Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 800

Chapter 800 Shameless And Domineering

Every Grand Illusionary Soldier was like a ball of lightning that had expanded to the limits. Hundreds of bluish electric arcs were released from them, dancing, interweaving, connecting the thousands of Grand Illusionary Soldiers together into a prison full of thorns of lightning.

Those Grand Illusionary Soldiers were state-of-the-art puppets that the Grand Illusionary Group had crafted at a cost of tremendous Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures. Although they were no match for the Core Formation Stage Cultivators and the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, they were not shrimps that could be tackled easily, either. Also, when every Grand Illusionary Soldier was on the brink of destruction, they would detonate themselves under the control of the star brain, which was a major headache for the Core Formation Stage Cultivators and the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators.

Inside the cage, dozens of streaks of brightness dashed here and there in the thorny bushes like pieces of silk, leaving glamorous blurred shadows behind them. Wherever they went, the Grand Illusionary Soldiers exploded one after another. However, the pieces that remained after the Grand Illusionary Soldiers exploded were still restricting the zone of activity for the Cultivators like the whips of lightnings.

Compression, harassment, exhaustion Those were exactly the purposes that the Grand Illusionary Soldiers had been designed for!

The computational ability of those Grand Illusionary Soldiers controlled directly by the star brain is too high!

Li Yao frowned deeply.

In terms of spiritual energy capacity, speed, or strength, the Grand Illusionary Soldiers were absolutely no match for the Cultivators in the Core Formation Stage and the Nascent Soul Stage.

However, they always seemed able to predict the movement of the Cultivators and act accordingly. Sometimes, they simply detonated themselves, giving birth to shields of flames and lightning to block the Cultivators. The physical strength and spiritual energy of the Cultivators were running out quickly, and their crystal suits rapidly were being worn down, too.

It’s been a thousand years since the Grand Illusionary Group provided the Grand Illusionary Land service to the world of Cultivators!

Over the thousand years, all the Cultivators, including those in the Core Formation Stage and the Nascent Soul Stage, have become used to conducting virtual training and combat via the Grand Illusionary Land.

Therefore, the enormous database of the Grand Illusionary Group has stored a lot of combat data of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, including the features of their tactics, their fighting habits, their maximum speed, their favorite moves and so on. Everything is stored deep inside the star brain!

Which means that the star brain has seen through every tactic, move, and technique of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators here!

With the immense computational ability of the star brain, it must have simulated today’s battle in the Grand Illusionary Land thousands of times before it drafted the perfect strategies to cope with us. That’s why the Grand Illusionary Soldiers are so difficult to get rid of!

Right then, a desperate scream echoed inside the communication channel.

While multiple Grand Illusionary Soldiers were detonating themselves, one of the Grand Illusionary Soldiers suddenly moved ten times faster. Three blade auras that were more than ten meters long were extended from the vibration saber and hit three Cultivators precisely at the same time like vipers and dragons!

The three Cultivators were all in the Core Formation Stage, but the three auras blew up their spiritual shields, smashed their breastplates, and broke several of their ribs.

The unstoppable spiritual energy even pierced hundreds of holes the size of needle tips in their hearts!

It was Xiao Xuance!

Li Yao’s eyes bulged as he tried to lock onto Xiao Xuance.

But his crystal suit was identical to the Grand Illusionary Soldiers in appearance. When he was mixed among thousands of Grand Illusionary Soldiers, with the dazzling explosions, mystic rays, and blurred shadows, it was impossible to locate him.

Are you kidding me? I always think that I am already shameless enough in a battle, but the best expert of the Flying Star Sector is even more shameless than I am!

Li Yao was so angry that he felt his head was smoking. He bellowed in the communication channel, “All the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, leave the Grand Illusionary Soldiers alone. Let’s go over and attack the star brain!”

The six dragon heads on the back of the crystal suit opened their bloody mouths. Six dragon balls were dancing rapidly around his body like satellites and formed six dazzling rings of various colors. The rings quickly expanded and instantly cut the ten or so Grand Illusionary Soldiers around him in half. Orange brilliance burst out from the fracture, and the Grand Illusionary Soldiers all exploded before they halted for a moment!

Li Yao took the opportunity to dash toward the star brain!

The control room of the star brain was right behind the wall of the bridge, which was translucent and seemed to be made of jade.

Through the defense rune arrays and the jade wall, the star brain could be clearly seen.

Hiding yourself, huh? Let’s see where you are going to hide yourself when I blow up the wall!

Li Yao opened his arms. Thousands of streams of spiritual energy flowed out of his limbs and went upwards along his arms into his palms helically, where they formed two dazzling light balls.

He put his hands together. The two light balls were like two black holes that were both attracting and rejecting each other, and they flew crazily in the shape of the number ‘8’.

Li Yao roared and pushed forward with all his strength. The two light balls rushed out and expanded into an enormous pillar of light three meters in diameter, which had a rapidly-revolving, black and white drill in front!

The drill shrieked like a raging dragon.

All the Grand Illusionary Soldiers that were standing in the way of the pillar of light were obliterated.

The drill hit the defense rune array in front of the jade wall brutally.

For a moment, the whole bridge shook.

The illumination rune arrays on the ceiling became brighter and brighter until they were dazzling because of the excessive input of spiritual energy. They all exploded after a cracking noise in the end, casting the bridge into a moment of darkness.

