Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 843

Chapter 843 Incoming Nether Springs

Ning Zhongze, one of the four elders of the Blade of Chaos, smiled bitterly and shook his head. “Jin Xinyue, you don’t know the value of the item at all. It can possibly reveal a great secret between the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector, or even between the entire demon race and human beings! You and Elder Nether Spring are just jackals of the same lair biting each other. If I give the item to you, it is very likely that you will make a deal with Elder Nether Spring!

“Besides, everybody knows that Jin Xinyue is the most cunning and ruthless one of all the saintesses of the Pantheon of Demons. There is no telling how many brothers of the Blade of Chaos have been killed by your seemingly innocent smiling face!

“Right now, you don’t know where the item is hidden. That’s why you are pretending to negotiate with us. I’m afraid that we will be killed immediately after we bring the item out, won’t we?”

The sweet smile on Jin Xinyue’s face remained unchanged, but the brightness deep inside her eyes was getting colder and colder. The two entirely opposite airs mixed with each other and gave a creepy feeling.

She continued smiling as she said, “No wonder your organization entrusted the item to you. Your tongue is harder than your turtle shell!

“But I wonder, after I shatter your turtle shell and pluck the pieces off your body, will your tongue be as tough as it is right now?”

The trees nearby all began glowing because dozens of eagles had landed on the top of the trees. The scorching heat that they released illuminated the forest as if it were an inferno.

The Gold Shadow Guardians grinned hideously and drew close to the remnants of the Blade of Chaos.

Holding her arms, Jin Xinyue observed with great interest.

Li Yao narrowed his eyes. Bloody strains seemed to be extending into his heart along his veins from the depths his brain. His heart was beating faster and faster, and a weird strength was released.

His withered left arm continued expanding. The thick bandages were not enough to block the unstoppable strength that was spreading out.

Li Yao locked onto the back of Jin Xinyue’s head precisely. There was only a distance of ten meters between them.

Three seconds!

In the intense forest, a fierce battle between the Gold Shadow Guardians and the Blade of Chaos was about to begin, and Li Yao would perform an assault the moment the battle began.

With his terrifying Cultivation right now, when he was determined to kill a demon, even one of the twelve demon emperors of the Blood Demon Sector might not be able to stop him.

Two seconds!

The Gold Shadow Guardians and the Blade of Chaos all stretched out their claws and teeth slowly while they unsheathed their weapons. Weird noises of flesh being torn apart and bones being twisted were echoing inside their bodies, which kept expanding. Their spurs protruded out of their skin, and their hair was lengthened significantly. Their faces were deformed, demonstrating more of the features of ferocious animals. An intense air of killing was flowing around them.

The forest ten square kilometers nearby was caught in dead silence. All the wild animals within the range lurked in their nests, not having the courage to move anywhere.

Further away, the scared birds were fleeing away amid cackles.


When the demonic energy of the two parties was released to the maximum and they all turned into walking ferocious beasts, a wolf demon of the Blade of Chaos could not withstand the pressure anymore and lunged at the Gold Shadow Guardian that was closest to him.


The eagles staying on the top of the trees spurted out crimson rays of light that turned into horrifying lotuses of magma in the crowd of the Blade of Chaos.

Bloody brightness was blinking in Li Yao’s eyes as he squatted. In half a second, he would dash toward Jin Xinyue!

Right then, an abrupt change took place!

Almost ten shadows dashed out of the earth that was covered by leaves near Jin Xinyue. Almost a hundred thin threads that were emitting spooky colors under the illumination of the flames surged out of the shadows. Apparently, they had been coated in deadly poison!

Somebody was lurking in the underground and attempting to assassinate Jin Xinyue!

Jin Xinyue truly deserved her title as a saintess of the Pantheon of Demons and the youngest demon king of the Blood Demon Sector. She sniffed, and her bright gold wings abruptly unfolded. They were both like two broad shields and two swift sabers that turned into dozens of streaks of golden brightness and darted toward the shadows near her.

In the blink of an eye, all the black shadows were chopped into multiple pieces before they even had the chance to scream.

However, Jin Xinyue’s glamorous golden wings were corrupted by the colorful poison, too. With burning sounds, black smoke was popping up, and the feathers were rotting, leaving ugly holes on her wings.

Li Yao secretly cursed and managed to stop himself from lunging out.

Jin Xinyue had escaped the assassination, but her subordinates were not so lucky.

Three to four shadows dashed out of the mud and trees near almost every Gold Shadow Guardian. Caught unprepared, all the Gold Shadow Guardians were heavily wounded!

The giant eagles staying on the top of the trees screamed miserably, too, because countless venomous bugs had been lurking on the trees and were dashing into the feathers of the eagles, biting, gnawing, and releasing lethal poison!

For a moment, a foul stench was blowing inside the forest. Disgusting air could be smelt everywhere.

Li Yao secret clicked his tongue. Even he did not notice that so many demons had been lurking inside the forest. The stealth ability of the demons was even higher than that of Spider’s Thorn on Spider Den!

Is it a trap of the Blade of Chaos?

