Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Eve of the College Entrance Examination

As the problem of applying for the college entrance examination was settled, Li Yao could wholeheartedly start his final preparations.

Aside from Ding Lingdang, an unexpected person had shown up in the Small Grayfield. It was the man who had unearthed Li Yao and Fiend Blade Peng Hai the "Scum of the Cultivation World", Sun Biao!

This old fogey appeared to be a man of feelings. When he came to know that Li Yao was already awake and was even undergoing special training in the Small Grayfield, he said that he would help him train in any way he could. Initially, Peng Hai refused him on the spot. Because the old man had just gotten back on his feet after serious injuries, if he entered the Small Grayfield, where the gravity was ten times greater the normal, it could be extremely dangerous for him. It was quite possible that he wouldn't even be able to take a breath and would directly pass away. However, the old man's stubbornness hit the extreme as he showered Peng Hai with curses and directly broke into Peng Hai's training room. Peng Hai could not manage old man; he could only ask Li Yao and Ding Lingdang to take good care of Sun Biao. If there was something wrong, ask him to withdraw from the Small Grayfield without delay.

Sun Biao did not, in any way, have the appearance of someone who had just recovered from a serious illness. As though he was granted youth again, he was bursting with vitality, even his muddy eyes seemed to be shining. Seeing Li Yao, he laughed and said, "The training program for the next twenty-eight days is the one that I had devised for Peng Hai to advance to the Refinement Stage. Are you ready? If you are not, then you can just tell me so!"

"Come on!" Li Yao licked his lips as he hooked his fingers with Old Sun's.

"Alright! Although I, Sun Biao, am just a mediocre cultivator who doesnt have any standing in the Cultivator World, in this life, Fiend Blade Peng Hai and you, the Fiend Star, are my greatest achievements my life was totally worth it! The final training starts now. Your first objective is to blast apart a hundred boulders!"

Sun Biao eyes turned round as he shouted.

"Where are the rocks?"

Li Yao dumbfoundedly looked all around him. As far as he could see in this endless gray field, it was just a flat gray desert. Where were the boulders?

"First one!"

Next to Sun Biao, Ding Lingdang's beautiful eyes turned round as she exerted her strength and pounded on the ground. Criss-cross spider web-like cracks suddenly appeared beneath her foot. Grabbing it with her jade-like foot, she then tossed a hard rock that appeared to be even bigger than Li Yao's head and needed at least both arms to firmly grasp it. The boulder rolled twice in its place before it ruthlessly flew towards Li Yao!

"Come on!"

Li Yao recalled the domineering and peerless might that came from Fiend Blade Peng Hai when his strength soared to its utmost limit, bursting to the Peak of the Building Foundation Stage. Everything under the soles of Li Yaos feet blew away as he gave a furious roar, twisted his waist, deeply bent his knees, and pulled his right hand back as if he was drawing an arrow. His entire body cut into a pose in preparation to send a fierce punch. As the boulder drew near, Li Yao sent out a punch, ruthlessly colliding with the boulder!

"Explode for me!"

First day Li Yao forcibly smashed a hundred rocks, ran fifty kilometers cross-country whilst carrying a hundred kilogram weight under the influence of tenfold gravity before "Sparring" with Ding Lingdang using the , analyzing and re-learning each stance one by one, and inevitably get beaten black and blue by Ding Lingdang.

Second day... Third day... Fourth day...

Li Yao trained almost like a lunatic. His daily consumption of food and strengthening agents was ten times more than that of the average high school student. If Ding Lingdang and Sun Biao had not personally seen this, they might suspect whether there was a miniature black hole hidden in his stomach. How else could he engulf so much food?

Seventh day... Eighth day... Ninth day...

The speed of Li Yaos progression was insane, even to the point where it was visible to the naked eye. The training schedule drafted by Sun Biao was not able to keep up with his progress; every day, Li Yao would only need 70% of the time to complete the training program.

