Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 792

Chapter 792 Face For Face

Inside a camp of Exos in the southeast part of the central area of Heavenly Saints City, the ‘Bloody Axe Legion’, the most excellent Exo Society of the Giant Axe Hall, one of the six sects of Heavenly Saints City, was stationed. It was made of five hundred Exos who were all above the Building Foundation Stage. With the strict and obedient fighting style of the Giant Axe Hall, they were a horrifying force.

At this moment, the captain of the Bloody Axe Legion turned off the light beam that was displaying ‘the Flying Star Sector is peaceful tonight’ silently. He stood on a high platform and stared at the five hundred warriors who were gathered.

They were temporarily gathered because of the great explosion of the Grand Illusionary Group’s headquarters. Although they did not know what was going on, they were ready to deal with any changes.

“Warriors of the Giant Axe Hall,” the captain of the Bloody Axe Legion shouted, “betrayed! A filthy betrayal has just taken place! The Star Fighters’ Alliance and the fifty-six middle-sized sects have betrayed Heavenly Saints City and the world of Cultivators!

“The so-called Temple of Immortals is just a plot of the Star Fighters’ Alliance. They were planning to destroy all of us on Spider Den together with the space pirates!

“Xiao Xuance, as leader of the Cultivators, has been suspicious of the Star Fighters’ Alliance and investigating in secret. Finally, he has got something!

“The Star Fighters’ Alliance realized it and initiated their plan in advance in their desperation. Just now, they blew up the headquarters of the Grand Illusionary Group!

“Now, Heavenly Saints City is in peril, the world of Cultivators is in peril, and the Flying Star Sector is in peril!

“I have received the secret command from our leader. We have been asked to take action immediately and attack the Star Fighters’ Plaza!

“In a moment, I’ll send the command of our leader to you. Then, you will cut off the connection of your crystal processor.

“Remember, the Star Fighters’ Alliance has hacked into the Spiritual Nexus and will very likely send false messages to you. Do not be disturbed by them!

“Some of the Grand Illusionary Soldiers have fallen into the Star Fighters’ Alliance’s hands and are attacking our fellow Cultivators. Do not waste time on them. It is our mission to break into the Star Fighters’ Plaza and annihilate all the traitors of the Star Fighters’ Alliance!

“The fate of the Giant Axe Hall is in our hands. Warriors of the Bloody Axe Legion, let’s go!”

Led by their captain, the five hundred Cultivators who had been fooled roared and marched out of their camp, heading toward the Star Fighters’ Plaza unstoppably.

The Grand Illusionary Group had proposed the Grand Illusionary Soldier Project. Naturally, Heavenly Saints City was the biggest place of production and utilization of the Grand Illusionary Soldiers.

The third space ring outside of Flying Star University and Heavenly Saint Institute, after five years of construction, had essentially become a manufacturing base of the Grand Illusionary Soldiers.

In the enormous assembly lines, countless magical equipment components slid by every second and were put together by the flipping artificial arms. The crystals were filled, and the crystal processor was embedded in.

Inside the warehouse, many products of the Grand Illusionary Soldiers were folded and stored on the shelves.

The Grand Illusionary Soldiers were not all the Grand Illusionary Group’s property. A majority of them were ordered by other sects and refined by the Grand Illusionary Group.

Considering that the battle of Spider Den was about to begin, there was no need to ship the Grand Illusionary Soldiers back to their respective space zones. It seemed a better idea to jump to Spider Den from Heavenly Saints City together and return to their space zones when the war was over. That way, less money and resources would be wasted.

Therefore, over the past month, the number of the Grand Illusionary Soldiers stored in this place had reached a new high.

At this moment, ‘the Flying Star Sector is peaceful tonight’ was resounding in the third space ring through the broadcast rune arrays on the ceiling.

Since it was the biggest base of the Grand Illusionary Soldiers, the Immortal Cultivators had spent much time infiltrating the factory. Almost half of the guards were Immortal Cultivators.

After a brief slaughter resulting in countless corpses, only the Immortal Cultivators’ guards remained.

“The No.1 factory zone is now under our control.”

“The No.2 factory zone is now under our control.”

“The No.3 factory is being fought over. Estimated to be under our control in two minutes and fifty seconds.”

The dozens of Immortal Cultivators operated on the light beams quickly while they announced the progress.

“Firstly, deploy the defense rune arrays in case the Cultivators return to the refining center.

“Then, release the stock!

“Set all the assembly lines at the highest speed and do not worry about the cost. One more Grand Illusionary Soldier means one more hope for the imperium!”

Zi! Zi! Zi!

Countless spiritual energy circuits were emitting a feeble brightness as they activated the Grand Illusionary Soldiers they were docked to.

The crouching Grand Illusionary Soldiers were picked up by the artificial arms out of the warehouse and stretched out.

Other artificial arms brought them chainswords, vibration sabers, heated axes, and small crystal cannons.

Teams of Grand Illusionary Soldiers, after being fully equipped, flew toward the central area with flames of passion burning in their eyes.

On Spider Den

One crystal warship after another soared into the sky. Every one of them was like a can because they were packed with space pirates.

