Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 856

Chapter 856 Blood Moon Wolf Raiders

“Besides, Elder Nether Spring has always been close friends with Elder Blood Robe, who has a lot of experts that are best at forest hunting and assassination. Chances are that Elder Nether Spring will ask for several specialists from Elder Blood Robe!”

Li Yao frowned. Elder Blood Robe had good reasons to hate him, too.

On Boneyard, Li Yao had slain Wang Ji, who was Elder Blood Robe’s disciple. The event had been publicized when Ding Lingdang and the rest of the team returned. While Li Yao was respected as a great hero of the Heaven’s Origin Sector, he must have made it to the top tier of the must-kill list in the Blood Demon Sector, too.

Wait. The important figures that he had killed previously seemed to include many other demons besides Wang Ji.

Li Yao remembered that it was the first time he put on an Ares Extension. He had gone on a killing spree at that time and blown dozens of expert demons into pieces within a breath.

Although those demons were merely demon generals, according to Li Yao’s intelligence, they had all been members of the royal families and the nobles of the Blood Demon Sector since they were qualified to explore Boneyard.

Therefore, it was possible that all the twelve demon emperors of the Blood Demon Sector hated his guts.

Li Yao immediately felt a serious headache coming on.

Will Elder Nether Spring send experts in the level of demon emperor to hunt Jin Xinyue?

Li Yao evaluated the capability of himself and his enemy quietly.

The Pantheon of Demons was governed by twelve demon emperors, but there were many more demon emperors in the Blood Demon Sector. Only the twelve strongest, most powerful demon emperors were qualified to manage the affairs of the Pantheon of Demons.

Elder Nether Spring was a high-level demon emperor, so there were a few low-level and middle-level demon emperors under his command.

As for the relationship between Elder Blood Robe and Elder Nether Spring, they were not simply good friends but in a very close, mutually beneficial relationship.

In the spare time over the past couple of days, Jin Xinyue had introduced the political spectrum of the Blood Demon Sector and the conflicts of the twelve demon emperors to Li Yao.

Jin Tuyi and Elder Nether Spring had conflicts not because they did not see eye to eye with each other and not only because of the post of the commander-in-chief of the coalition army of the demon race. Behind the open conflicts of the two demon emperors were different political lines and war ideologies.

The four superpowers of the Blood Demon Sectornamely the Gold Crow Kingdom, the Nether Spring Kingdom, the Kingdom of Lion Butchers, and the Sea Dominator Kingdom represented the forces in the sky, underground, on the earth and in the ocean respectively.

Now that a final war against the Heaven’s Origin Sector was coming close, naturally, two entirely different methodologies of war were formulated.

The Kingdom of Lion Butchers, who governed the Claw Clan, and the Nether Spring Kingdom, which ruled over the Insect Clan, were the classical continentalism advocates who believed that whoever controlled the land controlled everything. Their strategy of war was simple, which was to devote all their resources to the land and push over the Heaven’s Origin Sector with oceans of insects and tides of beasts from the Grand Desolate Plateau.

The Gold Crow Kingdom and the Sea Dominator Kingdom, on the other hand, believed in the cooperation of the forces of the sky, the ocean, and the land. They believed that the infinite ocean and the sky, which was even more boundless than the continent, were the key to the victory of the war. Therefore, while the demon race maintained its pressure on human beings in the frontline of the Grand Desolate Plateau, it was necessary to open a second battlefield promptly and attack the Star Glory Federation from the ocean!

“To the east of the Star Glory Federation is a vast ocean where the Far East Demon Kingdom was located five hundred years ago.

“Although the Far East Demon Kingdom has been destroyed, the relics of the country are still buried deep down the ocean.

“Based on the relics, we could build secret military bases at the bottom of the ocean and push forward to the eastern coastline of the Star Glory Federation. When the timing is appropriate, we will lunge out of the undersea bases. The enormous fleet of the Sea Clan, together with the immense strength of the Feather Clan in the sky, will assault the heart of the Star Glory Federation unexpectedly!

“At the moment, the main military strength of the Star Glory Federation is concentrated in the frontline of the Giant Blade Pass, and the rear of the Star Glory Federation is extremely empty. If the assault is implemented, the army will certainly march forward unstoppably and even occupy the capital of the Star Glory Federation in the end!”

It was the strategy proposed by the Sea Clan and the Feather Clan.

In the past, the continentalism was chosen by the Blood Demon Sector because the strategy of the Sea Clan and the Feather Clan was deemed too risky and ridiculous.

The ‘Battle of Dawn’ was fought with such a political backstory. It was a traditional ground battle led by the Nether Spring Kingdom and the Kingdom of Lion Butchers.

But the result of the battle was not satisfactory. Although the insects and the beasts reached the Giant Blade Pass, the demon race suffered a brutal failure because of the overextended supply lines. In the end, it even caused the mutiny of the bottom-level soldiers, who raised the ‘Riot of Bloody Blade’ under the incitation of the Blade of Chaos. The fire of war did not consume the Heaven’s Origin Sector but burnt back to the Blood Demon Sector.