In the remaining time, he would review the over and over again to thoroughly master this set of hammer techniques down to his soul and completely evolve it into One-Hundred-and-Eight Fist Techniques.

Fourteenth day... Fifteenth day... Sixteenth day...

Two weeks elapsed. Every day, Li Yao would now stay in the Small Grayfield for only half a day, while for the rest of the day he would enter the Deep Sleep Chamber, during which he would assimilate Ou Yezi's memory fragments crazily. With the identity of an "Iron-Forge Worker", he would learn the Hundred Smelting Clan's secrets of tempering all kinds of metals.

Finally, twenty-eighth day. This was also the last day of his training.

Tomorrow was the college entrance examination!

Today, the Small Grayfield had only one person, Li Yao. Before him laid a square-shaped boulder, weighing several tons.


Li Yao exerted strength into both his fists. The muscles on his arms burst out with strange fluctuations as a wave-like power landed upon the boulder before carving a spiral-like pattern on the boulder, thereby forcibly sending it a dozen meters away.

Li Yao's pair of legs kicked the grounds. Before the boulder could hit the ground, in a flash, Li Yao caught up with the mid-air boulder. His entire figure became indistinct as his phantom silhouettes surrounded the entire boulder.

"Kacha Kacha"

Only the sounds of the boulder breaking resounded in the silent gray field as though a wild, hungry beast treated the boulder as food, munching on it with all its force.

The phantom silhouettes continued to scatter pieces of stone from the boulder like a Goddess scattering flowers.

After three seconds, Li Yao silently landed on the ground. In a radius of approximately seventeen to eighteen meters around him, there was nothing but broken stone fragments.

"I did it!"

Using his toes, Li Yao tossed a fist-sized stone into the air before grabbing ahold of it. As he ruthlessly pinched the stone, "Kacha Kacha" sounds suddenly came from his palm as the stone broke apart and fell through the gaps between his fingers.

"I am now at least four to five time more powerful than I was when I was at the Devil Flood Dragon Island. I am sure with my current strength that if I now charge into the 'Blue Team', even without a strategy, I can directly crush them and can even kill several dozen blue team experts one by one!"

"It seems my assumptions were correct. Assimilating Ou Yezi's memory fragments is greatly beneficial for the development of my brain. My Spirit Root Development Quotient is definitely higher than the past; otherwise, no matter how severely I cultivated, I would not have progressed so much within one month!"

"Still, I dont know how much my Spirit Root Development Quotient had actually increased. Maybe I should check it now?"

"Forget it, Ding Lingdang was right; Spirit Root Development Quotient is just an imaginary number. What's important is ones own ability! Whether its 1% or 99%, it doesnt matter I will keep moving forward!"

"I have done my best, and I don't have any regrets. Tomorrow at sunrise, a war will shake the heaven and the earth!"

Li Yao took a long, deep breath, suppressed his agitated heart, and returned to the Heaven Origin Sector using the transmission formation.

There was no one present inside the room. After twenty days in the Small Greyfield, Grandpa Sun Biao's body was no longer able to hold on; his heart almost gave out. Li Yao and Ding Lingdang forced him to go home and rest.

Ding Lingdang was enjoying the wind on the balcony.

Today, she wore a fiery, thin, long, red, yarn dress. The gentle breeze made her yarn dress flutter, causing her strong and perfectly round legs to become partly visible. In the sunset, it painted an absolutely beautiful picture.

Li Yao could not help but walk over.

Upon hearing the sounds of his footsteps, Ding Lingdang also turned her head and tossed a scroll made of Demon Beast hide to him.

"What is this?" Li Yao curiously received the letter and opened it.

Now that the spiritual network had been developed, normal information was sent using the spiritual crane messenger. Only very important documents would be sent using letters.

The contents of the beast hide made Li Yao gasp for breath.

"You actually helped me get 30 points of preferential treatment? As long as I apply for the Grand Desolate War Institution, I'll get preferential treatment of 30 points?"