Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 852

Chapter 852 Adventure In The Primeval Era

Three days later, deep inside the Hundred Desolation Mountain, Li Yao was curled up like a hibernating animal in a natural crater hundreds of meters deep.

He was meditating.

Li Yao had received a lot of secret techniques for the training of demons from Jin Xinyue, and Jin Xinyue had begun to study the Cultivation arts of human beings, too. The two of them both needed time to understand and digest the new knowledge. Therefore, they had moved deeper into the Hundred Desolation Mountain.

The three days of journeying had been partly hiking and partly practicing. Li Yao was an expert in the superlative height of the Core Formation Stage in the first place and had inherited part of the techniques of the Blood Stripe Virus, which could transform the body. Therefore, the rudimental theories on genetics and cytology were not difficult for him.

Today was the first day that he would consciously pry into the secrets deep inside the cells.

Meditation meant ruling out all the irrelevant thoughts and achieving the grand unification of the body and the soul so that one would be able to observe their internal organs and even their soul. It was the basis for all kinds of training.

There were hundreds of ways to enter a meditative state. The one that Li Yao chose was ‘Fetus Meditation’. He half closed his eyes and relaxed while he began to reflect on his entire life. From his recent experience in the Blood Demon Sector, back to the Flying Star Sector, and back to the Heaven’s Origin Sector, his memories were being replayed like an ebbing ocean.

With the flashbacks of his life, all the irrelevant thoughts were dismissed. His consciousness became as pure and stable as a newborn baby, until in the end, his entire world was wreathed in a cluster of warm darkness. His memories had gone back to the time in his mother’s womb when he was being bred while he soaked in the warm amniotic fluid.

His soul slightly shivered, and he was secluded from the real world. Li Yao completely entered the meditative state.

His consciousness constricted into a light ball the size of needle tip before it suddenly expanded and filled the entire body.

His consciousness split into billions of telepathic thoughts while he observed his body with his mind from various perspectives.

His vision pierced through his skin and his flesh, allowing him to clearly see the internal organs, his beating heart, his fluctuating lungs, his wriggling intestines, and his gastric juice that was being secreted.

Li Yao was not satisfied yet. His consciousness dived deeper. All the internal organs, flesh, and blood disappeared. They were replaced by dense veins, lymph, and nerve networks that looked like honeycombs.

He saw sparks bursting out brilliantly deep side his brain cells and flowing toward the nerve endings through the nerve tracts with lightning-like speed, constituting a magnificent, complicated palace that looked as neat as a labyrinth.

Deeper, deeper.

Just like waving away the layered clouds and falling to the ground, when Li Yao’s consciousness explored deeper into the microscopic universe, his veins, lymph, and nerve networks disappeared just like his internal organs did. In front of him was a wonderful new world that looked like a crammed universe. Transparent, colorful planets were floating everywhere. Each of them was releasing lightning, flames, and storms while receiving everything from other planets.

Li Yao knew that those transparent planets were his cells.

He mumbled the spell of the secret techniques that he had just learned and covered his consciousness with spiritual energy. Then, he tried to penetrate an enormous cell like a tiny tadpole.

The membrane of the cell seemed as vulnerable as a bubble. Yet, it was extremely tensile. Li Yao slid off the membrane multiple times, and it was not until his soul released a special weak electric current and tickled the membrane that it absorbed him promptly after shaking slightly.

The world inside the cell was a glamorous, splendid ocean with colorful, bizarrely shaped plankton everywhere.

Some of the plankton looked like cocoons. They released a bright golden brilliance and unleashed clusters of lightning-like energy while they shook unstably in the undercurrents like golden aquatic plants.

They were the mitochondria, the fundamental provider of energy for a cell and the source of strength.

However, Li Yao had no time to train the mitochondria today because his soul had been attracted to the nucleus.

In the center of the cell, the nucleus looked both like an enormous swirl and a weird eye. It sent an enchanting invitation to him, and his soul could not help but swim over immediately.

Like a starship captured by the gravity of a planet, his soul could not resist it at all when it was absorbed into the nucleus.

Li Yao seemed to have passed through an endless, dark pathway where time and space were both meaningless. The various kinds of plankton that had been stretched resembled the stars in a clear night sky. He had only seen such unbelievably splendid views before when he was travelling in the four-dimensional universe.

Maybe the demons are right. Every cell is a tiny universe where endless mysteries are kept, even including the secrets of the primeval era

His thought flashed and quickly disappeared. Li Yao forgot everything and completely dwelled in the deepest part of his cell.

He seemed to have been absorbed into a black hole. Everything behind him had become narrow, long lines.