Then, the emergency illumination rune arrays came on. However, the lights were blinking and unstable. A moment in the light was followed by a moment of darkness.

In front of Li Yao, the defense rune array collapsed deeply like a giant swirl and did not return to normal until almost twenty seconds later.

However, chaotic electric arcs were still popping up in the seemingly peaceful air, indicating that the defense rune array was still active.

Li Yao breathed heavily, his face pale.

In terms of the intensity of spiritual energy, the previous strike had basically reached his limit. He had thought that he would have been able to blow up the defense rune array.

“Save yourself the trouble!” hundreds of Grand Illusionary Soldiers sneered simultaneously. “It is the main crystal reactor of Heavenly Phantom that provides spiritual energy for the defense rune array. The diameter of this particular crystal reactor is five hundred meters. How much spiritual energy do you think it can generate?

“Even the full-strength strike of a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator would be nothing but a scratch for the defense rune array!”

Li Yao chuckled. As a refiner, he knew full well that Xiao Xuance was merely bluffing.

Although the crystal reactor of a crystal warship was huge, it was mainly used to provide impetus to push the vehicle forward instead of boosting the performance in combat. Therefore, the combustion mode of crystals was slow and stable. It could not be compared to the crystal reactor of a crystal suit or the internal organs and the brain of a Cultivator, where their spiritual energy was stored.

Besides, since it was the ‘main’ crystal reactor, naturally, it was responsible for most of the spiritual energy output of Heavenly Phantom. It would be a miracle if 10% of the spiritual energy that the crystal reactor generated was allocated to the defense rune array!

Now that Xiao Xuance was wasting his precious computational ability talking to him in the fierce battle, it was evident that he was attacking the man’s critical weakness!

The other experts in the Nascent Soul Stage were all smart and possessed a high computational ability, too. They quickly realized what was going on and changed their tactics. Instead of annihilating the Grand Illusionary Soldiers, they all flew to the star brain and attacked the defense rune array between the control room of the star brain and the brain, even at the risk of being hit by the Grand Illusionary Soldiers!

For a moment, saber and sword auras dominated the place, the fireballs were flying everywhere, and the storms of spiritual energy did not die down for a long time!

Strong as the Grand Illusionary Soldiers might have been, they were not enough to stop the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators who were getting serious. Under the full-strength strikes of the six Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, the defense rune array turned into billions of stars and spluttered out after rippling for a while, vanishing into thin air!

“The defense rune array has been broken!”

Now, the only thing that stood between the Cultivators and the star brain was a jade wall!

Although Xiao Xuance showed up again and killed six Cultivators in the Core Formation Stage, the Cultivators were on a rampage, too. All the Cultivators in the Core Formation Stage surrounded the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators so that the latter could barrage the defense rune array of the star brain without worries, while they stalled Xiao Xuance and his Grand Illusionary Soldiers at the cost of their own lives!

Even though Xiao Xuance was the best expert of the Flying Star Sector, he was not able to kill every Core Formation Stage Cultivator instantly, especially when the Core Formation Stage Cultivators were determined to die!


Led by Luo Xingzi, the six Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators all launched their most powerful attacks. Mystic rays, flying swords, sabers, and ball of lightning hit the jade wall consecutively!

The jade wall broke!

Cracks resembling the spider web quickly covered the entire jade wall, making the star brain behind the wall look even more twisted and hideous!


Seeing that the next bombardment of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators would completely blow up the jade wall, Xiao Xuance finally lost his cool. A plain-looking Grand Illusionary Soldier appeared in between the jade wall and the six Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators at such a high speed that it was almost an instant movement.


The camouflage that made him look like a Grand Illusionary Soldier broke apart suddenly, revealing a golden, blinking crystal suit.

The most eye-catching part of the crystal suit was the highly-risen helmet. It made Xiao Xuance’s head disproportionally long, as if he were wearing a majestic crown. Four different faces were carved on the four facets of the ‘crow’. Indifferent, infuriated, ecstatic, and sorrowful!

The breastplate of the crystal suit was painted with a large face, too, half of which was hideous and malicious while the other half was friendly and benevolent. It seemed to be a combination of the deities in the heavens and the devils in the deepest level of hell!

It was Xiao Xuance’s own crystal suitHeavenly Lord!

When the Heavenly Lord Battlesuit showed up, the half-kind-half-hideous face on the breastplate started twisting. Everybody heard laughter and cries at the same time.

Including Li Yao, all the Cultivators were grasped by part-fear and part-reverence.

Mental attack!

Xiao Xuance’s crystal suit boasts very strong mental attack techniques, too. It is hundreds of times more advanced than Fengyu Zhong’s Hundred Faces Battlesuit!

Li Yao was greatly alarmed, knowing that the best expert of the Flying Star Sector was finally showing his real strength!


Xiao Xuance did not roar, but the spiritual energy that surged out roared earthshakingly like a giant beast in space. Bright golden balls appeared in the air, spinning and emitting deafening sounds.

They were the bombs of spiritual energy that Xiao Xuance had formed with his own spiritual energy!

“Six Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, and Bai Xinghe who is barely one Six and a half altogether. You think that’s enough to defeat me?

“Too nave!”

When all the bombs of spiritual energy rushed toward the Cultivators, Xiao Xuance turned into seven streaks of golden brightness and fought the seven Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators simultaneously!

The best expert of the Flying Star Sector was truly shameless when he chose to be, but when he decided to fight the hard way, he could not have been more domineering!