Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 851

Chapter 851 Greetings Elder

Mimicking what Li Yao had just done, Jin Xinyue stuck the jade chip to the middle of her forehead, too. She summoned the spiritual energy inside her body, somewhat clumsily, and triggered it through the spiritual root that had only just grown.

Her telepathic thoughts extended deep into the jade chip like threads and were connected to the billions of telepathic thoughts that Li Yao had poured in just now.

Information streams resembling a tsunami immediately flooded into her brain. A series of glittering names of Cultivation techniques made her dazzled and dumbfounded.

‘Candle Dragon Polar Light Art’!

‘Fleeing Cloud Sword Art’!

‘Soul Hunting Memoir’!

Dozens of Cultivation arts, from elementary to advanced, constituted a complete training system for Cultivators, including the most fundamental training skills to the most powerful, unstoppable killing moves!

Jin Xinyue had seen the names of a few Cultivation arts in some ancient notes before. They were all powerful, unparalleled techniques that had once raised storms of blood before.

As for the other Cultivation arts, although she had never heard about them before, after browsing through the introduction and the table of contents, Jin Xinyue could also envision their magnificence.

The old monster tossed out so many different kinds of ultimate techniques so casually!

Jin Xinyue could not have been more awed. She felt that she was even more certain about Li Yao’s identity now.

The ancient techniques came from different Cultivation sects. It was impossible for a Cultivator to grasp all of them.

Only a ferocious demon who had slaughtered countless Cultivators in the ancient times could have been able to collect them!

Hehe is really a strong ancient demon from forty thousand years ago who only just woke up recently!

Maybe the forest fire deep inside the Hundred Desolation Mountain half a month ago was caused when he woke up!

Yes. Yes. Everything makes sense now. He woke up in the forest fire, only to find that the world had greatly changed and the things that he was familiar with were gone. So, he hid himself in the Dry Leaf Village while he collected information about modern society. He accidentally ran into me and Elder Nether Spring’s subordinates and naturally wanted to know more stuff from us!

Opportunity! This is definitely an opportunity that just popped up out of nowhere. I must seize it!

Frenzy beamed out of the bottom of Jin Xinyue’s eyes as she licked her lips and her eyes shook. Then, her eyes gradually turned red before she suddenly kneeled before Li Yao heavily and cried, “Senior!

“Senior, we had not met before, but you came to my rescue in the emergency and saved my insignificant life even though Elder Nether Spring will certainly be infuriated!

“Right now, I don’t know what to do after the sudden changes that happened to me. While I am confused, it is you who is giving me enlightenment and offering me so many ultimate techniques!

“I could not return your great favors even if I turned into a dog that barked for you in the future!

“II have thought about it for a long time. There’s only one way that I can slightly repay what you’ve done for me, senior.

“If you don’t think that I’m too incapable, senior, II’m hoping that I can work for you and be a disciple of yours so that I can serve you and help you in the future!”

Li Yao was dazed, his eyes blinking uncontrollably.

Had the role he was playing not required mysteriousness, he would have burst into laughter.

He had given the techniques to Jin Xinyue for a very simple reason.

After a hundred years of conflict, many experts of the Blood Demon Sector would possess the Cultivation arts of human beings in the Heaven’s Origin Sector. Since Jin Xinyue had a capability of the Core Formation Stage, she would definitely find several techniques one way or another.

What Li Yao offered her, on the other hand, were the Cultivation arts of the other sects that the Hundred Smelting Clan had collected.

The Hundred Smelting Clan was best at producing magical equipment. Fighting was not its specialty. Therefore, when other Cultivation sects asked the Hundred Smelting Clan to refine magical equipment for them, they often provided some of their Cultivation arts in return.

It was not hard to imagine that the Cultivation arts that a sect was willing to trade for other items were certainly not the real ultimate techniques. Magnificent as they seemed to be, they often had fatal shortcomings or loopholes.

If Jin Xinyue practiced some other Cultivation arts, there was probably nothing Li Yao could do about it, but if she was to pick up those that Li Yao offered to her, she would never get out of Li Yao’s control.

Li Yao was quite wary of the saintess of the Pantheon of Demons who was both brutal and strong-willed. Opening a ‘backdoor’ inside her body was an approach to keep her in check, too.

But he did not expect that Jin Xinyue would take the chance and try to request to become his disciple.

Li Yao was crystal clear about what was on Jin Xinyue’s mind. He snorted and said, “You are a saintess of the Pantheon of Demons. Don’t tell me that you don’t have a master.”

Jin Xinyue sobbed so hard that her face had lost color, as if she were a devastated damsel who had nobody to rely on. She kneeled on the ground and cried, “You are right, senior. I do have a lot of tutors in the Pantheon of Demons. But the tutors merely trained me as a tool. There has never been a master that truly loved me and sheltered me. None of them are worthy enough for me serve them wholeheartedly.

“My father does not have much time to teach me because of the public affairs.

“I have seen a lot of unparalleled experts since I was little, but this is the first time that I’ve ever seen such an awe-inspiring figure like yourself, senior. That is why I proposed such an outrageous request in the spur of the moment.

