Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 872

Chapter 872 Precise Control

Watching the beast tide that was surging close like a tsunami and feeling the earth that was shaking under the stomping hoofs, the faces of many new gladiators blanched.

They were faced with a tough decision.

To enter the bronze gate at the north, they had to pass through the infuriated demon beasts, but those who led the charge would certain be attacked by the demon beasts collectively.

However, if they simply stayed behind, hoping that other gladiators would take the blow for them, those in the lead might pass through the bronze gate earlier than them, and as there were fewer and fewer gladiators in the arena, those who stayed behind would be the only prey for the demon beasts.

The more they hesitated, the less likely they could survive!


The dozen bull-horned muscular demons could not hold it any longer. Under the command of their leader, they tensed their muscles and summoned the most furious auras around them. They lowered their magnificent bodies and accelerated to the maximum, having a head-on clash with the beast tide like a dozen heavy crystal tanks!

The electric arcs that were dancing crazily on the ground whipped them brutally, breaking their skin and making them bleed. Yet, they seemed to feel none of the pain, and their speed was barely affected. Li Yao secretly clicked his tongue in amazement. The talents of the demons were indeed much more impressive than those of human beings.


The collision of the bull-horned muscular demons and the demon beasts resulted in a series of earsplitting explosions. Dozens of demon beasts were knocked into the sky. Several of them were even blown to the auditorium, only to be ripped into shreds by the bloodthirsty bronze-blood demons, the more uncivilized of whom were even biting the meat of the demon beasts on the spot. It was indeed an appalling scene.

“Let’s go! Move forward!”

Encouraged by the bull-horned muscular demons, the other new gladiators felt their blood boiling, too, knowing that the only outcome if they waited was death and that they could only fight for their survival by marching forward unstoppably!

Those who were selected to be gladiators were the disobedient ones among the slaves in the first place. Now that they all made up their mind to fight, they looked even more daunting than the demon beasts.

In that moment, all the new gladiators charged at the enemies at the highest speed possible like arrows just released from a bow!

A chaotic battle was thus begun.

There were almost a thousand demon beasts of the thunder class, and the environment of the Lightning Dungeon was most in their favor. The Thunder Snakes, the Lightning Salamanders, and the Soul-Splitting Behemoths were all releasing dazzling electric arcs incessantly, casting the new gladiators into shock, before they waved their sharp claws and teeth and ripped their prey into pieces.

The new gladiators went on a rampage, too. They fully utilized the battle experience that they had just perceived last night and threw themselves into the beast tide like nails!

The intense stench of blood soared into the sky, stimulating the nerves of the audience. All the bronze-blood demons were intoxicated. Hideous grins and cheers mixed with each other and rose up, turning into bloody, dark clouds that were wriggling and twisting in midair.

Li Yao was among the last few demons to move forward.

In his eyes, the demon beasts of the thunder class were merely a bunch of hens and hares that were not worth mentioning at all.

However, seeing such a chaotic battle, he suddenly thought of something and decided to try a new fighting technique.

My combat ability is on par with that of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and the demon emperors, but in the war between the Heaven’s Origin Sector and the Blood Demon Sector, and even in the great war between the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Flying Star Sector, and the Imperium of True Human Beings, the decisive factor will be the confrontation of billions of soldiers.

On the land, below the ocean, and in the endless sea of stars, countless warriors and warships will be engaged in fierce battles. Even the demon emperors and the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators might not be able to change the outcome of a battle!

Therefore, my own strength is far from enough, and it is vital for me to precisely control the entire battlefield and absolutely control all the factors around me!

I should train myself more in that regard!

Li Yao narrowed his eyes and tried his best to conceal his glittering eyes while his computational ability stretched out deep inside his brain like an invisible octopus.

In the messy battlefield, thirty square meters around him, every demon beast and every gladiator suddenly had a bright golden outline, and a series of bright gold numbers popped up.

That was the data of their speed, distance, position, and strength.

Li Yao condensed two cores of computation inside his brain. One was responsible for the calculation of the moves and attacks that he should make right now, and the other was dedicated to predicting the possible scenarios of the other gladiators and demon beasts thirty square meters around him.

The bright golden numbers were built into nonexistent virtual battlefields as he deducted the outcomes of the battle under different choices.

When the numbers crashed into dazzling sparks, Li Yao suddenly slid leftward and extended the short bone spear hidden inside his palm quietly, piercing deep into the left eye of a Thunder Snake and passing through its entire cerebrum.

The central nerves of the Thunder Snake, however, were somewhere else. Damaging its cerebrum was not enough to rid it of all its combat ability.

