Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 802

Chapter 802 Why Is There Music?

At this moment, the six Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators finally realized that Xiao Xuance had summoned his Nascent Soul and fought against seven by himself not because he was arrogant, not because he thought he could defeat them alone, but because he was baiting the seven of them into releasing their Nascent Souls so that the array would cause the greatest shock to their soul!

The Core Formation Stage and the Nascent Soul Stage had a vast difference. If they were restricted to the peak of the Core Formation Stage, it was quite possible that the torrent of Grand Illusionary Soldiers would drown them!


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Dozens of Immortal Cultivators suddenly flew out from various directions of the bridge. They were all wearing crystal suits and Ares Extensions. Their auras were as intimidating as the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators’!

Heavenly Phantom, as the home camp of the Immortal Cultivators, was naturally not guarded by Xiao Xuance and the Grand Illusionary Soldiers alone. There were a lot of experts on aboard, too.

Those experts might not have been in the Nascent Soul Stage, but now that the great array had created a special battlefield where there was no Nascent Soul Stage, the Cultivators’ advantage of having top warriors was lost, while the Immortal Cultivators’ advantage in numbers was maximized!

“Xiao Xuance has been long aware that the only way to win the battle is the decapitation strategy!

“Therefore, he set up a fatal trap with himself and the star brain as the bait, one that was designed to hunt the best warriors in the world of Cultivators!

“And we’ve conveniently stepped into the trap!”

All the Cultivators realized what was going on. Their brains and their hearts were grasped by desperation as if they had fallen into a bottomless abyss.


Luo Xingzi struggled to form the Nascent Soul under the suppression of the array.

However, just when his will was melted with his spiritual energy and about to take the shape of a baby, it was minced apart by invisible waves. His soul was shocked again, and his brain was cast into a surging ocean. He could not help but vomit a mouthful of blood, and his face was paler than that of a dead person!

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Thousands of mystic rays, bolts of lightning, and blade auras attacked the dozens of Cultivators.

A great array that could suppress the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators could not last for long no matter what. Xiao Xuance only had one minute before the array was broken. Therefore, he did not give any moment of rest to the Cultivators and simply asked the Immortal Cultivators and the Grand Illusionary Soldiers to launch the strongest attack!

All the Cultivators were caught in the tide of destruction!

The half-gloomy-half-sunny face on the breastplate of Xiao Xuance’s Heavenly Lord Battlesuit laughed and shrieked together with all the other Grand Illusionary Soldiers. “Stop struggling! I’ve planned this for decades! Every tiny detail has been calculated. All the changes are within my control. You stand absolutely no chance!”


Luo Xingzi was blown away by three Immortal Cultivators, only to be surrounded by more than ten Grand Illusionary Soldiers.

Although he gritted his teeth and slashed the Grand Illusionary Soldiers into scraps instantly, he was half a second slower. One of the Grand Illusionary Soldiers detonated itself near him. The spiritual energy resembling a volcanic eruption almost knocked him over, and the flames flooded in through the holes in his crystal suit, biting his flesh crazily and burning his bones!

In its unfortunate days, a tiger might be bullied by a dog. The strong Cultivator in the Nascent Soul Stage was likely to be seriously wounded by several Immortal Cultivators and dozens of Grand Illusionary Soldiers when his Nascent Soul was suppressed!

If so, even if he persisted for one minute, his bones would be fractured, his internal organs would be torn apart, and his soul would be damaged.

By then, even if he was able to condense the Nascent Soul again, there would be nothing he could do anymore!

Luo Xingzi was dizzy and anxious.

He spared part of his attention to observe the battlefield. The other Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were displaying a similar performance to him. They were all drowned in the torrents of Grand Illusionary Soldiers, and their spiritual energy was continuously weakened because of the self-detonations.

On the other hand, the performance of the Core Formation Stage Cultivators was much better since they were used to fighting in the Core Formation Stage.

It was because of their struggles that the defense line of the Cultivators did not collapse.

However, as more and more Grand Illusionary Soldiers rushed into the bridge, they had almost occupied every inch of the room. Everybody could tell that the Cultivators were on the losing side. Another half minute was the best they could do!


Luo Xingzi thought of something. He had not seen Bai Xinghe for a long time.

Where had the cunning guy gone?

Scanning the battlefield with his telepathic thoughts, Luo Xingzi felt his heart turn heavy again.

Maybe because he was wary of the cunningness of the space pirate, Xiao Xuance had selected Bai Xinghe as a primary target. The man had been surrounded by hundreds of Grand Illusionary Soldiers, which sealed him like a giant iron ball dozens of meters in diameter.

Even Bai Xinghe has been blocked

Luo Xingzi was suddenly grasped by desperation.

Was today really the end of the Cultivators of the Flying Star Sector?

Since the attack of the ‘Great Empyrean Soul Stirring Array’ was indiscriminate, Xiao Xuance’s own Nascent Soul had been suppressed, too. Therefore, he was very prudent and stayed out of the battle. He triggered his endless computational ability together with the star brain and commanded the Grand Illusionary Soldiers to launch suicidal attacks, while he jeered at everybody to disturb their mind.