“I know that, with my insignificant capability, I am not qualified to be your disciple at all, senior. I will have no complaints even if you say no. As long as I can stay around you as a servant and cater to your needs so that I have the opportunity to admire your demeanor every day, I will be satisfied and die without a regret in the future.”

“Is that so?” Li Yao smiled. “Didn’t you mention just now that you would like to be a dog barking for me? What if I really have methods that can transform you into a dog?”

Jin Xinyue was dazed for a moment. Her heart quivered uncontrollably. Hesitating for a long time, she gritted her teeth and said, “As long as I can follow you and return your favor for saving my life, I will certainly have no objections if I have to be turned into a dog!

“Senior, truth be told, I’m really at a dead end right now.

“The Blood Demon Sector is a world of hypocrites where the strong prey on the weak. I became a saintess of the Pantheon of Demons after a lot of trouble. Naturally, I made a lot of enemies during the process.

“Now, sudden changes have happened to me, and I have turned into a human being. There is no telling when I will regain my original appearance.

“My enemies will certainly not let go of such a great opportunity.

“Right now, Elder Nether Spring is hunting me down, and the Pantheon of Demons is probably going to capture me and cut me into pieces for research. I don’t know how my father will treat me if he is thinking about the ‘big picture’.

“II have been thinking about a lot of things recently. I have absolutely nobody to turn to, and I am in a desperate situation right now!

“You are my only hope, senior. You are a lantern in the endless night. Is there a second road that I can walk on except following you loyally, senior?”

Jin Xinyue spoke truthfully and sincerely.

Li Yao sniffed lightly. After everything he’d been through in the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Flying Star Sector, he was no longer the hotblooded young man he had once been. Naturally, he did not believe a single word that the female demon said.

However, she did have a special identity, which was quite important for Li Yao’s plan.

After staying in the Blood Demon Sector for half a month, Li Yao had basically outlined the situation right now based on the information he retrieved from the residents of the Dry Leaf Village, the Lei Chuang and Lei Qi brothers, and Jin Xinyue herself.

One month ago, the Blood Demon Sector launched a large-scale attack against the Heaven’s Origin Sector known as the Battle of Dawn. They scourged the entire Grand Desolate Plateau, and their vanguard even reached the Giant Blade Pass at the south of the Grand Desolation Plateau.

As soon as the Giant Blade Pass was broken through, the most prosperous and vulnerable land of the Star Glory Federation would have been open to them.

Although the demons lost the Battle of Dawn in the end, the Blood Demon Sector did not suffer any substantial losses. On the contrary, it was the infrastructures and towns of human beings on the Grand Desolation Plateau that were mostly wrecked.

On the Grand Desolation Mountain, which was in lack of resources and population, it was easy to demolish a town, but it would be extremely difficult to rebuild one.

It was safe to say that the road leading to the abdomen of the Star Glory Federation had been paved after the Battle of Dawn.

Right now, the Blood Demon Sector was in the middle of another mobilization. Even a small, remote village of the chaotic-blood demons such as the Dry Leaf Village had to provide fifty soldiers. It was not hard to guess that the mobilization would be ten times more intense than that of the Battle of Dawn.

This was a general mobilization of the Blood Demon Sector!

Once the general mobilization was completed, an army of demons that was in an unprecedently enormous scale would march toward the Heaven’s Origin Sector. It was perhaps going to be the real final war between the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector!

In the final war, the commander-in-chief on the Blood Demon Sector’s side would be Jin Tuyi, Jin Xinyue’s father!

I have to find a way to approach Jin Tuyi and learn the Blood Demon Sector’s plan in the final war. Then, I’ll figure out a way to send the war plan of the Blood Demon Sector back to the Heaven’s Origin Sector!

Other than that, Elder Nether Spring’s schemes are worth noting, too. Is the drug that can turn a demon into a human being a by-product that he got by accident, or are there deeper plots behind it?

Besides, in order to purge the foreign blood condensed by the Blood Stripe Virus, I must have a deep understanding about cells and genes, which is indeed an aspect that the demons have more expertise on than human beings do.

Thinking about that, Li Yao waved his hands. An invisible force lifted Jin Xinyue up.

Without giving an answer, he said casually, “Stand up!”

Observing his emotionless face, Jin Xinyue did not dare ask for an answer anymore. Her eyes shuddered, and she asked, “Thank you for keeping me around you, senior, but I wonder, how should I address you?”

Li Yao pondered for a moment and said, “I do not want to expose my identity. Just call me ‘Lei Qi’ and regard me as your subordinate when there are outsiders. As for my real name, just keep it in your mind and never leak it. If anybody else learns it from you, don’t blame me for my mercilessness!

“A very, very long time ago, in a place far, far away, everybody called me ‘Bloody Vulture’.”

A strange brilliance shone in Jin Xinyue’s eyes as she said calmly, “It’s a pleasure to have met you, elder!”

Jin Xinyue kneeled down again and cheered on the ground. “Elder Bloody Vulture is invincible in the universe with his amazing arts. I am unbelievably lucky to have had the chance to follow elder and do whatever I can to help!”