Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 812

Chapter 812 This Is The Future

Chapter 812: This Is the Future!

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In a moment, the firm belief expanded into a furious tornado. Before the star child was able to do anything, the black cocoon had been ripped apart by hundreds of golden rays of light from the inside.

The hundreds of tentacles that pierced deep into Li Yao’s soul all fell into Li Yao’s control. They turned from black into gold and went backwards, creating a hole hundreds of meters in diameter on the body of the star child!

“It’sIt’s impossible!” Looking at Li Yao, who was glowing dazzlingly like a supernova outbreak, the star child was dumbfounded. “Why? Your lie has been seen through, so why is your belief getting stronger, firmer, and more and more unshakable?”

The six Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators’ minds were in chaos, and they were about to surrender, but they sensed the unmistakable belief emitting from Li Yao’s body, too, and opened their eyes in confusion.

No sound could be heard in the vacuum of the universe, but this place was not the real universe; it was the star child’s mind palace.

Therefore, as Li Yao’s body expanded, the earsplitting battle hymn that had been resounding inside his brain raged in the boundless universe unstoppably!

Billions of stars with dazzling brilliance rushed to Li Yao from various directions, turning into furious flames and putting a brand-new crystal suit on him. His body size was expanding unbelievably.

A hundred meters, five hundred meters, a thousand meters!

Affected by Li Yao’s soaring fighting will, the debris of crystal warships covering the star child was crumbling and collapsing. The iron giant continually decreased in size!

The disparity in size between the two parties was reducing quickly!

“Are you curious why my belief is so firm?”

Li Yao was smiling inside the armor of stars. A saber hundreds of meters long was condensed with the flames of stars in his hand, whose edge was extending forward as more and more stars joined it.

The saber tore apart the universe and pointed at the star child, while Li Yao said, “It’s simple; what has been supporting me is not just a belief!

“Like I said just now, even if the universe is nothing more than a cold, cruel dark forest, even if the Imperium of True Human Beings reigned by the Immortal Cultivators has really conquered most of the Sectors habituated by mankind, it does not mean that the Flying Star Sector is the last Sector that still persists in the path of the Cultivators!

“I believe that in the war against the Immortal Cultivators, the Imperium of True Human Beings, and the dark forest, the Cultivators of the Flying Star Sector are definitely not fighting alone. No matter what, the Cultivators from at least another Sector have been fighting side by side with them at the risk of their own lives!

“The Flying Star Sector is never alone!

“This is both my belief and the fact that is happening right before you the idiot’s eyes!”

As the universe-shaking roars echoed, the aura on the saber in Li Yao’s hand had extended to thousands of meters. He slashed at the star child unstoppably!


The star child’s right arm was formed by the debris of more than ten crystal warships. Now, it was further compressed into a longsword that was surrounded by black gas. The blade managed to block Li Yao’s saber of stars. The blast resulting from the collision of the two weapons was no less intimidating than the most chaotic cosmic storm!

The star child’s voice sounded more anxious than ever. “Whowho are you exactly?”

Li Yao burst into laughter. “I am Li Yao. Vulture is my nickname, and the Heaven’s Origin Sector is my home!”

“The Heaven’s Origin Sector is your home?”

The star child was dumbfounded. His computational ability was mired in a chaotic swirl and could not maintain the solidness of his soul any longer. The black longsword formed by his right arm was chopped in half by Li Yao’s saber of stars. However, the saber did not stop there and continued pushing toward the star child’s chest, until the enormous face on the chest was slashed apart, too!

The golden aura of the saber even penetrated through the star child’s body and blossomed out of his back!

“The Heaven’s Origin Sector is your home?”

The six Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators from the Flying Star Sector exclaimed in shock, too. Although they did not know exactly what had happened, their beliefs were firmed again, motivated by Li Yao’s soaring fighting will. They were ready to fight one more time!

“My Fellow Cultivators here must have investigated my background earlier. You must have been curious about how a Mr. Nobody with no background could show such weird refining arts in the Skyhill Sword Seminar all of a sudden, fight the notorious space pirates in the Iron Plateau Space Zone, and even become the best warrior of the six tribes of Iron Plateau, right?

“It’s simple. Of course, I have my own masters and legacies. However they are not rooted in the Flying Star Sector but in the Heaven’s Origin Sector, a whole different world!

“Yes. The Heaven’s Origin Sector, which, according to what the guy just said, was a wasteland when it was discovered by the Imperium of True Human Beings two hundred years ago!”

The six Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators could not have been more shocked!

The wound on the star child’s chest was almost a thousand meters long. Countless crystal warships were wriggling in it but could not heal it. Like a bottomless gorge, the wound added to the ugliness of the enormous face. “It’s impossible. You are lying. What evidence have you got?”

Li Yao laughed. He pointed the saber in his right hand at the star child, and he touched the center of his eyebrow with his left index finger and middle finger. He said, “Evidence?

“I am the evidence!

“Star Child No.19, you said just now that the Heaven’s Origin Sector had been desolate since more than two hundred years ago.

