Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 803

Chapter 803 Superlative Height Of The Core Formation Stage

All the mist on the crystal suit in front of everybody was gone, revealing a shell that was as deep as the night sky and as brilliant as the stars!

There was not the slightest joint on the entire crystal suit, as if it were made of an entire piece of liquid metal. On the elbows, knees, waist, and groin, where flexibility was most needed, metal was flowing and appeared as soft and smooth as silk.

The surface of regular crystal suits was often carved with tremendous rune arrays, especially the power rune arrays to control the direction and the attack rune arrays to trigger the spiritual energy.

However, all the rune arrays on this particular crystal suit were protected by half round jade covers. At first glance, dozens of bright golden pearls seemed to have been embedded on the surface of the crystal suit.

The spiritual energy transmission tubes among the ‘pearls’ were all golden lines that looked like the veins and nerves of the crystal suit!

The six dragon heads that had been raging on the back of the crystal suit were gone. But the right arm of the crystal suit was now adorned with six crimson stripes that looked like dragons, as if the will and demeanor of the six dragons had all been condensed into the patterns lurking on the right arm and could lunge out at any moment!


Black Wing, which served as the support axis on the back of the crystal suit, released black flames in two directions. The flames expanded like tides and formed two black light wings that were dozens of meters long.

The edges of the wings were mixed with thousands of golden feathers that were vibrating at a high frequency. They looked like vivid, sharp flying swords!

The crystal suit boasted the mysteriousness of the night sky, the dominance of the dragon king, and the brutality of Skeleton Dragon from forty thousand years ago!

Mystic Skeleton plus Dragon King, unparalleled in the universe!

When the specifications of the crystal suit quickly appeared in everybody’s crystal processor, all the Cultivators and Immortal Cultivators were greatly shocked!

Compared to this crystal suit, even the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators’ tailor-made crystal suit seemed to have become wasted iron and copper!

“Thisthis crystal suit has adopted a lot of components and units of the Dragon King Battlesuit, but it is not the Dragon King Battlesuit. Its performance is much better than the Dragon King’s!”

“Bai Xinghe has been preserving his strength all this time. The specifications of the crystal suit are even higher than those of Xiao Xuance’s Heavenly Lord Battlesuit!”

“You are just bluffing. You can’t fool me!” Xiao Xuance roared. His spiritual energy surged out. All the debris and scraps within three meters were blown into smithereens, highlighting his outrage more clearly than ever.

“No matter how pretentious you are, you only wield the combat ability of the peak of the Core Formation Stage. Besides, you’ve just reincarnated yourself. I don’t believe that your soul can take such a blow!”

Xiao Xuance turned into a streak of golden brightness, and a hammer of soul power that was extremely sharp was thrown out, which was even faster!

Over the past month, Bai Xinghe had been the primary target of study for the Immortal Cultivators. Other than Xiao Xuance, six experts of mental attacks had been practicing a cooperative attack very hard!

Therefore, when Xiao Xuance launched the attack abruptly, six experts in mental attacks took action at the same time, too!

The soul power of the six of them was like six iron walls that blocked Li Yao’s soul from all directions and formed an extremely solid cage!


The hammer of Xiao Xuance’s soul power hit the ‘cage’ heavily. The cage immediately echoed like a bell that had been tolled, producing deafening sounds that were inaudible for ordinary people but could tear apart their soul!

According Xiao Xuance’s calculations and the countless simulations of the star brain, the ‘Soul Striking Bell’ and ‘Spirit Splitting Hammer’ were more than enough to completely drive a soul that had reincarnated within the past several years and had not fully merged with the body out of its shell!

Even worse, the soul might be completely torn apart and would not be able to condense again for another several hours!

However, Li Yao had no intention to dodge or defend when they launched the mental attack. Instead, he counterattacked in the most brutal way, boosted by the black light wings that were dozens of meters long.

Attack versus attack!

The golden feathers on the edges of the light wings dispersed at an amazing speed, but they were still linked to the light wings with tiny golden threads. Like thousands of thin blades, they darted tracing back to the source of the mental attack in midair and quickly locked onto the six mental attack experts!

“How could it be?”

“Why is his soul so solid and cannot be driven out of the body?”

“Not good!”

Most Cultivators were only best at specialties. Since they were experts in mental attacks, they were naturally mediocre in real sword and saber combat. How could they resist Li Yao, who was as ferocious and a wolf and a tiger?

Amid the exclamations and screams, one of the experts in the lead was pierced through by hundreds of golden feathers, turning into a cluster of blood mist.

The rest of the experts, seeing that it was not good, hurried to flee to the Grand Illusionary Soldiers.

However, they were not fast enough.

Hundreds of feathers swirled rapidly around their bodies, chopping off the heads of two experts, which flew up to the ceiling due to the pressure of the blood. The other three experts paid a price of one of their limbs before they managed to run to the behind of the Grand Illusionary Soldiers!

In that moment, three Immortal Cultivators in the Core Formation Stage were annihilated, and three were heavily wounded!

Such a terrifying combat ability far exceeded the limits of the peak of the Core Formation Stage and the category of ‘concealed capability’.

