Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 868

Chapter 868 Gladiators

Chapter 868: Gladiators


For the bull-horned muscular demons, the opening came at the right time. They were able to cause the most damage with their rushing speed. Just like ten raging crystal tanks, they knocked away several slave catchers in the blink of an eye before they crashed into the fat ‘caterpillars’!

Those caterpillars that were spurting out mucus were fat and clumsy. It was very difficult for them to turn quickly. They were the most typical examples of shooters and definitely no match for the muscular horns in a head-on clash. Very soon, they were all rolling on the ground with wounds all over their bodies.

The spluttering electric whips were hitting the muscular demons brutally, and the webs full of thorns cut deep into their skin armor. However, none of the hinderances could stop them from unleashing their savageness.

Influenced by them, many black-blood demons and chaotic demons captured together with them were seething. The square was like a calm ocean before the arrival of a storm!


The guards of the Fire Ant King all unsheathed their blades and bared their teeth and claws, ready to go forward and take control of the situation at any moment.


The leader of the slave catchers, seeing that his subordinates were so useless, seemed to be greatly humiliated. Black wind suddenly circled around his arms and then spread out, blocking the collision of two bull-horned muscular demons like a high black wall!


Three rushing crystal trains seemed to have crashed. The bear demon fought two enemies entirely on his own, yet there was no sign that he was under any pressure. He grinned hideously while he grabbed the horns on the enemies’ head and forced them back. He then waved his arms hard, throwing the two muscular demons who were more than three meters tall and weighed several tons high into the sky!

It was a perfect demonstration of the unbelievable strength of a middle-level demon general!

The terrifying strength made the furious Red-Blooded Bronze Bulls all shiver for a moment. The leader of the slave catchers burst into laughter and leapt in front of the leader of the muscular demons who had a circle of white hair on his neck!

Hu! Hu!

Scorching air currents were surrounding both of them, rubbing until sparks seemed to be bursting out.


The two equally strong demons that looked like two black iron towers pushed their arms against each other’s, which were expanding as if they were balloons being blown.

The black rocks below their feet exploded into pieces one after another, only to be bound by their intimidating aura and drift into the air, getting rid of the control of gravity!

The leader of the bull-horned muscular demons, due to the lack of professional training, was no match for the bear demon after all. The veins on his arms exploded one after another, with bloody mist spreading out!

But he simply bulged his eyes and gritted his teeth, carrying on the fight. When the pain was at its worst, even his broken horn seemed to be shedding blood!

“Get down now!” the bear demon roared. Under the suppression of the enormous strength, cracking noises were echoing on the straight spine and legs of the bull-horned muscular demon, indicating that his bones would be broken if he did not lower his head!

Right then, an abrupt change took place!

Nobody had noticed that Li Yao, who seemed to have ‘passed out’ after cramping and rolling on the ground for a while because of the slapping of almost ten electric whips, had rolled to the bear demon’s foot quietly.

Right now, the square was in an utter mess. Hundreds of feet, claws, and hoofs were moving here and there. He had already been drowned in the crowd of demons.

Right at the most crucial moment of the competition between the bear demon and the leader of the Red-Blooded Bronze Bulls, Li Yao suddenly jumped up from behind the bear demon and hugged the bear demon from the rear while he threw his left arm to the front, extending his middle finger and his index finger into the bear demon’s left eye!


The bear demon did not expect that somebody would ambush him from behind. Suffering from the sharp pain, he shook his body hard!


Li Yao pretended that he had been knocked away by the attack and vomited a mouthful of blood, but he took the opportunity to pull the bear demon’s left eyeball out!

The bear demon’s head was dizzy due to the excruciating pain. Because of the distraction, his arms were entirely twisted after two cracking noises by the leader of the bull-horned muscular demons.

The leader roared. The skin armor on his body exploded, revealing muscles that were as red as fire. He lowered his head, pushed forward, and raised the bear demon up with his horn!

The square was immediately caught in chaos.

The guards of the Fire Ant King finally entered the field to restore order.

The guards were mostly the brutal demons from various places around the Blood Demon Sector who were guilty of major crimes. They were much stronger than the slave catchers, and the electric arcs released from their whips were multiple times more dazzling, too.

Li Yao lay on the ground dutifully, as if he were suffering from internal bleeding because of the bear demon’s final attack. He simply held his head while the electric whips were slapping everybody randomly.

However, his mind was clearer than ever. He released his telepathic thoughts and observed his surroundings.

He saw that, on the back of a black giant beast, several silver-blood demons were pointing at him and whispering to each other. There was a bizarre-shaped badge of a skull on their chests.

Jin Xinyue had mentioned that it was the symbol of the Skeleton Island.

I believe this is ‘defiant’ enough, is it not?Li Yao thought to himself.