The insurrection caused a great earthquake in the center of politics of the Blood Demon Sector. The Sea Clan and the Feather Clan took the opportunity to lambast their dissidents. Many officers who believed in continentalism were sacked. Even the commander-in-chief nominated by the Nether Spring Kingdom and the Kingdom of Lion Butchers resigned. He was replaced by Jin Tuyi, a general who supported the strategy of the unification of the sky, the ocean, and the land.

Therefore, Elder Nether Spring and Elder Blood Robe were not simply friends but partners in the same interest group.

If Elder Nether Spring asked, Elder Blood Robe would certain lend a lot of specialists to him without caring about the cost.

With that in mind, expert in the level of demon emperor might have been sent, or even multiple of them.

Li Yao thought that, if he were Elder Nether Spring, since the demon king that was sent earlier had been killed, it would be killing his other demon kings if he sent more of them. Therefore, to make sure that the enemy was caught, one to two demon emperors would definitely be deployed to supervise the situation.

Li Yao’s real capability was similar to that of the middle level of the Nascent Soul Stage. With the modified Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, he could fight a high-level Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator. Theoretically speaking, he was not scared of Elder Nether Spring.

However, in the Blood Demon Sector, it was impossible for him to summon the strength of a Cultivator blatantly.

If the Blood Demon Sector discovered that a Cultivator who had the capability of the Nascent Soul Stage was active in their central region, all the demons would be shocked and attack him collective.

If he was faced with a demon king, Li Yao could kill the enemy instantly with his body without resorting to his spiritual energy.

But it was not an easy task if he was faced with a demon emperor.

What he could utilize were the newborn primeval cells and the force that came with them.

However, he had just grasped the methods to activate the strengthened cells and awaken his primeval force. Although his absolute strength was in the level of demon emperor, he was not good at using it.

Li Yao was indeed a genius, but he was not a god. If he could fight evenly against a demon emperor who had trained hard for decades and even hundreds of years when he had just activated his primeval cells, his enemy might die of embarrassment.

Therefore, Li Yao estimated that, without exposing his real capability, it was already his limit to kill a demon king instantly with a neatly-devised trap.

If he ran into a beginning-level demon emperor, neither of them would be able to defeat the other. It would be impossible for him to kill the opponent quickly.

Besides, his opponent boasted the ultimate weapon named ‘biochemical beast’, while Li Yao’s crystal suit had to be kept a secret.

Li Yao had no choice but to drag Jin Xinyue to run away.

Very soon, a cluster of black smoke passed by their heads. It was a swarm of insects that was squeaking in blood-freezing noises.

Li Yao frowned. Insect oceans and beast tides were his least favorite enemies.

“Hoooo! Hoooo!”

Lengthy howls were echoing in the forest near and afar, getting creepier and creepier under the bloody moon.

Jin Xinyue paled and said in a low voice, “Judging from the sound, they seem to be the ‘Blood Moon Wolf Raiders’ of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers. Their olfactory cells have been specially strengthened and are hundreds of times more acute than those of sharks, allowing them to smell the tiniest smell several square kilometers near them. Their special howls can transmit a lot of information to their companions through supersonic waves unperceivable to normal people!

“The Blood Moon Wolf Raiders are the top-tier tracing experts of the Blood Demon Sector. I did not expect that Elder Nether Spring had borrowed such elite troops from Elder Blood Robe!”

Li Yao nodded, but he felt that something was off.

The demonic energy soaring to the sky condensed into an impregnable web in midair.

The dense insects were gnawing the leaves of the trees all the way from northeast, while the howls of the Blood Moon Wolf Raiders were pushing close from northwest.

There were no signals of hunters in the southeast, but noises of trees cracking apart drifted over, suggesting that something huge was charging their way.

Li Yao and Jin Xinyue could only flee to the southwest. However, the direction was filled with venomous gas and swamps, and there was no telling whether or not stronger pursuers were lurking.

The siege of the enemy grew smaller and smaller. Li Yao even saw green eyes shining through the gaps of the trees many times.

Thankfully, both Jin Xinyue and him and sealed their pores and smeared a lot of powder that covered their smell. Therefore, their traces were lost for now, but it was hard to say how long before the enemy found them again.

“In a moment, I’ll go there and fight them first. Don’t take action unless it is absolutely necessary, in case they find out that you have turned into a human being,” Li Yao said to Jin Xinyue in a low voice.

He had found out that a brutal battle was inevitable.

Jin Xinyue pondered for a moment and nodded. This was not a good time for adulation. She might as well do what she was asked to.

For some reason, Jin Xinyue was confident that the old monster must be invincible.

Li Yao smiled coldly. He licked his teeth and unsheathed a sharp bone dagger that was tied up by dozens of tensile mica threads.

Waiting had never been his style. Now that he was determined to fight, of course, he was going to take the initiative!

Right then, an abrupt change took place.

The howls in the northwest became more and more hasty and loud, as if the Wolf Raiders had discovered a lot of enemies.

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Shrieks pierced through the clouds from the sky in the southwest.

Li Yao could not have been more familiar with the sound. Somebody had broken the sonic barrier!

Judging from the sound, it was not one object but a whole long of them!

The bloody sky in the northwest was scarred by dozens of streaks of golden brightness.

Jin Xinyue’s eyes beamed with joy. She almost cried in ecstasy. “Reinforcements of the Gold Crow Kingdom!”