Even the Cultivators who were his temporary teammates were sweating hard.

One of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator could not help but speak to Luo Xingzi in private. “Luo Xingzi, isn’t Bai Xinghe a bit too magnificent? Why does he give me a feeling that he is actually the final boss?”

“” Luo Xingzi.

There was no time for Li Yao to deal with the three shrimps who had just gotten away. His target was Xiao Xuance, the best expert of the Flying Star Sector!


For a moment, blurred shadows were appearing in midair. Almost twenty Heavenly Lord Battlesuits showed up simultaneously, each equally dominating and splendid!

However, every Heavenly Lord Battlesuit was harassed by a Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit!

The two parties were fighting with their sabers and swords, shooting each other with crystal cannons at a super close distance, confronting each other with perilous soul attacks, or even crashing into each other’s fists, feet, knees, and elbows like the most primitive, barbaric warriors!

The speed of their movements, the sharpness of their techniques, and the immensity of the power released made all the Cultivators and Immortal Cultivators dazzled. They could not analyze the real traces of the two parties in the battle even when they used up all their computational ability!


After a series of earsplitting explosions, all the blurred shadows of the Heavenly Lord Battlesuit condensed again, and he was blown backwards.

The shining surface of the crystal suit was now wreathed in a lackluster color, as if it had turned from gold into bronze.

The best expert of the Flying Star Sector had failed in the head-on clash that was devoid of any tricks!

“You are not Bai Xinghe,” Xiao Xuance roared both in shock and in fright. “Who are you exactly?”

All the Cultivators gasped at what he said.

When the mysterious man reached out to them through the Glorious Sunlight Group, they had been suspicious of his identity, too.

But everything he had said and the unique dragon-like artificial arms on his crystal suit had finally convinced them.

Later, the capability that he demonstrated, and especially the step-by-step fatal traps, made them relieved of their worries and acknowledge that he was Bai Xinghe, the old and cunning Pirate Potentate!

But right now, when the mysterious man triggered his real capability, the Cultivators also found that the man’s fighting style was slightly different from the real Bai Xinghe’s.

He was even stronger than the real Bai Xinghe!

The Cultivators were both surprised and delighted, if not baffled.

They did not have the slightest clue where such a super expert in the world of Cultivators had come from and how he could have improved his speed, strength, and soul to such a shocking degree in a battlefield where the Nascent Soul could not be condensed!

His eyes bloodshot, Xiao Xuance shouted desperately, “Impossible! It’s absolutely impossible! It doesn’t matter who you are! Nobody can wield the combat ability of the Nascent Soul Stage in my great array! You are in the peak of the Core Formation Stage, and I’m in the peak of the Core Formation Stage, too. There’s no way you can be so much stronger than me!”

“Who says that I’m in the peak of the Core Formation Stage?” The Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit vanished into thin air, only to reappear above the Heavenly Lord Battlesuit the very next second. “Let me show you the invincibility of the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage!”


Xiao Xuance was bashed to the ground like a cannonball.

Dozens of Grand Illusionary Soldiers quickly moved forward and triggered powerful electric arcs and formed an electromagnetic web whose buffering saved him from the fate of hitting the ground.

However, he could not have looked more disgraced!

With its vast computational ability, the star brain finally finished comparing Li Yao’s fighting style and the features of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit with the files stored inside its database, which were as boundless as an ocean. A shocking conclusion had been reached.

“The crystal suit is very similar to Li Yao’s crystal suit, which appeared in the Iron Plateau Space Zone before!

“The guy’s fighting style is 73% similar to that of Sand Scorpion, the best warrior of Iron Plateau who disappeared five years ago!

“Li Yao, Sand Scorpion, Iron Plateau, Glorious Sunlight Group

“You are Sand Scorpion. Sand Scorpion is Li Yao. It’s been you all along!”

Xiao Xuance immediately thought everything through. His face suddenly turned extremely pale, making the signs of age on his face more conspicuous than they should have been.

“Li Yao!”

“Sand Scorpion!”

“It’s him. It’s him!”

All the Cultivators, including Luo Xingzi, were overjoyed and felt like shouting and crying. Their computational ability was all extremely high. If they had not found out the truth after getting so much information, they would have been too ashamed to be called Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators anymore!

“Sand Scorpion or Li Yao, the bottom line is, it’s time for our counterattack!”

Motivated by Li Yao’s shocking performance, all the Cultivators initiated their counterattack with higher morale than ever!

Xiao Xuance grunted and fled to the Grand Illusionary Soldiers, quickly vanishing into the iron torrents.

The wings of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, on the other hand, minced all the Grand Illusionary Soldiers that were rushing over into pieces with auras almost a hundred meters long that looked like two black sabers!

“Xiao Xuance!”

Li Yao’s body seemed to have turned into dozens of streaks of blackness and appeared in various locations at the same time, locking onto Xiao Xuance’s position precisely. Roars resembling storm and thunder echoed inside the black streaks. “Your Grand Illusionary Soldiers are grandly illusionary!”

At this moment, there were seventeen seconds to go before the ‘Great Empyrean Soul Stirring Array’ collapsed.

The battle hymn of the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage had just reached the loudest note!