Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 88

Chapter 88: I Have Decided!

Li Yao went through the contents of the beast hide scroll over and over again to confirm that what he was seeing was right. On the lower right corner of the letter was engraved with the unique spirit seal of the Grand Desolate War Institution, which absolutely could not be forged by anyone else.

Getting 20 points of preferential treatment was already considered by far the best and most common preferential treatment a student could get, but much to his surprise, Ding Lingdang actually got him 30 points of preferential treatment it was unbelievable!

Li Yao could not help but ask, "After my Spiritual Root was torn, I have desperately trained for just a month and have not even tested my Spiritual Root Development Quotient. How were you able to get me such preferential treatment?"

Ding Lingdang pursed her lips into a smile as she shook her fist. "I had a talk with the guys from the student recruitment center. I told them that out of all the cultivation geniuses I have seen, you are the most insane, the most ferocious, and have the highest potential. 30 points of preferential treatment was a must if it was even a single point less, then once I return, I would smack their heads!"

Li Yao took a long, deep breath as complex feeling burst forth from the depths of his heart.

Of course, he knew Ding Lingdang was joking. The enrollment process of the Nine Elite Universities was extremely strict. How did she persuade them to give him 30 points of preferential treatment?

Ding Lingdang must have done a lot of work quietly in the back. She must have painstakingly spent a lot of effort. Thats the only reason why she was able to get such conditions!

"How is it? Didn't I say I will let you see the sincerity of the Grand Desolate War Institution? What do you think? Does our sincerity have enough weight? Well, did you think about it? Is it going to be the Grand Desolate War Institution's Combat Department or the Deep Sea University's Refining Department?" Ding Lingdang turned her head and stared at Li Yao with bright and shining eyes.


While holding onto the beast hide, Li Yao stood in place as he was dazed. In his mind, various scenes appeared one by one.

The excitement that he had when he first repaired a civilian magical equipment, the promise he made to the old man, the embarrassed Xie Tingxian, the passionate Ding Lingdang, the sincere and earnest words of Fiend Blade Peng Hai. Each scene entangled with one another, turning into a complex mess.

Suddenly, a very strange yet extremely insane idea jumped out from this mess. As if a giant Kraken had instantly occupied his brain, no matter how much he pulled, he was unable to extract this idea from his brain; it was completely stuck in his mind.

Little by little, the hesitation in Li Yaos eyes dissipated. In its place was an incomparably relaxed and eased look.

Almost as if a saber had cut off the chaotic thoughts in his heart in an instant!

"Have you decided?" Ding Lingdang, upon noticing his expression, knew that he had already made his decision.

"En, I have decided!" Li Yao smiled. His smile was as bright as sunlight.

"You were finally impressed by my sincerity, right!? You have decided to join the Grand Desolate War Institution, right!?" Ding Lingdang both eyes turned round. She looked as though she would pounce at Li Yao at any moment, as if she was an anxious mother leopard who was restraining herself.

"Sister Ling, before I say my choice, I want to know one thing What if, in the end, I dont choose the Grand Desolate War Institution's Combat Department? What will you think?" Li Yao asked in a serious tone.

The corners of Ding Lingdang's mouth twitched as she had a slightly puzzled look. Hesitating for a moment, she clenched her teeth and said, "As someone from the Grand Desolate War Institution, obviously, I would be greatly disappointed; however, since I have done all I can and was still unable to change your thoughts, I will not regret anything! And as your friend, I will support your choice. If your dream is to go to the Refining Department of the Deep Sea University and to become a Master Refiner, I will wish for all your dreams to come true!"

"I am relieved to hear that. You are truly a good person. I'm going to treat you as my friend for life, Sister Ling."

"Good my ass. If you call me a good person again, believe it or not, I will smack you head. Anyway, so to say, have you decided to apply to Deep Sea University's Refining Department?

"I did not say so."

"Then which institute are you going to choose!? Is it the Grand Desolate War Institution's Combat Department or Deep Sea University's Refining Department, or is it some other institute?"

Li Yao laughed jovially as he blinked his eyes and slowly said, "Tomorrow, wait for tomorrow. After the college entrance exam is over, you will know."


Ding Lingdang clenched her teeth in anger. Looking at the teasing smile hanging on Li Yao's face, she could not wait to punch him in the face. After grimacing for a while, she suddenly climbed the fence and yelled toward the setting sun before jumping down she jumped down from a few kilometer high building!

After a second, from below the balcony came a violent roar. The Crimson Flame Battle Shuttle transformed into a long rainbow and pierced towards the setting sun!

Under the light of the setting sun, Li Yao closed his eyes. Feeling its warmth, he quietly listened to the noise that came from the depths of his heart, the sound of flowing blood.

After a good while, Li Yao opened his eyes. His eyes were clear and transparent, devoid of any hesitation.

Yes, he had confirmed it again that's what he wanted and that was the university he wanted to attend.