Spider Den was almost empty. Every starship that could move for a few hours in space was being activated. The air of every city in the mining pits was injected with excessive exhilarants.

‘Incendiary’, ‘Bullet’, ‘Bloody Thorn’, ‘Last Shot’ All the awe-inspiring exhilarants would cause irrecoverable wounds to the human body when they ran their course. In the worse cases, the victims might be paralyzed or mentally deranged.

But at least for now, the nerve endings of all the space pirates were on fire. The space pirates who had been frustrated for an entire year regained their previous cruelty, brutality, and arrogance. They roared like animals and batted the cabin walls of the crystal warships with their chainswords while they lunged at the space gate at the periphery of the space zone.

Near the space gate, the daily battle of attrition was underway.

However, the space pirates and the Immortal Cultivators were suddenly ten times more aggressive than before, to the point that they seemed to have suddenly lost the fear of death.

While the Cultivators were baffled, the Grand Illusionary Soldiers who were fighting side by side with them came to a standstill simultaneously. They were like silent, iron tombs floating in the deep, dark universe, except for the rhythmic brilliance that was shining deep inside their eyes.

“The Flying Star Sector is peaceful tonight.”

In half hour, the entire Heavenly Saints City, or rather, almost the entire Flying Star Sector, was burning.

However, in the debris in the northwest district of the tenth space ring of Heavenly Saints City, the four Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators who were well respected in the six sects of Heavenly Saints City, the leader of the Star Fighters’ Alliance and the second in command in the world of Cultivators, and the young man who could command most of the resources of the Glorious Sunlight Group and Iron Plateau knew absolutely nothing about it.

Xiao Xuance did not want them to send messages to the outside world. Therefore, he had imposed special barriers to block all the waves entering and exiting the Complex Star Plaza.

The soundwaves, vibration waves, and spiritual waves were all blocked.

In the meantime, Li Yao and the rest of the Cultivators thought that they were hunting Xiao Xuance and did not wish for Xiao Xuance to contact his accomplices. Therefore, they had imposed an even larger barrier outside of Xiao Xuance’s.

Blocked by the double barriers, all the waves and telepathic thoughts inside could not be sent out, but no information of the outside world could be transmitted in, either.

Therefore, while Xiao Xuance initiated the ‘New Era Plan’ flagrantly and commanded his subordinates to take action, Li Yao, Si Koulie, and the other people who had the capability to influence the situation wasted almost half an hour for nothing!

It was not until the barrier was removed and the communication was restored that they learned of everything that had happened in the central area from the thousands of new messages.

After he learned the truth, even Li Yao wanted to slap his face hard.

“Xiao! Xuan! Ce!”

Li Yao burst into such a fury that he almost jumped into the air and pluck his hair to vent his anger.

Ever since he had gotten the nickname ‘Vulture’, he had never been fooled so humiliatingly!

However, Li Yao could not bear to waste a single second in outrage or frustration. He compressed his anger into a spark and buried it in his heart, while he began thinking calmly.

Xiao Xuance has won the first round, but the game is not over yet!

Xiao Xuance has played all his trump cards and is in an overwhelming advantage right now, but I have three trump cards that are yet to be revealed!

Firstly, after Li Yao reached out to Professor Mo Xuan half a month ago, he had spoken to Xiong Wuji, chief of the Furious Bears Tribe on Iron Plateau, through Mo Xuan. With the help of Xiong Wuji, he had mobilized the elites of the six tribes of Iron Plateau and formed an expedition army whose number was much larger than previously expected.

The expedition army was in Heavenly Saints City right now. They had left their crystal warships and moved into Heavenly Saints City under the pretext that the carriers of the Glorious Sunlight Group were too seriously damaged in the cosmic storm.

With everything in chaos right now, such a well-trained army would definitely be a pillar to stabilize the situation!

More importantly, the Iron Plateau natives never liked magical equipment that was too precise, and they simply despised the Grand Illusionary Soldiers.

Therefore, there were no Grand Illusionary Soldiers in the army of the qi-trainers at all!

Secondly, Xiao Xuance was not aware yet that Li Yao was not the recently reincarnated Bai Xinghe whose soul was unstable. The truth was that he was not scared of soul attacks at all. On the contrary, soul attacks were his favorite, and he could take however many there were!

Right now, the only people who knew his real identity were the five spectral Cultivators, Xiong Wuji, Lei Dalu, and Bai Kaixin. None of them were likely to be Immortal Cultivators.

Li Yao had planned to unveil his real identity after Xiao Xuance was captured, but it seemed to him now that playing ‘Bai Xinghe’ a while longer had many merits and no harms.

Thirdly, and most importantly, he still had the ‘Brain Concussion Plan’!

The Brain Concussion Plan, which had begun five years ago, had yielded fruits. The five star spirits, including Professor Mo Xuan, had cracked the deeper structure of the star brain and programmed a few viruses that specially targeted the star brain. As soon as they hacked the star brain, they would be able to take control over part of the Grand Illusionary Soldiers!

Xiao Xuance, Li Yao’s face is not something that you can slap easily!

Very soon, I’m going to make you pay an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a face for a face!