Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 834

Chapter 834 Chaotic Blood Demons

Chapter 834: Chaotic-Blood Demons


The persistent mental devil gave Li Yao a major headache. He swore that he would purge it completely one day.

However, his anger and discontent turned into red streaks and flooded toward the mental devil. They repaired the mental devil’s deformed body like the best tonic.

The mental devil giggled and danced inside Li Yao’s brain. It even smirked to piss him off knowing that Li Yao could do nothing about it.

Li Yao was more than angry. The wretched Blood Stripe Virus was indeed a haunting ghost!

The mental devil declared, its hands on its hips, “Kill me as you will. After all, I don’t have the ability to fight back at all. You can butcher me however you see fit.

“However, don’t blame the Blood Stripe Virus for everything!

“On Firefly, your soul clashed against the Blood Stripe Virus heavily. I believe that you must have found out a lot of secrets of the Blood Stripe Virus. You know that the Blood Stripe Virus does not have self-awareness, any thinking ability, or any kind of moral standard.

“The Blood Stripe Virus does not necessary feed on the lust for killing. All intense emotions are food for the Blood Stripe Virus.

“The Blood Stripe Virus does not only boost the host’s killing intent, either. All emotions are significantly enhanced!

“It’s a pity that, hehehehe, the most intense emotions for most intelligent creatures in the universe are the desire for killing and destruction!

“It was so for the Titan Warriors, Yan Xibei, and the Iron Plateau natives. Now, are you any different?

“So, stop fooling yourself by saying ‘the Blood Stripe Virus tempted you and brought about the mental devil’. You have had the mental devil for a long time. The Blood Stripe Virus only gave it a hand and helped it to reveal itself!

“I did not tempt you just now. The previous thoughts were all your own. I merely brought them out of your subconsciousness so that you could see them more clearly!”

Li Yao hated everything that his mental devil said, but he failed to come up with a response.

The mental devil laughed hard in triumph. Shaking its head, it said, “In fact, it is very simple if you want to annihilate me. As the saying goes, a fire can burn wild grass to the ground, but they will rise again in the spring breeze next year. How can you execute me by slashing so straightforwardly? I will be back to life the next time you have negative emotions!

“However, if there are absolutely no negative emotions in your heart, and you become a positive man who walks in brightness all the time, you will be flawless, and I will be purged into a kind of pure and positive mental energy!

“Hehehehe. I’m afraid that you can’t”

Li Yao had enough of the mental devil’s racket. He raised a storm with his soul and blew it to the deepest part of his brain.

Although it would not be long before the mental devil showed up again, he was at least granted peace for now.


Li Yao exhaled, somewhat in depression. He had to admit that the mental devil was right.

Alright. Other than the guy’s ill intentions, it is true that I’m very curious about the origin of the demon race and want to find out their secrets.

Besides, in order to deal with the demon race, I have to know the demon race first.

Now that I have snuck into the Blood Demon Sector, although I did not want to, I should at least gather enough intelligence on the demon race so that the odds of success of the Heaven’s Origin Sector can be increased!

Although I have the combat ability of the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage and the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit that is almost immaculate, they both have distinctive features of the Cultivators. If I utilize them in a battle, I will immediately be noticed by the demons!

Therefore, studying the methodology of the demon’s training and moving to the center of the demons are musts for me.

Deep inside his brain, the mental devil crawled out again. “There is this trick that I would like to”

“Get lost!”

At the consumption of his brainwaves, Li Yao slapped the mental devil away again.

After breakfast, Li Yao went to the training field of the village. As ‘Lei Qi’, he was doing rehabilitation exercises every day.

The demons in the Dry Leaf Village had various kinds of residences according to their living habits.

For tiger demons such as Lei Qi, Lei Lan, and Lei Chuang, they were fond of climbing trees. Therefore, they lived in a woodhouse in the dense forest.

The snake demons liked it next to the river where it was darker and damper, while some of the insect demons preferred to live in caves and only left mounds that were riddled with holes on the ground.

At first look, the entire village was a dazzling mess.

“Lei Qi, morning!”

“Lei Qi, going to train yourself again?”

“Lei Qi, you must get well soon. When the young boys are away, the entire village will count on you for our safety!”

All the villagers he met were greeting him with a smile, as if they had truly been friends for decades.

But Li Yao’s eyes were keen enough to see through the deep worries behind the sunny smiles.

To the east of the Dry Leaf Village, through a garden of dense Ghost Teeth Flowers, was the training field of the village.

