Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 836

Chapter 836 Blade Of Chaos

Lei Chuang spat hard, and his saliva pierced deep into the earth like a nail.

He replied fiercely, “What about the Blade of Chaos? It doesn’t matter to tell you their story!

“But those traitors of the demon trace and the heretics who believe in Chaos are scumbags that are forbidden from the Pantheon of Demons forever. It will be enough that you stay alert and learn a thing or two about them. Don’t ask around anymore after you leave the training field!”

The young demons looked at each other in bewilderment when they saw Lei Chuang’s gloomy face. Their merriness had entirely disappeared, and it was not until a long time later that they nodded their heads.

Lei Chuang thought for a moment and said, “The saint-blood demons serve the gods, the silver-blood demons govern the earth, the bronze-blood demons fight bloody battles, and the black-blood demons mine and farm. Those are the rules of the Great Dao and the ultimate laws of nature.

“Although the black-blood demons and the chaotic-blood demons are too humble to pick up the more decent jobs, it is all a test of the Great Dao and part of our training. As long as we are content with ourselves and loyal to the Great Dao, we can consider all the suffering and the pain as our training. When we claim our rewards in the Pantheon of Demons in the future, it is equally possible for us to get rid of the lowly bloodlines and realize the brilliant immortality!

“Besides, the black-blood demons and the chaotic-blood demons have been granted the right to fight for the first time ever so that we will be able to accumulate more battle accolades!

“How merciful, how benevolent!

“However, under the enchantment of Chaos, a tiny proportion of black-blood demons and chaotic-blood demons are not satisfied about their class. They claim that ‘the bloodlines of all demons are the same, and every demon is equally noble and humble’!

“Listen to what they are talking about! That’s truly insane and unpardonable!

“When the demons who believe in Chaos gathered, they gradually established an evil organization named ‘Blade of Chaos’ for the propaganda of their theories of equality of demons and break of social classes!

“It is said that they also have secret arts that allow them to change their appearance. They can change from a tiger demon into a snake demon, or from a snake demon into an insect demon. They can even shift from multiple kinds of demons freely at will. It is indeed creepy and evil!

“Over the past thousand years, the Blade of Chaos has been lurking in the darkness, fanning flames and fooling folk. Occasionally, they caused minor problems, too.

“But things cannot go evil’s way all the time. Even when such a cult led a riot with the disobedient believers, it was suppressed by the army of the Pantheon of Demons very soon.

“However, things changed over the past few decades.

“Since the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector were gradually melding, a few large-scale bloody battles have broken out. As a result, a lot of elites were mobilized to the frontlines, and the defense of the Blood Demon Sector was weak. The Blade of Chaos took the opportunity and developed very fast.

“You all know the ‘Battle of Dawn’, don’t you?

“It was the first head-on clash of the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector!

“A great army was summoned in the Blood Demon Sector. The twelve demon emperors, the thirty-six demon kingdoms, and all the elites of our world attacked the Heaven’s Origin Sector. A large batch of black-blood demons and chaotic-blood demons were enlisted, too.

“When the battle was fiercest, we occupied more than half of the Grand Desolate Plateau. The Grand Desolate War Institution, the human beings’ bureau on the Grand Desolate Plateau, was demolished. Our vanguard even reached the edge of the Grand Desolate Plateau. As long as we broke through the ‘Giant Blade Pass’, the last stronghold in our way, we would have been able to enter the most prosperous area of the Star Glory Federation!

“Hehe. Those sordid, timid, and weak human beings were absolutely no match for the warriors of our race despite the aid of their crystal suits and their crystal warships. The best they could do was hide behind their defensive lines, shuddering.

“We were on a winning streak over the one year of bloody battles. Just when our army was about to break the last defensive line of human beings and sweep the prosperous area of mankind, the black-blood demons and the chaotic-blood demons who served as the vanguard could not persist any longer and collapsed!

“Damn. Those fearful cowards!

“As black-blood demons and chaotic-demons, what a great honor it was for them to fight in a war! But those scumbags wavered at the critical moment!

“Not only did they collapse on the frontline, putting the army into an awkward situation, they also mutinied when the high-level demons demanded them to return to their posts. Eventually, our army fell apart and was crushed. Less than thirty percent of the soldiers returned to the Blood Demon Sector.

“After everybody returned to the Blood Demon Sector, naturally, the soldiers who defected at the frontline needed to be tried.

“But those fellows did not stop there. They started a revolt known as the ‘Riot of Bloody Blade’!

“It was half a year ago, but our village is too remote and only got the news last month.

“It was not until the revolt that the silver-blood demons discovered that the evil influence of the Blade of Chaos had infiltrated the army.

“In the past, the black-blood demons and the chaotic-blood demons were scattered in the Blood Demon Sector. No matter how the Blade of Chaos developed, they were still loose sand and could not cause any serious problems.

