Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 798

Chapter 798 Instant Movement Breaking In

Shua! Shua Shua!

The ninety-nine turrets that were evenly distributed around Heavenly Phantom now all glided to the left side.

Ninety-nine giant ‘marbles’ that were perfectly round and smooth were piled up high. Starting from the foundation of the tower, every turret glittered suddenly and transmitted surging spiritual energy forward.

When the spiritual energy of different marbles was concentrated to the front of the giant artillery, it seemed to be a bright purple solar prominence that contained endless power and could stab a hole in the universe!

“The spiritual energy is charged. The ninety-nine turrets have been adjusted to the same frequency!”

“The trajectory of the target has been locked. It does not change its course at all and simply comes straight at us!”

“Prepare to open fire in three seconds!”

For all the Cultivators and Immortal Cultivators inside Heavenly Saints City, those were perhaps the longest, most painful three seconds of their life.

Everyone who was placed in the battlefield, be they Cultivators or Immortal Cultivators, could not help but slow down their attack. They gazed at the streak of gold that was darting at Heavenly Phantom at a high speed with scorching eyes.

Even the Grand Illusionary Soldiers became somewhat inert because the star brain had shifted a huge amount of computational ability to control the Heavenly Might Artillery and analyze Sparkle’s path.

It felt as if everything in the entire universe except for Heavenly Phantom and Sparkle halted for three seconds!

The mainframe crystal processor of Sparkle sensed that the starship had been locked onto, but it had no intention of decelerating or dodging.

The speed of the starship had been brought to the maximum. It was impossible to slow down or take down. Not only would a great amount of time and fuel be wasted, the starship would risk being harassed by the Grand Illusionary Soldiers again.

Although Sparkle could paralyze the Grand Illusionary Soldiers with the electromagnetic defense system, it would have to consume a lot of spiritual energy. When it was drowned in an ocean of Grand Illusionary Soldiers, there would be no way to accelerate again.

Therefore, Sparkle could only take the chance. It moved faster and faster, leaving a magnificent blurred shadow trailing behind!

“Open fire!” Xiao Xuance said coldly.

“Activate!” Li Yao shouted, with veins bulging on his face.

There was no sound. In the universe of silence, a silver dragon mixed with purple electric arcs spurted out and exploded into billions of crazily dancing snakes, sweeping the more than ten cubic kilometers on the left side of Heavenly Phantom.

All the Exos, Grand Illusionary Soldiers, and crystal warships within range were torn apart and obliterated into scorching torrents of particles. Pushed by the billions of dazzling snakes, they congregated into a sea of destruction and lunged at Sparkle!

However, Sparkle was still marching forward, like a lone warrior on the battlefield who was charging toward the barrage of ten thousand sharp arrows!

Many Cultivators who saw the scene closed their eyes sadly, unwilling to witness the doom.

Inside Sparkle, quite a few Cultivators who were wreathed in the buffer rune arrays exclaimed in shock, too.

However, the next second, Sparkle disappeared!

The surging tsunami of spiritual energy and the heated torrents of particles only tore Sparkle’s golden blurred shadow into pieces!

Including Xiao Xuance, no one realized what had happened.

The star brain, on the other hand, calculated Sparkle’s location at the earliest chanceIt was now on the right side of Heavenly Phantom!

Instant movement!

Sparkle had performed an instant movement, or rather, a super short-distance space jump, in the last second.

Although space jump was a mature technique in the Flying Star Sector, the super long-distance jumps across Sectors and the super short-distance jumps were both problems that had baffled the scientists for a long time.

Super short-distance space jumps were especially troublesome. Because the distance was too short, it had a high demand on the instant changes between the three-dimensional universe and the four-dimensional universe. It was like sewing on a cell and had been an impossible conundrum!

Besides, for normal space jumps, the starships had to warm up for a few hours while remaining absolutely still before they performed one if they intended to arrive at a specific location.

Otherwise, the outcome of the starships would be exactly like when Li Yao jumped together with Skeleton Dragon. They would not be able to set their destination, and there would absolutely be no telling where they would end up.

But right now, Sparkle had performed an incredible high-precision instant movement while it was at a rushing speed against the bombardment of immense spiritual energy!

Such a technique had far exceeded the highest of the Flying Star Sector!

“It’s impossible!” Xiao Xuance’s face had become twisted. He roared, “Stop it! Stop it now!”

“It’s impossible!”

All the Cultivators who saw the scene, on the other hand, were all overjoyed and exclaimed in disbelief.

In their earnest eyes, Sparkle crawled out on the right side of Heavenly Phantom, as if it had just passed through an invisible wormhole. Its speed was not in the least affected. Moreover, crimson flames in the shape of a torch flooded out of the head of the starship and revolved rapidly into a giant drill that seemed to be able to blow up the sky!

Right now, the tip of the drill was less than ten kilometers from Heavenly Phantom.

Given the velocity of starships, the distance was shorter than the width of hair.

