Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 859

Chapter 859 Cell Obliterating Cannon

Chapter 859: Cell Obliterating Cannon!


However, what they had locked onto was nothing but Li Yao’s blurred shadow, which was also mixed with intense demonic energy and gave everything the feeling that it was the real entity.

It was not until their sharp claws ripped the blurred shadow apart, turning it into almost transparent air currents, that the Blood Moon Wolf Raiders realized that something was not right.

But there was no time!

The Blood Moon Wolf Raider at the back of the team screamed in pain as his chest exploded like a blossoming flower. A bloody shadow dashed out of the beast’s chest, covered entirely in the wolf blood, which made his scent no different from that of other Blood Moon Wolf Raiders.


The Blood Moon Wolf Raider next to him snatched at the bloody shadow, the sharp claws tearing apart the air and breaking the sonic barrier, and held Li Yao’s left hand hard.

Hum! Hum! Hum! Hum!

The bone blade on Li Yao’s elbow oscillated at a frequency higher than ten thousand times per second. The force of the vibration was transmitted to Li Yao’s palm and then flooded into the enemy’s arm.


The entire left arm of the Blood Moon Wolf Raider, because of the intense vibration, exploded into a cluster of bloody mist!

Before he had the chance to scream, Li Yao had already kicked him into midair.

Hum! Hum! Hum! Hum!

In the sky, the swarm of insects that looked like a colorful yet venomous cloud finally arrived.

The insects were like extremely corrosive water. Wherever they landed, they would consume the tree leaves together with the branches, leaving absolutely nothing.

They were known as ‘Floral Locusts’, whose mouthparts could secrete a huge amount of corrosive liquids, allowing them to corrode their preys into mush before they enjoyed their meal. Such liquid was so destructive that even Cultivators in crystal suits might hesitate to get in touch with them.

The heavily wounded Blood Moon Wolf Raider happened to be kicked into the swarm of Floral Locusts.

The Floral Locusts were bloodthirsty and yet very unintelligent. How could the Blood Moon Wolf Raider, who was soaked in blood because of the broken left arm, get away from them?

The Floral Locusts surrounded the beast as if he were wearing a thick garment of insects. The miserable scream only lasted half a second, before it was replaced by weird, chewing noises.

A moment later, bones that were riddled with holes fell off from the group of insects one after another.

Despite the brutality and ruthlessness of the Blood Moon Wolf Raiders, they all secretly clicked their tongues. They might not have been afraid of death, but such a shocking way of death was enough to make the boldest of them hesitate.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Li Yao certainly would not let go of such a great opportunity. His bloody shadow dashed between the Blood Moon Wolf Raiders, and none of them could resist any of his attacks. They all ended up being kicked into the sky after one of the limbs was broken. The flying Floral Locusts in the sky refused none of them and turned all the heavily wounded Blood Moon Wolf Raiders into piles of bones.

Higher in the sky, dozens of Mirage Falcons were still hovering stealthily, with their feathers that were almost transparent rising and falling, which kept them in the supersonic state although their range of activity was less than a thousand square meters. Fierce wind was blowing in the middle of the birds.

On the center of the Mirage Falcons, the feathers slightly rose up, and, together with the collapsed muscles on the back, constituted a natural cockpit in which two members of the Feather Clan, one in the front and the other in the back, were sitting.

Their brains were connected to the brain of the Mirage Falcon with the tensile nerve tracts.

Inside the cockpit of a Mirage Falcon whose feathers were particularly glamorous and was exceptionally large, a demon with an eagle head, a human body, and purple and blue wings was observing the situation of the battle with the eyes of the Mirage Falcon, sneering every once in a while.

“Young master.”

His co-pilot sitting behind him who was in charge of the attack and the defense of the Mirage Falcon asked, somewhat worriedly, “Forces of the Kingdom of Lion Butchers and the Nether Spring Kingdom seem to be unable to hold it any longer. Shall we give them a hand?”

“I didn’t know that I still underestimated the b*tch’s capability.”

The demon who was addressed as ‘young master’ chuckled and said casually, “We have removed all her loyal subordinates in the Gold Crow Kingdom. I thought that she would be a sure catch. I didn’t know that she had other arrangements. She has somehow hired such an intimidating expert to help her.

“Judging from his appearance, it is very likely that the expert is in the beginning level of the demon emperor state. No wonder even Yuan Hao of the Nether Spring Kingdom was killed by him and the b*tch.

“The b*tch has indeed got something with her, but I wonder, how did she convince such an expert to fight for her?

“However, there is no need for us to do anything. They’re all from the Kingdom of Lion Butchers and the Nether Spring Kingdom anyway. What’s the problem if some of them are accidentally killed? Let’s just wait and watch!”

Almost immediately after the ‘young master’ finished his remarks, another bloody, heavily wounded Blood Moon Wolf Raider was kicked high into the sky again. But this time, the trajectory of the animal was different from the previous times. It was not directly kicked into the swarm of Floral Locusts but toward a higher place, which was closer to the Mirage Falcons.

Before the Floral Locusts flew upwards to catch the new prey, a shadow suddenly jumped from behind the Blood Moon Wolf Raider and stomped on the body of the beast hard!

The heavy stomping split the Blood Moon Wolf Raider and blew it into smithereens immediately!