“Now, allow me to burn my life and soul and release my memory pieces so that you can see what the real Heaven’s Origin Sector looks like!

“I believe that every one of you knows what a high demand building a vivid, vast world places on one’s computational ability. If the Heaven’s Origin Sector does not exist, with the computational ability of the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage, there is no way that I can make up so many memories all at once so quickly!

“Take a look. This is my hometown, the Heaven’s Origin Sector!”

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

From the center of Li Yao’s soul, golden streams of information rushed out and surged into overwhelming images in the sea of stars, illuminating the dark forest made of the deities and devils of the universe.

They were all the memories that he remembered most clearly!

The first picture was him in the War Museum of the Star Glory Federation. He watched countless Cultivators marching toward the army of the demon race on their starships, especially the scene where Distant Expanse, the flagship of the Cultivators, crashed into Heaven’s Field, the flagship of the demon race, in the battle that marked the foundation of the Star Glory Federation.

Above the clouds that were dyed red by blood, the Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars flag, the national flag of the federation, was fluttering in the wind!

The second picture was the scene where seven weak Cultivators sacrificed themselves against overwhelming Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes to buy more time for the ordinary people on the crystal train to the Grand Desolate War Institution.

The third picture was in the Battle of Seven Cities. While countless ordinary people ran away from their homes that were caught in the flames of war, teams of Cultivators and federal soldiers were marching onto the perilous battlefield against the current!

The fourth picture was on Boneyard. Li Yao, Ding Lingdang, and the other Cultivators were fighting the squad of the demon race and Skeleton Dragon. In the end, Li Yao activated the drill of mystic rays of Sparkle and teleported himself as well as Skeleton Dragon to an unknown world!

Other than the four enormous pictures, there were thousands of smaller, scattered pictures. They were not relatively unimportant memory pieces, but the social form, customs, and history of the Heaven’s Origin Sector were reflected in them, too.

Such a life-like world was too complicated and vivid to be constructed in the spur of the moment.

Along with the pictures were roars each higher than the last.

“Cultivators are the sabers of the civilization of mankind!”

“Dispelling evil is our responsivity. Pests, prepare to die!”

“Get the hell out of here. Don’t stand in my way while I’m busy saving the world!”

“Cultivate for the rise of the federation!”

“Cultivators are fearless of death. Those who fear death will never be Cultivators!”

“Cultivators are here!”

The pictures and the voices dazzled the six Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, whose souls were burning furiously!

The black venom all over their bodies was burnt to ash and obliterated after screams.

Their souls condensed into the shape of human beings. Glamorous crystal suits that looked like diamonds and coral, which could never appear in reality, were growing crazily on their bodies, making their size expand continuously. They looked like giants that were slowly rising from an abyss!

“It’s true. Li Yao was speaking a truth. There is at least one world other than the Flying Star Sector that is still guarded by the Cultivators.”

“Cultivators are here It’s been a long time since I last heard such a refreshing declaration!”

“Although it is a small Sector that only has one space zone and insufficient resources, it has a very stable planet that is habituated by tens of billions of people. The war potential is quite huge. The Cultivation level is not low, either. Some of their technology is even more advanced than that of the Flying Star Sector!

“The Flying Star Sector is vast and unpopulated. All the citizens are dispersed.

“The Heaven’s Origin Sector is small and has a huge population. The people are highly concentrated. They also have a very strong army that maximizes the combat ability of the ordinary people in groups!”

“The two Sectors are quite complementary!”

“The Star Glory Federation that governs the Heaven’s Origin Sector has existed for five hundred years, but the star child claimed that it was a wasteland two hundred years ago?”

“He was lying!”

“If he was lying about the Heaven’s Origin Sector, who knows whether or not his stories about the Rising Sun Sector and the Black Moon Sector were true?”

“Is the Imperium of True Human Beings really as strong and invincible as he described to be? Has it really governed both of the Sectors of mankind?”

The Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were all smart and determined people. Just now, their souls had been suppressed by the star child, and their computational ability had plummeted. That was why they had not been thinking too clearly.

Now that Li Yao had pointed out a loophole in the star child’s lie with undeniable facts, it was like a hole being dug on an indestructible dam.

A collapse was about to happen!

The mind palace built by the star child started shaking. The deities and devils that constituted the dark forest crumbled and dispersed one after another!

“Do you see it, Star Child No.19? This is my world!”

Li Yao burst into laughter. Every picture of his memory was burning in golden flames. They turned into flying fire birds and swept across the entire dark forest, scorching the illusions of the deities and devils who were all screaming miserably. In the end, they flew to Li Yao one by one and melted into a pair of golden wings thousands of meters long!

“You kept saying that only by removing the humanity and sacrificing the ordinary people in the cruel dark forest will the civilization of mankind have a future.

“The Heaven’s Origin Sector has been faced with serious threats all the time, but we have never forgotten what we fought for in the beginning and what we are dying to protect!

“Open your goddamn eyes and watch carefully. This is the future of the civilization of mankind!”

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