Nothing could stop the assault of Sparkle now.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The ninety-nine turrets quickly glided to the right side of Heavenly Sparkle. Intense brightness was beaming out while they were on their way, indicating that they had been recharged before they arrived at their destination.

However, before they condensed into an enormous artillery again, Sparkle had already pierced through five layers of the spiritual shields of Heavenly Phantom, as easily as an awl stabbing through five pieces of paper.

Before the surging spiritual energy in the turrets was triggered, Sparkle had already drilled the artillery apart. All the turrets were swinging in various directions crazily!

The drill of mystic rays penetrated through the solid plate that was dozens of meters thick. Sparkle had stabbed into the head of Heavenly Phantom!

Although there was no sound in space, all the Cultivators who saw the scene seemed to hear earsplitting noises. They felt that their heads aching, as if something had drilled a hole in their skull brutally!

Heavenly Phantom, which was more than thirty kilometers long, and Sparkle, which was hundreds of meters long, were two extremities. They were like an elephant and a mouse.

However, when the ‘little mouse’ that was Sparkle crept into Heavenly Phantom’s body and swept aside everything in its way with the help of the drill of mystic rays and the tremendous impetus of the engine, the elephant could do absolutely nothing to stop it from moving forward despite its outrage!

Inside Heavenly Phantom, countless cabins were quickly filled up with quick-drying foam, which soon consolidated into stiff rocks.

However, Sparkle had been designed to roam below the solid rock stratums of Boneyard, so Sparkle did not met any problem when it was pushing forward. It did not stop drilling until it was less than a hundred meters from the bridge.

Li Yao clenched his fists and shouted excitedly, “One step forward, and we will drill through the star brain!”

“Can’t do that. Sparkle has reached its limits. One more step forward, and it might crumble immediately. Besides, the souls of the five of us are already burning up, too!” Professor Mo Xuan’s voice was feeble. “The super short-distance space jump was a state-of-the-art technique even in the era of the Star Ocean Imperium. Although we managed to perform it, the ‘instant movement’ has caused great damage to both Sparkle and us. Our computational ability has been consumed a lot!

“Drilling through the solid defense rune arrays and shell of Heavenly Phantom was a major undertaking for the drill of mystic rays. Sparkle right now is an arrow that has run its course. It cannot take a step further!”

Li Yao thought for a moment and asked, “Then, right now, the ‘mirror’ outside Heavenly Phantom should’ve been broken, right? Can you hack the star brain and paralyze all the Grand Illusionary Soldiers?

“We can stay here while you paralyze the Grand Illusionary Soldiers. Then, we will march out and take down Xiao Xuance!”

“It’s impossible!” Professor Mo Xuan said. “The star brain is too powerful and complicated. It will take at least ten minutes for us to infiltrate and trigger the virus.

“The star brain is likely to detect us during the process. If so, an intense combat of computational ability will begin.

“This is the head and heart of Heavenly Phantom, guarded by countless Grand Illusionary Soldiers. If the star brain detects us, they will come over very quickly and rip Sparkle together with us into shreds before we manage to activate the virus!

“Therefore, you have to attack the bridge and try to slay Xiao Xuance. That way, you will distract the Grand Illusionary Soldiers’ attention and buy more time for us!

“The Grand Illusionary Soldiers in this place are basically Xiao Xuance’s personal guardians. They must be controlled by the star brain directly, which means that the star brain must spend a lot of computational ability on them!

“The more heated your fight is, the more computational ability the star brain will have to summon to deal with you. We will be able to take advantage of its weakness and perhaps activate the virus after fooling the star brain completely!”

Li Yao realized that distracting its attention was quite a good plan.

Then, what else was there to say? Time to fight!

They were immediately divided into two groups. Part of the Cultivators, including Si Koulie, stayed to protect Sparkle, while the rest of the Cultivators went to march toward the bridge led by Li Yao and Luo Xingzi!

With everything coming this far, there was no need to preserve spiritual energy anymore. Li Yao ushered the six dragon heads on the back of his crystal suit to blow out extremely powerful dragon balls, which blew up the cabin walls along with the Immortal Cultivators and the Grand Illusionary Soldiers behind the walls. The road leading to the bridge was created!

On their way, countless Grand Illusionary Soldiers came at them from the pathways on the left and right.

Those Grand Illusionary Soldiers were slightly different from those that the Cultivators had seen in space.

Not only were they made of much better materials, more importantly, they were also much more agile, and their choice of tactics was much more mysterious and unpredictable, as if living souls were hiding behind the thick armor. There was no feeling of machinery in them at all.

Li Yao knew that the Grand Illusionary Soldiers were directly manipulated by the star brain. Their computational ability could be ten times higher than those out in space!

Faced with the Grand Illusionary Soldiers that were marching close like tides, countless Cultivators in the Building Foundation Stage and the Core Formation Stage volunteered to stay and resist them, earning precious time for Li Yao and the rest of the high-level Cultivators. After three minutes of high-intensity fighting, they finally broke into the bridge.

Li Yao, however, gasped when he saw what was inside the bridge. He swallowed difficultly and felt the hair on the back of his head standing up one by one!