The bloody shadow, with the counterforce, surpassed the speed of sound instantly!

“Not good!”

The dark green eyeballs of the ‘young master’ were immediately covered in a layer of transparent sclerotic bone from which sharp brilliance was beaming out!

Right above the bloody shadow that was soaring up, three Mirage Falcons happened to be diving down rapidly. When their relative speeds were combined, there was no way that either party could avoid the clash.

The Mirage Falcons reacted promptly enough. They shot out almost a hundred fiery feathers within the moment. However, the bloody shadow flashed past all of them with unbelievable body-moving techniques. Right when the two parties passed by each other, he grabbed the feathers of one Mirage Falcon and climbed on the back of the bird!


The Mirage Falcon shrieked aloud while spinning, diving, and sprinting at a speed more than three times the speed of sound, trying to throw the enemy off with the centrifugal force and the friction.

At three times the speed of sound, the softest breeze turned into the sharpest blade.

Li Yao gritted his teeth and clutched the feathers of the Mirage Falcon, while streams of brightness flashed on his right arm and pierced toward the wings of the Mirage Falcon silently.

Li Yao’s ‘Mono Mica Threads’ were extremely thin, tensile, and sharp threads of the mica that were refined based on the mustard-seed technology.

When they were used cut the hardest diamonds and obsidians, the highest accuracy could always be maintained without leaving any powder.

Strong as the Mirage Falcon might have been, its body was made of flesh and blood after all. How could it withstand his cutting?


Almost ten Mono Mica Threads dissected the wing on one side of the Mirage Falcon like the sharpest scalpels.

Losing one wing mid supersonic flight, the Mirage Falcon immediately lost balance and fell to the ground, spinning and almost hitting some ten Mirage Falcons that were near.

Li Yao took the opportunity when their distance was shortest and jumped to the back of another Mirage Falcon. Then he did exactly the same thing on the second victim.

The Mirage Falcons were immediately thrown into chaos. In such a mess, they were not able to keep their ‘stealth mode’ any longer.


Li Yao had his eyes on the most magnificent Mirage Falcon.

While most of the Mirage Falcons were in a flurry, it was the only one that remained calm. There must have been an expert commanding the animal!

To catch bandits, first catch the ringleader. The decapitation strategy had always been Li Yao’s favorite!

Li Yao roared and lunged at the most magnificent Mirage Falcon.


The young master of the Feather Clan scoffed. With a telepathic thought, his will was transmitted to the brain of the Mirage Falcon like lightning.

The Mirage Falcon flapped its wings hard. Almost a thousand feathers spurted out and interweaved into a furious hurricane that swept toward Li Yao overwhelmingly.

Li Yao was going to dodge the attack when he suddenly felt the air around him become as hard as rock. More than ten Mirage Falcons were hovering around him rapidly and waving their wings hard, triggering air turbulences that locked him like countless shackles!


It took Li Yao 0.1 seconds to get out of the air turbulences. But in that tenth of a second, the hurricane of fiery feathers arrived, too, hitting Li Yao precisely in the head. Li Yao was wreathed in flames and fell to the ground like a shooting star.

“Fighting the Feather Clan in the sky. You really wanted to get killed!”

The young master of the Feather Clan grinned hideously. The remaining Mirage Falcons exited stealth mode simultaneously. Their necks, which were covered in wrinkles, were extended to the limits, and their craws gradually expanded, revealing a dangerously red color. The marrow crystals inside the craws were being activated in preparation for ‘Fiery Shooting Stars’, the ultimate attack of the Mirage Falcons!

“Even if you are a low-level demon emperor, you are cannot resist the simultaneous bombardment of more than ten waves of Fiery Shooting Stars!”

What the young master of the Feather Clan did not see was that, deep inside the half-burnt forest, Li Yao was on one of his knees, his body still on fire, but he raised his left arm high toward the sky with his fingers wide open. The half-round crystal in the center of his palm was giving out enticing brilliance!

Countless cells inside the left arm were shivering crazily, and the mitochondria inside all the cells were functioning at the highest efficiency, generating immense energy that congregated in the center of the palm.

The energy was so furious that his left arm was trembling. Even the solid shells were being torn apart, making scattered bloody mist burst out. Li Yao had to hold his left wrist with his right hand hard in order to lock onto the target precisely.

The arc-like crystal in the center of the palm of the left hand was once a special battle organ that the ancestors of human beings billions of years ago evolved with in order to fight against nature.

It was similar to the crystalline lens inside the eye, except that it was much more precise and tensile. It also boasted multiple layers of reflection and congregation functionalities.

The mitochondria were the energy providers in the cells, which powered up the bodies of living creatures.

Generally speaking, the mitochondria’s release of energy was stable and mild. However, how immense would the generated energy be if the mitochondria inside billions of cells was to burst out at the same time?

Ordinary people usually had fifty to six trillion cells inside their body, and Cultivators could even have more than a hundred trillion cells.

What Li Yao was doing right now was burning up a hundred billion of his cells immediately and focusing the energy that the cells released on one point with the crystal inside his palm, shooting it out!

It was one of the brand-new techniques that he unlocked from deep inside his genes

“A hundred billion times! Super crystal! Cell Obliterating Cannon!”

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