Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 880

Chapter 880 True Meaning Of Chaos

Chapter 880: True Meaning of Chaos


Yuchi Ba talked in such a resolute and righteous way that even Mo Tiesheng was momentarily dazed.


Yuchi Ba suddenly changed his tone and demanded, “Brothers here, you might as well recall your past and think about the obstructions that you met when you ran away from your homes to avoid the war. Do you think that you would have survived if I had not brought you to this place?

“You wouldn’t! In the Blood Demon Sector right now, being a black-blood demon or a chaotic-blood demon is your original sin. There is no way you would have survived!

“The Skeleton Island is not the only arena in the Blood Demon Sector. All the demon kings are now desperate to recruit soldiers and slaves. If I had not captured you, it is possible that you would have been captured by other slave-catching teams or even the army!

“On the Skeleton Island, while you received the harshest training, you also had the best strengthening drugs and abundant food. Also, in the seemingly perilous games, I was always doing the best I could to save your life! Only by a ‘fake death’ can you disappear from the world and sever your past!

“You wouldn’t be so lucky in other arenas or in the army! The Riot of the Bloody Blade has not entirely died down yet. I believe that you have all heard a lot of rumors and have a basic idea what roles the black-blood demons and the chaotic-blood demons are playing in the army.

“So, do you really think that I was wrong?

“Yes. On the Skeleton Island, many of our brothers are killed every day, during the harsh training, because of the excessive dosage of strengthening drugs, or in the dangerous the Lightning Dungeon, the Thorny Flame Dungeon, and the Hell Bone Swamp! If possible, I would not want any brothers to die in vain!

“However, this is Void Turmoil City, full of silver-blood demons! Sacrificing some of our brothers can help save the lives of others so that they can become the warriors who shatter our shackles and rise up in resistance! There are no alternatives!”

Yuchi Ba’s words raised a riot among the gladiators, who were all whispering to each other and yet could not make out the situation. In the end, they all looked at Mo Tiesheng and Li Yao.

Mo Tiesheng was deep in thought, too, and did not give a response for a long time.

Yuchi Ba opened his thick arms and said solemnly, “Brothers, the shackles that we are bound with have been imposed on us for forty thousand years. An unprecedented great war between the Blood Demon Sector and the Heaven’s Origin Sector is about to break out, and the master of the new world will soon be decided. However, no matter who the winner of the war is, cannon fodder such as us will be equally doomed!

“If we don’t stand up to fight, we will either be tormented to death in the dark mining pits or have to kill each other in the arenas for nothing other than the chuckles of the nobles. Or, we may end up as worthless cannon fodder as members of the ‘beast tides’ or the ‘insect oceans’, waiting to be blown into smithereens by the crystal cannons and the crystal warships of the Heaven’s Origin Sector!

“If you do not want such a horrible future to become reality for you and your family, then join the Blade of Chaos and fight back. We will break the so-called Four Pillars System and forge our own way of life with our own hands!”

Yuchi Ba’s words ignited the eyes of many gladiators like invisible sparks.

Even Mo Tiesheng, who had been silent the whole time, seemed to be rather moved.

However, after pondering for a while, Li Yao raised a rather sharp question. “Master Yuchi, you don’t seem to be a black-blood demon or a chaotic-blood one?”

His question made all the gladiators focus their eyes on Yuchi Ba’s body again.

Yuchi Ba smiled and replied unhurriedly, “Yes. According to the classification of the Blood Demon Sector, my bloodline belongs to the purest silver blood. But in fact, such a way of classification is just hilarious! Allow me to show you the truth!”

“The truth?”

Li Yao raised his eyebrow in great interest.

“In the made-up legends and tales, the so-called saint blood, silver blood, bronze blood, and black blood are all natural-born and unchangeable. Whoever tries to even slightly alter their blood will only degenerate into the most humble, lowly, and untouchable chaotic-blood demons!


Intense demonic energy suddenly spurted out of Yuchi Ba’s body and circled around his magnificent body, forming complicated patterns.

Creepy noises of flesh being torn apart and reorganized echoed deep inside Yuchi Ba’s throat and his body. A moment later, the intensity of his demonic energy reached a whole new level, and five black blades that looked like the forelegs of a mantis grew out of his fist that was larger than a pot!

“This is”

All the gladiators were shocked. It was clearly a feature of a certain type of the Insect Clan or the Claw Clan, but Yuchi Ba was clearly an out-and-out member of the Horn Clan!

