Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Idol!

In the dark curtain of the night, the pitch black Mystic Bird Battle Shuttle stealthily slipped into the Crimson Nimbus Second Senior High School. Its exterior was riddled with multiple pot-holes as well as a starling dent. It appeared as if it was ruthlessly nibbled on by a giant demon beast.

The Mystic Bird Battle Shuttle stopped before a brightly lit office building. In the blink of an eye, the cruiser melted into thin air and was replaced by a black armor wearing young man who was covered in dust. With a flicker of his figure, the black-armored young man disappeared and reappeared inside the principal's office.

The lights of principal's office were still on. Several school leader's eyes were boiling red, noticing the black-armored young man's arrival, some hope burst forth in their eyes. One by one, they all ecstatically stood up.

"Peng Hai, you're here!"

Fiend Blade Peng Hai looked at everyone around. His facial expression was cold as ice, he appeared to be laughing yet not laughing, "What happened? I only went away to the wasteland to cultivate for just a month, yet you've created such a ruckus here. Not only that, but you also drove away Teacher Sun Biao in anger?"

Zhao Shude, Hei Mianshen, and a few other high-level school leaders were all shocked. Zhao Shude embarrassingly replied, "Old Sun is too stubborn. If he wants to go home, no matter what we do we can't stop him. We planned to wait for few days till his anger has subsided, but we didn't expect you to be back before that! However, today, it's not about Old Sun but Li Yao, did you know..."

Zhao Shude was not yet finished before Peng Hai coldly interrupted him, "Do you know why I had promised I would help Crimson Nimbus Second Senior High School in instructing the students?"

Zhao Shude and Hei Mianshen stared at each other before replying hesitatingly, "Peng Hai, you're an outstanding graduate of Crimson Nimbus Second Senior High School. Now, everyone is Crimson Nimbus Sect's family. You coming to instruct the younger generation is a matter of course."

"Hei hei, hei hei hei hei!"

Peng Hai laughed strangely as he very slowly and calmly said, "Zhao Shude, you listen to me carefully if you can't remember, then let me refresh your memory. It was Teacher Sun Biao who had rescued me from the slums and brought me to the Crimson Nimbus Second Senior High School. I was just a hillbilly with a dusty and dirty appearance. At that time, all of you acted like snobs and didn't take me seriously. On the contrary, all of you scolded and shouted at me and made it difficult for me. Dont even think for a minute that Ive forgotten anything!"

"If I wasnt trying to be respectful to Teacher Sun Biao, I would be too lazy to even look at your rotten faces, let alone fostering the new students of Crimson Nimbus Second Senior High School!"

"As for Li Yao, not only is he the newest seedling uncovered by my most respected Teacher Sun Biao, he has also helped me conduct special training for one month, by virtue of which my strength has stepped onto a new level!"

"I have the best relationship with these two. Since your actions have driven them away, why should I even stay to help you chop sueys to train new people?"

"You can look out for yourself. From this moment on, any cooperation between us is completely terminated. If Zhou Yin has anything to say, he can come and directly look for me!

Peng Hai coldly spoke, took a long deep glance at everyone, and suddenly disappeared.

From outside the window came the departing noise of the Mystic Bird Battle Shuttle. By the time Zhao Shude and the others got to the window, a black tail like the ripples left by in a sea of black ink appeared in their sight as it disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Zhao Shude lost his wits completely. He sat down on a chair and his lips trembled for a long time, but nothing came out from his mouth.

Inside the Mystic Bird Battle Shuttle.

The spiritual glyphs engraved upon the control panel emitted a faint light, shining upon Fiend Blade Peng Hai's face. The expression on his face was exceptionally heavy.

After pondering for a bit, Peng Hai turned on the crystal processor and sent a message to a spiritual crane number.

Just 0.01 seconds after, dozens of kilometers away in the clouds, Li Yao's wristwatch slightly shook. The mini crystal processor had received a message from some unknown number.

"It's him?"

Li Yao was a little taken aback. It was the contact info of the man he had been sparring for one month in the Militant Wolf Slayer Gym.