The Ghost Teeth Flowers were enormous planets around five meters tall with flower discs more than four meters in diameter. They looked like nepenthes magnified countless times. Sharp teeth were growing on the edge of the petals, and the leaves and some of the roots had evolved into tentacles. It was said that they could drag even lions and tigers into the flowers and eat them.

They were one of the most infamous carnivorous plants, but dozens of precious lumps grew on the roots of every Ghost Teeth Flower. Bright golden juice would flow out when the lumps were cut open. The bright golden juice, known as ‘Gold Stamen Liquid’, was a great natural medicine for healing wounds that was very popular among high-level demons.

The Dry Leaf Village was too remote. Farming and hunting could only ensure that they did not starve. It was the garden of the Ghost Teeth Flowers that all the villagers counted on to make their living.

In the appropriate seasons, the Gold Stamen Liquid could be gathered three times a month. 70% of their harvest would be taken as tax, and the remaining 30% would belong to them. They would trade the Gold Stamen Liquid for daily and living necessities in the towns outside the mountain.

However, the Ghost Teeth Flowers were extremely brutal and dangerous. Except for the sharp petals and the tentacles that were full of thorns, they could also release paralyzing gas. Even the toughest demons would not grow them for a living.

Only the demons who had no other options because of the barren land would risk developing the Ghost Teeth Flowers and gathering the liquid deep inside the shrubs.

In the Dry Leaf Village, only the fastest, strongest, and most agile demons were entrusted with the important task of collecting the Gold Stamen Liquid.

Those demons were usually also the mentors for the young demons in the village.

Therefore, the training field was right next to the garden of the Ghost Teeth Flowers so that the mentors could enlighten the young demons while they were tending to the Ghost Teeth Flowers, and the young demons would realize the difficulty of their life.

When Li Yao walked onto the training field, an old, slender demon who had arms resembling the forelegs of a mantis was dashing swiftly among the Ghost Teeth Flowers that had opened their bloody mouths. Before the petals closed, he threw hares at the stamen as the food for the Ghost Teeth Flowers so that they would secrete more Gold Stamen Liquid.

The countless wounds on the mantis demon and his missing left arm, which was just a bare bone bump now, all indicated the risk of the job.

There was not a teacher in the training field right now. Lei Chuang, Lei Qi’s younger brother, was training with more than then young demons.

“He! He! He!”

Lei Chuang was muscular and more than two meters tall. At first glance, one might have thought that a ferocious tiger head had been attached onto a human body. Bright golden hair covered his greasy skin. Illuminated by the morning sun, glamorous bloody mist was rising from his body. Behind him was a splendid tail with golden rings. It was sometimes as straight as spear and sometimes as tensile as a whip that was slapping the air.

After his every punch, not only was the air in front of him torn apart, dazzling electric arcs on his arms also condensed into the shape of tiger claws, which flew to three meters away without dispersing at all, as he snatched down.

After a crack, broken pieces were spluttering from the giant rock full of green moss, and deep claw marks had been left on the rock.

All the young demons nearby applauded for him.

Lei Chuang was apparently quite respected among the young demons of the Dry Leaf Village. As half a mentor, he flicked the forehead of quite a few young demons uncourteously and roared, “Do you see? You must be full of fury and killing intent when you punch. Only such attacks are powerful enough to rip apart the crystal tanks of human beings easily!

“Train yourselves hard just like I did. Train yourselves at the cost of your life!

“The third call of this year is arriving very soon, but not every demon is qualified to go to the battlefield. The identities of the chaotic-blood demons are different from other demons, and the requirements for us will only be more rigorous!

“Only by working a hundred times harder than other demons and becoming much stronger than them can we be qualified to join the army, resist the evil human beings in the battlefield, and defend the glory of the demon race!”

Seeing that Li Yao had showed up in the training field, Lei Chuang thought for a moment and waved his hands, gesturing for the young demons to take a rest. He then picked up a calabash and poured half of the water into his throat, before he wiped his mouth and said, “Don’t complain about the difficulty of your training now. The chaotic-blood demons were not permitted to join the army in the past at all. Right now, we finally have a chance to. Do you deserve yourself and your village if you cannot seize the opportunity by training yourself with your everything?

“Hehe. I can see that many young demons here are still confused. You don’t understand what ‘chaotic-blood demons’ means at all. Then, let me explain it to you clearly!

“Big brother, please sit down and listen. It was you who told me the knowledge, but since you’ve forgotten it now, I can certainly help you review it.”

The twenty or so young demons, some sitting and some crouching, surrounded Lei Chuang in their most comfortable positions.

Lei Chuang narrowed his eyes and gnashed his teeth. “The name of the chaotic-blood demons is a curse that we are born with. It is also the greatest responsibility on our shoulders!”

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