Yuchi Ba waved the five blade limbs softly, drawing waves that looked like water currents in the air. He stared at everyone through the gaps of the newly-grown organs and said, “Have you seen it, brothers? The features of two different kinds of demon species have appeared in me, a pure silver-blood demon!

“There is only one possible explanation. The classification of saint blood, silver blood, bronze blood, and black blood does not exist at all! The differences of our appearances are our ‘forms’ that are shaped in different environments. A demon should be able to activate different ‘forms’ to adapt themselves to different battlefields or jobs so that they can fulfil the destiny that God Chaos designed for them!”


All the gladiators were whispering to each other.

Yuchi Ba slowed down and said in a low voice, “Yes. On the Skeleton Island, you must have heard the tales of God Chaos creating the modern demon race. They are not groundless legends but the real history that happened forty thousand years ago!

“Forty thousand years ago, it was the last years of the era of ancient Cultivators. Human beings were finally swallowed by their own greed and ambition. They waged a prolonged civil war in all the three thousand Sectors. Countless worlds were mired in the swirls of destruction, torn apart into cosmos dust. The planets that were lucky enough to survive the catastrophe found their ecological system completely ruined, and they could barely catch their breath in the fire of war.

“The universe at that time had been seriously polluted by human beings and was not suitable for the survival of most creatures.

“That was the time when God Chaos showed up. He excavated the relics of the Pangu Clan that were left from the primeval era, found the legacy of the thirteen ancient demon clans, and created the modern demon race, hoping that we could repair the damaged worlds like the ancient Pangu Clan did!

“The three thousand Sectors at that time were no longer paradises with singing birds and fragrant flowers. Volcanoes, earthquakes, smog, and venomous gas were everywhere. Many worlds lost their atmosphere, and even more worlds were entirely consumed by oceans.

“Therefore, God Chaos granted us marvelous techniques, allowing us to awaken the primeval force inside our body to resist the harsh environment so that we could modify the worlds like our ancestors in the primeval era!

“Our appearance does not stand for anything except for the task that we were entrusted with at the very beginning.

“If our ancestors were projected to a planet that had been drowned in the ocean, naturally, they would activate their forms as the ‘Sea Clan’.

“If our ancestors were sent to a planet whose ground was desolate with all the resources buried deep beneath the ground, it was only reasonable that they would be in the form of the ‘Insect Clan’!

“If a planet was frequented by blowing wind all year round, to make best use of the wind power, our ancestors would activate the broad wings to fly freely in the sky!

“They were the original demons forty thousand years ago.”

Yuchi Ba sighed and said, “It is a pity that desire for power eroded not only the human beings but some of the demons, too, who were shocked by the brilliant civilization that mankind once established while they were modifying the universe. They worshipped the splendid palaces and amazing magical equipment left by human beings, and from the human beings, they learned of the fun that came with conquering and slaughtering. Gradually, they were no longer contented in the dull, never-to-end repair work. They craved to be the masters of the sea of stars!

“Gradually, those demons betrayed the ideals of God Chaos and evolved with countless naturally-endowed techniques and features specifically for killing through the abilities that God Chaos granted them. They considered themselves to be rulers of the demon race and blatantly conquered and enslaved other demons. They even froze the cells and genes of the conquered demons with weird secret arts so that the conquered demons would always look the same!

“The surviving human beings taught them sleazy schemes. They secretly established enormous armies in the depths of the planets, and when the timing was appropriate, they ambushed God Chaos when he was at his weakest!

“Under their sharp blades and claws, the resistance of God Chaos failed. He was forced to run to a small world in the periphery of the universe and fall into a deep sleep for forty thousand years!

“This is the truth.

“Therefore, I never believe that there is much difference between silver blood and black blood. In the radiance of Chaos, all brothers and sisters are the same!”

Although the gladiators had heard the tales of Chaos many times on the Skeleton Island, they had never learned so many details. They all looked at each other in bewilderment, not knowing what to say.

“Although the privileged saint-blood demons and silver-blood demons tried everything they could to freeze the bloodlines of other demons, they never expected that the offspring of different types of demons were much more likely to break apart the shackles that had been imposed upon them for tens of thousands of years!

“That is why chaotic-blood demons are so despised in our society.

“Not because they are humble, but because they are dreadful. The silver-blood demons are scared that the chaotic-blood demons will chop off their shackles completely, reveal their ultimate form, and overthrown their reign. That is why they have been isolating the chaotic-blood demons!”In Christianity, original sin is the state of sin in which humanity has existed since the fall of man, stemming from Adam and Eve’s rebellion in Eden. To put it simply, it is the sin we are born with.

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