Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 839

Chapter 839 First Princess Of The Gold Crow Kingdom

Chapter 839: First Princess of the Gold Crow Kingdom


There was no telling whether or not it was because the polymorphing affected his wounds, but Lei Qi was sweating hard, and his bloodshot eyes were filled with bloody tears. He said, his voice shivering, “Although I did not join the ‘Coalition Army of Demons’ to fight human beings in the Heaven’s Origin Sector, many of our brothers in the Blade of Chaos were in the Heaven’s Origin Sector during the goriest ‘Battle of Dawn’!

“Those who luckily escaped told us the details of the Battle of Dawn. You have no idea how the battle was fought!

“Human beings were on the defensive side. They had solid city walls, crystal cannons, and fierce crystal warships. But the black-blood demons and the chaotic-blood demons had to strike their deadly defense line with just our bodies for nothing other than to consume their crystals and ammunitions!

“The bronze-blood demons and the silver-blood demons would not take action until their magical equipment was worn, their crystals drained, and their soldiers tired. At that time, our countless brothers had already collapsed in the ocean of blood!

“During the year of the Battle of Dawn, we seemed to be on a winning streak and swept across the Grand Desolate Plateau, but the bloody victories were actually founded on the corpses of the black-blood demons and the chaotic-blood demons! The legions made of more than ten thousand black-blood demons and chaotic-blood demons could be annihilated within half a day when they were deployed in the frontline with absolutely no survivors!

“Just like that, our army marched forward and reached the Giant Blade Pass at the edge of the Grand Desolate Plateau.

“The Giant Glade Pass is the greatest stronghold for human beings of the Heaven’s Origin Sector. It leans against a mountain and rises high into the clouds, and it covers hundreds of square kilometers, including crystal cannons and hidden fortresses. Countless human experts were guarding the place. How could it be broken into quickly?

“But those high and mighty generals and commanders cared nothing of it. They simply urged the soldiers to march forward. The superintendents were even standing right behind the black-blood demons and the chaotic-blood demons. When the horn was blown, there was no retreating and only going forward. Whoever hesitated would immediately be executed by poisonous arrows and acid from behind.

“After a month of suicidal attacks, the Giant Glade Pass was utterly unharmed, but the desert before the stronghold was dyed red with blood!

“As the gruesome battle went on, neither the ‘glorious Pantheon of Demons’ nor the superintendents worked any more. Also, since we marched too deep into enemy territory, it was difficult to transport food and weapons from our rear. The morale on the frontline could not have been lower.

“Those high-level demons, in order to coerce the low-level demons into selling our lives for them, came up with an insane move, which was to poison the food of the low-level demons!”

Lei Chuang’s eyes bulged, and he exclaimed, “What?”

Lei Qi gnashed his teeth, his face full of pain. “They poisoned our food. We had to have an antidote every three days. Otherwise, our skin would all fester, and we would die a miserable death.

“Only the demons who participated in at least one charge in three days would receive one antidote pill. However, the antidote could only slow the activation of the poison instead of curing it. We would not get the real antidote until the Giant Blade Pass was taken!

“There were many brothers of the Blade of Chaos in the army. They made a lot of friends during the one year of life-and-death battles together and gradually spread the ideas of the Blade of Chaos.

“The poisoned food had crossed our bottom line. That was why our brothers of the Blade of Chaos mutinied, killed the high-level demons, and got the real antidote.”

Lei Chuang was quiet, so Lei Qi continued. “This is the truth of the Battle of Dawn.

“After the remaining soldiers returned to the Blood Demon Sector, the high-level demons were scared that the truth would get out and hunted the members of the Blade of Chaos among the survivors. However, they did not bother to investigate properly, and as long as one soldier of a legion was suspected to be related to the Blade of Chaos, every soldier in the legion would be executed!

“As a result, whenever one real member of the Blade of Chaos was killed, dozens of innocent low-level demons would be slain at the same time.

“That was why we rose up and raised the Riot of Bloody Blade!”

Soaked in sweat, Lei Chuang panted and said, “The Riot of Bloody Blade has been suppressed!”

Lei Qi held his chest high and laughed. “The Riot of Bloody Blade may have failed, but the Blade of Chaos has not been destroyed yet!

“In the Riot of Bloody Blade, many of our brothers were awakened. They clearly recognized that the seemingly magnificent, invincible high-level demons are unbelievably feeble. As long as we stick together and work hard, the ‘lowly’, ‘filthy’ black-blood demons and chaotic-blood demons can occupy their cities and destroy their reign, too!

“Even if the Blade of Chaos is wrecked someday, it will not be the end of our cause. As long as the black-blood demons and the chaotic-blood demons keep being oppressed, we will be awakened sooner or later, and a second or a third ‘Blade of Chaos’ will be born!

“Ah Chuang, I know that you are too stubborn to change your mindset when you already believed in something. I cannot convince you so quickly.

“But I’m not asking you to join the Blade of Chaos right now. I’m merely asking you to get out of the way and go home; pretend that you’ve seen nothing wrong!