If the Skeleton Island was still not interested in him after everything he had done just now, he would have to run away first and figure out a way to approach Yuchi Ba, the master of Skeleton Island, more straightforwardly.

Three hours later, in the southwest of the Void Turmoil Peninsula, several enormous flying bat rays were gliding toward the black ocean.

The body of the flying bat rays was broad and thin. They looked like hundreds-of-meters-long flying carpets. Many demons were crammed on them right now.

Li Yao was sitting at the center of the back of a flying bat ray, with almost five chains tying him up. The thorns on the chains had pierced into his skin and flesh deeply. After every tiny moment, dazzling electric arcs would burst out of the chains.

For him, the electric current of such a degree was no more exciting than picking his ears.

But he still showed them some respect by grimacing for quite a while.

A lot of black-blood demons and chaotic-blood demons were sitting around him. They were all the rebels just now who had dared to fight back.

However, the tough demons would rather cram into the crowd than approach Li Yao. They eyed him as if he were a terrifying monster.

After all, not everybody had the capability to grab the eyeball of a middle-level demon general.

Two silver-blood demons were sitting at the front of the flying bat rays, observing Li Yao with great interest. Greedy chuckles could be heard every now and then. They seemed to be calculating how many entertaining matches the tough demon could join and how much income he could bring to the Skeleton Island.

Very soon, the Skeleton Island was right in front of their eyes.

If the Void Turmoil Peninsula was a tusk that pierced from the continent to the ocean, then the Skeleton Island was a drop of blood at the tip of the tusk.

Looking from the sky, the Skeleton Island was really a deformed skull. The upper half of the island had a lake and a swamp, like a black eye and a white one, and the lower half of the island consisted of interconnected sharp rocks that looked like the teeth of a skeleton.

The demon race worshipped the idea of survival of the fittest. Watching and even being part of a pit fight was the most fashionable sport in the demon race. The silver-blood demons who considered themselves patricians would have a match every few days to show their valiance and their ruthlessness.

Therefore, during the thirty-thousand-year reign of the Demon Beast Empire, various kinds of arenas and abattoirs had been established across its territory. Many relics were even kept to this day.

The best example to prove the popularity of wrestling in the Demon Beast Empire would be the ‘Supreme Emperor’, who had been a gladiator in the beginning but established the Star Ocean Imperium and led the renaissance of mankind!

Arenas were the most important training and socializing places for the demons. It was not just a location where matches were held. There were also luxury facilities such as training rooms, medication chambers, and clubs.

The most advanced arenas of the Blood Demon Sector were in the capitals of the four most powerful kingdoms and the headquarters of the Pantheon of Demons.

However, Void Turmoil City was the center of trade for slaves and strengthening drugs. Every day, countless silver-blood demons would go there to pick slaves and purchase strengthening drugs. While they stayed in the city, watching the matches in the arena was great entertainment.

Therefore, the Skeleton Island was among the best ones even taking all the arenas of the Blood Demon Sector into consideration. It also boasted a large, special experimental field where the toughest gladiators were used to test the combat ability of strong biochemical beasts.

“Now that you have arrived in the Skeleton Island, don’t have inappropriate thoughts anymore!”

The flying bat rays lowered their altitude and slowly landed on the Skeleton Island. One of the staff of the Skeleton Island stood up, lashing his electric whip, before he shouted, “Take a look around. You are now surrounded by a vast ocean in which the most brutal demon beasts are waiting for food day and night. There is no way that you can escape!

“However, if you are smart enough to show your bravery on the Skeleton Island instead, chances are that you might be able to change your fate forever!

“In the past, you were the lowliest black-blood demons and chaotic-blood demons who made a living by turning over every stone on your way in the wilderness. What kind of life was that?

“Just now, your aggressiveness and brutality earned you a minor chance, but it remains to be seen whether or not you can grasp it!

“From now on, you will take the most powerful strengthening drugs and receive the enlightenment of the real experts on the Skeleton Island. What you are going to do is no different from what you are familiar with in the jungles. Hunting and killing!

“After every victory, you will be able to enjoy delicious food that you’ve never tasted before. You will also have access to the strengthening drugs and training techniques of a higher level!

“After five victories, you will be able to regain your freedom. The master of the island will meet you in person and refer you to powerful nobles. You will have a meteoric rise!

“Hehe. If that is still not enough for you, then let me tell you something else. If you fight here obediently and win five battles, even your family will regain freedom, too!”

At the beginning, most of the demons were rather lethargic and not interested in the propaganda of the silver-blood demon, but hearing his last sentence, all of the demons raised up their heads, excitement beaming out of their eyes.

The hairy mammal demons, the scaly reptilian demons, and even the weirdly-shaped, ugly insect demons were all filled with hope when they heard ‘family’!

Li Yao observed the reactions of the demons in secret. Their humane countenance impressed him and cast him into confusion again.

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