After Li Yao floated for he didn’t know how long, enormous chains in pairs that tied each other up helically appeared. They surrounded him and span slowly like behemothic pythons that bit each other’s tails and were about the swallow the universe, forming a cone-shaped ‘funnel’.

Along the edge of the funnel, Li Yao dived deeper and deeper into the funnel one circle after another. As the diameter of the funnel diminished, his speed became higher and higher until he was almost stretched into a noodle billions of lightyears long.

Li Yao could see that every helical chain was connected to each other by glamorous scripture and that the scripture consisted of astronomical information. The information was not text, images, or sound, but ‘super information’ that was folded and compressed from the four-dimension or even higher dimensions!


When he fell to the bottom of the cone, Li Yao’s soul was wrapped into a singularity. He suddenly felt frightened for reasons he did not know, and he suspected that he would be trapped there forever. Therefore, he shouted and struggled hard!

Maybe, before the universe was born, a certain existence sleeping deep inside the nothingness shouted and struggled in exactly the same way, and thus the universe was created!


The palace of gene strands collapsed all of a sudden. All the broken parts of the genes turned into glittering pieces, and all the pieces assembled into a brand-new world.

Li Yao found himself standing on wet, hot ground. He stood in a daze for a long time before he finally remembered who he was.

It was a nascent world. The earth seemed to be made of flames. The crust was extremely unstable and shaking violently all the time, and volcanoes rose from the bottom of the ocean every once in a while. The magma vaporized the seawater and brought about a bright purple sky.

It was the primeval era!

Li Yao was not the only creature in the scorching, desolate world. Earsplitting explosions resembling unceasing thunder were echoing in the sky.

Li Yao raised his head, only to discover two super starships that were so enormous that they seemed to have been made by emptying and refining two planets.

The starships were so large that they occupied more than half of the sky. Their attraction force even tore apart the feeble earth, making countless rocks and even hills fly into the sky toward them, only to be crushed into pieces when they hit the spiritual shields of the starships. In the end, glamorous rings were formed around the starships.

Even the seawater had been absorbed up into the sky, forming waterspouts that could be tens of thousands of meters high. The mountains of water seemed to be the young arms of the newborn world trying to touch the powerful civilizations from the depths of the universe.



Li Yao thought of something. For some reason, the names of the two super starships popped up in his mind naturally.

When his eyes passed the two super starships, he saw an unfathomably huge sun in the high sky that was radiating light and heat incessantly. The tentacles made by the solar prominences seemed like it was reaching for the planet and would destroy everything there at any time.

However, on the enormous sun, there was a small black spot that was expanding and spreading at a visible speed. A giant ‘shield’ was being constructed on the surface of the sun.

A tremendous force was even bashing the sun brutally right next to the shield, and after every bash, the light of the sun would diminish a tiny bit.

For some reason, Li Yao realized the significance of everything being done here.

The star is too furious and too close to the planet, resulting in the high temperature on the planet that is unfavorable for life.

Even though there is life, when the solar flares break out, everything on the planet will be easily ruined.

The Kuafu Clan is chasing after the sun and calculating the orbit and all the relevant data of the star precisely. They are also building a ‘Kuafu sphere2‘ on the orbit of the star so that all the energy that the star releases will be absorbed as the source of power to modify the galaxy.

Together with the Kuafu Clan is a super starship of the Houyi Clan. When the ‘Kuafu sphere’ has absorbed enough energy, the main gun of the starship of the Houyi Clan will open fire and adjust the energy release pattern of the star and alter its level!

Kuafu chases after the sun, and Houyi shoots it. They are modifying the world so that it will have an environment favorable for life!

Li Yao retreated his eyes. Kunlun, which was floating in midair, suddenly opened a narrow, long crack beneath it from which hundreds of giants flew out.

The giants were all hundreds of meters tall. Their skin was lead-gray and covered in wrinkles. Their heads were huge with sharp tusks. They looked like combinations of enormous dinosaurs and human beings.

All the giants that resembled dinosaurs were not wearing any clothes, but their private parts were blocked by a material that looked like both metal and wood. Their faces were solemn, and endless nebulas seemed to be condensing inside their gray eyes.

Every giant was holding a glass that was similar to the color of their skin. They floated to the top of the furious ocean in groups and raised their heads, drinking the liquids inside the glasses one after another.


A moment later, the gray giants screamed, half delightedly and half painfully, from deep within their chests. Their skin gradually turned transparent, and their bodies glowed as they collapsed like pure sand, turning into seeds of life and dispersing in the ocean of the primeval era.

Before the last giant collapsed, he seemed to notice Li Yao and smiled at Li Yao in great comfort. Opening his lips, he said