Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 845

Chapter 845 Li Yao's New Ability

There was no time for her to think because the unbelievably strong blood-eyed demon had dashed at her in a streak of redness.

For a moment, Jin Xinyue felt that it was not a demon that she was faced with but an overwhelming red tide!


Seeing that his brother’s head had soared to the sky, Yuan Du, prince of the Nether Spring Kingdom, quickly made up his mind. He blew a long whistle, and the ghost heads formed of the Ghost Face Purple Mosquitoes all charged at the blood-eyed demon in suicidal attacks.

Yuan Du turned around and shouted at Jin Xinyue, “He is not with us and will not let go of you and me. Let’s work together and take him down first!”

Just as he was talking, the Ghost Face Purple Mosquitoes, which could not stand the burning of the demonic fire, collapsed like a melting candle into mud under the corrosion of the bloody mist surrounding the enemy’s left arm.


It was quite a shocking scene for Jin Xinyue, who was not nave enough to think that the stranger was her friend just because he killed a prince of the Nether Spring Kingdom. It was more likely that he was planning to kill both her and Elder Nether Spring’s subordinates so that the secret treasure would be his alone!

Compared to the terrifying blood-eyed demon, Yuan Du was as kind and innocent as a three-year-old. Jin Xinyue bit her lips and had to choose the lesser of the two evils by attacking the critical parts of the new enemy with Yuan Du and the remaining ghost heads!


Hundreds of sharp gold feathers tore apart multiple bloody shadows, only to touch not even the armor of the enemy. Jin Xinyue suddenly shook hard, feeling that an immense force pierced through her chest and that her heart seemed to have been plucked out of her body!

What was a hundred times more terrifying than her pain was the intimidating killing intent rippling out in the enemy’s left eye.

The thousands of streaks of killing intent turned the forest into a boundless slaughterhouse within a moment.

Jin Xinyue’s soul immediately reduced to the size of a bean. The will to resist that she had managed to form collapsed.

She even heard gloomy, creepy music of terror playing from various directions.

What kind of monster is this?

After her head was pierced through by the music, Jin Xinyue felt as if her head was about to explode.

As the saintess of the Pantheon of Demons, she had been chitchatting with countless unparalleled ferocious demons. Neither Elder Nether Spring, the real controller of the Nether Spring Kingdom; Elder Blood Robe, the support of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers; or Jin Tuyi, her father and the commander-in-chief of the coalition army of the demons, had ever released such sharp, terrifying and fatal killing intent around her, even though they were the strongest demon emperors of the Blood Demon Sector!

For some reason, she felt like she was a small bug pinned on a chopping block, and the enemy would dissect him easily with just a quick look!


Jin Xinyue vomited blood crazily. Her body did not seem to belong to her right now, and she could feel that she was flying backwards rapidly by the quickly moving giant trees on her two sides.

She was too scared to lower her head to check her wound, anxious that she would find a hole the size of basin and all her internal organs gone.

A weird thing happened at this moment.

Something cool and comfortable flowed into her body from her left shoulder and spread to her heart, her internal organs, and all of her limbs, giving her brand-new strength in the numbness.

With the help of the new strength, Jin Xinyue bit her tongue hard and freed herself from the suppression of the enemy. She looked around, only to find that Yuan Du, prince of the Nether Spring Kingdom, was also struggling in midair like a kite whose string had been cut off just like herself.

Jin Xinyue narrowed her eyes and flapped her wings, raising a wind that blew Yuan Du to the terrifying blood-eyed demon again!

“Jin Xinyue!”

Yuan Du’s shocked, angry, and desperate screams were echoing in the forest.

Jin Xinyue secretly chuckled. She changed her posture in midair and darted into the depths of the forest.

She did not want to waste a single second and, therefore, did not even dare to look back. She merely sprinted as fast as possible in a random direction while she listened to what was happening behind her.

The forest sounded as lively as a casino. Hums, hisses, screams, and explosions were echoing nonstop, not dying down at all.

Yuan Du’s subordinates!

Jin Xinyue quickly distinguished the sounds.But they do not seem to be at an advantage. No. It is more like a one-sided slaughter!

The conclusion nearly froze Jin Xinyue’s heart.

Elder Nether Spring was one of the most terrifying demon emperors of the Pantheon of Demons. As Elder Nether Spring’s most beloved disciple, Yuan Du was carrying out a secret mission that was to wipe out the blood daughter of another demon emperor. Naturally, it must have been the elites of the Nether Spring Kingdom that had gone with him.

The Gold Shadow Guardians that Jin Xinyue had brought with her were already the top-tier warriors of the Gold Crow Kingdom. Even so, they had been killed by Yuan Du’s subordinates within a breath!

But right now, the mysterious blood-eyed demon was slaying the experts as if they were harmless chicken purely on his own in a forest, which was the Insect Clan’s favorite!

Suddenly, Jin Xinyue’s legs shook hard, and she nearly fell over.

She noticed that the sound of combats had suddenly ended. The forest resumed its dead silence, so quiet that one could hear a mosquito when it was passing by.