Li Yao was really curious about this tyrannical mysterious figure. However, in the Underground Ghost City, everyone had to abide by its rules. One must never remove their mask if they don't know the identity of the opposing party.

"Hes inviting me to the Upper East District to see his real identity and also wants to make a deal with me?"

Li Yao pondered over the address sent by the gym guy. The address happened to point at the most central location in the Upper East District and was one of the tallest buildings in Floating Spear City. It was one of the Floating Spear City landmark, rumored to have the personal training rooms of many cultivators inside.

"Who the hell is that gym guy? Unexpectedly calling me to meet him at the 'Crystal Sky Building'!"

Li Yao was a little surprised. From the bottom his heart, an impulse to leap surged forth he now had the opportunity to actually see how luxurious a legendary cultivator's private training room was.

After thinking for a moment, Li Yao accepted the gym guy's invitation.

"A friend is looking for you? Where do you want to go? I'll take you there!" Ding Lingdang said with a smile.

Li Yao lightly tapped on the hologram before the location area of the hologram turned into a fragment and flew out to build an extremely vivid three-dimensional map.

Ding Lingdang arbitrarily swept a glance, but suddenly, her gaze was transfixed. She appeared to be frightened out of her wits, "You want to go to this place? Do you know the owner of this place? What is your relation with him?"

Li Yao, after a bit of thinking, replied, "You can say... we have trained together for a month."

"You have trained with him for a month?"

Ding Lingdang turned completely foolish. Looking at Li Yao, the expression in her eyes was also a little sluggish, as if she was looking at some monster one out-and-out evildoer!

"Is there a problem? Do you know this guy?" Li Yao touched his cheek while Ding Lingdang looked at him with a hint of fear.

"Yeah... this guy is your high school alumni. It would be more strange if he could not discover a monstrous genius like you with his sinister insight..."

Ding Lingdang muttered in such a low voice that only she was able to hear herself. Her facial expression had turned extremely weird. After laughing several times, she shouted, "Hold on tightly, we're leaving!"

Ding Lingdang's pair of hands tightly grabbed the Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle's handle. The spiritual energy around her body burst to its limit, and like the outbreak of a flood in a steady stream, it flooded into the Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle.

Her crazy spiritual energy stirred up the array glyphs powering the Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle in an instant. The Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle blasted off with a dazzling aura, like the dance of a peacock, and whistled towards the most prosperous Upper Eastern District of Floating Spear City, leaving a trail of flames and a series of deafening noises behind.

In a second, the Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle tore away the sea of clouds. Rows upon rows of sky rising buildings were glistening in the dark curtain of the night as if the sun was shining upon a city of crystal.

As the Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle soared into the Upper Eastern District's space, the battle shuttle slightly trembled and gradually slowed down as if it hit a transparent cushion.

Multiple shiny round objects floated in the sky. A translucent "Eyeball" unsteadily floated over; despite its seemingly clumsy movement, it was astonishingly fast.

Presumably, it was the defensive magical equipment responsible for guarding the Floating Spear City.

A few cultivators could also be found floating in the sky as rainbow colored lights danced around their bodies. They were in the process of absorbing moon essence.

The roaring noise of the Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle had obviously made them a little unhappy. One after another, everyone looked over with a sharp look in their eyes.

Even through the thick wall, Li Yao felt a cold chill inside the room.

In front of the abundant cultivators, even Ding Lingdang did not dare to act rashly. She slowed down the battle shuttle, circled around at a lower altitude, and flew towards an approximately 1000m high round building.

In the Upper Eastern District, flying shuttles were the main means of transportation. Cultivators also liked to fly as high as possible on their flying swords, thus the top of each high-rise building had hundreds of branches spread out, at the end of which was a small air terminal. Looking from afar, it appeared as if the rows upon rows of crystal trees were growing to create a city of trees.

Ding Lingdang's Scarlet Flame Battle Shuttle landed upon one of these branches.

At the center of each air terminal was a small transmission formation. Ding Lingdang brought Li Yao to the transmission formation and entered a glyph on the control panel.

In Li Yao's vision, everything suddenly disappeared. With the flash of a blinding light, Li Yao and Ding Lingdang appeared inside a small training room.

