Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 873

Chapter 873 Laughter Of The Scumbags

Most of the silver-blood demons did not pay much attention to the ‘warm-up’ before the real game. Even Yuchi Ba, the master of the Skeleton Island, was merely chitchatting with his bodyguards at first.

But the odd changes of the battle soon attracted his attention. After an exclamation of surprise, he started observing the two swirls of blood in the Lightning Prison with great interest.

One of the swirls was the battle formation made of fifteen bull-horned muscular demons.

The giants from the same tribe were moving in an orderly fashion under the command of their leader. They were not charging forward blindly, and occasionally, they would turn around and crush the demon beasts that had formed a group.

The demon beasts boasted some sort of wisdom, too. They knew the feeling of fear when they were under huge pressure. After being scattered and crushed by the bull-horned muscular demons, it would take a long time before they could regroup.

The gladiators who were relatively smart took the opportunity to follow the bull-horned muscular demons and launched remote attacks under their cover.

At first glance, it was very similar to the cover-and-assault strategy that human beings often utilized with crystal tanks and dispersed soldiers.

Gradually, more and more gladiators gathered around the bull-horned muscular demons. Eventually, there were almost seventy of them.

Beside Yuchi Ba, a leopard demon with eye-catching stripes all over her body smiled and said, “The leader of the Red Blood Bronze Bulls knows how to command. He has formed his own team so quickly.”

Although she was smiling, her curled eyes looked like two sabers and gave the unmistakable feeling of coldness.

Yuchi Ba nodded. His mouth was broad, but his voice was rather high-pitched. “A gladiator with leadership is not easy to find. I hope he can demonstrate a few good performances in the battles to come!”

Deep brilliance beamed out of his eyes that were as small as beans. There was no telling what was on the mind of the master of the Skeleton Island.

However, when his eyes turned to the other swirl, he could not help but crane his neck in great suspicion.

The dozen or so gladiators in the second swirl were neither as physically strong as the Red Blood Bronze Bulls nor had an obvious leader to coordinate and command them. Judging from the appearance, they were all fighting on their own in an utter mess.

But for some reason, their efficiency was particularly high. Any demon beast that stepped into their circle seemed to be mired in an invisible swamp. Their movement was slow, and they were even pushing each other. Eventually, they were merely feeding themselves to the claws and blades of the gladiators.

At first glance, the gladiators in the second swirl were just a random mob, not even close to the neat organization of the Red Blood Bronze Bulls.

But as for the outcome, the demon beasts killed by them were far more than those slain by the Red Blood Bronze Bulls.

“What is going on here?”

Even Yuchi Ba was slightly dazed. He scratched his enormous horn with his thick fingers and chuckled in amusement. “How did those guys catch a break today?”

The rest of the gladiators were certainly no fools. They soon discovered the anomaly of the two ‘swirls’ and tried their best to join the two amalgamations.

As more and more gladiators were gathered around Li Yao, the data that he needed to calculate and manipulate expanded exponentially. When the range of manipulation was further extended, he soon had the feeling that he was not able to do it any longer.

I can’t increase any more. Right now, I can only manipulate the combat thirty-five meters around me at best!

I have never learned how to command and organize on a battlefield, and it is too much of a burden for me to calculate everything temporarily.

On second thought, the so-called ‘battle formations’ are perhaps examples that indicate the knowledge of accurate control over the battlefield. It seems that I will have to learn more about the battle formations when I have the chance!

The two amalgamations, namely Li Yao’s and the Red Blood Bronze Bulls’, were moving forward simultaneously. Like magnets drawing small nails incessantly, they attracted more and more gladiators into them on their way.

Although the demon beasts around them were still multiple times more than themselves, the two amalgamations were like two mills of flesh and blood whenever the demon beasts broke into the circle. They were ground until even their bones were shredded.

Watching their companions breaking apart in the circles of the gladiators, even the most brutal demon beasts hesitated to draw close now.

The two amalgamations of gladiators reached the only open bronze gate at the north almost at the same time.

The gate was more than three meters both in length and in width. It was not small for human beings. But for demons, who were almost exclusively more than three meters tall and had weird bones and forms, such a gate was simply too narrow.

Besides, there was a long pathway behind the gate. If a gladiator who was relatively larger in size blocked the pathway, those behind them would not be able to pass through at all.

It was the trickiest moment.

In the past, countless gladiators had broken through the furious tides of demon beasts successfully, only to attack each other before the bronze gate without giving in. In the end, they had all been mauled by the demon beasts, and none of them had actually been able to get away.

The two teams of gladiators were too occupied in killing to notice their surroundings. It was not until this moment that the gladiators except Li Yao noticed each other.

The two teams confronted each other silently. The static sparks in the quietness seemed to be even more dazzling than the electric arcs.

