Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 832

Chapter 832 Uncanny Incidents

“Human beings were a species that was full of energy and desires. Although they did not boast the powerful techniques that the thirteen ancient demon clans did, their curiosity and ability to reproduce were unlimited.

“More importantly, they could learn things and evolve on their own. Therefore, they could repair the Sectors without being commanded by anyone.

“The Nuwa Clan was very satisfied with the species that was designed to modify the worlds. Therefore, with the strength of the spiral arm of galaxies, they tossed the human beings to all the Sectors that were scattered throughout universe.

“The newborn human beings, as expected, started to learn promptly. They reproduced at a high speed and expanded their species. Meanwhile, they repaired the worlds with the spiritual energy.

“Gradually, all the Sectors were revived again.

“However, maybe because of the natural deficiencies of the human beings, or maybe because Chaos had polluted the first batch of human beings at the very beginning of the ‘Sky Fixing Plan’ with endless lust and desires, human beings grew more and more ambitious and greedy while they repaired the worlds. They were gradually lost and forgot their mission.

“They considered themselves to be masters of the sky and the earth. They changed from repairing the worlds to modifying them and eventually to exploiting them. They went against the Great Dao of living in harmony with nature and exploited every bit of spiritual energy on every planet in the most extreme ways possible.

“Later, when the human beings discovered the secrets of the thirteen ancient demon clans, they took the opportunity when the twelve ancient demon clans were in hibernation and the Nuwa Clan was the weakest to betray their creators ruthlessly. They found most of the ancient demon clans and destroyed them!

“Without the suppression of the thirteen ancient demon clans, the human beings lived an even more lawless life. A reign of darkness that lasted tens of thousands of years thus began!

“Under the cruel reign of the human beings, the forests were burning, the earth was moaning, the sky was never clear, and hydrilla and oil were floating on the oceans all the time.

“Most of the species other than the human beings either ended up being their slaves or were entirely wiped out.

“Forty thousand years ago, human beings were finally a victim of their own greed and ambitions. A destructive civil war broke out.

“The civil war seriously undermined the evil civilization of mankind. It also created the best opportunity for the renaissance of the demon race!

“Overthrow the tyranny of the human beings and restore the Great Dao of the balance of nature in the universe!

“Motivated by such beliefs, the descendants of the ancient demon clans that were scattered everywhere in the sea of stars stood up against human beings. After endless blood and efforts, the human beings were successfully suppressed for thirty thousand years!

“After thirty thousand years of rest, the worlds that were riddled with holes because of the human beings’ pollution finally regained part of their vitality.

“However, the human beings came back again and established the Star Ocean Imperium, planning to restore their evil reign.

“Thankfully, the Star Ocean Imperium was just a freak that was piled up by the might of a tyrant. When the tyrant died abruptly, it soon collapsed.

“Today, ten thousand years later, the human beings and the demon race are both resting. Neither party can seize control over all the Sectors in the universe.

“Ostensibly speaking, the population, resources of the human beings, and their control over the worlds are much higher than ours, but we must not give up easily!

“Evil can never suppress justice for long, as history has proved. One day, we will overthrow the cruel reign of human beings and set the universe back to the track of balance of nature again!”

The young man finally concluded his long speech. He felt that his mouth was dry, so the cat-eared girl handed over a wood bowl to him. He drank the sweet water, which was mixed with honey, in great satisfaction before he licked his lips and smiled.

“Excellent. Brother, you do remember all of it!” the cat-eared girl Lei Lan exclaimed in joy and jumped up in a high mood with the wood bowl. “I’m going to make something delicious for you. We have fresh fish. It will taste good if I blend them with ear-folding grass!”

The young man bathed himself in the glowing morning sun comfortably. Scarlet brightness covered him like a hazy red mist, making him look somewhat mysterious.

After the cat-eared girl turned around and left, the young man’s right eye immediately turned from amber into a cold, deep black color.

His left eye, which was covered in a bandage, seemed to be emitting redness despite the blockage of the bandage.

“The Primeval Lord of Heaven? The thirteen ancient demon clans? The Sky Fixing Plan?

“Very interesting genesis mythology.

“However, what is more interesting is, why does this family of demons have to ask me to pretend to be this ‘Lei Qi’?”

Li Yao scratched his left temple, which was covered in bandages, softly and mumbled to himself.

It had been half a month since he landed in the Blood Demon Sector.

On Firefly, the formidability of the Blood Stripe Virus and its infiltration on his soul were beyond his expectation.

Even the explosion of the soul bomb failed to destroy the Blood Stripe Virus completely.

Later, Li Yao’s soul and the remaining strength of the Blood Stripe Virus had a soul-stirring fight.

The destination of Firefly was not as good as its companions. Although it reached the Blood Demon Sector safely, it was too close to the planet.

Captured by the tremendous gravity of the planet, Firefly’s power rune arrays lost control, and it was pulled into the atmosphere and crashed into the ground.

