drowned in an ocean of flames, and the blast knocked down many skyscrapers several kilometers away. A lot of Cultivators were had their mouths open in bewilderment, holding their humming ears, as if invisible people were stuffing eggs to their mouth.

The headquarters of the Grand Illusionary Group was the center of the Grand Illusionary Land and the Spiritual Nexus. Even the enormous data of the command center of the final battle needed to be transmitted through the super crystal processors in the headquarters of the Grand Illusionary Group.

The explosion not only killed countless super experts among the Cultivators but also sabotaged their communication network.

All the Cultivators were running around like headless chickens, cursing loudly at the light beam of their crystal processor, which showed nothing but snowflakes.

The Immortal Cultivators, on the other hand, had been prepared for this. They had moved all the core data and the super crystal processors to Heavenly Phantom.

Heavenly Phantom was the real center for them. The headquarters of the Grand Illusionary Group was just an empty shell.

“The Flying Star Sector is peaceful tonight.”

The secret code lingered on like an apparition in the Flying Star Sector.

The first space ring of Heavenly Saints City had already been caught in havoc because of the great explosion in the city.

A luxury shuttle flew above the crowd in a hurry. Inside the shuttle was an elder of the Feathered Snakes Brotherhood.

He had received the news of the great explosion of the Grand Illusionary Group and knew that dangerous changes had taken place. He was in a hurry to go to the space port, ready to leave for the central area.

Right then, he heard a resolute voice from the wrist crystal processors of his chauffeur and his bodyguard.

“The Flying Star Sector is peaceful tonight!”

Before the elder of the Feathered Snakes Brotherhood realized what was going on, the chauffeur had driven the shuttle off the route to a dark valley.

The bodyguard was wearing a pair of colorful, thorny gloves on his tough hands. He patted the elder’s shoulder, and the eruptive spiritual energy immediately collapsed the admin-type Cultivator’s not-so-strong body.

The bodyguard looked at him and said solemnly, “Elder Ye, a new era has come. Cooperate with us and work for the rise of the Imperium of the True Human Beings!”

Elder Ye immediately understood everything. His facial muscles regained their calmness after half a second of twitching. He took a long breath and collapsed in his seat helplessly. He shook his head with a bitter smile and said, “I’ve been a Cultivator for more than a hundred and twenty years. I don’t want to change now.”

“Alright.” The bodyguard took out a black dagger from his pocket and stabbed into his chest. “Then, please die for the civilization of mankind!”