Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 857

Chapter 857 Just Roar The Primeval Force

Chapter 857: Just Roar, the Primeval Force!


The Feather Clan of the Gold Crow Kingdom was best known for their speed. Li Yao and Jin Xinyue had only just heard their sound when the golden brightness covered almost half of the sky and crashed into the cloud of insects that was coming at them. For a moment, blood was spluttering, and yells were echoing nonstop.

A heated battled was on. Blood ran like a river, and countless insects were burnt and fell from the sky like raindrops.

Another team of the Feather Clan left the battle formation and circled above the forest, while they shrieked loudly, “Where are you, First Princess?”

Jin Xinyue was overjoyed and climbed on a tree, but before she opened her mouth to call her saviors, Li Yao had covered her mouth and dragged her back to the depths of the obscure forest!

“Hurry up and run!”

Li Yao gnashed his teeth, with cold sweat all over his forehead. He ran crazily inside the forest together with Jin Xinyue until they were more than ten kilometers away. He caught his breath and said, breathing hard, “Did you not notice anything wrong? If Elder Nether Spring really had a secret, he would never have asked Elder Blood Robe for reinforcements! Was he not scared that his secret was exposed?

“Alright. Let’s say that Elder Nether Spring and Elder Blood Robe are wearing the same pants and have known each other’s secrets for a long time, but isn’t it too much of a coincidence that reinforcements of the Gold Crow Kingdom came just in time?

“I don’t like coincidences. Not at all!

“Besides, the Blood Demon Sector is faced with a great war right now. The four superpowers are all allies on the surface. It is one thing to hunt a certain someone down in secret, but it is a whole other thing if they are engaged in an open, head-on confrontation!

“The reinforcements of the Gold Crow Kingdom attacked Elder Nether Spring’s subordinates the moment they showed up. It doesn’t make sense to me at all!”

Jin Xinyue was not stupid, either, or she would not have been selected as a saintess of the Pantheon of Demons. She knew the demon race better than Li Yao did. After hearing Li Yao’s words, she immediately cursed, “Damn! They seem to be on the same side!”

The moment she raised her suspicion, dozens of explosions burst out right above their heads. Bright golden ripples spread out in the sky and slowly condensed into weird rune arrays from which countless streaks of brightness leapt out. However, the newcomers did not seem to be solid and maintained an appearance bordering on transparency. Even their demonic energy had been restricted to the minimum.

Had Li Yao not calmed down and perceived them on purpose, he would not have been able to notice them at all.

“Mirage Falcons!”

Jin Xinyue’s voice was full of desperation.

Mirage Falcons were powerful biochemical beasts bred by the Gold Crow Kingdom. The wingspan of every Mirage Falcon was more than fifty meters, and they all weighed more than twenty times. Their cruising speed was 2.5 times the speed of sound while their highest speed could surpass seven times the sonic speed. They were able to climb up five hundred meters vertically in less than one minute. They could even fight briefly in the orbit of a planet outside of the atmosphere. Their specifications were not only much better than those of the armed shuttles of the Star Glory Federation but also tantalizing for most crystal suits.

What was more terrifying was that the feathers of the Mirage Falcons were covered in a special greasy membrane that could avoid the detection of spiritual energy. The birds had also practiced the demonic arts for camouflage and mimesis, which made it impossible for the enemy to keep track of them. They were truly invisible demon beasts and well deserved their name ‘Mirage’.

The wings of the Mirage Falcons, when unfolded, boasted some specially refined feathers that were not only extremely hard but also mixed with acids, venomous liquids, or unsteady crystals. Such weapons could be shot out rapidly by the violent constriction of the muscles, and their speed could surpass the speed of sound, too. The fierce firepower of the Mirage Falcons was definitely no worse than that of the crystal railguns and crystals cannons of the Cultivators.

Besides, the elite troops of the Gold Crow Kingdom would often equip the ferocious beasts with the crystal cannons that they captured during battle, making them able to carry out the attack abilities of both the demon race and mankind!

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

A hundred fiery snakes suddenly dispersed in the sky and whipped down brutally, leaving deep ravines inside the forest.

Those fiery snakes were all made of the feathers of the Mirage Falcons.

After every feather was pierced into the trunk of a tree, the tree would immediately be set on fire, burning at a speed far higher than normal flames would. All the trees were charcoal within a moment.

The trees deep inside the Hundred Desolation Mountain had grown for thousands of years and were harder than rocks, but even they could not resist the bombardment of the fiery feathers. It was not hard to guess what would happen to a body made of flesh and blood if it was hit by such feathers.

The location where Li Yao and Jin Xinyue had originally been was drowned in an ocean of flames.

The ocean of flames spread out as if it were a spring. The birds were particularly concentrated near the route of Li Yao and Jin Xinyue’s escape.

Li Yao and Jin Xinyue found it hard to raise their heads because of the barrage.

Right then, an enormous Mirage Falcon finally revealed its real appearance in the sky.

Even Li Yao gasped at its hideousness.

It seemed more fitting to call the Mirage Falcons combinations of pterodactyls that had grown feathers and hawks than to call them birds.

Its head was almost ten meters long and could be extended or retreated free at will. When the beast was cruising at a supersonic speed, its head would hide in its body so that its body would be perfectly streamlined like a water drop.

