Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 879

Chapter 879 Throne Of Genes

Chapter 879: Throne of Genes


Inside the Thousand Corpse Abyss, the dark waves crashed powerfully against the walls as if trying to escape. The Blind Teeth Sea Demons were all opening and closing their mouths in the most hideous way. Li Yao could not help but increase his wariness to the maximum. Should there be anything wrong, he could crash into the wall of the pit straightly and hide himself within the rocks.

Mo Tiesheng and the other gladiators were really in the false death state. They were like the puppets whose strings had been cut off and were freefalling into the pit, their hands and feet fluttering randomly.

The gladiators were about to become a delicious meal for the Blind Teeth Sea Demons when one side of the wall of the dark pit glided open quietly and revealed a few pathways. Half of the pathways tossed out glue nets that were as sticky as the spider webs and caught all the gladiators, dragging them into the pathway, while the other half of the pathways spurted out almost a hundred corpses of demon beasts, which replaced the gladiators as food for the Blind Teeth Sea Demons!

The entire process was quick and seamless. Unless one bulged their eyes and observed the bottom of the pit, nobody would be able to notice anything.

Just like that, the gladiators who should have ended up in the stomachs of the Blind Teeth Sea Demons were swapped and dragged underground!

“Hurry up and inject the antidote!”

“There are quite a few talents among the newcomers. They cannot be killed. Send them into the biochemical slots for treatment!”

Sensing the cold tips of syringes being stabbed into his veins softly and injected cool, comforting drugs that slowly flowed around his body, Li Yao smiled and knew that he had successfully faked his way into the Blade of Chaos.

One day later, deep inside the Skeleton Island, three hundred meters below the ground, inside the secret base of the Blade of Chaos

“Where is this young talent from exactly? His body is too strong!”

“You can’t tell it from his appearance at all. He is no taller than three meters, and his weight is less than a thousand kilograms, but he has swallowed more strengthening drugs than the five Red Blood Bronze Bull did!”

“It’s rather strange. We retrieved his blood for analysis and found nothing wrong. He is just one of the most common chaotic-blood demons.”

“Is this what they referred to as ‘naturally-endowed gifts’?”

“The supervisor has commanded that the intensity of the ‘Tiger Devil Body Building Medicines’ be increased by three times. We’ll see how the monster reacts to that. Maybe we have indeed picked up a treasure this time. He might prove to be an invincible warrior!”

Li Yao was floating in an enormous biochemical slot with his eyes half closed. He was soaked in a liquid that looked slightly red. Such a liquid was as thick as gum and stored no end of strengthening constituents that slowly leaked into his pores under slight pressure.

By perceiving the feeble vibrations of the glass of the biochemical slot, he was eavesdropping on the conversation among the members of the Blade of Chaos outside.

It sounded like the Blade of Chaos was truly not malicious and only meant to recruit new, strong members.

It was exactly as he had hoped.

The mental devil was yawning in boredom deep inside his brain. “Such healing drugs are truly as tasteless as water. It took them a day and a half to repair such minor injuries? If it were me, I could have the injuries recovered in a minute by activating your cells’ potential!

“The ‘Tiger Devil Body Building Medicine’ that they’ve developed seems interesting enough, though. But the intensity is too low. Three times? Should be ten times at least. Only that will be exciting enough!

“However, hehe, there is indeed a lot of good stuff in the secret base of the Blade of Chaos. The trip is definitely worthwhile!”

Li Yao agreed with the mental devil’s theory.

The biochemical slot he was placed in was not the only one in the base. He was now in a vast natural cave below the ground. Beside him were almost a hundred biochemical slots that were placed next to each other in a line. Some of other biochemical slots were embedded in the wall of the cave. One expert was lying quietly inside every biochemical slot.

Despite the blockage of the thick drugs, Li Yao could clearly sense the stronger and stronger scent inside every biochemical slot.

Five hundred meters to his left, some of the large biochemical slots were even more than twenty meters tall. The demons being soaked and refined inside were like dinosaurs that had travelled through time to modern day. Even Li Yao secretly clicked his tongue when he saw them.

The Blade of Chaos was indeed not as simple as it appeared to be, and the so-called ‘Riot of Bloody Blade’ was definitely not their real outburst!

Li Yao did not have the patience to wait any longer. His eyes shuddered as he slowly opened them. Cold brilliance that pierced through the strengthening drugs, the hardened glass, and the thick rocks beamed out of his bright red left eye.

“He’s awake!”

“He took more poison than any of the other gladiators did, and he woke up so quickly? What a monster!”

“Hurry and change the constituents of the drugs. Inject pacifiers!”

Very soon, Li Yao saw an old demon who had a pair of pure white wings staring at him with a smile before his biochemical slot.

The old demon was wearing an ivory robe with a crimson emblem of the Blade of Chaos painted on the chest.

Looking at the sharp blade that chopped off the gene strands for a second time, Li Yao suddenly sensed a whole different meaning from it.