Hashas the blood-eyed demon been killed by Yuan Du and his lot, or

Jin Xinyue’s long golden hair nearly all stood up, and her pupils almost burst out of her eyes because she saw a slender shadow fall from the sky in front of her.

In a trance, the enemy’s left arm seemed to have turned into a bloody dragon that snatched at her skull.

Her every cell seemed to have been corroded by the overwhelming killing intent of the enemy, and she could do nothing except wait to be killed.


The bloody dragon brushed past her face and pierced into a giant, green rock behind her. With a crack, the rock broke into the tiniest powder, and the dust covered her head and face.


Li Yao gripped his left arm with his right hand so hard that his fingers had pressed into his left arm and were almost crunching all the veins and nerves.

He bellowed loudly deep inside his brain. As the lightning was released by his soul, the bloody mental devil, which had expanded greatly, was suppressed again and shrieking in dissatisfaction.

It was the right decision to not go back to the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

My killing intent is too strong, and I hunger for slaughter every once in a while. Thankfully, it was only demons that I killed. Otherwise, my beliefs would certainly have been shaken.

It seems that I still need to get better control of myself, at least the killing intent, in the Blood Demon Sector before I return to the Heaven’s Origin Sector.

Li Yao took a deep breath, dwelling in the ecstasy of killing and unable to free himself. It was almost ten seconds later that he finally calmed his pounding heart. He repeated to himself deep inside his brain,She is a princess of the Gold Crow Kingdom and daughter to Jin Tuyi, a demon emperor, but now, Elder Nether Spring, another demon emperor, is trying to kill her. She can be used to trigger a conflict between the Gold Crow Kingdom and the Nether Spring Kingdom. Therefore, it is more useful to keep her alive than to kill her right now.

Jin Xinyue had no idea that she was wandering on the threshold of hell right now. She only felt the ‘hot spring’ on her left shoulder gradually turn into ‘magma’. Her mouth was dry, her head was dizzy, and she could barely keep her body steady.

Li Yao noticed the anomaly. He looked at her shoulder and was dazed.

The secret treasure, which, according to Ning Zhongze, the elder of the Blade of Chaos, could ‘change the future of the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector’, was stuck to Jin Xinyue’s left shoulder like a dry octopus.

It had a narrow, long crack in the middle from which several veins protruded out into Jin Xinyue’s body.

The veins were fluctuating and injecting fluorescent, green liquids into Jin Xinyue.

It seemed that the secret treasure had accidentally been activated in the violent movements during the fierce battle with Jin Xinyue as the subject.

Jin Xinyue was wearing a weird expression. She seemed to be laughing in a trance. Her golden eyes were infiltrated by a streams of bright green liquid, which was bouncing crazily like two clusters of weird green fire.

Jin Xinyue finally could not hold it any longer. She moaned and collapsed to the ground, losing consciousness.

Li Yao frowned and pondered for a moment. He examined her temperature remotely and discovered that Jin Xinyue’s body temperature was more than eighty degrees and still counting.

Li Yao took out a bone blade and touched the secret treasure attached to Jin Xinyue’s shoulder.

Surprisingly, the secret treasure fell to the ground in multiple pieces like a dry shell.

The shell was empty. All the green liquid had been absorbed by Jin Xinyue.

Jin Xinyue had almost ten wounds large and small on her shoulder, but they were all recovering quickly in greenish colors and soon disappeared.

The secret treasure that the Blade of Chaos, the Gold Crow Kingdom, and Elder Nether Spring are all fighting over seems to be the green liquid that is stored in such a weird way. Now it has all been absorbed by Jin Xinyue, what kind of changes will happen to her?

Li Yao had never been a chivalrous man, but he was more than interested in Ning Zhongze’s declaration that the secret treasure could ‘change the future of the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector’. After considering carefully for a moment, he picked up Jin Xinyue and moved deeper into the forest

The Hundred Desolation Mountain spanned over ten thousand kilometers. Waterfalls, valleys, and cliffs were everywhere. At dawn, Li Yao found a natural cave behind a waterfall. After he drove away the snakes, insects, and mice in the cave with his killing intent, he threw Jin Xinyue inside.

Jin Xinyue was caught in a super high fever. Her skin was burningly hot, but green liquid was spreading to her internal organs and her limbs, as if two weird forces were fighting inside her body.

The weird state lasted quite a few hours. Jin Xinyue seemed be to in the most excruciating suffering. She would be screaming in agony one moment and moaning miserably the next. She even rolled on the ground unconsciously until she curled up into the fetal position in the end.

Bright green liquid was gradually secreted from the pores all over her body, which flowed around and formed a thin green membrane that enshrouded her.

Li Yao had quite a lot of healing drugs with him in his Cosmos Rings, but Jin Xinyue’s symptoms were quite uncanny, and the body structures of demons and human beings were different. Even their cells were vastly different. Li Yao did not dare give her random medicine and could only observe carefully and consider.

After waiting for a long time, he decided to activate the Blood Stripe Virus’ ability that he had recently grasped to examine Jin Xinyue’s bloody.