Li Yao observed carefully and found that those chopped into pieces by Jin Xinyue were demons that half looked like human beings and half insects. They seemed to have been made by transplanting the torsos of human beings onto spiders, scorpions, and centipedes.

The demons were extremely tenacious. Even when they were cut into multiple pieces, they were not necessarily dead. Red blood as well as green, weird liquids flowed out of their wounds, vaporizing into venomous mist the moment they touched air.

Li Yao thought that it was the Blade of Chaos’ trap, but ten or so half-human-half-insect demons lunged at Ning Zhongze after they assaulted the Gold Shadow Guardians.

Two members of the Blade of Chaos stood in their way, only to be ripped into pieces by the new demons with their limbs that were as sharp as blades!

Jin Xinyue seemed to know the identity of the assassins. The bewilderment on her face flashed and was soon replaced by fury. She raised her voice and shouted, “Yuan Hao, what’s the meaning of this? Is the Nether Spring Kingdom declaring a total war on the Gold Crow Kingdom?”

Weird laughter echoed inside the forest, but nobody replied. Soon, blood-freezing hums filled the clearing, as if countless honeycombs had been broken at the same time and a swarm of bees was rushing out!

Li Yao raised his head only to find dozens of deep purple tornadoes that looked like half-frozen blood sweeping down amid restless humming sounds.

The giant eagles staying on the top of the trees were tortured by the venomous insects and rendered unable to fly. The purple tornadoes crashed into them and consumed them, turning them into enormous purple lumps.

The purple lumps wriggled, struggled, and fluctuated. The giant eagles screamed miserably. The scorching flames they spurted out burnt the trees into ash one after another, but they could not clear the venomous insects, which were attached to them like parasites.

After a few seconds, the purple tornadoes dispersed. The only thing left in the middle were skeletons riddled with holes. They collapsed to the ground with rattling noises.

It was only then that Li Yao realized that the purple tornadoes consisted of mosquitoes larger than dragonflies. The wings of the purple mosquitoes were translucent and multi-colored. Six eyes in a weird pattern could be found on them, too.

Ghost Face Purple Mosquitoes?

Li Yao gasped.

Before his spiritual root was awakened, he had once encountered a beast tide outbreak on a train to the Grand Desolate Plateau. The beast tide made of the Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes had almost caused a catastrophe. Seven Cultivators had sacrificed themselves in order to delay their attack. In the end, crystal warships had to be deployed in order to annihilate all the Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes.

Ghost Face Purple Mosquitoes were the strengthened version of the Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes. Only after feeding on the bodily fluids of multiple kinds of venomous insects mixed with the blood of dozens of demon beasts could one Ghost Face Purple Mosquito be born out of thousands of Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes.

For Ghost Face Silver Mosquitoes, there had to be thousands of them in order to deal sufficient damage.

But one Ghost Face Purple Mosquito was enough to kill a strong demon beast!

Here, so many Ghost Face Purple Mosquitoes had been gathered. What a terrifying strength it was!

Hum! Hum! Hum! Hum!

After swallowing the giant eagles, the purple brightness around the Ghost Face Purple Mosquitoes was even more eye-catching, as if weird purple flames were burning around them. They congregated into purple torrents and flooded toward the Gold Shadow Guardians and the Blade of Chaos.

If the Ghost Face Purple Mosquitoes so much as touched them, regardless of whether they were the Gold Shadow Guardians or the Blade of Chaos, only their skeleton would be left.

“Ning Zhongze!”

Jin Xinyue’s face blanched, and she yelled, “Do you see? Elder Neither Spring’s subordinates are going to kill us both!

“If the item is in my hands, maybe it can still be put into use in the future. However, if it falls into the Elder Nether Spring’s control, you will be hopeless!

“Hurry up and give me the item!”

Ning Zhongze’s beard quivered. He failed to come up with anything for a long time, but he could not help but look at a colorful leopard that was standing like a human being.

“So, it is kept by you. Now give it to me!”

Jin Xinyue flapped her wings. Dozens of clusters of dark golden flames immediately darted toward the Ghost Face Purple Mosquitoes as if they were alive.

The Ghost Face Purple Mosquitoes were surrounded by purple halos, and they were not scared of normal flames. The giant eagles had also been wreathed in fire, but the Ghost Face Purple Mosquitoes had not been hurt at all.

However, the dark golden fire that Jin Xinyue fanned out was like a pesticide to the Ghost Face Purple Mosquitoes. Those that were hit by the fire were ignited immediately and turned into fireflies.

Jin Xinyue took the opportunity to lunge toward the leopard man. “Give it to me!”

Her wings seemed more agile than her hands. They swept at the leopard man within her wings before the demon was crushed!

Ning Zhongze and the leopard man both screamed.

Jin Xinyue smiled. Her wings brought back a tiny bloody ball that looked like a heart. Her eyes beaming with interest, she mumbled to herself, “Is this what’s making Elder Nether Spring unable to sleep at night?”

“Watch out!” Ning Zhongze furrowed his eyebrow and shouted loudly, “It is very unstable. Don’t break it no matter what!”