The length and width of the small training room were no more than 20 meters. It was much smaller than the underground city's "Militant Wolf Slayers Cultivation Gym".

There were no windows inside; the walls slightly exuded a milky white aura, and the air inside was extremely fresh, giving off a slight grassy fragrance.

Breathing the air here made one feel refreshed.

Strengthening equipment and treadmills were casually placed inside the room. There were no priceless, high-level training equipment as Li Yao has imagined. At the corner of the room, a tall and thin young man was exercising his body. From his posture, it was quite clear he was the man from the Militant Wolf Slayers Cultivation Gym.

"How do you know this room's glyph key?" Li Yao was extremely puzzled.

Ding Lingdang seemed to be quite familiar with this place. It was like she was returning to her own room.

Instead of replying to Li Yao, with a grin on her face, she shouted in a crisp and clear voice, "Senior Brother Peng!"

The young man slowly and methodically completed his last exercise, stood up, and walked towards the two in large strides, "Junior Sister Ding, when I heard fellow student Li Yao was picked up by a Crimson Flame Battle Shuttle, I knew it was you!"

Ding Lingdang wrinkled her nose, "Senior Brother Peng, you are at fault this time. When I asked you for a place to stay, you already knew I was here for Li Yao, but why didn't you say anything to me?"

Peng Hai faintly smiled.

"At that time, I was cultivating deep inside the wasteland and I was not coming anytime soon. Not to mention, it was a secret between me and Li Yao; moreover, Li Yao was still in a coma. Even if I told you, would it have mattered? Hello, fellow student Li Yao. We are finally meeting in our true appearances. I very much miss our month long sparring!"

Li Yao's gaze was completely transfixed. He kept staring at Peng Hai with wide open eyes. Simply put, his eyes were ready to pop out.

His mouth was agape; he opened and closed his mouth a few times before stammering, "Peng, Peng Hai? Fiend Blade Peng Hai!"

"No, no, not possible! The man I've been training with for a month in the Militant Wolf Slayers Cultivation Gym was actually Peng Hai?"

Li Yao's mind went blank; he didn't know what to do.

Fiend Blade! Fiend Blade Peng Hai! His idol!

Ever since his admittance into the Crimson Nimbus Second Senior High School, Fiend Blade Peng Hai had been the object of worship and envy for Li Yao and was the one idol whose place he wanted to take!

Li Yao's excitement was at its peak, and his scalp tingled yet again. Who was Feind Blade Peng Hai? He was a Building Foundation Stage cultivator! Just his hair alone could cut him into two! Yet, he actually trained with Peng Hai for a month, fought a good number of times with him, and was even beaten black and blue by him!

This was too scary!

Fiend Blade Peng Hai arrived in front of Li Yao. His sharp gaze swept over Li Yao from top to bottom.

Fiend Blade Peng Hai withdrew his gaze and lightly snapped his finger. Immediately, a big round metal ball flew in from outside the room and hovered in between the three. The metal ball automatically opened from both sides before a beautiful tea set was revealed inside.

Two long spirit arms came out from the side of the metal ball and then poured tea for the three one by one.

Peng Hai smiled and said, "Fellow student Li Yao, perhaps you dont understand, but it doesn't matter! Let me tell you two things first."

"First, one month ago in the Militant Wolf Slayers Cultivation Gym, you have helped me finish a crucial training. Precisely due to your help, I was finally able to completely consolidate the 'High-Level Building Foundation Stage' and even began to touch the 'Peak-Level Building Foundation Stage!"

Ding Lingdong exclaimed in surprise before joyfully speaking, "Senior Brother Peng, have you started to touch the Peak Building Foundation Stage? Tsk tsk tsk, if you are successful, we will have a Peak Building Foundation Stage cultivator who has not even crossed the age of thirty. Theres no doubt you will become the top expert of the younger generation of the Federation!"

Peng Hai nodded his head and continued, "Junior Sister Ding should know... At my level, each advancement is more difficult than the previous ones! So, fellow student Li Yao, I owe you a favor!"