“Am I dead?”

Li Yao pretended that he was weak and drew on the hardened glass with his fingers clumsily.

“No.” The old demon’s voice came over through the warm strengthening drugs, somewhat blurred. “You are reborn.”

Li Yao had been ‘reborn’ for eighteen hours.

In the first fifteen hours, the Blade of Chaos had run a series of thorough physical examinations on him.

With the disguise of the mental devil, he naturally passed the tests without any trouble.

After a brief rest, he was led by two members of the Blade of Chaos through a long pathway to a quiet underground temple.

There was nothing inside the temple, but enormous paintings had been decorated on the walls. However, the paintings were not about the glorious, magnificent deities nor the scenes where heroes were fighting blood-boiling battles, but the pictures of the mysterious gene strands, cells in various forms, and the fossils of countless ancient creatures.

Such paintings added to the mystery and solemnness of the temple.

Other than Li Yao, the gladiators who were ‘killed’ in the same game as him showed up one after another, including those swallowed by the swamp.

Li Yao was dazed at first. Then he immediately realized what had happened. There were clearly traps below the so-called ‘Hell Bone Swamp’, too, and the gladiators who stepped on them would be pulled away through the secret tunnels down there. After a few days, a few remnants of bones similar to the size of the victims would be thrown back to the ground, and nobody would be suspicious.

Those gladiators were not as healthy as Li Yao. Although they had woken up, almost everybody was tied up in thick bandages and holding multiple bags of healing drugs. Some of them were even soaked in the portable biochemical slots and pushed over with the help of others.

They were still at a loss now that they had returned from death. Seeing that their companions who should have been killed in the Hell Bone Swamp were also alive, they were even more surprised.

Only several gladiatorsincluding Mo Tiesheng, who had thick plasters bound to his chest and looked like an iron statuewere deep in thought and seemed to have realized what was going on.

“Congratulations on your rebirth!”

After a moment of faint laughter, deafening noises echoed below the ground at the end of the temple. The floor spread out like a blossoming flower, and a throne slowly rose up.

The throne was designed in a very strange shape. It seemed to be made of countless interconnecting gene strands. The gene chains were all crystal clear and emitting glamorous colors from within, filling the enormous temple with the scent of life all of a sudden.

But nobody was sitting on the throne. In front of the throne, three high shadows were standing.

The two standing on the two sides emotionlessly were the Death Teeth Guards who had ‘killed’ them.

But the most magnificent shadow in the middle turned out to be Yuchi Ba, the master of the Skeleton Island!

Li Yao had seen it coming so was not surprised, but the other gladiators were caught unprepared and exclaimed in shock.

Right now, Yuchi Ba had taken off the gorgeous robe that he wore in the arena and put on a plain training armor with an emblem of the Blade of Chaos made of black iron on his chest. Bloody streaks were all over the black emblem. There was no telling whether they were intentionally added when the emblem was carved or it was the blood of his enemies that had leaked onto the emblem after he killed too many of them.

Yuchi Ba carried an intimidating aura with him although he had not said anything. He slowly walked to the crowd one step after another. He glanced over the wounds on everybody and stopped for a long time on Li Yao. In the end, he stared at Mo Tiesheng and said frankly, “I know that you must have a lot of questions, brothers, and I’m going to answer all of them since I’m talking to you under my real identity today!

“Before I answer your questions, allow me to reintroduce myself. I, Yuchi Ba, am the owner of the Skeleton Island, but I am also a believer of Chaos. You may consider me as the highest representative of the Blade of Chaos in Void Turmoil City!”

Many quick-minded gladiators had already guessed his identity through his dress, but hearing him acknowledge it so straightforwardly, they were greatly startled too and whispered to each other.

Many gladiators had accepted the ideas of the Blade of Chaos during their training. Right now, after they were ‘reborn’, they were rather moved as they felt that they had finally found their calling. For a moment, hot tears were flowing inside their eyes, and they did not know what to say.

But Li Yao and Mo Tiesheng remained as untouched as before. Mo Tiesheng even furrowed his brows and said solemnly, “Master Yuchi, so to speak, everything was your scheme the whole time?

“You captured us on purpose and ordered us to receive the harshest training and undergo life-and-death battles just so that you could pick the strongest of us for the Blade of Chaos?”

His hands behind his back, Yuchi Ba replied peacefully, “That is the first question that many brothers ask me when they wake up.

“And my answer has been the same every time. Yes. Everything was my scheme. You may even accuse me of kidnapping you through the most shameless approaches!

“On the Skeleton Island, you have undergone the most rigorous training and taken strengthening drugs dozens, if not hundreds, of times the normal dosage. Many of our brothers were mentally deranged, and their cells collapsed. Still more brothers were killed miserably in the arenas, sometimes even with no bones left!

“Everything was my scheme. I plead guilty to all charges!”

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