However, right now, it was hovering in midair at a low speed, and it stretched its neck out like a snake. The ten or so crimson lumps that grew on the neck all expanded slowly, emitting translucent, orange brightness.

“What is it doing right now?”

Li Yao had no idea why the Mirage Falcon quitted the stealth mode and why it was stretching its neck in midair like a crowing cock.

But Jin Xinyue exclaimed as if she had run into a ghost and quickly ran away, covering her head with her hands.

Li Yao had an ominous feeling. The neck of the Mirage Falcon had been extended to the limit. Then, it suddenly shortened, like the barrel of cannon moving backwards because of the reoil. A cluster of brilliant red crystals spurted out its mouth and exploded in the sky, bombarding the entire forest like meteorites.


For a moment, the earth was shaking as if dozens of volcanoes were erupting at the same time. Tusks formed of magma rose up from the ground, and the surrounding five hundred meters was all wreathed in fire. The blast, along with the hot waves, even reached a thousand meters away!

Thankfully, the enemy did not lock onto Li Yao and Jin Xinyue when performing the attack, and the landing point of the attack was to their east.

Even so, the two of them found it hard to keep stable in the overwhelming blast. They collapsed to the ground and did not come back to themselves for a long time.

“Cough cough. Cough cough cough cough. They are getting serious!”

Brutality beamed out of Jin Xinyue’s eyes as she gnashed her teeth. “This is ‘Fiery Shooting Star’, the ultimate attack of the Mirage Falcons. The genes of the Mirage Falcons are all edited specially so that they can digest marrow crystals of the fire class that will then be kept in their craws. After a long time of purification, they will become natural marrow crystals bombs!

“However, the capacity of the craws of a Mirage Falcon is limited. Also, triggering the marrow crystals will damage their body, too. Therefore, such terrifying methods are not resorted to unless it is absolutely necessary!

“I didn’t know that they were so determined to deal with me!”

Li Yao spat a thick glob of phlegm that was mixed with blood. His eyes, which were narrowed like the edges of two blades, were filled with killing intent as he observed, “Therefore, it is confirmed now that you have been abandoned by the Gold Crow Kingdom!”

Although the blast dealt no significant damages, it had blown away the powder on their body, which helped to disperse their smell. The bloody phlegm that Li Yao had spat out was quite pungent, too. The Blood Moon Wolf Raiders immediately detected them.

“Hoooo! Hoooo!”

The prolonged howls were like death sentences.

Very soon, almost a hundred obscure shadows appeared in the burning forest behind then. They seemed to be extremely powerful wolves with objects that looked like human beings on their back.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Blood Moon Wolf Raiders locked onto their targets with their smell quickly. However, the human-like creatures on their back rose up and moved forward like lightning being attracted the branches of the trees. They were even faster than the wolves!

“Eight-Armed Demonic Apes!” Jin Xinyue’s face was pale. “They are the real experts of jungle combat in the Kingdom of Lion Butchers. Nobody is willing to deal with the wretched monkeys in a forest!”

“You go first, and I’ll stall them. We’ll meet later in the waterfall in the southwest!”

Li Yao did not expect that the enemy would value Jin Xinyue so much, but their reaction only suggested that the secret inside Jin Xinyue was precious.

Naturally, Li Yao would not let Pantheon of Demons take back such a secret easily.

Jin Xinyue pondered for a moment and nodded her head, instantly vanishing into the forest.

Li Yao had put a Child-Mother Heart Connecting Ring on her ankle, which could allow him to detect where she was. Therefore, he was not worried that she might run away.

“Let’s do this!”

Faced with incoming enemies from all directions, Li Yao felt like his blood was boiling. He extended his left arm, and the primeval cells inside his body expanded to the maximum, bordering on explosion.

“In your strongest form, burst out all the primeval force!” Li Yao bellowed. He felt that his flesh was torn apart, and a primitive, barbaric strength was flooding out from the depths of his left arm. Scents of desolation circled around his left arm, making it cramp and expand, until in the end, his left hand turned into

A hoof.

Gazing at his left hand, which was now a hoof, Li Yao was at a loss for a long time.

Gritting his teeth, he did it again. Just come on, the primeval force!

He summoned his spiritual energy, and his mitochondria was activated to the maximum. The hoof on his left arm was gone, only to be replaced by a flipper with membranes among fingers that looked like a duck foot.

“” Li Yao.

Deep inside his brain, the mental devil was secretly chuckling. It seemed to be trying to hold back its laughter so hard that its head was purple.

“Asshole!” Li Yao was mad. “Was this your trick?”

“You can’t be serious, right? Are you blaming this on me?” The mental devil floated inside his brain comfortably and replied with smile, “Dear brother of mine, do you know that, of the billions of ancestors of human beings, 99% are herbivores or feed on microorganisms? In short, they are absolutely useless at fighting.

“You don’t know the mysteries of the genes at all, and you want to activate the feature of a strong ancestor by stimulating your primeval cells randomly?

“To be honest, you were already unbelievably lucky to have gotten a hoof and a flipper. If you were not, it would not have been unusual if your left arm had crumbled. Why else do you think that Cultivators from the past to modern day have hardly practiced such arts?”

Li Yao was rendered speechless. He was silent for a moment before he said, “Didn’t I activate an awesome claw when I stimulated the primeval cells for the first time?”

The mental devil looked at him with derision and yawned lazily.

Li Yao thought of something and immediately realized it. “You were helping me, weren’t you?”

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