The only thing that was lucky for Li Yao was that he crashed at the depths of the Hundred Desolation Mountain, which was far away from the center of politics of the demon race. He did not catch the attention of the strong demons, either.

The immense blast of the crash not only destroyed Firefly completely but also triggered a forest fire.

While Li Yao was slowly recovering in the burning Hundred Desolation Mountain, he found the team of demons who came to put out the fire.

When he saw the team, who all had different appearances, Li Yao thought of something.

Although he had planned to stay in the Blood Demon Sector and not to return to the Heaven’s Origin Sector until he completely purged the Blood Stripe Virus, it was quite a tricky problem for him to survive in the Blood Demon Sector, which was brimming with demons, as a human being.

Before Li Yao left the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the experts of the Blood Demon Sector had been on par with those of the Heaven’s Origin Sector. They were classified into four levels, namely demon soldier, demon general, demon king, and demon emperor. The demon emperor, which was the strongest of all, equaled to the Nascent Soul Stage for the Cultivators.

In terms of combat ability, Li Yao was not scared of any top experts of the Blood Demon Sector.

However, his opponent would not solo him. The most famous strategy of the demon race was their tides of insects and beasts!

Even in the Heaven’s Origin Sector, reports were not few of high-level Cultivators being surrounded by a large batch of low-level demon beasts and eventually dying of exhaustion.

He was now at the heart of the Blood Demon Sector. Should his identity be exposed, without the collective attack of several demon emperors, the rushing beast tides alone were enough to crush him into smithereens.

Therefore, when Li Yao discovered that the demons who came to put out the fire were not exclusively ugly snakes or rats, and that many of them carried distinctive features of human beings, he slightly rectified his plan and burnt his body with the flames on purpose.

With his Cultivation at the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage, he was able to control the speed of his metabolism. The cells all over his body could be replaced at a high frequency.

With enough spiritual energy, it would only take him a few hours for him to replace all the cells on the surface of his body.

The fire burn of such a degree was not a big deal for him at all.

As for the change of the length of his canine teeth and the color of his pupils, it was not too difficult, either.

Li Yao had once accepted the spiritual seed of Yan Ba, a body fundamentalist in the Nascent Soul Stage.

The training approach of the body fundamentalists was to trigger the primordial strength hidden in their bodies and force their cells into a temporary atavistic state so that the strength of the primordial ferocious animals, which were the ancestors of human beings, could be activated.

Many body fundamentalists would grow intense hair or scales while they were at the highest point of their training, and it was not unusual for their body size to triple or for them to grow sharp horns and claws.

After all, human beings evolved from monkeys, and monkeys evolved from all kinds of primordial animals.

Human beings, who called themselves the wisest of all creatures, were just another kind of animal. It was not usual for the features of an animal to be activated again.

Although Li Yao was not a real body fundamentalist, the Blood Stripe Virus was an expert in the refinement of living creatures. After absorbing most of the abilities of the Blood Stripe Virus, it was more than simple for Li Yao to slightly alter the appearance of his hair, iris, fingernails, and teeth.

Li Yao’s original plan was to pretend to be heavily wounded and see if he could sneak into the villages of the demons to gather more intelligence.

If the strangers were malicious, he would attack them first and slay all the demons, save one or two captives for interrogation.

But what happened later was quite beyond his expectations.

After the demons found him ‘seriously wounded’ and ‘out of shape’, they neither went up to him and gave up first aid or attacked him immediately while he seemed feeble.

After a while of whispers, one of the tiger demons who was particularly tall and strong went out and carried him back home, stating that he was ‘Lei Qi’, the pillar of his family and the best hunter in the village.

What was that all about?

Li Yao could not have been more confused.

He could easily tell that, except for his canine teeth, which were slightly sharper, his half golden hair, and his right eye that had gone amber, there were absolutely no similarities between him and the tiger demon. Even a blind person would not have mistaken them for blood brothers.

Over the few days when he faked his coma, the family that brought him back did not show any happiness that a family member had luckily escaped a disaster at all. Instead, they were sighing and living in fear every day.

Sometimes, the tiger demon, Lei Chaung, would fiercely argue with his sister, Lei Lan. It appeared that Lei Chuang was unwilling to bring him back, but the demon simply had to.

An old demon whose legs had withered and looked like both a fox and a legless wolf dropped by the tiger demon’s house with an enormous turtle as his vehicle several times, too, and talked to Lei Chuang in a low voice.

It seemed that accepting Li Yao as their ‘big brother’ concerned the fate of not only the family of the tiger demon but also the entire village. Without the demon named ‘Lei Qi’, dire consequences might happen to the village.

It is getting interesting now. All the fifty or so households of demons in the village know clearly that I am mostly certainly not ‘Lei Qi’, but everyone pretends that they are blind.


Li Yao pondered in silence.

Other than the identity of ‘Lei Qi’, the village in the Hundred Desolation Mountain was weird, too.