“Six of the seven Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators triggered the full capability of the Nascent Soul Stage just now because of my temptation. Your Nascent Souls were locked onto by the great array, and your souls have all been severely shocked!

“But Bai Xinghe was sleazy enough to keep himself in the peak of the Core Formation Stage just now and did not expose his Nascent Soul!

“However, it is useless, Bai Xinghe. You’ve just reincarnated. Your soul is very unstable right now. My array has the effect of suppressing the soul in the first place. You won’t persist for long before you are burnt to ash!

“As you did not show your Nascent Soul just now, you will not be able to see it again! Haha. Hahahaha!”


In Xiao Xuance’s wild laughter, another Grand Illusionary Soldier held Luo Xingzi’s leg and detonated itself.

The close-distance explosion dealt serious damage to Luo Xingzi. His entire right leg was almost blown apart.

Although he managed to maintain the functions of his bones and his veins with his immense spiritual energy, the excruciating pain made him unable to stay in the peak of the Core Formation Stage!

Luo Xingzi’s capability plummeted, as did his desperate mood.

The other Cultivators were all groaning in pain in the communication channel, not just for themselves, but also for the dark future of the Flying Star Sector!

However, just when everybody’s heart hit the rock bottom

They heard music.

The music that was more and more loud, violent, and passionate!

The suffocating drumming, the flawless flutes, the soul-stirringpipa and huqin1

They seemed to be being played together with hammers, anvils, flames, and blood. Every listener felt that they had to roar and bring out the brilliance of their life!

Moreover, in the simmering music, they could vaguely hear a coarse voice singing with unfathomable fervor.

“Look, the dense clouds cannot stop the running sea of stars.

“Endless darkness will disperse. Lights of life will illuminate the sky.”

All the Cultivators and Immortal Cultivators were dumbfounded, including Xiao Xuance.

“Whywhy is there music?”

“Somebody is singing? What is going on?”

After a moment of hesitation, everybody looked at the big ‘iron ball’ that enshrouded Bai Xinghe.

They had all distinguished that the music of iron and fire was coming from the ball!

“Do excuse me. This is my own BGM. It’s called ‘Conquer the Universe’.”

A clear and peaceful voice echoed inside the giant iron ball made of hundreds Grand Illusionary Soldiers, piercing through the steel, the explosions, and the spiritual waves and shocking every Cultivator and Immortal Cultivator.


Luo Xingzi slashed a Grand Illusionary Soldier into pieces, dragging his bleeding leg, while he roared, “What is that?”

Surrounded by the hundreds of Grand Illusionary Soldiers, Li Yao explained calmly, “My core is different to yours. When it is triggered to the maximum, it will spin at a speed of more than nine thousand and nine hundred revolutions per second while it pulsates like a heart.

“All in all, it is in an extremely unstable state, and it will emit earsplitting noises!

“I estimate that it is a side effect from when I surpassed the peak.

“I was troubled and worked hard on it for a long time, but I was not able to keep my core stable or eliminate the earsplitting noises. I could only guide it and make its vibrations more rhythmic. It sounds much less annoying when it is a piece of music.

“It can’t be helped. I don’t want to so arrogant that I play a long clip of background music whenever I trigger my best capability, either. But it really cannot be removed. Please try to ignore back. Just consider it as a battle hymn to cheer us up!”

Luo Xingzi and the other Cultivators present were struck speechless.

Xiao Xuance burst into fury. “You are still acting all mysterious toward the end of your life? I’m going to blow you up right now!”


The dozens of Grand Illusionary Soldiers that constituted the giant iron ball were detonated at the same time. The scraps and the flames condensed into a giant metal rose.

However, from the depths of the flower, an enormous hand more than ten meters long suddenly extended out!

With the debris of the Grand Illusionary Soldiers as the bone and the spluttering electric arcs as the veins, the giant hand snatched at Xiao Xuance!

All the Grand Illusionary Soldiers standing between the giant hand and Xiao Xuance were torn to pieces immediately!

Xiao Xuance was greatly shocked!

“It’s impo”

Before he finished the last word, the best expert of the Flying Star Sector was smacked away by the giant hand brutally, crashing into four Grand Illusionary Soldiers, one Immortal Cultivator who was almost killed, and the cabin wall after an earsplitting explosion. All the crystal processors in the dozens of square meters nearby were pulverized into powder!


All the Cultivators and the Immortal Cultivators would not have been more shocked even if the world was overturned right now!

They did not realize until this moment that the hundreds of Grand Illusionary Soldiers did not surround ‘Bai Xinghe’ but were attracted by the bizarre force inside his body and unable to move. They had formed the best shield and protected him while he triggered the unparalleled capability that far exceeded anybody else’s without any worries!

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

The Grand Illusionary Soldiers near Li Yao had all been melted into orange mud by the extremely high temperature and blossomed like petals.

In the center of the petals, a crystal suit slowly rose up and stood in midair, surrounded by thousands of Grand Illusionary Soldiers. It was entirely different from the Dragon King Battlesuit that everybody had seen just now.

“How did you”

Xiao Xuance exerted his strength and jumped out of the cabin wall. He found it hard to believe his eyes!