“However, the war against human beings of the Heaven’s Origin Sector had concentrated the low-level demons in every part of the Blood Demon Sector. The black-blood demons and the chaotic-blood demons were grouped into the same legion to learn battle formations and combat skills.

“The Blade of Chaos developed crazily in the army and disseminated their evil and dangerous theories everywhere. The low-level demons lost their fighting will and their belief. In the end, unprecedented damage was caused.

“I’m told that, when the ‘Riot of Bloody Blade’ was most severe, even ‘Bone Sand City’, the famous town in the north, was broken by the rebellions of the Blade of Chaos. All the bronze-blood demons in the city were killed, and the honorable, sacred silver-blood demons were savaged, too!”


Many young demons exclaimed in shock and disbelief.

Several young demons even spat and stomped on the ground in fury, as if they were trying to step on the insane rebels.

Lei Chuang sneered and said, “No need to fret, everybody. The members of the Blade of Chaos are just mobs, and their victory could not last. When the army arrived, the revolt was extinguished immediately. Several secret bases of the organization were uprooted, too. The leaders high and low have all been captured. Only some stray dogs are still on the run, living in fear all day long.”

The young demon all heaved a long sigh in relief.

“It is certainly not good news for the chaotic-demons who are loyal with firm beliefs,” Lei Chuang said. “Because of those goddamn traitors, it is even more difficult if we want to join the army, and the vetting is become ever more rigorous.

“Therefore, we must train ourselves harder and improve our capability in order to wash away that disgrace we are born with!

“Obliteration! Rebirth! Immortality!”

All the young demons were shouting in frenzy.

Li Yao narrowed his eyes, somehow feeling cold.

At night, in a quiet woodhouse, several fireflies were emitting a gentle, red glow like giant lanterns.

Li Yao pondered inside his sleep bag of vines calmly.

“I got it!” Deep inside his brain, his mental devil was sitting cross-legged in the golden, giant tree that was Ou Yezi’s memory pieces. It shouted, “I know the origin of the chaotic-blood demons now!

“The chaotic-blood demons are the mixed-blood of human beings and the demon race!

“Think about it. During the Great Dark Age that lasted thirty thousand years, human beings were not exterminated by the demon race but captured as slaves and servants. They had close contact with the demon race. In the dynasty-shifting wars between different clans of the demon race, human beings even had the opportunity to go to the battlefield!

“Then, is not it normal and reasonable that, during the thirty thousand years, some of the demons mated with human beings and had children?

“Thirty thousand years are enough for the hybrids to reproduce into the chaotic-blood demons today!

“The assumption perfectly explains why the chaotic-blood demons carry so many features of human beings and why their social status is even lower than that of the black-blood demons. It is because they are half-demons. They are half human being and half demon!”

Li Yao frowned. “Nonsense.

“The assumption cannot explain the ‘reproductive isolation’. Besides, the aesthetics of different species are vastly different. Perhaps the most beautiful human girls are just a pile of meat in the eyes of demons. Why would they be interested in them anyway?

“Anyways, in the Great Dark Age, the demons were the rulers, and human beings were the slaves. Even if such relationships did exist, the demons must have taken the initiative.

“Therefore, their posterity after generations should have more features of the demons, and the features of human beings might just be the adornments.

“But as far as I can see, features of human beings prevail in the chaotic-blood demons. For some of them, they look absolutely no different from human beings as long as they keep their mouths shut.

“Therefore, even if there were hybrids of human beings and demons, there were certainly enough to give birth to such a large number of chaotic-blood demons that look so similar to human beings. There must be a deeper reason.”

The mental devil was dazed. It tilted its head and pondered for a long time, mumbling to itself, “On second thought, it is indeed strange.

“Why do you think the monsters in ancient classics and the high-level demons in modern times have to train themselves into the appearances of human beings?

“The build of human beings is not particularly suitable for fighting, nor is it handsome or anything. Are there special benefits after they turn into the appearances of human beings? Or maybe”

Li Yao scratched his head.

Deep inside his brain, his mental demon was scratching its crimson long hair at the same time, with an equally baffled expression.

Right then, sounds came over from the neighboring woodhouse, which belonged to Lei Lan. She was talking with her brother, Lei Chuang.

Although they kept their voices to a minimum, they could not escape Li Yao’s ears.

“Today, the guy can walk on his own and seems to have remembered a lot of things,” Lei Chuang said. “It seems that his brain was not damaged in the accident. It is quite likely that we can fool them.”

“But I’m still missing our real big brother,” Lei Lan said.

Lei Chuang gnashed his teeth. “Do not mention the name of the traitor. From the moment he joined ‘Blade of Chaos’, he was no longer our big brother!”