It was also the audience’s favorite procedure.

The bronze-blood demons loved watching the black-blood demons and the chaotic-blood demons, who were even lowlier than them, attacking each other and bleeding while they cheered for them.

“Kill them! Kill them!”

“Your life will be saved after you pass through the gate. Run now!”

Perverted laughter echoed on the auditorium.

Li Yao saw clearly that the veins on the forehead of the leader of the bull-horned muscular demons were protruding like a viper waking after a prolonged hibernation. He shouted, waving his enormous iron hammer, “One member of each team will go into the gate in turn. Don’t panic. We can all survive!”

Li Yao was dazed. Except for him, the fifteen bull-horned muscular demons were apparently the strongest warriors on the battlefield. Nobody had the ability to stop them if they were determined to escape, but they were abandoning the opportunity. Why?

“Don’t you see?”

The leader of the bull-horned muscular demons bashed the ground with his hammer hard and yelled, “Those demon beasts are no match for us at all. As long as we remain united and do not attack each other, we can all make our way out!

“Don’t panic. One from each side. Leave your weapon and pass through the bronze gate as quickly as possible!

“Don’t worry about the demon beasts. The fifteen of us will cover the retreat. We will enter the gate last!”

While talking, the leader waved his hands and led his fourteen subordinates to the back of the team. They roared and constituted a solid wall, facing the simmering tide of demon beasts!

The intimidating aura of the fifteen bull-horned muscular demons suppressed the outrage of all the demon beasts in the blink of an eye.

Li Yao was truly dumbfounded. He could not believe his eyes.

Maybe because of the encouragement of the bull-horned muscular demons, or maybe because they realized that too many gladiators had passed through the demon beasts this time and the only outcome if everybody crammed into the bronze gate would be that the pathway would be blocked, many gladiators who were relatively larger in size turned around silently and stood next to the bull-horned muscular demons, filling the gaps between them!

The gladiators who were slimmer and smaller in size handed their weapons to the gladiators behind them cooperatively and passed through the bronze gate at their top speed.

One from each team, they entered the bronze gate orderly. All the gladiators were regrouped into two neat teams smoothly according to their body sizes!

It was something that had never happened on the Skeleton Island before!

The heated auditorium, which had been filled with laughter and screams a moment ago, was dead silent. Even the sound of a needle hitting the ground would have been heard.

The excited bronze-blood demons with twisted faces were all dumbfounded. Even the silver-blood demons were extending their heads out of their boxes, complaining in confusion and dissatisfaction.

Hiss! Hiss!

The demon beasts in the arena were not willing to let go of the prey that had been offered to them and launched a counterattack.

The bull-horned muscular demons were not defending blindly. Faced with the surging tide of demon beasts, they charged forward yet again. Like a burning sword, they raged inside the flock of demon beasts and paved roads of blood!

After a few unbelievable counter-counterattacks, all the demon beasts were wavering, not having the courage to move forward again.

However, the bull-horned muscular demons were not made of steel. After the multiple head-on clashes with the demon beasts, barely any part of their skin was intact, and they were all bleeding profusely. There was no telling what supported them to keep on standing.

Another slight touch or a gentle breeze would probably enough to push them over, but no demon beasts dared to try for a long time.

Under their watch, the gladiators near them were fewer and fewer. The majority of the gladiators had run away successfully.

Realizing that the last prey was going to slip away if they kept on waiting, the boldest Soul-Splitting Behemoths finally summoned their courage and crashed at the wall again!

The hands and legs of the bull-horned muscular demons were all trembling. Their weapons had all fallen to the ground, and they could not even pick them up now.

But the air currents spurting out of their noses became denser and denser like flooding magma!

Right then, a black shadow suddenly passed by them. The length of his left arm was suddenly doubled and slapped out like a supersonic whip!

In an earsplitting shriek, a spear refined out of the femur of an enormous demon beast was thrown out brutally. Before the sound spread out, it had already hit the center of the eyebrow of a Soul-Splitting Behemoth, pierced deep into the head, and penetrated out of its throat, pinning the gargantuan beast to the ground!

Although the head of the beast was pinned to the ground, its body was still moving forward because of the strong inertia. As a result, the body was split apart from the head, and its neck exploded into a pulp of meat.

While everybody was bewildered, Li Yao dragged all the fatigued bull-horned muscular demons into the bronze gate before he closed it heavily with all of his strength.

“Thank you, for what you did today and yesterday.”

Inside the darkness, the sound of the leader of the bull-horned muscular demons turned warm and mild.

“Why did you do it?” Li Yao asked.

The leader panted for a long time. Inside the darkness, the pair of bull eyes were emitting comforting brilliance like two topazes the size of eggs.

“I just don’t like the laughter of the scumbags in the auditorium,” he replied. “That’s all.”