He turned on the mini crystal processor and sent a spiritual crane message to the Deep Sea University professor, Xie Tingxian; however, there was no reply from the other side.

Li Yao, with unrelenting patience, sent the second, third, and fourth message.

On the fifth try, he finally connected to the other side. A tired Xie Tingxian appeared on the hologram screen, barely squeezing out a smile. "Long time no see, Student Li Yao."

"Hello, Professor Xie. It seems you are quite busy with work. Long story short, today, I have sent you a spiritual crane message; however, it was not for the purpose of gaining a preferential treatment score, but rather it was solely to express my gratitude. Thank you for once being so optimistic about me and treating me as a promising student, and even waiting for so long when I was in coma I'm really sorry for all this. I'm truly grateful for all your endeavors!" Li Yao spoke from the depths of his heart.

Xie Tingxian was surprised for a moment. With a slightly embarrassed look, he said, "Student Li Yao, I'm really sorry. I really wished to recruit you into Deep Sea University and had even wanted to make you my protege, but "

"Yeah, I also wished to enter the 'Holy Land of Refiners' and learn the most profound refining techniques. Even now, I still dont want to give up on this dream; however, the god of destiny makes fools out of the people. But let's not talk about that. The other reason I contacted you is that I want to sincerely apologize to you. I am truly sorry, truly, truly sorry!"

Xie Tingxian frowned. He didnt understand Li Yaos words at all; he was at loss. "Why are you apologizing to me? It should be me who should be apologizing!"

Li Yao replied, "I have made a decision, and this decision might very well bring a certain degree of trouble to you in the future. That's why, I would like to apologize in advance for my actions in the future."

"Student Li Yao, what do you mean?" Xie Tingxian, upon hearing this, was even at more of a loss.

Li Yao faintly smiled. Deep within his eyes flashed an incomparably vigorous flame. He wanted to explain, but from the hologram suddenly came a loud noise. An old woman with bizarre purple eyes appeared on the screen, shoving Xie Tingxian away and took his place.

The old woman had a completely deadpan look. "I am the Dean of Deep Sea University's Refining Department, Chu Xiuhong. You are Li Yao? What is your Spiritual Root Development Quotient at now?"

A frown appeared on Li Yao's face. He was a little dissatisfied with Chu Xiuhong's tone.

However, in front of him was a highly respected elder. He honestly replied, "I don't know. For the past month, I was completely busy with training. I don't know know how much of it has recovered; maybe a few percent."

Chu Xiuhong sneered.

"Recovered only a few percent? One month ago, your Spiritual Root Development Quotient was only 7%. Even if you have recovered to 30-50%, what of it? Student Li Yao, I advise you not to rack your brain anymore to try to get any preferential treatment score. Deep Sea University will not agree to this!"

Li Yaos pupils contracted to the size of a needle.

"Dean Chu, I'm afraid you are mistaken. Today, I simply wanted to relay a few words to Professor Xie. I had no intentions of discussing any preferential treatment conditions. I only wanted to say a few words to him, that's all."

Chu Xiuhong's wrinkles shrunk into a mass as a look of mockery appeared on her face. "Right? I have seen a lot of young men like you. You all say you don't want any preferential conditions, yet it is nothing more than taking a step back before advancing. Youre just playing cat and mouse, thats all! Young man, I advise you to give up on this. Behave well and don't think about using underhanded means! If you have the strength, then prove yourself in the college entrance examination. So long as your score is decent, the doors of our Deep Sea University would naturally be open to you. If your strength is inadequate, no matter how many strings you pull, they all will be useless!"

Li Yao smiled. "Dean Chu, I am truly not looking to pull any strings. Not to mention, I am also not going to be applying to the Deep Sea University's Refining Department."

"Thats for the best. After all, Deep Sea University's Refining Department is the Refiner's Holy Land. The requirements to join our school is extremely high. In your current state, I'm afraid that it will truly be difficult for you to enroll here. If you have truly recovered a little, I suggest you apply to the Star Nebula University or the Refining Department of Federations First Military College. Although they are not in the same grade as us, at any rate, their cut-off score is low enough. Last year, it was 200 hundred points lower than our department."

"Thank you for your advice, I will consider it seriously."

"Is there anything else? Professor Xie and I are conducting a crucial refining experiment. An entire team of more than thirty Refiners is waiting for you."

"Nothing, I am truly embarrassed. I was too abrupt and had hastily sent a message. I apologize for disturbing you and Professor Xie."

Chu Xiuhong coldly snorted and directly cut off the connection. She simply didn't give Li Yao any opportunity to say anything else. The hologram screen turned dark.

Under the dark curtain of night, Li Yao stood for a long time, gazing at the countless stars in the pitch black sky.

His pair of eyes also gradually brightened like the stars.

"There are no more problems. Now, I don't have the slightest of concerns. I can't wait for tomorrow to arrive I'm going to fight happily!"