If it were in his past, Li Yao would have possibly pierced through the central nerves of the demon beast and cut off its spine, making it completely paralyzed and unable to spurt out any electric arcs at all.

However, the Thunder Snake whose cerebrum had been destroyed shrieked in agony, manipulated by the central nerves, only to jerk up and land on the back of a Lightning Crocodile next to it.

The cerebrum of the Thunder Snake had lost all functions. It was taking action based on its most primitive natural instincts. Therefore, it simply tied up the Lightning Crocodile and exerted all its strength, releasing all the electric arcs it had crazily!

The Lightning Crocodile was, of course, not afraid of the electric arcs, but the excruciating pain resulting from being tied up was unstoppable!

The Lightning Crocodile was going to bite one of the bull-horned muscular demons, but it was now writhing on the ground and struggling hard.

The bull-horned muscular demon was slightly dazed. He immediately waved the giant iron hammer that was packed with sharp thorns and bashed the enemy hard. After a heavy sound, the head of the Lightning Crocodile was broken apart, and it was killed immediately!

I’ve done it!

Li Yao cheered in his heart. His precise attack had changed the outcome of a battle near him.

However, it was not enough!

Li Yao’s eyes were both shining, especially his left eye, where interconnected bloody lines were appearing and turning the muddled arena into a chess board.

The demon beasts and the new gladiators all turned into his chess pieces!

Now, I will try to manipulate the more complicated battles!

Li Yao sensed that an electric arc was being condensed below his feet.

He could have jumped away easily in less than half a second, but he saw that a Soul-Splitting Behemoth was running toward him. His computation ability blossomed like fireworks and helped him to make the decision to stay where he was!

In a moment, an electric arc tied him up like venomous vines. He pretended to grimace as if he was being electrocuted, and he was blown away by the heavy clash of the Soul-Splitting Behemoth!

Li Yao waved his hands and feet crazily in midair, ‘struggling’ to adjust his posture, only to crash into a demon beast with white hair all over its body that looked like an enormous gorilla. The demon beast was almost knocked over!


A chainsword immediately cut into the main artery of the demon beast.

But the new gladiator who was holding the chainsword was confused. His target was not the gorilla in the first place. Yet, the enemy somehow sent itself to the tip of his sword.

The heavily wounded gorilla burst into fury and waved its arms crazily, but Li Yao simply pierced his fingers into the back of the beast and clenched its spine hard. The gorilla roared and raged forward, triggering yet another series of chain reactions. All the demon beasts and the new gladiators who were affected by the wounded gorilla found the directions of their weapons, claws, and teeth changed uncannily.

The weapons that were aimed at the critical parts of the gladiators brush past them, however closely. The sabers, swords, and bone blades that were supposed to be blocked by the demon beasts, after a series of inexplicable collisions and squeezes, hit the most vulnerable parts of the demon beasts precisely!

Seeing the demon beasts that were writhing on the ground in pain and his fellow demons who were all wearing a confused expression, Li Yao thought quickly and felt that he was getting the hang of it.

In a team fight, what matters most is not how many enemies I can kill personally, but how much of a positive influence I can have on my team.

The spiritual energy and potential in the cells of an expert are limited after all. They cannot burn their life and soul and cells in every battle randomly. If that was the case, after only several battles, they would surely die of exhaustion!

Guiding the situation of a battle precisely at the consumption of the least strength and triggering all the potential of a team is the most cost-effective way of fighting in a chaotic war with countless participants!

Everybody is a chess piece except me; I’m the player!

Li Yao was more and more relaxed, and his countenance was calmer and calmer. The indifference in his left eye and the casualness in his right eye were mixed together, giving him a subtle air that he was above the chess board.

Through the precise movement, inconspicuous attacks, and appropriate dodging and pushing, he completely controlled the battles thirty square meters around him.

Thirty meters around him, all the new gladiators were overjoyed.

They felt that they were helped by a god. The demon beasts that they were best to deal with would always show up in front of them in the most appropriate position with the worst posture so that they could take their time and aim at the critical parts of the demon beasts!

When a new demon beast appeared on their flank, a new gladiator would always appear in time and help them resolve the trouble!

Even the spluttering electric arcs from the ground seemed to be helping them. The hinderances either missed them at a close distance or hit them only when they were not surrounded by demon beasts so that they could pass the few seconds of paralysis safely.

For a moment, the field was empty of demon beasts in the thirty square meters around Li Yaoall the demon beasts had been slain by the gladiators!