“We are currently escorting a very important item that can potentially change the fate of all the black-blood demons and the chaotic-blood demons and even the future of the Blood Demon Sector!

“Many of our brothers have been seriously wounded. They cannot hold on any longer inside the Hundred Desolation Mountain without timely treatment!

“Just let me take a bit of the Gold Stamen Liquid. Just a bit.

“I’m begging you. Please!”

Lei Chuang was silent for a long time.

There was not a sound in the dim forest, except for the rattling noises when the wind passed through the branches, as if countless invisible bugs were gnawing the leaves crazily.

Zeng! Zeng! Zeng! Zeng!

Lei Chuang’s claws, which had been folded, extended out again, emitting dangerous brightness in the starless night.

“No. I cannot let you go.”

Taking a deep breath, Lei Chuang shook his head and said, “Everything is just your side of the story. I do not believe it!

“Your polymorphing might be a certain evil technique of the Blade of Chaos or because you’ve contracted a terrible disease.

“The truth of the Battle of Dawn of yours came from somebody else’s mouth, too.

“Maybe you are not lying to me, but the leadership of the Blade of Chaos who told you the ‘truth’ lied to you. They made you abandon the real Great Dao and embrace the shameless Chaos in such a way.

“I will not be fooled whatever you say. I stand by my words. Big brother, if you want to go, step over my dead body!”

Lei Qi gave no response. The invisible intimidating aura around him became intense again, and dark golden hair that looked like both needles and swords grew out of his smooth skin.

The air between the two brothers was quivering, as if two invisible tigers were roaring silently before a huge clash.

Right then, a deafening shriek echoed in the sky not far away.

Golden streaks of brightness rushed close from the horizon and darted toward the Dry Leaf Village at an amazing speed!

The long shriek was like a sharp piton that shattered Lei Qi’s resolution.

He grunted, with depression all over his face. The intimidating aura around him swiftly disappeared. He dashed to the top of the tree and observed for a moment before he went back and said in a hurry, “The pursuers are here. It is possible that they will take a rest in the village. Go back now!

“Remember, don’t show any weakness and don’t mention anything about me. The pursuers are led by Jin Xinyue, the First Princess. She is cruel and ruthless and has killed countless brothers of ours. If you are incautious, the entire village might be wiped out by her!”

Lei Chuang gasped. “The First Princess Jin Xinyue? I’m told that she is a saintess of the Pantheon of Demons and the youngest demon king of the Blood Demon Sector. She was sent here to capture such an insignificant person as yourself? What are you escorting exactly?”

Lei Qi smiled bitterly but gave no answer.

Li Yao lurked in the darkness and listened to their conversation. He felt that he was getting the gist of what was going on.

The political system of the Blood Demon Sector was different from that of the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

In the Heaven’s Origin Sector, there was only one country named ‘Star Glory Federation’ which adopted the parliamentary system. The three parliaments were the highest authority, and the Speaker was the representative of the supreme power.

In the Blood Demon Sector, since the demons varied in appearance and living habits and there were too many species, it was difficult to integrate all of them into one country.

Therefore, dozens of countries existed in the Blood Demon Sector. There were also countless relatively independent cities and caves.

The social form was somewhat similar to the Flying Star Sector, which was vast and unpopulated.

After thousands of years of battles and conflicts, four demon kingdoms distinguished themselves today and became the greatest forces.

On the land, the most powerful force was the Kingdom of Lion Butchers, which commanded the Claw Clan and the Horn Clan. Wang Ji, whom Li Yao had killed on Boneyard, was a prince of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers.

Underground, the Nether Spring Kingdom was the strongest of all, which governed billions of insects. Although insects did not boast a high combat ability as individuals, they could be really appalling when the number of them was large enough. In the overwhelming beast tides, insects were usually the majority of the constituents.

In the oceans, the greatest country was the Sea Dominator Kingdom. It was the most mysterious of the four, and there was no telling how many experts the country had.

In the sky, the strongest country was the Gold Crow Kingdom, which was mostly made of the Feather Clan that flew high in the sky. They were the fastest of all the four countries and were sort of the ‘rapid-response troops’ of the demon race.

However, although the four demon kingdoms had their own territory, the supreme power of the Blood Demon Sector was not in the hands of the kings. The kings of the demon kingdoms large and small, the leaders of the demon cities, and the masters of the demon caves and mountains were just puppets.

Above the demon kingdoms, there was an organization named the ‘Pantheon of Demons’, which reigned over all the demons as a theocracy.

In the legends of the demon race, the Pangu Clan split into the twelve ancient demon clans including Zhurong, Gonggong, Pangu, and so on. Therefore, the Pantheon of Demons was managed by twelve demon emperors.

Every demon emperor had a certain number of kingdoms and cities under their control, but normally, they would not be involved in the decision-making processes of the kingdoms and merely serve as their reliance.

If they were compared to the political system of human beings, the Pantheon of Demons were the ‘Supreme Parliament’ for the demon race, and the twelve demon emperors would be twelve ‘special representatives’ that could decide all the important affairs of the nation.

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